New Summer Candies?!? (Post Easter Update 2019)

  • Published on Apr 25, 2019
  • Hey everyone! Dylan here, and I'm very honored to have shot and edited my first of many Hercules Candy videos! I had an awesome time looking through the shop seeing what candy was missing, along with hearing Terry talk about some of the upcoming plans for new summer candies as well. The future is looking bright for Hercules along with a plethora of new candy experiments for all you eager viewers to try out. And more videos coming very soon!

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Comments • 369

  • debido2u
    debido2u 27 days ago

    I LOVE your sweatshirt Terry

  • Youngtc 4
    Youngtc 4 Month ago


  • Shannon Gnazzio
    Shannon Gnazzio 3 months ago

    Love the thumbnail for this video💕

  • Samantha Kelley
    Samantha Kelley 3 months ago

    I just adore how quarky Terry is. 😊

  • Tami Stone
    Tami Stone 4 months ago

    What do u sell in the heart of the summer?

  • Lori Martinez
    Lori Martinez 4 months ago

    Funny intro. I luv the new store!

  • Chantal Massicotte
    Chantal Massicotte 4 months ago

    I don't know if it's just me, but I love the sound of that plastic wrap. The fact that it contains chocolate makes it that much more pleasing!

  • Marilyn Porter
    Marilyn Porter 4 months ago

    Loved the beginning

  • Leslie Aurora
    Leslie Aurora 4 months ago

    Do passion fruit cream!!

  • Lady J
    Lady J 4 months ago

    Almost, kinda, a little bit, sort of.... Love you Terry!! :)

  • Lady J
    Lady J 4 months ago

    I had a dream this morning, 6/9/2019 of Terry (mom) pulling cactus needles out of a 10-12 yr old half African American/half White boy. I don't understand it, maybe it makes sense to you? Or maybe I am watching too many Hercules Candy videos....NAH! No such thing as too many videos.

  • lia wang
    lia wang 4 months ago

    that thumbnail is everything

  • Jean Jannetty
    Jean Jannetty 4 months ago +1

    New to your site
    Mesmerizing watching the candy making , super fun.
    Two questions
    Where and how do I order candy!
    Do you make old fashioned molasses sponge candy?

  • Eminems!! !
    Eminems!! ! 4 months ago

    I wish I lived right by that store😋

  • Reming Morton
    Reming Morton 4 months ago

    We’re starting to get our act together, a little bit, almost, kinda, sorta

  • Patrick Plein
    Patrick Plein 4 months ago

    That was a fun tour..... we are coming through your area in early September from Waterloo Ontario, your store is on our “itinerary “ 😜 is a non chocolate question....Where did you get your amazing tie dye hoodie from? Is it something you sell in your online store? I just looooove the colours!

  • LivinCountry
    LivinCountry 4 months ago

    $13.99 for that little bunny? 😳 Must be really good.

  • South MS Mama
    South MS Mama 4 months ago

    Plural for Moose is Moose. Not, Meese. Sorry.

  • Shan Kristofferson
    Shan Kristofferson 4 months ago

    Peanuts and walnuts are mehhh, but pecans and cashews are awesome!

  • gisele forcier
    gisele forcier 4 months ago

    I would like for you to consider making flat dogs, cat,and beach ball they would sell in the summer just saying

  • Pearl Bubbles
    Pearl Bubbles 4 months ago +1

    It's amazing really how many varieties of candy you make.

  • Riley Flanagan
    Riley Flanagan 5 months ago

    Do they not ship to New Zealand 😓

  • Keith Peters
    Keith Peters 5 months ago

    What's with the white walls? Its a candy store. How about some COLOR.... Fanciful decorations, etc.

  • Mama Dede
    Mama Dede 5 months ago

    Do you make chocolate covered peanut brittle without the nuts? Sort of like a heath bar?

    • Mary Cook
      Mary Cook 4 months ago

      Mama Dede On one of their videos they had a young woman from another shop come in and demonstrate how she makes (what most people call English Toffee) butter crunch. They all helped her, and loved sampling it! But they don't want to make it! They give the information on how to order it from the company she works for! 🌻🇺🇸🛒

  • laura nebula
    laura nebula 5 months ago

    Naw I'm a sucka for animal shaped chocolate. So cute AnD delicious.

  • Jahnea Pierre
    Jahnea Pierre 5 months ago

    I was wondering. Have you ever thought of doing a pour of the antique molds you need more of in silicone ?

  • Cat Gurl Christi
    Cat Gurl Christi 5 months ago

    Mango.... yes please.

  • Cierra Davis
    Cierra Davis 5 months ago

    What do y’all do with the leftover Easter candy? Discount it??? Melt it down again??? Give away???? (Jk I just got to the discount Easter candy part)

  • Jannine Gannon
    Jannine Gannon 5 months ago +2

    Love this video, Spring tropical box sounds amazing. Super cool tie die Terry. You guys are hoppin'!

  • Christi Allen
    Christi Allen 5 months ago

    How much for the string? Lol

  • Mom of Four
    Mom of Four 5 months ago

    Purchased the peanutbutter cream eggs and shared them with my coworkers at Krispy Kreme. 9 employees ate 17 eggs. Hmmmm. 😊 Wait until I share the cow chips.

  • LivinCountry
    LivinCountry 5 months ago

    What do you guys do during the summer months? Do you stay open and keep all the same employees or what? I am so curious!

  • The Callum Ward
    The Callum Ward 5 months ago

    The raspberry eggs are nice

    RUSSELL DAVIS 5 months ago

    the MRS here------what about chocolate covered beef jerky?? yall should try to make some and see how it goes... lol Query tho... yall recycle all the cardboard and whatnots?? just curious...

  • Abby Malone
    Abby Malone 5 months ago

    Do you all make your own toffee? Would love to see a video of that!

  • Beatriz B
    Beatriz B 5 months ago

    façam tradução em português 🇧🇷

  • Tatia Konnick
    Tatia Konnick 5 months ago

    What happened to the board behind the hook?

  • JEDI KISS Rock
    JEDI KISS Rock 5 months ago


  • katemonster10119
    katemonster10119 5 months ago +2

    Your Easter offerings were beautiful! I'm glad you had such a busy season. Great job Dylan! ❤ to all!

  • cazkev2
    cazkev2 5 months ago

    What kind of chairs are those?

  • Chloe Smith
    Chloe Smith 5 months ago

    How did I smell peanut butter when she put it up to the camera that's weird

  • A
    A 5 months ago

    Another wonderful video :) just wondering how Jennifer is doing? Will she ever be back?

  • Christy Hansen
    Christy Hansen 5 months ago

    I noticed your camera keeps making noises like its adjusting the focus and or eco, just to let you know. well during the first half of the video or so.

  • sandie nesta
    sandie nesta 5 months ago

    nice new tye dye, Terry.. where the eff is Craig?? his replacement is clone like, though, but i dislike change. ugghy, however i will adapt, if i have too..

  • Flurgy22
    Flurgy22 5 months ago

    You should make a solid chocolate globe of the earth, worst thing that could happen when shipping is it could go all flat earth on you.

  • Loye Antley Jr.
    Loye Antley Jr. 5 months ago


  • XantiaD
    XantiaD 5 months ago

    It's "mooses".

  • Courtney Camping
    Courtney Camping 5 months ago

    god bless you all!!!!

  • Dawn Marie Frank
    Dawn Marie Frank 5 months ago

    I wish you could find ribbon candy all year around, it's the best

  • Kalista Sutton
    Kalista Sutton 5 months ago +2


  • Rhaine E. Daize
    Rhaine E. Daize 5 months ago +1

    It's too bad they don't ship.. but, this you know. There are no fillers , nothing to make them harder or last longer. Just pure fine chocolate. Thank you for sharing. Have a great weekend.

  • Tisa's Pieces Pottery
    Tisa's Pieces Pottery 5 months ago +1

    Absolutely cannot wait for PB&J ribbon candy!!!! 😱

  • Kenney Show
    Kenney Show 5 months ago

    @Hercules Candy you should do brownie brittle for the summer

  • Lindsay West
    Lindsay West 5 months ago +1

    Good job Dylan!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Sharon Goodman
    Sharon Goodman 5 months ago

    I think that floppy ear bunny is actually a Pokémon 😂. It’s cute however. Wish you shipped to Australia, love your vids though.

  • Harper Blanks
    Harper Blanks 5 months ago

    Please don't put rum raisin in with with the tropical treasures. 🤢

  • KaReN CoCHiE
    KaReN CoCHiE 5 months ago +1

    Hey Guys! I thought I make a suggestion, it would be awesome if you could make a candy themed intro!!

  • BadW01f 2
    BadW01f 2 5 months ago +1

    Have you ever thought of a mixed nut brittle? Or just an almond brittle?

  • BadW01f 2
    BadW01f 2 5 months ago

    Wish shipping didn't cost so much. I want so many of those raspberry eggs and a chocolate bunny 😩❤ i need to plan a trip over there so i can get those quality in store prices 👌

  • Darryl Drax
    Darryl Drax 5 months ago

    That looked delicious 😋