If Tampon Ads Were Honest (Also Maxi Pads & Other "Feminine Products")


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  • Bob
    Bob 4 hours ago

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cotex ad?

  • Goner Goner
    Goner Goner Day ago

    Soak em up sticks...k

  • Diana Targett
    Diana Targett Day ago

    Ok I had to subscribe!! I have so far watched two of your videos and I'm hooked! 😂😂🤷🤷

  • Socially Undead
    Socially Undead Day ago

    Ahahahah I'm pms-ing and slowly dreading the oncoming storm. It's great!

  • Đαητe Đαηατəłłσ

    this dude knows a lot of words for vagina

  • Fred Garvin
    Fred Garvin 2 days ago

    Soaking up your blood puddle. I puked.

  • Roy K.
    Roy K. 4 days ago

    The same blue with the pee nappy adds.

  • Caralyas
    Caralyas 5 days ago

    In denmark it's also called "Running Russians" XD

  • cosmic Blush
    cosmic Blush 6 days ago

    This man makes me feel like only period blood is red and other blood is yellow or something

  • Jennifer Reeves
    Jennifer Reeves 6 days ago

    "Soak em up sticks"

  • That random Blonde girl Meera

    You and your luxury blood puddle

  • Zer0
    Zer0 7 days ago

    Best one yet!!!

  • Honeh_ Lee
    Honeh_ Lee 7 days ago


  • Jordyn Hunter
    Jordyn Hunter 7 days ago


  • Kat_polishedandglossed

    Oh my gosh!!!!!

    BLUE MARAUDER 8 days ago +1

    this is why they killed cracked. they made these videos and spoke too much truth. this is all it takes to make an enemy with billions of dollars at its disposal. making this video and others like it immediately wages intellectual war with major corporations that push these products. therefore eliciting their attention and anger and forcing them to take action against you seeing is how they spend so much money making sure facts like these never surface in the first place. so if there's a market for it you can be sure as shit that if you don 't play dumb and keep your head down you WILL be targeted.

  • milesprower2
    milesprower2 8 days ago

    If they were to make these again. I'd like to see the one Ripping on magic the gathering


    Love how Unappologetic roger is here. Hahahaha hilarious. Keep it up!

  • Zx Tek
    Zx Tek 9 days ago

    *sigh what I'm doing in the tampon area @@.

  • D Vacha
    D Vacha 9 days ago

    My girlfriend uses a menstrual cup. Buy it once and then can use it for the whole year. Pretty smart if you ask me and much cheaper on your pocket and the environment.

  • cameo echols
    cameo echols 9 days ago

    Isn’t throwing away sanitary napkins, pads, or tampons a biohazard?! I’ve been thinking about this for so long, same with diapers, Q-tips, toenail clippings, hair brushes, toothbrushes, and ect.

  • Hydroelectric Jellyfish

    Im learning so much!

  • Gifarly .M. Afdalash
    Gifarly .M. Afdalash 10 days ago

    Why the fk am i eating while watching this...

  • Lg Rader
    Lg Rader 10 days ago

    *Vaginal Blood Absorbancy Sticks*

  • Logos Knight
    Logos Knight 11 days ago

    Honest comercial about 5g !

  • Suzanne Bruner
    Suzanne Bruner 11 days ago

    M & M's with peanuts

  • Gabrielle Harwood
    Gabrielle Harwood 12 days ago

    This made me and my man laugh so much!! Absolutely hilarious video, you guys did a great job!!
    I had just subscribed after discovering your channel by coming across your "4 Awful Ways Our Ancestors Got High" video, (and loving it!) and after scrolling a little bit down on your main page I came across this video and just the thought of it made me laugh! I felt I knew what was coming, but not only did you guys meet my expectations, but you went beyond them!
    This video made me so very glad to have hit the subscribe button! :D
    Can't wait to watch some more of your great content!
    Have an awesome day! :)

  • MrBoogy00000
    MrBoogy00000 12 days ago

    Luxury tax!? Are you fucking kidding me? I knew our Government officials were a bunch of greedy bastards but this takes the cake. Someone, anyone please tell me that part is not true. Everyone should get to know about Jesus and pray for his return. Our world is broken and needs to be fixed .

  • codemiesterbeats
    codemiesterbeats 12 days ago

    its a funny video... and its nothing to be shamed of... its just that people do tend to tread lightly on potty stuff. Toilet paper commercials dont show brown smears on some TP and be like DAMN MY ASS AINT GOT NO SHIT ON IT!

  • Keith Bowden
    Keith Bowden 12 days ago

    I like the two women's facial expressions,as he talks,lol.

  • Keith Bowden
    Keith Bowden 12 days ago

    The women sitting look offended as he talks,lol.

  • Anxious Bagel
    Anxious Bagel 12 days ago

    s o a k e m u p

  • Anett Christensen
    Anett Christensen 13 days ago

    Its Russians in the gazebo not communist and i dont think gazebo is right ether in Danish its "Russere i lysthuset" 😂

  • Square squirrels Box squirrels

    "Diaper stickers"😂 that's basically what they are

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt 14 days ago


  • Kevin Sam
    Kevin Sam 14 days ago

    Soak em up sticks, hmmmmmm hehehe

  • msd
    msd 14 days ago

    Got a Thinx underwear commercial before watching this

  • K world
    K world 14 days ago

    Please do if porn was honest.

  • GHX man
    GHX man 15 days ago

    If Schools Were Honest

  • CAQ Vevo
    CAQ Vevo 15 days ago

    Where are this guy's eyebrows ?

  • E D
    E D 15 days ago

    The hell!

  • Nightingale 42
    Nightingale 42 15 days ago

    The blood is blue because we're androids.

  • purpleblunt
    purpleblunt 16 days ago

    Funny how women bitch about tax on tampons/pads yet nobody bitches about tax on ass paper.

  • cholzky petalcorin
    cholzky petalcorin 16 days ago

    Why am i even watching this *IM A MAN*

  • Well,
    Well, 16 days ago

    I'm a dane and... I think I've been missing out on some slang for periods if we're expected to use weird terms like that ajdsajdasjio

  • BrownGuy Promotions
    BrownGuy Promotions 16 days ago

    Do one on mlm business

  • irishwench333
    irishwench333 16 days ago

    Ohhhh My Gawwwd !!!!

  • G Davidson
    G Davidson 17 days ago

    ..... can we talk about something else please!

  • L Gorman
    L Gorman 17 days ago

    You guys are great ... have not seen anything new in a year? It would be great ... if your still around to do something on Plumbers .. A) When your in great need .. they send someone out .. you pay them 300 dollars .. B) Then 20 min in .. they say they need a second team to finish the job .. at yep another 300 dollars .. their acting skills are great!! C) Then after it is all done .. they charge you ANOTHER $200 dollars because they used their 300 foot scope .. and they state use used HARSH chemicals ...even if you have not .. and they need to replace the line .. (They replace the line only once a year by the way) ... and get this .. there are no laws and no policing the plumbers ... a GREAT GIG ... I hope you keep doing this .. its great for a giggle even if its all true!

  • Jasmine V
    Jasmine V 17 days ago

    It’s been a year. I wish I knew what happend to Horton. I love his videos.

  • blackericdenice
    blackericdenice 18 days ago

    Fat boys have bigger titties than the Asian lady.

  • Evan Curry
    Evan Curry 18 days ago

    Knock off voice over peat

  • Lace Anstine
    Lace Anstine 19 days ago

    Literally got a pad ad before this video

  • •••••••
    ••••••• 19 days ago

    Literally tampon adverts before this video. I watch 2 minutes of the ad before I realized. Fml

  • Neam Farroukh
    Neam Farroukh 19 days ago

    Into your “hoohaa”

  • Jeremiah Giles
    Jeremiah Giles 19 days ago


  • Gerald Davis
    Gerald Davis 19 days ago

    When I grow up I am going to be gay. I am going get Mr Universe.

  • Jay Taylor
    Jay Taylor 19 days ago

    Riding the crimson wave...rotfl.....

  • alymig70
    alymig70 20 days ago

    This comes off like it’s written by men. Does CRACKED have any women?

  • Esty Draws
    Esty Draws 20 days ago

    Got a thinx add lol

  • Stoney Shibu
    Stoney Shibu 20 days ago

    Yeah you talk about businesses and corporations.
    But why was there never a "If the consumer was honest."

  • lifeforce
    lifeforce 20 days ago

    I hate coffe, cannot drink that shit, and its not psychoactif, drugs its a myth .

  • Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith 20 days ago

    Blood absorbing diaper stickers. 😂😂😂😂

  • T3hAdministrat0r
    T3hAdministrat0r 20 days ago

    3:29 the sic beat comes back

  • Rich Delgado
    Rich Delgado 21 day ago

    “Feeling like a jellyfish glorped our of you.” Sounds like a line from Rick and Morty.

  • Rich Delgado
    Rich Delgado 21 day ago

    I believe that here in Ohio they have made products like blood sticks and diaper stickers tax-free.

  • dan hemmerling
    dan hemmerling 21 day ago

    Ahh the monthly flux.

  • Tina Iverson
    Tina Iverson 22 days ago

    Guys can shoot "people" in video games and watch blood all day long; God forbid they deal with a woman's blood

  • w̸͚̄a̴͚͆i̴̥͗t̴̤̑i̶̛͚n̶͊͜g̷̻̒ ̷͈̓f̸͎͘ǫ̵͐r̵̢̉ ̷̣̔y̷͎̽o̷̮͝ù̵͔ ̸̤̑

    I've never used a tampon in my life. And I'm 20 the idea of something sitting Inside of me for hours makes me feel uncomfortable.

  • paul Z
    paul Z 22 days ago

    Poor women..

  • VeganVintageGeek
    VeganVintageGeek 22 days ago

    Due to the chemicals and the fibers in all "disposable" (which are not biodegradable) tampons and pads. I am highly allergic.
    Plus they also should add some testimonies from women or family members who've lost loved ones, who did have complications from using tampons.
    Especially the model who lost her legs from using tampons.
    Thank goodness there are cloth pads. And I no longer have painful cramps, itching, or smell bad, from pretty much sitting on a diaper like pad that does not breath or let air flow through.
    With cloth pads I also feel cleaner and never have to worry about it leaking. My very favorite brand is Glad Rags. And cloth pads also save me money, and I'll never ever have to go without a pad no matter how broke I am.👧👍

  • TheLastDayGamer
    TheLastDayGamer 22 days ago

    Do a "if Cracked were honest" xD
    But really :)

  • I agree with you
    I agree with you 22 days ago

    "Most modern women" 😂😂😂

  • I agree with you
    I agree with you 22 days ago

    Ahhhhhh I'm a woman and wanted to barf at some of this

  • Jody Pope
    Jody Pope 23 days ago +1

    What if movie commercials were honest

  • Shanto Lion
    Shanto Lion 24 days ago


  • Shams K
    Shams K 24 days ago

    0:49 legit shocked me like.. i never noticed but holy shit

  • Frank Blackcrow
    Frank Blackcrow 24 days ago

    This looks like a video I want to show to that special potential girlfriend.. to ask her.. be sure to tell me so I can go camping for a weekend.

  • Diego Christiansen
    Diego Christiansen 25 days ago

    do an honest ad about the guys who try to sell investement strategies on youtube

  • Scotty Beasley
    Scotty Beasley 25 days ago

    "Crimson & Clover, Over & Over....."

  • oogachaka
    oogachaka 26 days ago

    Can you believe that there are tampons that break inside a woman's body and have to be surgically removed? That shit's real.

  • MayaPaya
    MayaPaya 26 days ago

    Commercials should definitely use red dye. Maybe then it would be a little less shameful. We do not bleed blue.

  • Gold Flower Drawing
    Gold Flower Drawing 27 days ago

    What about pads?

  • AriAnastasia Grande
    AriAnastasia Grande 28 days ago

    It was a big add though....

  • Steven Watson
    Steven Watson 28 days ago

    Never trust something that bleeds for Five days and doesn't die.

  • J.T. O'Shea
    J.T. O'Shea Month ago

    Who else fapping while watching this

  • Cαϝé Nҽɾʋøʂα

    Diaper stickers HAHAH

  • Sassy Waffles
    Sassy Waffles Month ago

    This is hilarious😂 soak em up sticks😂

  • angel toast
    angel toast Month ago +1

    *the blood of my loins paints the blood of the communist flag*

  • Ono Northey
    Ono Northey Month ago

    "Luxurious blood puddle" damn that got me.

  • June Tentacles
    June Tentacles Month ago

    I got a tampon ad

  • Danny Mether
    Danny Mether Month ago


  • Lauren Z.
    Lauren Z. Month ago

    I'll just wrap 5 sticks of tissue papers to male a homemade tampon. _It's the same thing right?_

  • Whammytap
    Whammytap Month ago

    Shark week! I’m dying!

  • Pepper Maker
    Pepper Maker Month ago +1

    Feel so sad , this was the last honest ads vid ever . If wish that cracked becomes an undead channel

  • Bleu Thai Designs
    Bleu Thai Designs Month ago

    Ok I am a man so I am curious - what safer alternatives are out there?

  • Stephen Skinner
    Stephen Skinner Month ago

    And people say the Amish are barbaric because they shy away from tampons...

  • Garmanarnar !!
    Garmanarnar !! Month ago

    Forever and always thankful I'm not a female

  • Pall mall
    Pall mall Month ago

    Roger, this was absolutely a LMAO - LMAO!! Great video!