If Tampon Ads Were Honest (Also Maxi Pads & Other "Feminine Products")

  • Published on Dec 4, 2017
  • Not that we want tampon ads to get all into the graphic details of what their products actually do. But seriously, what’s with all the yoga and blue fluids?
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 5 119

  • Trianon Alex
    Trianon Alex 17 hours ago +1

    *I feel like i need a shower now*

  • 360 View
    360 View 20 hours ago

    4:32 😂🤣😅

  • Susan Sherlock
    Susan Sherlock Day ago

    Isn't all blood red, not just period blood? So what makes one different from the other? Stigma... That's the difference ! Especially when it comes to different religions and religious dogma invented by men ...

  • Etzio Cummings
    Etzio Cummings 2 days ago

    Everytime I see these video I feel a sense of slavement to the corporate busniess men they sell us life threating shit

  • Etzio Cummings
    Etzio Cummings 2 days ago

    Busniess men fucked us good we are nothing but trash to them that gives them money and there's nothing we can do about it but laugh at the truth

  • ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ
    ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ 2 days ago

    Good thing roger was here to prevent SJWs & feminists from controlling this episode.. or else i would've disliked this video along with my classmates

  • Erin
    Erin 2 days ago

    Wow lolol

  • Paul A
    Paul A 3 days ago

    "vaginal blood absorbency sticks"
    LMFAO! That's exactly what they are
    edit: "absorbent vaginal discharge products" ROFLCOPTER

  • Willy Bill
    Willy Bill 3 days ago

    An old man was the wrong choice for this.

  • Project Car
    Project Car 4 days ago

    I’m male I don’t know why I watched this

  • Drew Mont
    Drew Mont 5 days ago

    This dude is the funniest

  • Britany Phillips
    Britany Phillips 6 days ago

    Soak ‘me up sticks....

  • Elijah Soper
    Elijah Soper 6 days ago

    Women are dirty

  • Dimitris Andreou
    Dimitris Andreou 6 days ago

    Is cracked went off?

  • Daniel Sloan
    Daniel Sloan 6 days ago

    "diaper stickers" 😂

  • G Williams
    G Williams 7 days ago

    Cracked is alive and well on the Pluto.com app... check it out 😉☯️🎭

  • Carl Schleicher
    Carl Schleicher 8 days ago

    Shark week, blood puddle, riding the crimson wave. Let me never forget these "terms of endearment."

  • Dr Greenthumb
    Dr Greenthumb 8 days ago

    I swear these ads are awesome lol cud show these to someone just to show fucked up the world really is

  • Matt Parker
    Matt Parker 9 days ago

    Where’s Rodger been.

  • Lov!ingL!fe
    Lov!ingL!fe 9 days ago

    I am dead 💀 🤣🤣🤣🤣soak em up sticks

  • A.E.
    A.E. 10 days ago

    Hoo haw

  • Border_Collie7
    Border_Collie7 11 days ago

    Do if charter spectrum was honest they are the scummiest cable and internet providers

  • saviicarey
    saviicarey 12 days ago

    Lmao diaper stickers 😂

  • Edan Brown
    Edan Brown 12 days ago

    Hilarious AF Yo!

  • 32LeafChain
    32LeafChain 13 days ago

    OK so what should they do

  • Blue E.
    Blue E. 13 days ago

    honest yt reviews

  • MikeHunt MikeHawk
    MikeHunt MikeHawk 13 days ago

    Voice over Pete gained some weight

  • GILLYbOb
    GILLYbOb 13 days ago

    *vaginal blood obsorbancy sticks*

  • REDPOWERable
    REDPOWERable 13 days ago

    Time to take on the big ones- real estate and brokers.

  • Go subscribe to: Tiny Pastel Mia

    Lol saw the add before this?

  • Jack Warren
    Jack Warren 14 days ago

    love this so much lol

  • KymaFox
    KymaFox 15 days ago

    His tie looks like a dick

  • Asana Kin
    Asana Kin 16 days ago

    I laughed ridiculously at this one. 😂😂😂😂
    But actually I was actually educated from this ad that I never knew about the wood chips or the other chemicals that they put in it. I began my research and detox my body from what was going on. Cracked really helped me out. I miss Rodger. Where is he?

  • Made u Look
    Made u Look 16 days ago

    🤯🤯🤯🤯 am out 😂

  • Reaper Redni9e
    Reaper Redni9e 17 days ago

    Suck it up, hahaha

  • Ajant Smith
    Ajant Smith 17 days ago

    I pressed pause as soon as this video started, I refuse to watch it. I just wanted to say you people are very inappropriate for putting this kind of content in the public domain. I usually like you videos but I will not stand for this type of lewd crap. I'm reporting you people.

  • Erin James
    Erin James 19 days ago

    Shark week....LMAO

  • Prosper Kelley
    Prosper Kelley 19 days ago

    If religion was honest with us

  • Andy Harris
    Andy Harris 20 days ago +1

    Where are the new Honest Ads? Have they been dropped?

  • Adrian hopu2018
    Adrian hopu2018 21 day ago

    What about '' if honest ads were honest- honest ads''. ?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • PJ Smith
    PJ Smith 23 days ago

    #Sharkweek LOL 😁

  • PJ Smith
    PJ Smith 23 days ago

    LMFAO 🤣 🤣😂 😂 oh shrit

  • John Galt
    John Galt 24 days ago

    The only funny guy left on Cracked.

  • jcriley76
    jcriley76 24 days ago

    Vaginal blood absorbency sticks! LoL

  • James R Armstrong
    James R Armstrong 25 days ago

    Associating blood with blue, then looking at his blue tie...

  • Donovaan
    Donovaan 25 days ago

    You should do if brokers or investment banks were honest!

  • Matthew Greet
    Matthew Greet 25 days ago

    Do health insurance companies.

  • Abdalrahman Achterberg

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  • Ron White
    Ron White 27 days ago

    Defrosting the steak 🥩

  • Jay P
    Jay P Month ago

    So THAT'S how it works!

  • Nolan Boles
    Nolan Boles Month ago

    No offense, ladies, but I don't believe I've ever felt happier to be a man than after watching this. (Seriously, I don't think you have the patience for an outpouring of dubious sympathy from someone who obviously can't identify with your experience, so I figured the honest approach would be better.)

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    I always call it "Red Sonja"

  • Muda Bairag
    Muda Bairag Month ago

    Is this guy related to rick?

  • deadpool 177 awesome

    Ha ha ha 🤣 communist!

  • Liv-Anita Dahl
    Liv-Anita Dahl Month ago

    Menstrualcup anyone?

  • A.vegan everywhere
    A.vegan everywhere Month ago +1

    you don't need to buy tampons lol I love my instead soft cup. great to swim in.

  • johnvosh1986
    johnvosh1986 Month ago +1

    Why did you stop posting video's? It has been over a year since you last posted.....

    DEACON DR. WILL Month ago

    This dude is nuts!!! I cannot stop laughing 😆😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Travis Rifanburg
    Travis Rifanburg Month ago

    Toilet paper commercials would be pretty funny too.

  • Fortnite is fun
    Fortnite is fun Month ago +1

    Absorbant vaginal discharge😂😂😂

  • Tano
    Tano Month ago +2


    RANIMOD Month ago

    "If the tobacco industry was honest". !!!!!!

  • Fiend X
    Fiend X Month ago

    Why am I watching this? I'm a guy.

  • Arav Gupta
    Arav Gupta Month ago

    Vaginal blood absorbant sticks V-BAS

  • Jace Girouard
    Jace Girouard Month ago

    To bad cracked is dead

  • shahminhajuddin
    shahminhajuddin Month ago +1

    Ew what a curse !!

  • ★☆★ SHINOMIYA's ★☆★

    All those commercial that shows women doing sports during their period, by waering just a tiny tampon or pad, and then says that you will be safe for hours and what not, make me furious.
    Try doing sports like soccer ("Always" commercial) during your first 4 days of the period. And also wear something white. Than you will see how "safe" you are...

  • G Coors
    G Coors Month ago

    lol i love this guy

  • Uthara Unni
    Uthara Unni Month ago


  • Kurtis Lowe
    Kurtis Lowe Month ago

    I think I need a diaper sticker after this one Roger had me laughing so hard I nearly shit myself. Lmfao!!! Thanks again Roger

  • Steven Watkins
    Steven Watkins Month ago

    CRACKED should use Roger with an honest video of online dating with a Horton brand app!

  • FidesInferno
    FidesInferno Month ago

    RIP the best version of Cracked.

  • Marvin Mason
    Marvin Mason Month ago

    Bloods true colour is blue

  • Shubh
    Shubh Month ago

    Make A video on.. if cracked honest!!!

  • Matthew Gerhardt
    Matthew Gerhardt Month ago +2

    I'd love to see "if Planned Parenthood ads were honest" video.

    • X X
      X X Month ago

      In this culture? That would be sacriledge.

  • Random thoughts
    Random thoughts Month ago

    This is crazy why is it such big issue for women to hide it. I mean which idiot would judge you for that. Also it is not disgusting, I mean men think it’s hilarious if a guy has nose bleeding.

  • Gauri Ratnaparkhe
    Gauri Ratnaparkhe Month ago

    diaper stickers mmhm

  • Rusty Clifton
    Rusty Clifton 2 months ago

    Make an, If Pyramid Schemes Were Honest

  • Louise Belcher
    Louise Belcher 2 months ago

    "Potentially poisonous blood rag into your hoo haw"

  • Fandom Facts, tools, and more

    Lmao!!! I'm dying!!!

  • yazmin gutierrez
    yazmin gutierrez 2 months ago

    It’s dumb they tax for a pads/tampons but not viagra

  • M
    M 2 months ago

    Crack networks (fb, yt, tt...)

  • Cheshire Kat
    Cheshire Kat 2 months ago

    Or you could just go to Whole Foods, or Target, and get a package of unbleached, organic "feminine hygiene products" for about five bucks.
    Or just take the pill all 4 weeks of the month, instead of just for three of them.

  • Storm's Studio
    Storm's Studio 2 months ago +1

    is this going to go down in history as the last honest ad?

  • Tai Thang Cong
    Tai Thang Cong 2 months ago +1

    Funny comment relating to the video to beg for likes

  • Mrp P3
    Mrp P3 2 months ago

    What's a tampon

  • Sofiya Karpina
    Sofiya Karpina 2 months ago +2

    I'll take the blood, money expenses, bloating, everything no problem... but the PAIIIN omg DX
    note: not all girls get intense cramps, but those of you who do, hello dears and good luck. I'm sure you know what I mean.

    WIFIGHOST CRUISER 2 months ago

    I guess I won't be eating dinner anytime soon.

  • woodbooger603 Shitty Smitty

    WTF 😂😂😂

  • Avocado
    Avocado 2 months ago

    I got a pad ad before this video

  • Shook One
    Shook One 2 months ago

    If tampon ads were incredibly rude and inappropriate 😂 funniest shit I’ve seen all day. Now back to 21 savage memes!

  • rocknroargodezz Reaper
    rocknroargodezz Reaper 2 months ago

    Lost it at diaper stickers

  • Askformoreinfo whichyouwontget


  • FrugleBugle Oogle
    FrugleBugle Oogle 2 months ago

    LMAO I called it shark week as well before too. Haha Glad I use pads instead of tampons b/c like u say, they do have harmful chemicals. ”Feeling like a jellyfish glorped out of you.” LMAO Love it, and yes...that is about how it feels. LOL

  • Humble Mushroom
    Humble Mushroom 2 months ago

    Just use diapers smh...

  • manny2fs
    manny2fs 2 months ago

    How do you recycle a tampon?

    Give it to a vampire to use as a tea bag!

  • MsRosecrystal
    MsRosecrystal 2 months ago

    Glad I switched to diva cups. Now waiting for studies to say it's bad 🙄

  • steve
    steve 2 months ago

    I laughed so hard I almost peed my depends. But then again... it depends on whether you wear them or not

  • Daniel Tigges
    Daniel Tigges 2 months ago

    "Our sticks can carry 20 times their weight in blood" lmao

  • Cord McNab
    Cord McNab 2 months ago

    There was a tampon ad right before this......