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Insanely Dumb Tweets That Got People Fired

  • Published on Jan 12, 2019
  • What if you tweeted something horrible and got fired for hit? Well, these people did! These people tweeted almost like it was a challenge to get fired !
    Twitter can be a great place to share ideas. The microblogging platform has a large worldwide audience. It is estimated that every day 100 million people are daily active users on Twitter and that Twitter has 261 million international users.
    However, as with any other social media, you have to be careful about what you say and post on Twitter. A growing problem is people losing their jobs over inappropriate tweets. Employers attempt to address this problem by establishing rules for employees to follow. According to lawyer Bryan Wood, “many major employers have social media policies that address activity on both personal and professional accounts.” They include advice about “basic decency” and what would seem to be common sense measures such as “be respectful” and “protect proprietary company information.” What can happen if you don’t follow these policies? We will find out as we examine our top 20 job-ending tweets in this episode of The Infographics Show, “Worst Tweets That Got People Fired.”

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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  5 months ago +180

    How do you write your comments and tweets? Are you cautious or do you just post without thinking of the consequences?

    • Nicole Salmon
      Nicole Salmon 23 days ago

      @Sheldon Cooper hey Shelly for the last time you're not untouchable. We just let you have your own way sometimes because you get whiny and people starts devising ways to make your death seem accidental. The prototype for what eventually causes your departure from our world is still being perfected sweetie.

    • Jon Green
      Jon Green 29 days ago

      @Haley G. lol they lean left tf are you talking about 😂😂😂

    • Jon Green
      Jon Green 29 days ago

      @Haley G. no you're blinded by hate. You're also in denial about your hate.

    • The Shiny Ruby
      The Shiny Ruby Month ago

      OWO LORD

    • The Shiny Ruby
      The Shiny Ruby Month ago


  • Konjo Akberet
    Konjo Akberet 4 hours ago

    And efficiently exposing racists 😂😂

  • CoolMan Caravan
    CoolMan Caravan 5 hours ago

    I would never fire one of my employees for something they did or said outside of work. Short of felonies, of course

  • Sunder Abhilash
    Sunder Abhilash 8 hours ago

    Am still waiting to see Trump on this list

  • TheHobgoblyn
    TheHobgoblyn 14 hours ago

    It is rather unfair to call the tween from Justine Sacco "racist", it was a joke making fun of people who have negative perceptions of foreign nations. While the tweet definitely ruined her life and therefore I suppose has to be classified as "dumb", the description in this video utterly failed in its description of it.

  • Cliff Yablonski
    Cliff Yablonski Day ago

    I'm a retired high school teacher.
    I couldn't wait to be free and say what I thought online.

  • Cyrus Blodgett
    Cyrus Blodgett 2 days ago

    Don't worry, I dont use any social media.

  • Cyrus Blodgett
    Cyrus Blodgett 2 days ago

    Their is alot of resist Twitter users I now realize.

  • MaryLouMcCann
    MaryLouMcCann 2 days ago

    elon musk should be on this

  • SpaceCowboy
    SpaceCowboy 4 days ago

    Twittler In Chief Donaldmir Trumpanov tweets nothing but stupidity, why hasn't he been fired yet?

  • TOX1FOX3
    TOX1FOX3 5 days ago

    12:23 Country or company? 😗 Yeah not all of use are 9yr

  • Pete Wolanski
    Pete Wolanski 6 days ago +3

    The world is full of pansies. Especially those major corporations. 👍

  • Donald Keating
    Donald Keating 6 days ago

    You miss read or didn't include all the facts in the one on Rosanne and Politico one you said country and the line is company! I would revoke my patreon membership if I had one.

  • fortnite trolling
    fortnite trolling 6 days ago

    Lol Trump does not fallow these rools

  • Ethan Boyd
    Ethan Boyd 7 days ago

    U should read angry southern black girl tweets more often

  • BlindGirl UK
    BlindGirl UK 8 days ago

    I love these sort of things.

  • Sang Luu
    Sang Luu 8 days ago

    9:50 Come on that's kinda funny

  • melika sims
    melika sims 9 days ago

    Wait wait wait 7:45 did she Really think that white people aren't capable of catching aids?

  • Dropped Hero
    Dropped Hero 9 days ago

    Gilbert Gottfried was a big one that wasn't on this list.

    • E McN
      E McN 9 days ago

      What did they say?

  • samuel H.
    samuel H. 10 days ago

    I used to tell my boss how much I hate my job lol but I still did my job so I guess that's why she didn't care.

  • Bluj 2
    Bluj 2 10 days ago

    *JaMes gUnN Is BaCk ON GAuRdIaNs Of ThE GaLaXiES 3*

  • muffin-sponge
    muffin-sponge 10 days ago

    Twitter is like Instagram
    But actually has funny posts and no mirror pictures

  • stefan swierstra
    stefan swierstra 10 days ago

    You know i kinda think ita funny that people point their fingers and call someone racist but everyone is or has been racist you can deny it but we all been casually racist before

  • K R
    K R 11 days ago

    Why on earth would you play that terrible music over the narration.

  • Yo moms Fgt
    Yo moms Fgt 11 days ago


  • Kayla Pearl CP Ninja
    Kayla Pearl CP Ninja 12 days ago

    I don't use Twitter so much.

  • Shane Kimvuna
    Shane Kimvuna 13 days ago

    the marothon bombing one was the worst

  • Rap Lich
    Rap Lich 14 days ago

    And this is how a picture of your wiener on twitter can get you in trouble🤣👍

  • Rap Lich
    Rap Lich 14 days ago

    Yeah Teach High or better bring something for us too🤣👍

  • Ana Solis
    Ana Solis 14 days ago

    Baisically I just write my comments biased on my opinion and my life experience combined together, for example I have to give my opinion on a sports topic. I give my opinion on the way I would think and with my experience with it. I have played sports a lot in my life, for example hockey and basketball. I use my opinion and my experience to make a concluding statement, for example I think the offside rule in hockey should not be a rule no more because and then I explain why.

  • Ana Solis
    Ana Solis 14 days ago

    Peeing on nachos!!! HOW discusting!!! Eww!!!

  • 7.62x54epic
    7.62x54epic 14 days ago

    I mean Africa has an aids epidemic and is mostly black.. that’s jus facts

  • Kelleren
    Kelleren 15 days ago +7

    Number 15 is absurd. Can you imagine if they were making racist remarks and she called them out? Would she have been fired then?
    'Oh no, they were only sexist so, she shouldn't have done anything.'
    It's exhausting how you have to be 'PC' about fighting for basic. equal. treatment.

  • padma vijay
    padma vijay 19 days ago

    Where Is James gun

  • Existential crisis moth

    Those firefighters thought their tweets were FIRE, but it only got them FIRED.
    I'll see myself out..

  • modelingbritt
    modelingbritt 22 days ago

    DiGiorno tweet about domestic violence

  • Kenny Steen
    Kenny Steen 24 days ago

    it's actually illegal to fire an employee over complaining about a company or job because it can prevent unionization (because you can't publicly air grievances and can't connect with other people who have the same grievances). basically it's under the sentiment that you can't stalk your employees to make sure they're loving your company as much as you want them to.

  • riley plantz
    riley plantz 25 days ago

    Death threats wouldn’t bother me if I noticed Secret Service following me which I would they wouldn’t be alive for very long at all I would have to say

  • riley plantz
    riley plantz 25 days ago

    I’ve seen pictures and videos like that about KFC and they’re disgusting in the tray ceiling for this wouldn’t show up they find them and get rid of them

  • The Crushing Wolf Sfm
    The Crushing Wolf Sfm 25 days ago

    This whole video in a nutshell -OFFENSIVE TWEETS AND PICTURES-

  • Lindsay Farmer
    Lindsay Farmer 26 days ago

    Poorly sourced. Unsub.

  • Slurpee Nerd Productions

    #14 is a F$%king idiot!

  • Sky Fox
    Sky Fox 28 days ago

    Many people join hypixel. Hope they don't get fired.

  • guyinyourmom
    guyinyourmom 29 days ago +1

    Look up military members that get kicked out for things they post online

  • Boosted Doge
    Boosted Doge 29 days ago +5

    >land of the free
    >Get fired for you do in your free time
    You're a joke America

  • Justin Mopavich
    Justin Mopavich 29 days ago

    I'm a Trump supporter (POLICYS to be specific) but that tweet is hilarious

  • Frosty
    Frosty 29 days ago

    Everybody gangsta until someone post a tweet.

  • lakecrab
    lakecrab Month ago

    Me likey girls with lots of money.

  • Arshad Ali
    Arshad Ali Month ago

    No mention of the infamous Naomi H NASA internship?

    DOODLEBOY 07 Month ago

    8:53 and when girls do sexiest many times in a hour they don't even get in to trouble

  • SoulEater Evans
    SoulEater Evans Month ago

    12:08 That tweet didn't say "granddaughter" or "shrinking"... Maybe get the tweet right if you're gonna tell us the story of it?

  • Alex Morrison
    Alex Morrison Month ago

    The only reason I find unemployment rates rising is because Freedom of speech rates rise, every person who goes unemployed also adds a number to how many people have freedom of speech.
    is vary tru!11

  • Oddpodder S
    Oddpodder S Month ago

    someone will get fired for breathing too loud

  • Sketchytrickzz
    Sketchytrickzz Month ago

    I wanna make a twitter account now and make it the most racist and funny Twitter account now

  • billyhatcher643
    billyhatcher643 Month ago

    this is why u should use not very popular sites like gab for example the companies dont like gab since its a site that is considered alt right

  • David Tal
    David Tal Month ago

    see, this is why you idiots shouldnt link any of your RL info with your online presence. so you cant be tracked. morons.

  • Amy Goldstein
    Amy Goldstein Month ago +1

    Disney has no standards.
    James Gunn was rehired as a MCU director about a month ago.

  • Sparky Sprokets
    Sparky Sprokets Month ago

    Ohh kenneth

    Go f*@$ yourself kenneth

  • Maria S
    Maria S Month ago

    Sacco got sacked

  • Elvis Sanchez
    Elvis Sanchez Month ago

    Yeah, mia khalifa tweets.

  • melanie cobos
    melanie cobos Month ago

    heheh firefighters were fired

  • Keith Fenning
    Keith Fenning Month ago

    Which is why I don't use twitter or facebook...

  • Purple Gladiator
    Purple Gladiator Month ago

    Gunn got his job back, don't worry

  • Joseph Satterwhite
    Joseph Satterwhite Month ago

    I know what Matt Bowman said was pretty sexist but it was hilarious

  • Bev HD
    Bev HD Month ago

    Some are hilarious, but some are disgusting and infuriating. It is a great video.

  • Eggaudo
    Eggaudo Month ago +1

    I miss it when dark humor was totally ok

  • Robin
    Robin Month ago

    Number 5
    Firstly she doesn't know anything about the trump family
    Trump doesn’t have a daughter

  • Danijel Zirdum
    Danijel Zirdum Month ago

    Only White people (8% of the World's population) can be racist?

  • Sukeban Haven
    Sukeban Haven Month ago

    XD....I'm sorry but every time I hear "Wiener" and about his lewd lifestyle, I can't help but laugh.

  • Sophistafunk
    Sophistafunk Month ago

    If it got you fired it was probably pretty funny.

  • The Shiny Ruby
    The Shiny Ruby Month ago


  • The Shiny Ruby
    The Shiny Ruby Month ago


  • The Shiny Ruby
    The Shiny Ruby Month ago

    Guys i’m only 9 what does the n word mean

  • The Shiny Ruby
    The Shiny Ruby Month ago

    F WORD

  • The Shiny Ruby
    The Shiny Ruby Month ago


  • TheRealShootz06
    TheRealShootz06 Month ago +1

    haha winner of the pissolympics

  • Candice Perry
    Candice Perry Month ago +1

    I wouldn't tweet anything dumb

  • Void Tube
    Void Tube Month ago

    You just cited buzzfeed. Bye

  • Monroe Robbins
    Monroe Robbins Month ago

    Jeez, what’s up with all the racism and sexism?! Not saying “why are they getting fired for racism and sexism”, but “why are so many people being this racist and sexist in public domain, let alone in general?!”

  • pokemon master
    pokemon master Month ago

    10:32 Rilly I was in the worst part of hurricane harvy

  • Mr Kaytjuuhhh
    Mr Kaytjuuhhh Month ago


  • The Dude
    The Dude Month ago

    This clip taught me that infographics is MAGA, Trump backer.
    Who knew?

    WAN AHMAD ATIQI Month ago

    Lesson: don't use Twitter

  • Brenden Pragasam
    Brenden Pragasam 2 months ago


  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 months ago

    Whats really dumb is the fact that you can get fired or even jailed for posting pretty much anything on the internet now, free speech in the west is dying

  • Jaime Garcia
    Jaime Garcia 2 months ago


  • Brendan Ziegler
    Brendan Ziegler 2 months ago

    While I agree with Kathy Griffen being fired, I still missed her next to Anderson Cooper on New Years Eve, as it is a tradition in my family to always watch them.

    K9 AGGRESSION 2 months ago

    Imagine being fired for a TVclip comment 🤫

  • Jas Chanel
    Jas Chanel 2 months ago

    Im not surprised nobody shut trump down about his many unprofessional tweets 🙄

  • ediTurtleWash catbug
    ediTurtleWash catbug 2 months ago

    So dongles are sexist now? Got it!

  • Mervish Shaun
    Mervish Shaun 2 months ago


  • DAE123
    DAE123 2 months ago

    So much about this disturbs me but I
    won’t comment anything specific because I don’t want future generations of my family to be unemployable.

  • Michael Holmes
    Michael Holmes 2 months ago

    I was waiting for

    ITS A TWIN THING XOXO 2 months ago

    The girl that spoke about the men saying sexist things didn’t deserve her job to be taken

  • Pedro Lopez
    Pedro Lopez 2 months ago

    Just read: “Across The Company” Not “The Country” 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️, just like that they are some more mistakes in the video 😂😂💯

  • Malik SH
    Malik SH 2 months ago

    I think firing is a little too much, maybe suspension is a better choice

  • fatty thekid
    fatty thekid 2 months ago

    What you said about Roseanne Barr was disingenuous and not the truth. It wasn't a total story and it wasn't exactly what she said. You're pushing a liberal narrative and not giving complete facts. I subscribed to this channel to be informed not to be persuaded politically.

  • A person
    A person 2 months ago

    Someone on the Samsung Nigeria account had tweeted from an iPhone and got fired

  • Angela Trainor
    Angela Trainor 2 months ago

    3:05😹😹 3:55🤣🤣

  • OinariKanji
    OinariKanji 2 months ago

    Never combine social media and a job.