7-8 Year Olds Training in Russia with Alex Antropov


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  • Mike Knight
    Mike Knight 10 hours ago

    Great mix of creative skills development here! This is exactly what the players need in order to balance their other on and off-ice training. Canada is slowly catching on to true "Development", check out a small example of what I'm growing in Ottawa: tvclip.biz/video/rjSOYNbs2SQ/video.html

  • Jafer Rizvi
    Jafer Rizvi 5 days ago

    Will this explains why Russian goalies suck

  • Владимир
    Владимир 7 days ago

    More than half to 15 years will finish ahead of schedule, due to heavy loads, ligaments,knees fractures.

  • Oleg Efimov
    Oleg Efimov 8 days ago

    Awesome 💪

  • Александр Корнилов

    Just imagine what will happen when these kids grow up? Good job,minnows...Go ahead,your wins are waiting!!! And proper respect to coach

  • YarikbZ
    YarikbZ 9 days ago +1

    Минус канада

  • xmodeller
    xmodeller 10 days ago +1

    Хоккей в крови

  • King Wacky
    King Wacky 11 days ago

    Geez they have better puck handling skills than many adult teams. And skating abilities

  • Alexander K
    Alexander K 11 days ago +1

    В СССР дрессировали еще жестче

  • Denis Silajdzic
    Denis Silajdzic 12 days ago

    I saw resently better at age 7 on Balkans, but it's not on the radar. These russian kids are great, but those I'm talking about are way better. Like some creatures that dwell on ice.

  • Sergey
    Sergey 12 days ago +1

    средний уровень)) самое печальное что много талантливых детей бросают хоккей из за отсутствия денег

  • Rustam Imamiev
    Rustam Imamiev 12 days ago +1

    Для маленького вратаря нужны маленькие ворота, а так ворота стандартные, конечно там проще забить будет)

  • PNG_Jack
    PNG_Jack 13 days ago

    Это Автомобилист! Круто!

  • Алексей Петров

    Приятно смотреть.

  • света ха
    света ха 14 days ago

    А вратарей не учат? Судя по видео(((

    • Shaingmanght
      Shaingmanght 7 days ago

      У хоккейных вратарей отдельный тренер.

  • Иван Антропов


  • Александр Долженко

    Я из России. Для нас такое не новость))

  • Сергей Александрович


  • Mikuláš Záhorka
    Mikuláš Záhorka 17 days ago

    OMG robots

  • Anton 1 Channel
    Anton 1 Channel 17 days ago

    это Екатеринбург , автомобилист-юность, раньше там в детстве тренировался, у нас такого не было, так только вокруг шин объезжали))this is in Ekaterinburg/Russia. Team Automobilist

  • борянес аккаунтес

    New RED MASHINE !!!

  • Nikita Yakovlev
    Nikita Yakovlev 17 days ago

    I think a lot of kinds in Canada and USA and any other hockey country can play like this. Yes, this is 1 from 10000 or even 1 on 1000000 but each hockey country have few and more millions population.
    P.S. I'm from Russia and I hope that hockey will stay the most fair sport for the centuries

    WORLD 18 days ago


  • Никита Алин
    Никита Алин 18 days ago


  • борис максимов

    100% sure-no father will tell his son-you will grow up to play NHL))

  • Mason Lamb
    Mason Lamb 18 days ago

    In Soviet Russia, the puck shoots you!

  • Robert Vanyo
    Robert Vanyo 18 days ago

    How many new Datsyuk , Mailkin are on the way? Good job.

  • Alex Andreev
    Alex Andreev 18 days ago

    Надо было музыку из Red Alert подставить. А это только для баскета подойдет

  • ЕвжориЙ
    ЕвжориЙ 19 days ago +1

    Ребята...давайте жить дружно! (с) Леопольд

  • 2BAD4YOU
    2BAD4YOU 20 days ago +1

    Ekaterinburg city

    LLIAMAH -55RUS 21 day ago

    Просто красавцы! Подрастающее поколение 👍

  • парус
    парус 22 days ago

    Учите Русский ,вашим детям пригодиться.

  • N Moran
    N Moran 23 days ago

    The juniors will be interesting in8 years

  • N Moran
    N Moran 23 days ago

    Those are robots for sure 🧐🧐🧐

  • Hamburger73
    Hamburger73 27 days ago

    There are a lots of assholes out there dislikeing this video!

    • MOSCOW
      MOSCOW 24 days ago +1

      Not so many

  • Lisa Dahl
    Lisa Dahl 29 days ago

    2018 anyone

  • Степан Дудкин


  • Yuri Frolov
    Yuri Frolov Month ago

    Impressive. I personally like that "sitting on the knee" stuff -- forward and backward.

  • Aloahh
    Aloahh Month ago

    Their akating is good but not their shots

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith Month ago

    By the time most of these kids hit 15 they will be burned out and for the ones that keep going and get an offer from the nhl won’t be willing to give away 55 percent of what they make in the states back to the Russian mafia so it’s a waste in reality unfortunately.... don’t believe it google it there’s been plenty of players forced into paying so nothing happened to the family’s

    • Kelly Bako
      Kelly Bako 15 days ago +1


    • Сергей Хлющ
      Сергей Хлющ Month ago

      Нет, они не сгорят. Тренер уже отсеял слабых, это можно видеть по уровню их игры.А что ты говоришь, так у вас все время на деньгах все строится. А эти малыши, живут хоккеем.

  • Curtis Lacey
    Curtis Lacey Month ago


  • Curtis Lacey
    Curtis Lacey Month ago

    Is it hard to play hokey

  • Hayley Lang
    Hayley Lang Month ago

    I love hockey

  • dappy the dapper raptor


  • Kahvikuppi 100
    Kahvikuppi 100 Month ago +5

    Respect from Finland, those kids are better than finnish players who are 14yrs old

  • Jessie Medina
    Jessie Medina Month ago

    So cute

  • Sam Fitz
    Sam Fitz 2 months ago

    Those kids are vary good

  • Adrián Krupa
    Adrián Krupa 2 months ago


  • Aaron L
    Aaron L 2 months ago +6

    These guys will be the new red machine

  • Tiernan Forde
    Tiernan Forde 2 months ago +1

    usa hockey does the half ice crap for this age and thats why you dont see 7-8 year olds as good as them

  • Wellington and Grant numbers 88 32

    There’s is a lot of ConnorMcdavid97

  • The Money Club
    The Money Club 2 months ago

    Great video, bad music.

  • Chloe Lin
    Chloe Lin 2 months ago

    Bro I’m in U12 and I can barely do that

  • Jace Sebert
    Jace Sebert 2 months ago

    Their bad

  • marc Vienneau
    marc Vienneau 3 months ago


  • æsthëtïç_ mëmê
    æsthëtïç_ mëmê 3 months ago

    That moment when you realize you suck at hockey

  • It’s the best 91
    It’s the best 91 3 months ago

    It's sad how the Russians want to be the best all the time

  • Honzap2
    Honzap2 3 months ago

    Russia good training

  • Robin Rashidi
    Robin Rashidi 3 months ago

    I am in this video with the blue and green gloves

  • BigGulp 6969
    BigGulp 6969 3 months ago +1

    shits useless if you just play the body

  • Mini3005
    Mini3005 3 months ago

    4 years old dolphin girl A. finding shells under big waves in Black Sea tvclip.biz/video/1iiW6OkBeBY/video.html

    TAJ PLAYZ 3 months ago

    Man your bad boy at hockey

  • Sweman YT
    Sweman YT 3 months ago

    Jag går på håki

  • Armilhon Anthony
    Armilhon Anthony 4 months ago

    everyone can have the same result ! easy to increase the speed recording !

  • danh5150
    danh5150 4 months ago

    Thumbs up if watching this video makes you feel totally uncoordinated. ;o)

  • Goczol Marcell
    Goczol Marcell 4 months ago

    Nagyon király!Hajrá hoki

  • runway heading
    runway heading 4 months ago

    They raise little robots and then take everything they earn! Russians are so misguided! Good hockey players though.

  • Arthur G.
    Arthur G. 4 months ago

    Jeriel Askew - I'm Great

  • M B
    M B 4 months ago

    Are not all sports just a distraction?

  • Reaper - Жнец
    Reaper - Жнец 4 months ago

    Hello from Ruassia

  • kpublik
    kpublik 4 months ago

    Meh. The skaters (we see) are definitely good, but this type of training, and kids as good as this, can be seen in any modern hockey camp these days.

  • XxTropic
    XxTropic 4 months ago

    This is why Russia is winning

  • Mari Tuominen
    Mari Tuominen 5 months ago

    Future is finland

  • Teash Drinks
    Teash Drinks 5 months ago

    Antropov leafs legend !

  • Alexander Hatalski.
    Alexander Hatalski. 5 months ago

    Poor goalie 😂

  • Vladislav Rokotov
    Vladislav Rokotov 6 months ago +1

    Молодцы! 😎

  • David Stojadinovic
    David Stojadinovic 6 months ago

    Just wonderful, I been tryin to find out about "field hockey training aids" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried - Banonnor Veyathan Release - (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my mate got excellent results with it.

  • максим андронов

    Автомобилист достойную смену готовит лет через 5 зазвучат новые имена очень громко

  • нина хомякова

    Россия всегда победит!

  • Katja Schultz
    Katja Schultz 6 months ago

    Wow! They're going to be incredible!

  • miker skog
    miker skog 6 months ago +1

    лучшие маленькие будущие мужчины ))

  • Денис Томин
    Денис Томин 6 months ago +2

    Желаю этим парнишкам золотых медалей в их карьере.

  • Chilly 4k
    Chilly 4k 6 months ago


  • Андрей Рарог

    Russia Best of the Best.

  • Vince Narciso
    Vince Narciso 6 months ago

    This is another reason I love Russia 🇷🇺

  • GoogleIs StartinToSuck
    GoogleIs StartinToSuck 6 months ago

    These 8 year-olds play better than most high school teams I've seen

  • TheSwampHumanoid
    TheSwampHumanoid 6 months ago

    Dear fucking good that's insane.....

  • nevimmcconnapsat
    nevimmcconnapsat 6 months ago

    Czeh Republic to same but we starting in 3-4 years old

  • Анатолий Медведский

    Автомобилист Екатеринбург?

  • thatfortnitekid who does animations too

    I’m noticing that the goalies could use a little more work (being a goalie myself) just a little bit of constructive criticism

  • Vadim Y
    Vadim Y 6 months ago

    Школа Автомобилиста похоже..

  • руслан амиров
    руслан амиров 6 months ago +1


  • Russiavsall
    Russiavsall 7 months ago

    It's in Ekaterinburg- my and Pavel Datsuk hometown

  • ZerodekS
    ZerodekS 7 months ago +1

    This video is from the training of the "Avtomobilist" team. In English the team is called as "Motorist". From the city of Yekaterinburg, the one that is in the Urals.

  • Roran
    Roran 7 months ago

    3:50 AHAHAHA it's the tiny player modifier/option from NHL 2004!

  • Алекс Соловьев

    Все это хуйня

  • Jim Wade
    Jim Wade 7 months ago

    Thats a #7-8boys russian robats.. made in 2010 ...

  • Jim Wade
    Jim Wade 7 months ago +1

    0 0... look out canada.... send bobby clark over slow these kids down...

  • Michal Novak
    Michal Novak 7 months ago