Terry Crews Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED


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  • cactipoke
    cactipoke 9 hours ago

    “Why is Terry Crews famous?”
    “I don’t know!!!! :D”

  • Connor H
    Connor H 20 hours ago

    Bro he obviously didn’t wanna do this😂

  • Coral McNaughton

    I still wish we had CrewsFist.

  • Evernight
    Evernight Day ago

    Does Terry Crews sing Thousand Miles while driving?

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne Day ago

    Its like the vegan question offended him lmaoo

  • oswaldo adrian
    oswaldo adrian Day ago

    Looking for thoose comments that terry replied

  • Hazwithy
    Hazwithy Day ago

    He's a national treasure

  • Ormi Ader
    Ormi Ader 2 days ago

    No one googled about Old Spice or they filtered it out?

  • zin Alexzender
    zin Alexzender 2 days ago

    He and rock are my favorite

  • Waddup Grooch
    Waddup Grooch 2 days ago +3

    Who else came to the comments to find terry crews’ comment?

  • TigressClaw
    TigressClaw 2 days ago

    780 thumbs down are vegans.

  • Paradox
    Paradox 2 days ago

    Terry crew actually left a comment here

  • Ya Moms
    Ya Moms 2 days ago

    Is Anyone Gonna Bring Up that he's the father in everybody hates Chris??

  • Henry Brown
    Henry Brown 3 days ago

    3:50 yes

  • Audi Malvin
    Audi Malvin 3 days ago

    That vegan reaction

  • denise gingnagel
    denise gingnagel 3 days ago

    Tiny terry 😂❤️

  • Charlie Drums
    Charlie Drums 4 days ago

    Terry Crews is the best actor/human tbh

  • Just Another Person
    Just Another Person 4 days ago

    Anyone come for the undercover thing?

  • Yvonne Flores
    Yvonne Flores 4 days ago

    Terry crews really looks as if he hasn't aged

  • KIDD Expo
    KIDD Expo 4 days ago

    He sounds like he was talking to a kindergarten class

  • Casual Gamer
    Casual Gamer 4 days ago

    Crackdown was actually the best game on xbox 360

  • non_officials music
    non_officials music 4 days ago

    Terry Crews is just like Terry Jeffords!!!!!!

    • non_officials music
      non_officials music 4 days ago

      I mean like he acts as terry Jeffords but his real personality is like terry jeffords

  • Courtney Michelle
    Courtney Michelle 5 days ago

    The way he said “I don’t know” made my heart melt😂

  • Megan Murray
    Megan Murray 5 days ago

    at 1:03 i thought he was going to say “terry crews loves yoghurt” and honestly that would’ve been iconic

  • Black Lotus
    Black Lotus 5 days ago

    Wait, wait ! So, that paint of captain Holt is maded by Terry ?

  • Victor Lugosi
    Victor Lugosi 5 days ago

    "African American hall of fame" 😒😒😒😒 ffs

  • J-Ben Beluso
    J-Ben Beluso 5 days ago


  • J-Ben Beluso
    J-Ben Beluso 5 days ago

    Terry Loves Yoghurt!!!

  • Ross DiamondThief
    Ross DiamondThief 5 days ago

    OH MY GOD!!! Terry Crews is a granddad!!! God I’m old

  • Celeste Orsini
    Celeste Orsini 5 days ago

    I just love this guy is so sooooo funny and nice, people! He is really nice!

  • alongfortheride84
    alongfortheride84 5 days ago

    Terry Crews kind of looks like a VERY buff, bigger Charlie Murphy, that's about it.

  • dane f.
    dane f. 5 days ago

    The B99 crew should do this

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez 5 days ago

    I've never expected this guy to talk so.. sweet

  • The Mexican King
    The Mexican King 5 days ago

    He's such a nice person it. Makes me emotional

  • Samantha Wu
    Samantha Wu 5 days ago


  • moonlight
    moonlight 5 days ago +2

    oml we must protect him at all cost.

  • Alexander Skladovski

    Does Terry Crews knows about platinum spice?

  • RougeRobin 101
    RougeRobin 101 6 days ago


  • x_mehek x
    x_mehek x 6 days ago

    *Anyone else just look at him and remember him in White Chicks?? He was so funny😂💓*

  • White Tiger
    White Tiger 6 days ago

    I love Terry Crews

  • scottyboy
    scottyboy 6 days ago

    terry i love u even if ur not vegan

  • Molly Antonio
    Molly Antonio 6 days ago

    He sounded like he was speaking to children

  • Procyon
    Procyon 6 days ago

    Boring questions. T Crews made the best to make them funnier.

  • Revuer mac
    Revuer mac 6 days ago

    terry crews is literally the happiest upbeat person on this world and he is SO cute

  • Raymel peoples
    Raymel peoples 6 days ago

    forgot he played football

  • El MiR0
    El MiR0 7 days ago


  • tsatsral tsatsa
    tsatsral tsatsa 7 days ago

    Omg He's adorable!!!

  • zeinawali shaheera
    zeinawali shaheera 7 days ago +74

    This just proves Terry Crews and Terence Jeffords are the same person

  • Aurora hemingway
    Aurora hemingway 7 days ago

    He seems like the nicest person ever. He is just so awesome

  • Gabriel Agnor
    Gabriel Agnor 7 days ago

    Bruh...he smiles too much 😂

  • The Various Gamer Tag

    The interview is po.po.po.po.po.po. POWER

  • jlxox J
    jlxox J 7 days ago

    Lmaooo why goes he look like the neck guy

  • A jar of pickles
    A jar of pickles 7 days ago

    Terry totally strikes me as the kind of guy I would go out and get a beer with. He just seems so nice

  • Gabriel Dinamarca
    Gabriel Dinamarca 7 days ago

    Terry crews is Canadian confirmed

  • J-HopeIsMyHope
    J-HopeIsMyHope 8 days ago +1


  • BapBop
    BapBop 8 days ago

    Where’s his son Chris?

  • snow flower
    snow flower 8 days ago

    he's so pleasant :)

  • SimOnly TV
    SimOnly TV 9 days ago +8

    Anybody remember everybody hates chris?

  • yee
    yee 9 days ago +3

    I love how Terry speaks in third person sometimes like his character

  • KawanCx
    KawanCx 9 days ago


  • Jeffery Lopez
    Jeffery Lopez 9 days ago +7

    I honestly think this guy has the patience to be a kindergarten teacher and a loveable personality to match.

  • Zoe 000
    Zoe 000 9 days ago


  • Ryker Gacha HD
    Ryker Gacha HD 10 days ago

    " Terry loves yoghurt " Brooklyn 99 quote

  • bibboy4
    bibboy4 10 days ago

    I thought he would say that he is doing the euro training as workout

  • Pineapple God
    Pineapple God 10 days ago +1

    I believe finding someone who hates Terry Crews or hating him is impossible
    Please dont prove me wrong humanity, Terry Crews doesnt deserve ANY hate

  • ilikeapples
    ilikeapples 10 days ago

    is this terry crews or terry jeffords?

  • Yusuf Gazi
    Yusuf Gazi 10 days ago


  • Spuddy7
    Spuddy7 10 days ago


  • Bear Bear
    Bear Bear 11 days ago

    Is Terry Crews the nicest person in the world? YES

  • Mlg trek 334
    Mlg trek 334 12 days ago +1


  • Honey Tha
    Honey Tha 12 days ago

    Terrys love love

  • Trent Korb
    Trent Korb 13 days ago

    Terry Crews is Awesome.

  • Jangtan
    Jangtan 13 days ago

    Terry loves love 💜💜💜

  • Leonardo.
    Leonardo. 13 days ago +7

    What a nice guy.

  • Engipeer
    Engipeer 13 days ago

    I thought he likes yogurt?

  • Mel
    Mel 13 days ago

    I am sick in bed and I’m in so much pain yet watching this made me smile throughout. Thank you, Terry!

  • musicalavocado
    musicalavocado 14 days ago

    b99 just took terry crews' personality and put it onto terry jeffords

  • Ju Muniz
    Ju Muniz 14 days ago

    terry crews loves desserts and terry loves yogurt have the same energy

  • Teddy Tanjaya
    Teddy Tanjaya 14 days ago


  • CachorroFANTASMAautista
    CachorroFANTASMAautista 14 days ago +2

    ele tem 2 empregos?

  • KingDaCobra
    KingDaCobra 14 days ago

    Looks like he was drunk during thos

  • Erick GS
    Erick GS 14 days ago



  • ci ci
    ci ci 14 days ago +2

    This man is human sunshine

  • Zqta
    Zqta 14 days ago

    Is terry crews doomfist?

  • AMV Animefan147
    AMV Animefan147 15 days ago

    Haha..such a nice guy.

  • Y E E
    Y E E 15 days ago

    Terry looves yogurt

  • Danielle Rivera
    Danielle Rivera 15 days ago

    He’s just a wonderful human being.

  • Harby Franco Fernandez

    I really hope the dude's not faking, coz this moment alone makes him the happiest reptilian alive

  • Ian Bradley
    Ian Bradley 16 days ago

    Oh wow, I was going to make a joke on a previous Terry vid about Mr T being the original Mr C. I'm of that era and if I were 10 in the street and scared I'd run straight to Mr T. I'm doing that weird shoulder bump thing you do when you're in a music video or can't think of anything more to add.

    • Ian Bradley
      Ian Bradley 16 days ago

      One of my favourite people. I let TVclip slurp my data for access to people like you :)

    QADIR ROCK THE BIG GUY 16 days ago +1

    Did he smile all the time

  • Ishan Dhingra
    Ishan Dhingra 16 days ago

    "9" "9"

  • Thomas Burkhalter
    Thomas Burkhalter 16 days ago

    Where in Deadpool 2 is this man

  • Rami Samara
    Rami Samara 16 days ago

    wow he’s loud 😂

  • Destiny Kemp
    Destiny Kemp 16 days ago

    No terry likes yogurt duh

  • Lily Johnson
    Lily Johnson 17 days ago

    So Andy is basically Jake, Chelsea is basically Gina and Terry is basically Terry

  • Lil_honey B
    Lil_honey B 17 days ago

    My name is Terry

  • peep39
    peep39 17 days ago

    Terry Crews is awesome. Lots of good energy coming off this guy

  • MrSky 1235
    MrSky 1235 17 days ago

    that commercial lmao 😂

  • Red Curtis
    Red Curtis 17 days ago

    They probably confused his “Crews” to “Cruz” thus the spanish thingy question

  • Overdose Nigga
    Overdose Nigga 17 days ago

    ''I do a lot of things'' *Penetrate coff coff*