If Tampon Ads Were Honest (Also Maxi Pads & Other "Feminine Products")

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  • Leo Charles
    Leo Charles 10 hours ago

    I have been watching many of this channels videos, but this Man jist convinced me to fonally subscribe. So damns funny! Subscribed!

  • poddelta24
    poddelta24 22 hours ago

    Also tampons are tested on rabbits...rabbit throat slits. Try a Luna cup.

  • Katrina Umana
    Katrina Umana 2 days ago

    Was I the only 1 who got the period panties ad before this?? Haha 😂😂😂

  • SLID Tossed Pissed Elemental Into Bleu Cheese Salad

    If I took a hit of coke.. as bad / awful as this sounds...
    Id be so fucked up.. Id make Tony MONTANA look like the EASTER BUNNY!

  • D1NJA G
    D1NJA G 2 days ago

    Dammit Cracked, let Roger be a free agent or something. Life has less meaning without Horton's take on things!!!!

  • blue jay
    blue jay 3 days ago


  • TheSpaceSwagger
    TheSpaceSwagger 3 days ago

    I just binge watched all of the 45 episode of Roger Horton, I need moar this show is fenomenal 😂

  • Eadlyn June
    Eadlyn June 3 days ago

    Goodbye Rodger. You were the best.

  • Andrew Reid
    Andrew Reid 3 days ago

    You ended this episode with him saying that he was going to run for office so do you have a video of what if politicians said what they really meant

  • Mista Butterworth
    Mista Butterworth 3 days ago

    I love an older man selling blood absorbing soak-em-up sticks, he really puts a lady’s mind at ease, as they associate him with their own fathers and how he helped them shop for their first bras with such tenderness and understanding.

  • Sarah Engler
    Sarah Engler 3 days ago


  • Carlos
    Carlos 3 days ago

    A 19 yr old walks into a bank:
    "I'd like a $150,000 loan for a new Porsche."
    "Do you have 5 yrs of employment records, tax statements, credit report, and applicable co-signers."
    "How about $150,000 for a new home."
    "You have none of the above. Do you at least have 20% for a down payment?"
    "DENIED! Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to le..."
    "Wait! May I have $150,000 for a gender studies degree?"
    "Absolutely! You don't want to miss out on the FULL college experience....why don't we round up to a cool $200k!"
    "Wow! That was easy. This is the greatest moment of my life! Thank You!"
    "No, thank YOU."

  • Seyed Amirhooshang Dehnadi

    Make an honest ad about if insurance companies were honest.

  • Ben Schizkoske
    Ben Schizkoske 4 days ago

    Where is Roger????!! I'm getting withdrawal!!!

  • Roman Papec
    Roman Papec 4 days ago

    Is there a way to nominate Jack (Roger Horton) for Oscar?

  • Elizabeth Radford
    Elizabeth Radford 5 days ago

    this is the exact reason i wear pads

  • Adreain Sykes
    Adreain Sykes 5 days ago

    my feminism is triggered.

  • irishprice
    irishprice 5 days ago

    Swaim and Epperson have created their own channel. He has sofar hooked up with several of the cracked and after hours peeps. (Katy stoll, daniel o'brien, epps and ... soren boowie have already appeared. More to be announced!!!!
    The channel is on youtube, patreon and soundcloud!! (Name: Small Beans.) CHECK IT OUT GUYS AND GALLS!!
    He just announced video material, they already have a bunch of podcast stuff out on games, movies, real life and ... swaim-y kinda stuff!

  • Lucia Nightshade
    Lucia Nightshade 5 days ago

    This is painfully true.

  • JoeX108
    JoeX108 6 days ago

    Just use menstrual cups or reusable pads... hate tampons

  • K Mlad
    K Mlad 7 days ago

    1:09 is that a dick tatoo on the arm of the girl on the left??

  • Charlie Manner
    Charlie Manner 8 days ago

    In South Africa ads always say "Are you being stopped by the *Red Robot*?" 😂😂😂 I guess that's the embarrassing euphamism. And they always use a "blue gel".

  • Miahpiahmiah XxX
    Miahpiahmiah XxX 8 days ago

    This is true

  • Ida Säntti
    Ida Säntti 9 days ago +1

    Is Cracked dead? Why are there no new videos?!

  • Milquetoast Eugenicist

    Fascist on the Porch, Communist in the Gazebo.

  • dopingkid
    dopingkid 9 days ago

    Loved your video about marriage scam. Can you do a video on LOVE IS MATERIALISTIC most of the time. I think the world needs to know.

  • Seyed Amirhooshang Dehnadi

    Plz make honest ad videos about bitcoin, casinos, hollywood, movie trailers maybe even colognes and perfumes

  • McZachary
    McZachary 11 days ago

    Tampon luxury tax is misleading. They call it that because tampons have a sales tax, like everyone else. Feminists just believe it should be tax free.

  • Tricorvus
    Tricorvus 11 days ago

    Diaper Stickers!!! I actually had to wear Incontinence pads 🤣

  • Führer des Benutzers
    Führer des Benutzers 11 days ago

    This is like a marketing class.

  • Secretelover12
    Secretelover12 13 days ago

    I stopped wearing tampons 4 years ago

  • Charmander 1234
    Charmander 1234 13 days ago

    MoP StICkS

  • First_Comes_Rock
    First_Comes_Rock 13 days ago

    i missed cracked... so much so that im even thinking about watching some news

  • Grace Michelli
    Grace Michelli 14 days ago

    There was a period ad before this video 😂

  • Florence Pi.
    Florence Pi. 14 days ago

    This is an AWESOME add for menstrual cups 😂

  • Jasmine Surreal
    Jasmine Surreal 15 days ago

    Yeah but if it was really honest they'd have a woman lying foetal style moving in different positions trying to get rid of period wind, crying and grunting, uh,uh, etc, scrunched up winged towels that get stuck on your knickers and leaked blood at the side and give your knickers a Jackson Pollock splash pattern. Not forgetting where's the fucking string moments if you use tampons. Pulling them out and dripping blood on the toilet floor hastily wiped up with wet tissue paper, and a horrible stinky period smell emanating from your smelly hole. Blobs and globs in the toilet running down in strings from your bits in various fetching shades of wine, only dont drink it.
    Show that in an advert.
    Thats what periods are like.
    Funny video though.

    VIP X ARMY 15 days ago

    Watching this while m on my period.

  • Jony Garcia
    Jony Garcia 16 days ago

    Was Horton Fired?!!!

  • Art Head
    Art Head 16 days ago

    I got a name for tampons. Lady clogs

  • SinaminJanae
    SinaminJanae 16 days ago

    Also, why do men do period product commercials...?

  • A L
    A L 17 days ago


  • A L
    A L 17 days ago

    hahahaha what the f*****

  • Brandon Clarke
    Brandon Clarke 17 days ago

    I can't believe toilet paper is taxed. Everyone needs toilet paper.

  • Mike R
    Mike R 17 days ago

    I can't see I'm crying so hard! I LOVE me some Roger!

  • Riana Bezuidenhout
    Riana Bezuidenhout 17 days ago

    Seriously, this was hilarious!! 😂🤣😂

  • moonlight Madness
    moonlight Madness 18 days ago

    Shark week 😄😲

  • Tommy A.
    Tommy A. 18 days ago

    How is it written? Huha?! Hahaahah

  • Opaqueandblue From my phone

    Yeah, tampons aren’t as dangerous as they’re portraying. To get tss you would have to leave a tampon in for a long time, like at least 12 times the recommended 8 hours max time. I mean you’d have to either lose that thing or not even notice it in you long, like forgot it’s in there and figure you took it out by only checking your crotch for string absentmindedness. Tampons move up. I’ve seen the results of tss in a patient, let’s just say it took 4mos for her to realize. I mean an allergy could trigger it early, but more than likely cases of tss is the result of leaving a non absorbable foreign object inside an orifice for too long. That’s why the warning states to not leave in longer than 8 hours because you could risk tss. If you leave any foreign object inside your body for too long there’s always a risk of it leading to causing a life threatening infection, especially if it blocks the flow of bodily waste being expelled out of your body. If you’re not ok w putting something unnatural up your vagina, that’s fine, but don’t lie about it because it freaks you out. It’s because of shit like this I can’t find my type of tampons anymore. People are afraid of using fragranced. Periods smell. It’s not because men are freaked out, it’s because when you take a shit, no one wants to smell it when you throw the toilet paper you wiped your shit covered ass with, that’s disgusting. And the blue thing is fine because there’s little kids that watch those commercials, I wouldn’t want my toddler getting into my tampons and trying to shove them inside themselves or other people when there’s blood or sticking pads to people. Toddlers are sneaky and fast, well my kid was at that age. There’s commercials and media that discusses periods openly during prime time now, even men are discussing it on talk shows w women. This video is at least 8 yrs too late and forcing an OPINION down our throats. It’s not factual. Leave my scented products alone, I don’t like to sit and smell my shit let alone my period. If you like to do that and you’re fine smelling your rotting bloody skin that’s your thing, but don’t make me endure it too. I’ll shove air freshener up your vagina if you force me to smell my own period for a week. This video is the equivalent to stating that you shouldn’t be embarrassed when you shit yourself and you should just sit in it all day and never change your pants. Who cares if people are disgusted by you walking around smelling like literal shit because you actually are walking around with shit in your pants or decided to just shit your pants right in front of everyone.

  • Mary B
    Mary B 19 days ago

    “ALMOST every fertile woman?!?!” How can I stop it?!

  • Taiya001
    Taiya001 19 days ago

    This is sad but true.

  • Anonymous Unknown
    Anonymous Unknown 19 days ago

    These niggas funny af😂😂 I just found this channel

  • John Oliver Fainsan
    John Oliver Fainsan 20 days ago +1

    What happened to Cracked? I really missed it.

  • Not Known
    Not Known 21 day ago

    "Soak'm up sticks"

  • Luis J Espinal
    Luis J Espinal 21 day ago

    What if the movie trailer where honest :D

  • Laila Ibrahim
    Laila Ibrahim 22 days ago

    Okay, so whats the solution since you have explained all that is wrong with sanitary products. What would you have us women use?

  • William McGrath
    William McGrath 22 days ago

    Like, if you guys are on vacation.... that's awesome! Enjoy your amazing vacation!
    But like it's been two months.... did you guys get Losted??!!! Are you now in a convoluted side reality plot???
    If so..... please make more videos and send them from your desolate island to us. You guys are so funny and smart and talented I'm sure you could make hilarious videos with out all the stuff you would normally use! Like sets, scripts, graphics, cameras, wardrobes... you can do it guys! I beleive in you!

  • Apple Juice
    Apple Juice 23 days ago

    Why is an old guy narrating this save me

  • Diego Marinho
    Diego Marinho 24 days ago

    So, what woman should do? Stop use these products? zzz

  • WasserUngeheuer -
    WasserUngeheuer - 24 days ago

    Pls do a .. IF youtube channel were honest

  • Andrew Roy
    Andrew Roy 25 days ago

    I already knew about that terrible luxury tax fact...but the chemicals? What the heck?

  • Sarah K
    Sarah K 25 days ago

    Diaper stickers

  • Shay Ziegler
    Shay Ziegler 26 days ago

    Exactly adding a luxury tax to a product of necessity is just corporate greed.

  • Juci Shockwave
    Juci Shockwave 26 days ago

    Funniest ad ever. Though since going vegetarian I stopped experiencing any of those symptoms. :/ No more cramps, pain, bloating, etc since going green. Meat and processed foods ... aka inflammatory foods causes those negative symptoms. Just saying is all.

  • Juuzou Suzuya
    Juuzou Suzuya 26 days ago +1

    I'm on my period.

  • Kaladin Wooster
    Kaladin Wooster 26 days ago

    Oh god this was disgusting

  • Mezie Mbamara
    Mezie Mbamara 26 days ago

    Jellyfish ,

  • Eric Kirkland
    Eric Kirkland 26 days ago

    Next video: On a scale of zero to ten, with zero being village idiot level and ten being Einstein Genius level, how smart do you think it is to waste your vote on either #Dummycrats or #Retardicants given the fact that they are working in a very #BipartisanManner to #BankruptAmerica with #TitanicDebt?

  • Mebibyte
    Mebibyte 27 days ago

    goodbye cracked. sorry all the good people got let go. RIP.

  • Disguiser Kitty
    Disguiser Kitty 27 days ago

    Ironically before this had an ad for period underwear

  • MARK
    MARK 27 days ago

    THAT SEXIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hongry life
    hongry life 27 days ago

    Oh, are they now attacking the women's cycle as being absolutely horrific and fit for removing genitals as a whole and then of course offering as a next step lab produced genetically altered babies as replacement for the annoying women giving birth? Or not seeing the annoying babies at all any more in society (raised in governmind institutions is better according to the world's dictators), bbabies and periods are just distracting from the planned governmind Programs.
    Castrating men and women for controlled reproduction is not God's will as I think. It's just psychopath thoughts and actions.

  • Gibbous
    Gibbous 27 days ago

    This is awesome I know this awesome handsome fellow in the suit this is so funny

  • Adam G
    Adam G 28 days ago

    I think I just found my hero.....

  • Eileen Mcdougall
    Eileen Mcdougall 28 days ago

    H O O H A A

  • Eldeneth Orrina
    Eldeneth Orrina 29 days ago

    Diaper sticker 😂😂😂

  • Gaurav kumar
    Gaurav kumar 29 days ago

    Honest ads are just awesome

  • Barry Allen
    Barry Allen Month ago

    Anyone else remember when they didnt want to wear tampons?

  • da gawd
    da gawd Month ago +1

    Is cracked still a channel?
    No new videos for almost 2 months

  • HyperGolem
    HyperGolem Month ago

    And to think that you're supposed to put your dick in the same hole...

  • Kyle Prouty
    Kyle Prouty Month ago

    *sticky cavern of discomfort*

  • Gideon Opoku
    Gideon Opoku Month ago

    If religion was honest.

  • Shattered Dream
    Shattered Dream Month ago

    I think I'll stick with the pads thanks lol

  • RiotShield
    RiotShield Month ago

    And the luxury tax bs....Im out

  • TProgressASAP
    TProgressASAP Month ago

    Horton is a genius, more videos!

  • Michael Taylor
    Michael Taylor Month ago

    shark week lol

  • oiyabastard
    oiyabastard Month ago

    how much tax dollars do we all pay for the Jew tax on food look up Jew tax on food

  • oiyabastard
    oiyabastard Month ago

    how many tax dollars do men have to pay for food stamps for women with children

  • oiyabastard
    oiyabastard Month ago

    how many dollars do men have to pay in taxes to support women illegitimate kids

    • MissNayNay
      MissNayNay Month ago

      How many men are NOT supporting these illegitimate kids that women are having. See, instead of being completely angry at the women, why isn't some of the anger directed at men who won't financially support their kids because, if they were, these women would be wholly less dependent on the government. Baby daddies don't want to support THEIR OWN KIDS, so this is the result. Blame them for shucking their responsibility where society has to take up for their tab. Good try, though.

  • oiyabastard
    oiyabastard Month ago

    how many man hours are lost do to women on their periods and not going to work

  • Cassuttus Tshirt
    Cassuttus Tshirt Month ago

    Got an advert for Thinx period underwear right before this video. Was...was that on purpose?

  • mu6best
    mu6best Month ago

    it's been a month now - did Cracked Video go on strike?

    • mu6best
      mu6best Month ago +1

      I'm so sad, Cracked videos were the highlight of my day (yes, my life i as pathetic as that sounds). I thought they did a great job. Will they be replaced or is the channel dead?

    • MissNayNay
      MissNayNay Month ago +1

      Most of the people who wrote and produced Cracked videos got fired. So, this was one of the last videos.

  • Chris G
    Chris G Month ago

    Cracked fire all of its writers at the end of 2017, so if you are looking for more content like this check out the "Small Beans" channel. That's where a bunch of the writers moved to. (although they have no budget now)

  • john watwood
    john watwood Month ago

    Soak-em-up sticks. lmao..precious.

  • Hunter Langley
    Hunter Langley Month ago

    Luxury tax? What is this, communist Russia? I had no idea.

  • claus nissen
    claus nissen Month ago

    No one in Denmark calls them Thad, literally...

  • Candy Cakes
    Candy Cakes Month ago

    I get a feminine product ad when I clicked on this.

  • Henrik Ruzicka
    Henrik Ruzicka Month ago

    I think I know the reason, why the companies use some kind of blue liquid instead of red:
    Some people watching the ad may have PTSD and this could trigger the panic attack

  • Viscera Trocar
    Viscera Trocar Month ago

    I can tell there weren't any women involved in making this ad.

  • apel 013
    apel 013 Month ago

    So that's you use a tampon

  • Lee Gou
    Lee Gou Month ago

    I prefer diaper stickers