If Tampon Ads Were Honest (Also Maxi Pads & Other "Feminine Products")


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  • Jesu Sode
    Jesu Sode 3 hours ago

    Deodorant commercials show the model's underarm, toothpaste commercials show the model's teeth but why do the model won't show her vagina in a tampon commercial!? Unfair!

  • monkeynumber nine
    monkeynumber nine 23 hours ago

    Hahaha hahaha!! 'your shark week'

  • iron 13
    iron 13 Day ago

    Could you imagine if there was a drug that repgrammed the whole female reproductive system to only ovulate whenever the woman wanted to?

  • Jo LC
    Jo LC Day ago

    So you make a spoof commercial job at tampon commercials for shaming women for having periods... By shaming women for having periods and wanting to do something about it? I guess the ideal thing to do according to this is just sit in a pool of your own blood, and in the event you walking around gushing like a fruit gusher is actually problematic, simply tell yourself "it's natural" to ease the disgusted feeling you have of soaking wet panties and jeans clinging to your body. Because if you dare buy a tampon or a pad, you're simply boosting the discrimination brought on by a bunch of rich man who don't give a damn about a pussy unless it's on their dicks. So deal with the embarrassing glances from people witnessing your personal hemorrhage, and smile / bleed freely with pride 😀.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 days ago

    Ok, yeah, tampon commercials are a little over the top but do you really want to replace the blue liquid with pigs blood just for realism?

  • Tizio Tizietti
    Tizio Tizietti 5 days ago

    What's up with the air quotes around feminine products, do men have periods too now?

  • Craig Perry
    Craig Perry 5 days ago

    Fuck.... I miss cracked.

  • Trahshsh
    Trahshsh 5 days ago

    Can we get an f

  • Vanna V
    Vanna V 6 days ago

    this is actually the best

  • Tegan WR
    Tegan WR 7 days ago

    There’s 100% better way!! I love thinx panties. Your dry and you literally forget about it. Are used to always be into tampons prior

  • Ferb Freeman
    Ferb Freeman 7 days ago

    What happened to Jack Hunter/ Roger?

  • Buda Sardi
    Buda Sardi 8 days ago

    This old fella just looks like, if he is one of the executives of the OCP.

  • Valentino Reid
    Valentino Reid 8 days ago

    "Well I'm sorry Wendy but I just don't trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn't die"

  • Aryachi Gamer
    Aryachi Gamer 10 days ago

    why am i watching this i am a guy

  • awswam kitty
    awswam kitty 10 days ago

    This is why I use pads, seriously I can't be the only one right!?

  • SixStrides
    SixStrides 10 days ago

    I love this

  • Coolyoshiluigi99
    Coolyoshiluigi99 10 days ago

    I am mildly disturbed

  • Stoner Page
    Stoner Page 11 days ago

    That has got to be the grossest thing to deal with next to squeezing boils. I feel bad that this is a woman's reality. The bible says God punished Eve and this is the consequence of that dreaded apple. Of course that's a bunch of malarkey. My landlord's daughter used to drape her feminine napkin's over the top of the debris in her trash pale next to her computer. When I saw that I almost puked. It was even more disturbing that she thought it was funny when I reacted to it like that. Yuuuuck.

  • ForgottenKnight1
    ForgottenKnight1 11 days ago

    "If Craked videos were honest". Imagine the fuckery behind that =))

  • LegitScoper
    LegitScoper 11 days ago

    Whatever he sell, ill Buy it

  • NeverMetTheGuy
    NeverMetTheGuy 11 days ago

    What the hell happened to this channel? Being back Roger, and forget about the rest of it.

  • Niver The Designer
    Niver The Designer 12 days ago

    What the hell Horton we have been itching for a new video it's been almost a year!

  • Nathan Gallie
    Nathan Gallie 12 days ago

    WHY!!! On earth am I here xD.

  • Ron Merkus
    Ron Merkus 12 days ago

    This guy always cracks me up lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sheep in the end Will be eaten by wolfs

    *shove it up in your hoohaas!!*

  • MarcusJay214
    MarcusJay214 15 days ago

    Soak em up sticks 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 omg

  • C J
    C J 15 days ago

    Honest? More like the ugly truth!

  • Demon Hunter
    Demon Hunter 15 days ago

    Plz do "If drug commercials were honest"

  • Jackie Rose Online
    Jackie Rose Online 15 days ago

    Diaper stickers omg lol

  • Matthew McLendon
    Matthew McLendon 16 days ago

    I died at 4:33 😂😂😱

  • major600
    major600 16 days ago

    Well, I made it to 1:45. :-/

  • Danny Sullivan
    Danny Sullivan 16 days ago

    As a male, I needed this.

  • Jennifer Stine
    Jennifer Stine 16 days ago

    This is hilarious and accurate

  • SarahAnnRose23
    SarahAnnRose23 16 days ago

    2:57 the side eye she gives to Roger, and then the way she looks into the camera is honestly my favorite part of this.

    I miss this series

  • cocunutboss4567
    cocunutboss4567 16 days ago

    If I have plans to go to the beach and i'm on my period, I cancel everything (even the beach) and stay home eat chips coffee and chocolate and listen to lana del ray (I know it's unhealthy but chocolate is good).

  • DjJoyheart DjJoyheart
    DjJoyheart DjJoyheart 17 days ago

    Who else got a Period and before this?

  • Dragunov38
    Dragunov38 17 days ago

    I endorse this message...

  • Chase Turpin
    Chase Turpin 17 days ago

    I miss these. R.I.P. Cracked Videos

  • joe villalobos
    joe villalobos 17 days ago

    Any good alternatives? For my wife.

  • Me Smokta
    Me Smokta 18 days ago

    It sounds counter intuitive, but luxury tax is there to reduce the cost, since normal TVA percentage is highter than luxury tax percentage.

  • Vladyslav Korenyak
    Vladyslav Korenyak 18 days ago

    ¿What means "glorp out"?

  • Ndasuunye
    Ndasuunye 18 days ago

    as a guy...I'm very glad I'm a guy. This is all DISGUSTING. HOLY SHIT WOOD PULP

  • alecoloxa
    alecoloxa 18 days ago

    Menstrual cup rules!!!!!!

    GODOFEARTHREALM 18 days ago

    I miss the Horton ads

  • pinkingkolton w
    pinkingkolton w 19 days ago

    I got a period underwear ad before watching this

  • abby mcnaughton
    abby mcnaughton 19 days ago

    Fucking love Roger

  • Chebab Z.SOUMIA
    Chebab Z.SOUMIA 20 days ago

    what was the point of this ?????

  • Binson Lazano
    Binson Lazano 20 days ago

    Tampons makes the vagina farting so girls don’t use this 😊

  • Martin Wakenell
    Martin Wakenell 20 days ago

    any new ones yet?

  • paulpage360
    paulpage360 20 days ago


  • lolly rod
    lolly rod 20 days ago

    tampons are bad try menstrual cups.....I don't know how every girl in the world isn't using these and they don't give you toxic shock syndrome.... They Don't Really leak They Don't pinch....

  • powerspiros
    powerspiros 21 day ago

    just wear pampers right?

  • Juliett A
    Juliett A 22 days ago

    I read the toxic shock warning when I was 12 and have been terrified of the things ever since.

  • Gintoki Sataka
    Gintoki Sataka 22 days ago

    Why is this the last of the list? What happened?

  • Miko Mikomiko
    Miko Mikomiko 22 days ago


  • Spider man
    Spider man 23 days ago

    Thankful to school for giving us health class because I would NEVER have known this happens to women and other things that are unattractive that happen to them.

  • Pennzie Laura
    Pennzie Laura 24 days ago

    Why the hell is it a guy

  • kay_ azi
    kay_ azi 24 days ago


  • MWB Gaming
    MWB Gaming 24 days ago

    never trust anything that bleeds for a week and doesnt die

  • Lee Lu
    Lee Lu 24 days ago

    I love this!
    So glad that I switched to menstrual cups!

  • Lester Cabillan
    Lester Cabillan 25 days ago

    if politician is honest.

  • Kate H
    Kate H 25 days ago +1

    It always confuses me when people are like “With pads you’re sitting in wetness all day.” No.......pads absorb that so your pad is dry just stained....if it feels wet.....that means it’s time to change your pad.

  • Sabrina Samsuddin
    Sabrina Samsuddin 27 days ago

    Soak em up sticks.. 😀

  • LintishTheBintish
    LintishTheBintish 28 days ago

    I'm a guy so why the fuck did I watch this

  • Donna Lynn
    Donna Lynn 28 days ago

    Thus was by far the best ep ever! BTW ladies, many don't know thus but you don't need to have a monthly cycle anymore if you don't want and it's not unhealthy. If you want to get pregnant at some point there are several ways such as taking the pill but skipping the placebos. (I do this for migraine prevention. I would get a migraine every day of my cycle. I cannot have children and still have at least 10 years before possible end to my cycles.) I literally have not had a period in over 5 years. Mine were bad too. Just beyond horrible so I cannot tell you what a blessing this is. But if you arent done having kids there are several alternatives and your Dr can figure out what's best but don't keep going through that monthly mess when you don't have to.

  • point pandaz
    point pandaz 28 days ago

    *SOAK EM' UP*

  • Chance Time
    Chance Time 29 days ago

    While I enjoy the People Watching series I miss these.

  • onelove
    onelove 29 days ago

    I just found this channel today, and man it’s funny to watch this guy’s honesty!
    In a sad kinda way...

  • Sunsetter678
    Sunsetter678 29 days ago

    From now on, I will announce that I am having my shark week! LOL

  • DargonTheLegend
    DargonTheLegend Month ago

    These work for ass holes too I hate dealing with bloody but bust monthly too

  • Jason Lian
    Jason Lian Month ago +1

    Where is roger now?

  • Winter's Here
    Winter's Here Month ago

    Oh my gosh... Wow held nothing back during this video

  • Hanneke Olthoff
    Hanneke Olthoff Month ago

    I'm sold!!

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith Month ago


  • Wall Street meme trader


  • El Mestizo gObLiNo
    El Mestizo gObLiNo Month ago

    If wars in the Middle East were honest?

  • Nicki Tedesco
    Nicki Tedesco Month ago

    This is one of the best videos I’ve ever seen

  • Daniela Grey
    Daniela Grey Month ago

    Has anyone here used the period underwear Thinx? The ad before the video caught my attention.

  • ela primc
    ela primc Month ago

    Pouse at 1:13 and look at the girl whit blue sport bra 😂

  • Dd
    Dd Month ago +1

    0:21 why is this accurate

  • Noneof Yourbusiness

    Brilliant 😂😂

  • Jessica Winkler
    Jessica Winkler Month ago

    Is it just me or does 10,000 tampons over the course of child bearing years seem like such a low number.....

  • Morgan Richardson
    Morgan Richardson Month ago


  • Morgan Richardson
    Morgan Richardson Month ago

    being a girl is a blessing and curse 😂.....this made my day 😂😂

  • Morgan Richardson
    Morgan Richardson Month ago


  • Morgan Richardson
    Morgan Richardson Month ago +2

    😂😂😂😂 just imagine going into CVS and pick upon a box of “ Vaginal Absorbing sticks”

  • meachy
    meachy Month ago

    Do an honest ad for American made steel, or soybeans. I'd like to know the truth about the trade war that will eventually cripple us.

  • Emiliano bahamondes

    I just love Roger xD

  • Trex0328
    Trex0328 Month ago

    I literally just got a “period panty” commercial before this video…

  • BallinWithTy
    BallinWithTy Month ago

    "If retirement home/assisted living ads where honest" would've been great to see.

  • Martel Thomas
    Martel Thomas Month ago +1

    What happened to roger?

  • Rainman Slim
    Rainman Slim Month ago +1

    I assume a woman wrote this

  • Cherlock McFly
    Cherlock McFly Month ago

    As a female I appreciate the message, but I like the blue, I get really squeamish around the monthlies (any other type of blood, fine, horror movies fine, a colour realistic tampon add, nope... nope).

  • Max keeble
    Max keeble Month ago

    Even with all of the plain word euphemisms I feel like getting sick after watching this.

  • Karuminu2
    Karuminu2 Month ago +1

    Fuck that. I've been using reusable pads. They're soooo comfortable, no 'sitting in a puddle' feeling at all! No more luxury tax and less landfill waste.

  • James Chance
    James Chance Month ago

    I laughed so hard during this whole damn thing that I actually had pissed myself

  • Srmper Fi
    Srmper Fi Month ago

    Glorped.... Move over moist, I have a new favorite word!

  • snowcloud8
    snowcloud8 Month ago

    "To convince you to buy our product, we're currently playing trendy, upbeat music while simultaneously inundating you with images of active and seemingly carefree young women who are not currently experiencing the effects of menstruation."
    Fricking genius. Seriously though, what is it with commercials always having generic b-roll footage of happy people doing things completely unrelated to what product they're selling? Name one woman that likes to do yoga during her period.

  • magicbean1974
    magicbean1974 Month ago

    Gotta go out and buy those ''soak em ups!!''😂😂

  • Yahel Israel
    Yahel Israel Month ago

    This is too funny