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Insanely Dumb Tweets That Got People Fired

  • Published on Jan 12, 2019
  • What if you tweeted something horrible and got fired for hit? Well, these people did! These people tweeted almost like it was a challenge to get fired !
    Twitter can be a great place to share ideas. The microblogging platform has a large worldwide audience. It is estimated that every day 100 million people are daily active users on Twitter and that Twitter has 261 million international users.
    However, as with any other social media, you have to be careful about what you say and post on Twitter. A growing problem is people losing their jobs over inappropriate tweets. Employers attempt to address this problem by establishing rules for employees to follow. According to lawyer Bryan Wood, “many major employers have social media policies that address activity on both personal and professional accounts.” They include advice about “basic decency” and what would seem to be common sense measures such as “be respectful” and “protect proprietary company information.” What can happen if you don’t follow these policies? We will find out as we examine our top 20 job-ending tweets in this episode of The Infographics Show, “Worst Tweets That Got People Fired.”

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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  2 months ago +125

    How do you write your comments and tweets? Are you cautious or do you just post without thinking of the consequences?

    • Josh Patton
      Josh Patton 28 days ago

      There should never be any consequences for words XD

    • MaterialCoast
      MaterialCoast Month ago

      What's a tweet?
      Sarcasm btw. But I avoid social media like the plague it's totally shagged and has done alot of damage to my family (which obviously isnt the medias fault) but that's how most people use it.

    • Thoughts
      Thoughts Month ago

      I think its very irresponsible that twitter allow trump to use their platform for his propaganda!

    • Haley G.
      Haley G. 2 months ago

      +Job Rut again, I didnt ask for your opinion. Not blinded by hate, hes just a shitty person. And so are his followers, so that's you. And I don't associate with shit so leave me alone.

    • Job Rut
      Job Rut 2 months ago +1

      +Haley G. You wrote a public anti Trump comment, so obviously you're getting response. Ik think you're blinded by hate. You're seeing things different because of that, and that's dangerous. But like I said, just leave if you don't like their videos.

  • Johan Edfors
    Johan Edfors 5 hours ago

    Matt Bowman is one of those guys who think that deaf people cant speak.

  • Thisbandsux
    Thisbandsux 8 hours ago

    I literally thought you meant a subway worker, you know like the mass transit train system

  • floople clob
    floople clob 17 hours ago

    Justine saccos was actually funny

  • Brenden Carroll
    Brenden Carroll Day ago

    Am I the only one who can take some of these jokes nowadays

  • Tedious Beast
    Tedious Beast Day ago

    10:52 sad thing I went to subway all the time before this and I may have met her cuz I live there

  • sharpshooter188
    sharpshooter188 2 days ago

    Keep your personal life out of the work place! Oh but uh...we are going to need to keep an eye on your social media account. Just in case......

  • 向你祖母問好
    向你祖母問好 2 days ago

    Should have included that furry trash that got near-fired. Ironically the furry supporter alerted NASA with their hashtag.

  • Bassquake
    Bassquake 3 days ago

    Didnt Gunn recently get rehired by Disney for Guardians 3?

  • Bassquake
    Bassquake 3 days ago

    Fired for broke girls comment?? Jeez some people are easy to offend!

  • 150belowzero
    150belowzero 4 days ago

    Update: James Gunn has been reinstated as the movie series' director.

  • Largo
    Largo 5 days ago +1

    that pizzeria boss was gangsta 😭

  • Sara Darling
    Sara Darling 6 days ago

    I’m glad the guy who harassed Texas was fired because that was the most depressing thing I could experience while I was visiting Texas.

  • Jordinsit
    Jordinsit 7 days ago

    1:46 I thought that was will smith

  • ReiHinoSenshi
    ReiHinoSenshi 7 days ago

    Hm jessica price from guild wars 2 from reddit?

  • reeseslightning11
    reeseslightning11 11 days ago

    What's with the epic sweeping backtrack??? It's so distracting; I'm expecting Gandalf to appear

  • IdiotKid
    IdiotKid 11 days ago

    Dude I dont use twitter or facebook... Am I the only? Like if I Am

    JIM LEHEY 12 days ago

    What's so bad about the fire fighters

  • cbapiaz
    cbapiaz 14 days ago

    Meh Twitter is overrated.

  • B GT
    B GT 16 days ago

    In summery
    -don’t be an idiot. Don’t be so soft. Don’t be a b!$&h. And mind your own buissness. It’ll make things easier.

  • Magdeline Adler
    Magdeline Adler 17 days ago

    What you post on Twitter is open for literally everyone to see and respond to.

  • Young Sir Ren
    Young Sir Ren 17 days ago

    Hey bro you said "shrinking" instead of "shirking"

  • Alonso Solórzano
    Alonso Solórzano 17 days ago

    Why you didn’t mention that Kathy Griffin stayed silent for a year but came back selling out shows like crazy after a year advocating for freedom of speech, she did lose Anderson Cooper and many Hollywood friends, though.

  • Melanie McClure
    Melanie McClure 17 days ago

    Number 15: burger king foot lettuce

  • Not For Kissing Kate
    Not For Kissing Kate 18 days ago

    Kathy probably would’ve not gotten as much hate if that head had really been Donald’s.

  • Chronic Overwatch
    Chronic Overwatch 18 days ago

    When people getting butthurt costs u ur job, gg

  • MyFly 713
    MyFly 713 18 days ago

    james gunn's tweet was pretty funny tbh

  • Jess McGlinchey
    Jess McGlinchey 18 days ago

    I met someone who wasn’t allowed into America became she posted a hate tweet to Trump

  • Michael Shilling
    Michael Shilling 18 days ago

    Uh, social media has been around for a while. When will people start thinking?

  • Euthyphro
    Euthyphro 19 days ago

    Richards didn't tweet about sexist comments. She got offended by jokes that weren't directed at her. People are allowed to joke. She deserved to be fired for being so self important.

  • Mejor Que Work
    Mejor Que Work 20 days ago

    Some of those tweets are funny

  • Yukie
    Yukie 22 days ago

    So why does Trump still have a job?

  • Panda
    Panda 22 days ago

    “Let us know in the comments”
    *doesnt even check the comments*

  • Luna MTK1214
    Luna MTK1214 22 days ago

    That B.E.T employee should be on this list lol.

  • HAMMER 01
    HAMMER 01 23 days ago

    That Obama aid looks like a monkey and is mostly white I wouldn’t consider it racist to say it

  • rastafish420
    rastafish420 23 days ago

    You should be able to say whatever you want whenever you want.

  • LegendKiller
    LegendKiller 25 days ago

    The James Gunn ones were funny tho

  • Matthew Hodgin
    Matthew Hodgin 25 days ago

    Clo greens tweet. Was pretty career ending

  • Matek
    Matek 25 days ago

    Best thing to do, don't add or straight out block people from work.

  • Annie Fung
    Annie Fung 25 days ago

    So you're telling me Roseanne Barr is fired literally instantly for a tweet, but Jussie Smollett can commit a felony to stir up racial violence that doesn't exist just to blame it on conservatives, and be defended by Democrats far and wide?

  • Brandon Ferrell
    Brandon Ferrell 25 days ago

    Part 2

  • Dvid perez
    Dvid perez 25 days ago

    Dumbest thing you can do is add coworkers on social media. Don’t use the same emails as with work and don’t register your number to your accounts..

  • drobit 77
    drobit 77 26 days ago

    Kenneth can die in a hole yes I am a Texan

  • meowmeow
    meowmeow 26 days ago

    Not one tweet from trump......they’re scared.

  • PFWoody488
    PFWoody488 26 days ago

    I don't think that Twitter is a "Great place to exchange ideas." I think it's a catalyst for the outrage culture that is destroying coherent discussion. For examples of the outrage machine in action, just watch this video.

  • S.S. Rose
    S.S. Rose 26 days ago

    Wait a second... Taco Bell has a spokesperson?

  • 555444123
    555444123 26 days ago

    Roseanne's tweet was not racist. Thanks for showing your leftwing bias.

  • wonderer 168
    wonderer 168 27 days ago

    roseanne barr's tweet was kinda funny. am i the only 1?

  • Randall Gmail
    Randall Gmail 27 days ago

    Better think twice before voicing your opinions slaves

  • Sarah S.
    Sarah S. 27 days ago

    Okay but... Trump has repeatedly made statements that if Ivanka wasn't his daughter, he would 'perhaps' have married her. So. There is basis for that tweet.

  • Phavour Davidson
    Phavour Davidson 27 days ago


  • Karim Amin
    Karim Amin 29 days ago

    Wait till my boss reads my messages on reddit

  • Oriya Savon
    Oriya Savon 29 days ago

    Why Donald trump not fired

  • Charles Hill
    Charles Hill 29 days ago

    as for the # 1 spot... most people in the special effects department think kathy did a horrible job, there was too much paint, it was off color, the hair was all wrong, a child could have done better...just saying...

  • Leigh Barry
    Leigh Barry Month ago

    Kathy Griffin is a garbage human being,and deserves to be fired over her BULLBUTTER!!!

  • Spear Breaker
    Spear Breaker Month ago

    That's why I keep my accounts privates and I don't use my real name on most of my accounts...

    Also what's wrong with liking "2 Broke Girls?" It's an okay show..

    Also, it's one thing to be like telling people to not make rude/dumb tweets but all these people attacking the people that fucked up.. Like Death Threats and shit of that lvl... like damn..

  • Grand Meister
    Grand Meister Month ago

    tweets go around quick facebook on the other hand not so much lol

  • Void
    Void Month ago

    Twitter is so stupid. They banned my account as soon as I changed my profile picture, and that was as soon as I made the account! The ban said they found some "automatic" thing. I wonder if my newly-installed VPN will bypass it...

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader Month ago

    We really are a snowflake culture...

  • Veziley Kerzoyayev
    Veziley Kerzoyayev Month ago +3

    Party Girl Teacher tweet was completely innocent she did this in her personal life and I reckon she was one cool teacher I wish I had when I was at school

  • kashewz
    kashewz Month ago

    Notice most of these are from liberals. "Tolerant" liberals.

  • dark seid
    dark seid Month ago +1

    James wunn

  • Bee and Puppycat Subliminals

    Donald trump

  • Tim F
    Tim F Month ago

    Simple rule" Don't say anything online that you wouldn't say publically offline, especially on an account linked to your real name and personal info.

  • marishkaspirit
    marishkaspirit Month ago

    I don't feel sorry for people stupidity. They deserved it all.

  • Potter's Police Videos

    1:45 The ridiculous thing is that drug use can get you fired from some jobs (if they know about it) even if you turn up to work sober.

  • Timon I
    Timon I Month ago

    Got to honest some of it is kinda funny

  • Juniper Piper
    Juniper Piper Month ago

    Sacco was fried before her plane even landed. That’s the real wow factor there.

  • Jake Stemler
    Jake Stemler Month ago

    So much for free speach, I mean I get some of these are Waaaay out of line and shouldnt have been said in the first place, but some of these were just meant to be off color jokes, its bullshit to get fired for some of these

  • Stephen Bouthot
    Stephen Bouthot Month ago

    I feel like seeing a teacher try to do a lesson while high AF would be funny and interesting. How well can they teach the subject in that state and how off the rails can the lesson go?

  • icefyer2
    icefyer2 Month ago

    Anyone else find it ironic that a guy caught sexting has the last name "Weiner"? Guess he shouldn't have been showing off his own.

  • This is ̶ ̶a̶l̶3̶6̶9̶9̶..GOOGLE'S CHANNEL

    and yet trump is still president

  • WOKE BOii ?
    WOKE BOii ? Month ago +1

    their all funny. screw snowflakes

  • Piper Hayze Media
    Piper Hayze Media Month ago

    all you have to do is use a fake name, don't put a picture of yourself and no one will ever even know it was you who posted just do it under an alias and you won't get fired

  • El Pancho
    El Pancho Month ago

    sacco OMFG that was the best hope i dont get aids joing im white LOL why why did they fire her funny

  • 1un4cy
    1un4cy Month ago

    1. Make a joke
    2. people can't take a joke
    3. 5 years pass
    4. find a job
    5. get fired for 5 year old tweets
    6. file for wrongful dismissal?

  • 1un4cy
    1un4cy Month ago

    Needs tenure from twitter

  • beth 9891
    beth 9891 Month ago

    I get being angry about some of these tweets but I can't understand how the people harassing and threatening them after are any better.

  • Geno Bot
    Geno Bot Month ago

    Islam is the most hateful ideology ever existed.

  • PhoenixDragon90
    PhoenixDragon90 Month ago

    Sigh, people are dumb.
    This is why I don’t use Twitter or Facebook.
    Only use Facebook for logins.

  • Austin Adams
    Austin Adams Month ago

    the so
    uth park quote

  • Cody Patton
    Cody Patton Month ago

    A company firing someone over a social media post is just fucked up, especially if the post is just a joke.

  • Cory Lambert
    Cory Lambert Month ago

    10:26 I got pissed

  • Saul Mojica
    Saul Mojica Month ago

    Lmao pissed in the nachos!!!!! Nooooo hang this man !!!

  • IPushHard
    IPushHard Month ago

    A lot of this stuff is simply people being so uptight and intolerant about everything.
    Everyone's a dam social justice warrior now. They want to be outraged. They want to be offended. They want to find things they disagree with or find distasteful! Just because they want to bitch and whine. So lame.
    There is nothing fair about this world. People dont have to agree. People dont have to bow to other peoples beliefs or sense of justice. We dont have to like the same things.
    A thread of disharmony running through a society is a great thing. It makes us more tolerant and appreciative of other views.
    Anyone out hunting for offensive words or behavior will find plenty on this planet. Lighten the hell up!
    The only place I visit is TVclip... mainly because here being offended is expected. I like that. That's called FREEDOM.

  • Angelica M
    Angelica M Month ago +1

    yeah i still see nothing wrong with what Kathy Griffin posted

  • foulfortune
    foulfortune Month ago

    no cumia?

  • mds525700
    mds525700 Month ago

    I completely agree about Detroit drivers and have said the same thing myself. So many stupid people drive in Detroit.

  • Symply Sym
    Symply Sym Month ago +1

    Ayo...a lot of the people on here are straight snitches

  • BreadmanJohn
    BreadmanJohn Month ago

    Oh come on, those James Gunn tweets were funny.

  • NoPersonalities G
    NoPersonalities G Month ago

    Cough cough *lil tay* cough cough

  • Kiandro Scavella
    Kiandro Scavella Month ago +4

    Who tf posts a drug deal on Twitter 😂😂😂

  • TheBlarggle
    TheBlarggle Month ago +4

    Weird how right-wingers claim that their freedom of speech is under attack when people report on their offensive tweets, but a lot of these entries are lefties who got fired because right-wingers are constantly projecting their insecure "snowflake" status.

  • Debbie Cakes
    Debbie Cakes Month ago

    My friend once lost her job because she didn't call or show up and my boss forced me to give him my phone to see if she was online facebook and when he saw the little green online next to her ...he called her with my cellphone and she answered and he fired her instantly

  • Phat Pigeon
    Phat Pigeon Month ago

    His last name was wiener............ oh dear

  • Jocelyn Bill
    Jocelyn Bill Month ago

    I don't know why people think it's a good idea to post things on social media that could be considered offensive. Because people won't find it funny when someone makes a joke about something tragic. So I'm not sure why people post offense things thinking it will make people laugh. Sometimes I question people and their decisions.

  • Shawn gyc
    Shawn gyc Month ago


  • 21pilots tillidie
    21pilots tillidie Month ago

    James Gunn being fired is ridiculous. Yes he tweeted a bunch of fucked up shit. If he had tweeted that stuff while working for Disney it's completely fair to fire him. That isn't the case though. Gunn made those tweets a decade ago. He apologized for making them numerous times and stopped tweeting like that. Disney knew about the tweets before they hired him. They were ok with it because he had apologized and owned the mistake. Then ten years later a alt right troll brings them up again and Disney caves. Again he never tweeted like that when employed by Disney. Disney knew about the tweets before hiring him. He had already apologized multiple times.

  • 21pilots tillidie
    21pilots tillidie Month ago +1

    Literally Trumps entire twitter content and still not fired smh

  • Seung Gi Cho
    Seung Gi Cho Month ago

    I can't believe it that my favourite person David Attenborough made a joke about shooting Donald Trump and received death threats. I understand his humour, but this time it is really disappointing.