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  • Published on Jun 18, 2017
  • what a strange video i've made

    that one video with the otamatone:
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    Music: Kinda Awkward by ionics

    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D if we were in a dog world i'd be your dog friend
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  • Fredrik Bergsten
    Fredrik Bergsten 3 hours ago

    Im 9 im 16 im 1111110 looooool

  • Ethan Zepeda
    Ethan Zepeda 3 hours ago

    Name the dog sport HuSki Ball

  • DragonX gaming
    DragonX gaming 3 hours ago


  • weird human123
    weird human123 4 hours ago

    kids say their age to let adults know to not flirt or do anything adult like to them BTW im 10

  • Isabella Salamey
    Isabella Salamey 6 hours ago

    Who else read the entire comment

  • Brianna Wears
    Brianna Wears 6 hours ago

    And us humans help and live them no slaves >:3

  • Brianna Wears
    Brianna Wears 6 hours ago


  • Avrian Burritt
    Avrian Burritt 6 hours ago +1

    im 9 and i say lol all da time XD

  • foxy guy
    foxy guy 7 hours ago

    Jaiden: I would what to go to a dog art museum
    Jaiden: ART you curious?
    (That is what I heard)

  • WeirdSide
    WeirdSide 7 hours ago

    "I'm a bird master"
    You are and own a Ari

  • Dharminder sidhu
    Dharminder sidhu 8 hours ago

    Your the best jaiden

  • Cherianne Connelly
    Cherianne Connelly 9 hours ago

    I subbed

  • Draco-Raco
    Draco-Raco 9 hours ago

    1:32 “Would they create dog hobbies and dog sports?”
    K. K. Slider intensifies

  • Lia wolf cat dog lover Cat dog

    My favourite part is when you said your a bird master
    You could do a merch!
    Like if you agree

  • Vunilla
    Vunilla 13 hours ago


  • robbie turner
    robbie turner 13 hours ago

    I'm 7 I woch all your vid's

  • Circles_for_heads 12
    Circles_for_heads 12 13 hours ago

    Who else read the kids comment

  • Luke Anderson
    Luke Anderson 13 hours ago

    I’m 109 and liked your video! 😅

  • Comrade Communicator
    Comrade Communicator 15 hours ago

    I'm 12 and dan
    Edit:I will not confirm or deny that I am Dan

  • U n i c o r n !
    U n i c o r n ! 15 hours ago

    After hating on jaidens videos, the comment asks if she can make a banner for her channel and give her a shout out...

    *Wow... I thought nine year olds were more capable of thinking*

  • messynessa101
    messynessa101 15 hours ago

    so true like jaiden is me

  • Poppo World 09
    Poppo World 09 16 hours ago

    Jaiden Animations I've a question for ya. Can you introduce the Undertale AU where the Animators have the role of Undertale Characters called *Painted Plummet* ? You have the role of Sans.

  • teatowel the fat cat
    teatowel the fat cat 16 hours ago

    i love how this video was a random thought too.

  • fire demon the first
    fire demon the first 17 hours ago

    I'm 9😀

  • Ryan Murphy
    Ryan Murphy 18 hours ago

    What half curnal

    I LIKE COOKIES 18 hours ago

    I’m surprised that there aren’t any comments about the spongebob reference in the thumbnail and at 5:27.Smh disappointed in ya’ll😣😔

  • Warren Benson
    Warren Benson 18 hours ago

    i love your vids i am 9

  • Talk Man
    Talk Man 19 hours ago

    Hay a good way to not have a lot of contacts in your phone is to not have friends. It works for me. Heh. I can’t even make friends with the salad dressing in the refrigerator. Cry’s in non English.

  • happymaddie me
    happymaddie me 19 hours ago +1

    I'm 309, and I love your video!

  • Hanna Mink
    Hanna Mink 20 hours ago

    I love the vido . I got my phone when I was 5 lam 8 now

  • ennard 1246
    ennard 1246 22 hours ago

    a am 97 and a like you sony

  • dnw009
    dnw009 Day ago

    In fairness to people advising you against the bird holding due to their diseases. A cold from a kid is a heck of a lot less dangerous/lethal than the disease a bird can give you.

  • Kathy Nguyen
    Kathy Nguyen Day ago

    One time I was in the canteen line and a child when up to me and said ''I am 7 so I can stand in front of you.'' .-. I wanted to tell her to go at the back of the line but then ,I just said nothing because my mind was like what is that a rule (T_T)

  • Peggy Saurus
    Peggy Saurus Day ago

    this video did not change my view of you whatsoever
    i got the content i expected

  • Bj Van
    Bj Van Day ago

    Im 8

  • Çyån wøłf
    Çyån wøłf Day ago

    I’m 13 but mentally 4 and I like your videos

  • CreeperCat 19
    CreeperCat 19 Day ago

    Jaiden: "this might change the way you think of me."
    1 minute later
    Jaiden: "What if the world was controlled by dogs"
    My mind: " *FURRY* "
    No offense

  • Felix King-Borrero

    jaiden: dogs could run the world with the intelligence of humans
    Me: only if they had opposable thumbs

  • Nightheart Moon
    Nightheart Moon Day ago

    I'm 13and I have always wanted a ari

  • FamiliarNameMissing

    Children on the internet: "im 6 an [Removed because I'm too lazy to type a whole paragraph of bad grammar]!"
    Me (insert old man): Don't parents teach kids the very first rule of the internet these days?
    Don't worry, Jaiden. You aren't the only one who automatically skips the other details.

  • Lilsuper Fangirl 2

    I usually tell my age so people won’t tell me anything weird, inappropriate, rude or just sexual things to me and I always complain about people swearing btw *I’m nine*

  • parker swift
    parker swift Day ago

    Im an age, and I liked your video

  • Sunshine Spinek
    Sunshine Spinek Day ago

    You and James Adam domics And den are my fav and I’m 9 heh

  • Aaroha
    Aaroha Day ago

    Im 7 and I like your videos hehehe no I do seriously like your videos

  • Nutty
    Nutty Day ago

    if wireless headphones don't need wires how come they use wires to charge
    is white and mirrors reflect light why don't they look the same

  • DuderDudeMan
    DuderDudeMan Day ago

    I'm 9,986,000 minutes old, and I actually sat down and did the math.

  • Intruder Cat
    Intruder Cat Day ago

    The frick

  • Janne Askvik
    Janne Askvik Day ago

    Hi im 9yrs old en i love your vids

  • Kawaii niña kawaii girl

    i m ten and i love all your vd

  • AmyFamy
    AmyFamy Day ago

    Furry 101

  • Gacha Tired
    Gacha Tired Day ago

    It's my birthday today, I'm 10 and I love your videos :)

  • Agent W1nter
    Agent W1nter Day ago +1

    I think kids say their ages so frequently because they don't want random people on the internet to think they are adults and trust them on certain subjects, or so people will know that a kid said something that might be important or thoughtful. Or at least that's why I do it.

  • Sophie & Mika
    Sophie & Mika Day ago

    Jaiden: Why do children like to put their age on comments???
    Me: I'm 11 and I think that you're ugly!!!
    Jk I wouldn't say that. Everyone is beautiful and I never like to say my age even tho 11 is my age... Lol

  • Lily Gulledge
    Lily Gulledge Day ago

    Mmmmmmmm half poped popcorn

  • M Terry
    M Terry Day ago

    “... that haven’t experienced the cruelness of reality yet”
    I got really bad anxiety issues and depression starting when I was 13 so that’s false.

  • Ven Cakes
    Ven Cakes Day ago

    I'm 23 and i enjoyed this

  • Snow Piano
    Snow Piano Day ago +1

    I like ur vids :) (im 9) im inocent child i dont know cruelty ;-; just...memes

  • Randi LeGrande
    Randi LeGrande Day ago

    Hey i like half-poped popcorn :3 !!!!!

  • Evie cake forever Kit kat

    After you talked about the popcorn thing I Tryed it and they are great 3:27

  • Alliny Goncalo
    Alliny Goncalo Day ago

    And this is what started it all kids.......

  • Masaud Khan
    Masaud Khan Day ago

    I AM NOT MASOUD I AM YUSUF! !!!!!!!!!!!!😡

  • Alesia Adrone
    Alesia Adrone Day ago

    love ur vid!

  • Vex Gamer-artist

    I’m 9000099 and I love your videos

  • Susan 0456
    Susan 0456 2 days ago +5

    I tried half popped popcorn kernels and they are SO FREIKING GOOD

  • JAJAY’s Channel
    JAJAY’s Channel 2 days ago

    Me to

  • binportland
    binportland 2 days ago

    I'm eight and I understand you... my school is the worst... also no one exept me likes half popped popcorn.

  • Emma Huang
    Emma Huang 2 days ago

    I REALLY wish I was a dog with all other humans

  • Cesar Rodriguez
    Cesar Rodriguez 2 days ago

    I’m 8 and I love your vids

  • Nateatron
    Nateatron 2 days ago

    Did anyone else see the Spongebob reference

  • Butter boy 2019
    Butter boy 2019 2 days ago

    I recently checked out have popped popcorn and it’s literally the best thing I’ve ever tried in my life the nice soft not overcooked but not too undercooked piece of popcorn coming out of corn kernel and then the soft salty inside of the popcorn and then when you finally take the final bite that nice buttery sweet crunchy delicious piece of corn karnle literally the best thing in the whole world thank you for opening my mind to something new I probably be eating dirt and rocks just saying don’t try it it hurts

  • goofygamer
    goofygamer 2 days ago

    im 8 and liove ur vids and yes i have experienced cruelness of reality

  • Amaya Khana Sofia Ramirez Saenz

    it is an achievement if they turned 5 and are anti-vaxx tho :v

  • Rebecca W
    Rebecca W 2 days ago

    Jaiden: are you jealous I’ve held a hummingbird?
    Everyone else: that’s pretty cool
    Me: OMG YES

  • Ben Pagano
    Ben Pagano 2 days ago

    I’m eight and I Loved your video it was amazing❤️❤️❤️

  • Addi Murray
    Addi Murray 2 days ago

    im 9 almost 10

  • A random Japanese
    A random Japanese 2 days ago

    I'm 10 and I know lot about politics, history, climate change and cruel stuff. Cruel stuff happens to me at school :(

  • Chase_YT aka Doge TM playz

    I’m 9193918392839992309 years old and I like your vids :)

  • Justin Naugle
    Justin Naugle 2 days ago

    Random kid: I’m 9 and...
    Jaiden: NOPE!!

  • Tucker Koogler
    Tucker Koogler 2 days ago

    3:43 I eat the unpopped kernels

  • Mendes and Billie :3
    Mendes and Billie :3 2 days ago +1

    I'M 14 AND I

    No jk Im...Im not annoying 😂

  • ana the cat gamer aj
    ana the cat gamer aj 2 days ago +1

    lol if dogs were humans *cough* furries *cough* lol I WANNA BE AN antromorphic animal :,c bcs zootopia is meh fav movie

  • Electric GD
    Electric GD 2 days ago +1

    Im 9 and I know what violence is

  • Luis Jr Briones
    Luis Jr Briones 2 days ago +1


  • Samariah patato
    Samariah patato 2 days ago +1

    I’m 10 and...

  • FireStrikegaming
    FireStrikegaming 2 days ago +1

    I think the reason people state their age is if they say something weird people might no why

  • Zahran Shams
    Zahran Shams 2 days ago +3

    Half-popped popcorn + half popped popcorn = full popped popcorn.
    Illuminati confirmed.

  • Aldi-wolf Mikazuki
    Aldi-wolf Mikazuki 2 days ago +1


  • FrozenSheep YT
    FrozenSheep YT 2 days ago +1

    It took me two years to realize that 1:33 is a K.K slider reference.

  • Lily SparrowBeach
    Lily SparrowBeach 2 days ago

    2:25 im sorry but this cant happen even if they were ruling we wold overtake because we have more brain cells

  • Amelia Crews
    Amelia Crews 2 days ago +1

    I eat the Not popped kernels.
    Shall the half popped kernels be praised.

  • Anastasia mura
    Anastasia mura 2 days ago +1


  • Lazar Light
    Lazar Light 2 days ago +1

    I’m 10 and I love your vid

  • Withered bonnie
    Withered bonnie 2 days ago +1

    art thing (idk btw anyway) art thing and are don't remember SHIT

  • Oreo Potato chip
    Oreo Potato chip 2 days ago +2

    Why am I watching this at 5 am...?

  • John Donrick Zerna
    John Donrick Zerna 2 days ago +17

    5:26 spongebob reference.
    Just rewatching this video for the 5TH TIME.

  • I Kill You
    I Kill You 3 days ago

    Not to me im 8 but im not a baby because I buy buy my own and I go out with my friends without their moms or dads or sisters or brothers

  • super girly girl yurleni


    Im "old"

  • Ella Lopez
    Ella Lopez 3 days ago +1

    hey jaden i just tried half poped popcorn for the first time and MMMMMMMMM ITS GOOD!

    MONSTADOG: XD 3 days ago +1

    Random guy: I'm 9
    Another dude: Hi I'm 11
    Me:WTF I DON'T KNOW MY AGE!!!!!!!

  • MrHyper 8
    MrHyper 8 3 days ago +2

    4889. I’m a cashier

    Plz let that be right