If Tampon Ads Were Honest (Also Maxi Pads & Other "Feminine Products")

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  • Agent. K.
    Agent. K. 19 minutes ago

    I don't know about this and I don't want to imagine.

  • amy foster
    amy foster Hour ago

    holy fuck

  • ian dick
    ian dick 2 hours ago

    Those are sales taxes same as razors or deodorant. You could say men don't need those but I'd counter that they do if they want to hold down a half decent job.

  • Sharda Hartly
    Sharda Hartly 3 hours ago

    Im so happy i switched to the Diva cup

  • udlrfbak
    udlrfbak 5 hours ago

    could you stop missing the target and just admit that advertising is terrible and only manipulates people

  • David O Rodriguez
    David O Rodriguez 12 hours ago

    This was hilarious! So glad I'm XY!!

  • Teagan P
    Teagan P 14 hours ago

    Lol, I much prefer "diaper stickers" to "soak-em-up sticks." My little sister once asked me what they were (I was probably 14, and her 6ish), and I told her they were like mini diapers. Then apparently one time when she was at the grocery store with my mom and someone else was buying them, she yelled out "look, that lady's buying mini diapers!" I almost wish I could have been there.

  • Cyn R561
    Cyn R561 14 hours ago

    Shark week , defrosting the steak, a communist in the gazebo. . . HILARIOUS

  • The Idiot Reviewer
    The Idiot Reviewer 15 hours ago

    I heard cracked.com just fired all their SJW staff member, good, I hope this will means more quality comedic stuff will be produce just like the good old days... Cracked.com before the SJW infestation is my No.1 favorite website..

  • shegwa1
    shegwa1 17 hours ago

    what about menstrual cups?

  • MultiFoodJunkie
    MultiFoodJunkie 17 hours ago

    Shark week is an awesome description!

  • Jane Johnson
    Jane Johnson 17 hours ago

    Tampons are evil. let us stand together and use diva cups instead!

  • Keith nunya
    Keith nunya 17 hours ago

    Cooter corks!

  • darius reedo
    darius reedo 17 hours ago

    Vagina are cool.

  • Jak
    Jak 17 hours ago

    Cringy as hell, so risky lol

  • LonelyAssassin96
    LonelyAssassin96 19 hours ago

    This is part of why I refuse to use tampons. There are only 3 things that are supposed to go in and come out of one’s vagina. Tampons are not on that list.

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 19 hours ago

    I just got an ad for period underwear

  • AppleRain
    AppleRain 20 hours ago

    Life hack: Get pregnant so you don't have a period for 9 months.
    *YoU'rE wElCoMe*

  • Crazywaffle5150
    Crazywaffle5150 20 hours ago

    I'm glad I'm a man and gay. I'll never have to worry about looking at that.

  • White Wizard
    White Wizard 21 hour ago +1


  • Adventurer Greta
    Adventurer Greta 21 hour ago

    Its retarded theres a luxury tax on tampons. Every woman has a period, and it is NOT a luxury to stick a wad of cotton up your vagina

  • Hecate Mist
    Hecate Mist 23 hours ago

    Male sperm? I understand that they're clarifying that sperm comes from guys or people with 'male' genitalia. But I can't help wondering, "So, what about female sperm then?"

  • Elizabeth Mae
    Elizabeth Mae Day ago

    Blood sticks... diaper sticker... soak um up sticks... I can't😂😂😂

  • ladrena davis
    ladrena davis Day ago

    OMG shark week


    Get a diva cup?

  • Alex Schaap
    Alex Schaap Day ago

    Menstrual cups and/or period underwear: the way forward. Cause, y'know, reusable things.

  • Normal'sWayOverrated

    I will be calling pads diaper stickers from now on XD

  • Paweł Wolnicki
    Paweł Wolnicki Day ago

    Blue is the new Red for commies - see the colours of EU

    • Paweł Wolnicki
      Paweł Wolnicki Day ago

      Red is for national socialists, and blue is for the global socialists

  • Shweta Ramani
    Shweta Ramani Day ago

    thats why menstrual cups are awesome :D

  • TattooedAries4u
    TattooedAries4u Day ago

    I lost it at soak em up sticks 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • WF6I
    WF6I Day ago

    In California sales tax is applied to toilet paper and diapers, why wouldn't it be applied to tampons?

  • Set Walker Of The Wheel

    I wish i had a hooha... I'd walk it and feed it every day... with cocks

  • inue windwalker
    inue windwalker Day ago

    I'm glad I don't have a period
    I'm a woman I'm just really irregular


    lol this is offensive😸

  • Blythe Westchild

    *Some males get periods, some women have sperm.* *Trans and intersex people exist.*

  • Caroline Chalue
    Caroline Chalue Day ago

    I started my period at 9 and also had back surgery the same year

  • Tina Berry
    Tina Berry Day ago

    Do Truck ads..PLEASE !! do truck ads

  • Johnathan Weeks
    Johnathan Weeks Day ago

    Im a man but fuck luxury tax that's fucked up

  • mizzKarenbabii
    mizzKarenbabii Day ago

    I was gonna lose it if he said something negative or dangerous about pads 😅

    MIA LEONARD Day ago

    There are two things that are and are not taxed. One is “nesscites”, the others are “luxury”. Period products are “luxury” taxed. For example, food stamp: nesscity, cat food: luxury, tampon: luxury. Hope that clears things up. So there’s no special tax, just the two. And we are trying to stop it. Petition:
    Also I spelled nesscities wrong but I don’t care 🤷‍♀️ spellcheck hates me :p
    Hope that was informative

    MIA LEONARD Day ago

    If anyone doesn’t believe taht tampon tax is a thing, read this please.
    Cause ya see, while not all, just a couple, (look at the map on the sight) “most states tax all “tangible personal property” but make exemptions for select “necessities” (non-luxury items). Things that are considered necessities usually include groceries, food stamp purchases, medical purchases (prescriptions, prosthetics, some over-the-counter drugs), clothes (in some states), and agriculture supplies. The lists of exemptions vary from state to state.” But this list of non-taxed items don’t include period products!
    It isn’t fair. Leaking blood from your vagina isn’t a luxury, last time I checked. More like a nesscity. If you now agree, you can do something about it. Go to
    And sign the petition!

  • Mr. W
    Mr. W Day ago

    The last time we'll ever see Roger. :(

  • SVTFOE Master Theoryist

    I legit got a period ad before this video

  • unstoppableExodia

    Haha shark week, curse the crimson tide

  • RotaryPunch
    RotaryPunch Day ago

    This was funny but I dont get why we make fun of people who think periods are gross. They are gross, as all bodily functions involving discharge tend to be.
    Also Thinx panties. I must try them.

  • CatLadyish
    CatLadyish Day ago

    Now if only we could stop paying a “non-essential goods” tax on the damn things. Viagra doesn’t get taxed, so why are feminine products? This isn’t a problem in all states, but it is in mine. And REALLY, it should be considered an essential product in EVERY state to be complex fair. But no, of course not... VIAGRA THOUGH!!! Oh man we can’t tax that! Pffffft

  • Aiko Kimura
    Aiko Kimura Day ago

    Diva cup

  • lilmisscoopie
    lilmisscoopie Day ago

    Get a MOONCUP!!!!!

  • IDon'tKnowHowtoYouTube

    Thinx/ absorbent panty lyfe. Mofo is freaking dry and you forget about the blood coming down.
    Get yo vag a pair of Thinx. Or whatever other brands they got out there.

  • vampjoseph11
    vampjoseph11 2 days ago

    well I *was* eating.... *was*

  • DaMara Mc Elrath
    DaMara Mc Elrath 2 days ago

    Usually I love these, but not this time. I thank you for the luxury tax information.

  • Nasuth
    Nasuth 2 days ago

    lol @ pretending the pink tax is real and that only men are grossed out by periods instead of everyone being grossed out by it - - just like 95% of the population is grossed out by details of your bowel movement.

  • Wunderful
    Wunderful 2 days ago

    Those women are not having it

  • Wunderful
    Wunderful 2 days ago

    What the freak

  • matthew cogar
    matthew cogar 2 days ago

    and social justice kills another business. Cracked, to be specific.

  • Brendan Moran
    Brendan Moran 2 days ago

    i love how soft spoken he is

  • Future Firefighter
    Future Firefighter 2 days ago

    So glad I'm a trans girl rn. But the dysphoria will soon be back.

  • Banished Kitsune ,the traveler

    Ok I get this and all but what about alternative maybe ?
    Oh wait dose this mean you want blood to flow freely on your cloths and seats or do you think wemen can just you know
    Hold it in till they can get to a toilet
    I mean if you hold in your blood yes you could get an infection
    I really do think people tried to make it as clean as possible here
    Not really horrible
    How ever I do think it should be a need product like water or food or a toilet but I guess not or somwthing

  • Lancelot Girls
    Lancelot Girls 2 days ago

    Dont like tampon companies? Make your own. Nobody is stopping you

  • May
    May 2 days ago

    I honestly am surprised we haven't invented better items/more comfortable items for us ladies during these times. And to charge is insane I mean it isn't our fault..But that's why I'm on birth control now because honestly it's cheaper and more comfortable than having to deal with periods anymore =/

    ADOLF HITLER 2 days ago

    kilroy was here

  • Bubba bitty
    Bubba bitty 2 days ago

    Vaginal blood soakem up sticks 😂😂😂😂

  • Kaila Mims
    Kaila Mims 2 days ago

    I love Roger!!! 😘

  • Eadlyn June
    Eadlyn June 2 days ago

    How do you know I don’t like sitting in my own blood Roger?

  • Teresa TK
    Teresa TK 2 days ago

    "Soak em up sticks"

  • Magister Ludi
    Magister Ludi 2 days ago

    Roger Horton: Cracked's last full time employee 😂😂

  • Shem Doupe
    Shem Doupe 2 days ago

    RIP Cracked

  • Serite Ross
    Serite Ross 2 days ago

    Why is the vaginal opening so huge!?!? Soak-Em-Ups!? XD

  • Serite Ross
    Serite Ross 2 days ago

    ... His tie is blue LOL

  • Timea Renfrow
    Timea Renfrow 2 days ago


  • kinotekaHD
    kinotekaHD 2 days ago

    Roger is king.

  • tom harel
    tom harel 2 days ago

    you'll thank me later for saving you what was it? 1000 tampons
    i'm using diva cup myself and its awesome, but its not about brands, its about feeling better and not paying a monthly bleeding tax

  • Jorge Taveira
    Jorge Taveira 2 days ago

    Love all videos from this man! Keep it up!

  • Cassie Stoddard
    Cassie Stoddard 2 days ago

    The thruth of advertising

  • PanamericanistaM0R3Na

    I hate ruining my favorite clothes

  • thesinaclwon
    thesinaclwon 3 days ago

    Redwing squad what's up!!!!!!!!!

  • Sasha Massey
    Sasha Massey 3 days ago

    This is the best and most honest and funny video ever. I wish people would stop being idiots, stop taxing us, using toxins in the products and get over it.

  • Kristian Shreiner
    Kristian Shreiner 3 days ago

    Never stop making these video's 😆

  • Hannah Stahl
    Hannah Stahl 3 days ago

    The down there wash like Summer’s eve is no joke. Best thing to have when you’re summoning Satan with your uterus lining

  • gjaddajg
    gjaddajg 3 days ago

    There's no 'luxury tax' on tampons. Stop feeding women's victim complex, already.

  • Scott Mc Fadyen
    Scott Mc Fadyen 3 days ago

    GROSS! anyone up for spaghetti and meatballs ?!!?

  • Shelly Rae
    Shelly Rae 3 days ago

    I learned more from Roger about my period than health class!

  • Júlia Kercsmár
    Júlia Kercsmár 3 days ago

    I quit suck em up sticks, now I just use the demon communicating grail(menstrual cup) and diaper stickers. This way at least instead of using 10000 products in my life time I might just need 5500. It's also better for my cooch's Ph, and still doesn't feel like a bloodbath.

  • Kristos Samaras
    Kristos Samaras 3 days ago

    You and your luxurious puddle of blood hahaha

  • Imar Morales-Rivera
    Imar Morales-Rivera 3 days ago

    God bless this video... If only some dudes would understand the struggle...

  • wogboym8
    wogboym8 3 days ago


  • MacGyverman
    MacGyverman 3 days ago

    He used the term I coined many years ago that was proliferated by airline pilot buddies across the planet: shark week.

  • Sean Oleson
    Sean Oleson 3 days ago

    He has a blue tie LOL

  • TheJames
    TheJames 3 days ago

    I've been Roger as well

  • EmmaBean
    EmmaBean 3 days ago

    I see a lot of comments about the diva cup and I wanted to adress something: Yes, you can save money. Yes, they are better for the environment. But I want to stress that people should use what they're comfortable with. Especially for younger girls just starting to experience puberty- if you're only comfortable with a pad, use a pad. When it comes down to it, periods are uncomfortable AF. And despite the waste, we should really encourage girls to use what feels right for them.

  • Brandon Prayer
    Brandon Prayer 3 days ago

    did anyone else cringe at every other word Roger said lol I love this old guy lololol

  • BeastWhisperer
    BeastWhisperer 3 days ago

    For real? I'm watching a video about tampons? ...... Wait... vagina?? ok ... Shush I wanna see this.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 days ago

    should i.....should i fap to this?

  • Michael Mellon
    Michael Mellon 3 days ago

    We love Roger!!!

  • Test1 \test2
    Test1 \test2 3 days ago

    Lol shark week! Hahaha

  • monique blane
    monique blane 3 days ago

    Your were aiming for gross and you the bullseye.

  • Beavis
    Beavis 3 days ago

    I got drunk at the bar and woke up in the bushes with a bleeding asshole again, does this product work for this.

  • Angellis Daknyx
    Angellis Daknyx 3 days ago

    love this

  • Samantha McCone
    Samantha McCone 3 days ago

    Riding the "crimson wave" 😂😂😂

  • Kathy Bramley
    Kathy Bramley 3 days ago

    Behind the times. The company's themselves or at least one are using red now.