Sweet Emma "I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None Of My Jellyroll"


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  • Pierre Richard
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  • Artemisia Xene
    Artemisia Xene 8 years ago +28

    Awesome Stuff!

  • Angeli Alvares
    Angeli Alvares 8 years ago +174

    sweet Emma proves that true entertainment is not about looks and being young and sexy. It's about talent and heart and soul and towing along with it , is enlightenment ,which only comes to those with a sense of humor. i don't think I'll ever tire of hearing Emma sing this Jellyroll song!

  • Fred Klein
    Fred Klein 8 years ago +216

    I recall sitting in the front row (on the floor) watching her in 1971 - ocassionally eating a few crackers she kept wrapped up in a napkin on the piano.
    Even though my interests (then) was on the nightlife outside - I couldn't help but be overwhelmed by this icon - no beauty - just a wonderful talented woman who personified all that the old New Orleans jazz scene was about. I wouldn't trade those few moments for anything.... Bless her!

  • Rebelin4Colors
    Rebelin4Colors 8 years ago +95

    i'd hit that

  • stmsmoot1
    stmsmoot1 8 years ago +21

    Thanks so much for posting this. It's just fantastic to actually see Sweet Emma Barrett live.

  • monikati51
    monikati51 9 years ago +44

    She was really a sweet one. And an artist.

  • zunzemma
    zunzemma 9 years ago +12

    I just adore!!!thank you!!!Love.M

  • bree gee
    bree gee 9 years ago +183

    She's hot. I want some of that jelly roll.

  • alfredo curt dannemann
    alfredo curt dannemann 9 years ago +20

    sweet jazz by a lady who contributed to all this wolderfull music !!

  • Morahman7vnNo2
    Morahman7vnNo2 9 years ago +76

    You silly fools with you standards, that's how she's supposed to look like! Back then 60-years actually looked there age, or aged gracefully, not cosmetically.

  • philipchek
    philipchek 9 years ago +4

    direct dans mes favoris :)

  • BanjoNut10
    BanjoNut10 9 years ago +9

    Sweet Emma Sweet syncopation

  • Squarerig
    Squarerig 9 years ago +9

    This is lovely,thank you for the clip.Soo nostalgic!

  • cajunsean
    cajunsean 9 years ago +22

    Great portrait of old New Orleans!

  • Cleopatra1985
    Cleopatra1985 9 years ago +9

    Wow that was a great song! I love it!

  • Quince Andre Garcia
    Quince Andre Garcia 9 years ago +14

    That was absolutely amazing.

  • Nick Telfer
    Nick Telfer 9 years ago +106

    Wow, nostalgia kicks in. I was introduced to Emma in Preservation Hall in 1978. She was only playing with one hand on account of having had a stoke. I wish I could play that good with two hands. She said "He's got a beard, I don't like men with beards!", Next time I met her she said "You know, I was only joking about that beard".
    I don't think the rich and powerful in the city appreciate what a treasure they had in musicians like Sweet Emma

  • Bruno Yanish
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  • kiki Genin
    kiki Genin 9 years ago

    quel document!
    j'en veux d'autres!
    et je veux voir tout le film!!!
    merci kliko
    Kiki Genin (SWEET MARY CAT Lyon)

  • Corrie121
    Corrie121 10 years ago +11

    This is fabulous!!
    Thank you for sharing this performance by a very talented lady.

  • chinnmusic
    chinnmusic 10 years ago +9

    great old vid,thanks for posting this.

  • swanson6666
    swanson6666 10 years ago +44

    Thank you for this wonderful video of
    Sweet Emma Barrett. I was in New Orleans
    in 1977 and saw her at Preservation Hall.
    This lady was in a wheel chair by that time
    and someone rolled her up to the piano and
    she was outstanding. I'll always cherish
    that memory. Thank you for keeping her
    memory alive. God bless her.