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  • Published on Jun 18, 2017
  • what a strange video i've made

    that one video with the otamatone:
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    Music: Kinda Awkward by ionics

    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D if we were in a dog world i'd be your dog friend
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  • Gaming With Ty 1232
    Gaming With Ty 1232 2 hours ago

    Part 2 *edition*

  • Ëmmïë Gämïng
    Ëmmïë Gämïng 2 hours ago

    Oh I can eat cernnals unpopped

  • Alonso Guzman
    Alonso Guzman 3 hours ago

    i'm 8 and have random thots (ahem, thoughts.).

  • Isaura Garcia
    Isaura Garcia 4 hours ago

    I'm 18 but I'm basically a 12 year old and I also love your videos :-)

  • Penelope Ewing
    Penelope Ewing 4 hours ago

    that kid who wrote " I'm 9 and etc" wrote "YOU SHOULD UPLOAD EVERYDAY LIkE pEwDiPiE"
    I don't think they realized that filming somebody And animating are different things. It takes longer to write a script, draw AND animate..
    But filming something in real life takes much shorter time then animating, drawing, writing a script, Etc. That 9 year old also needs better grammar. :/
    Great video!

  • John Kara
    John Kara 5 hours ago

    Six year old I am six and I love you videos
    Six teen year old I am six teen and I want to die

  • Dylan Banes
    Dylan Banes 5 hours ago

    We are im 8

  • David
    David 6 hours ago

    graet vid maybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Svetlana Naydenko
    Svetlana Naydenko 7 hours ago

    I'm 8 and I like your videos😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • Svetlana Naydenko
    Svetlana Naydenko 7 hours ago +1

    Mi to

  • Wendy Masters
    Wendy Masters 7 hours ago

    Michael jackson beat it

  • Reagan Wilkerson
    Reagan Wilkerson 7 hours ago +1

    It’s Monika’s birthday. The release date of DDLC. Say happy birthday to her if you didn’t delete her.

  • Roblox_ Gamingyt
    Roblox_ Gamingyt 7 hours ago

    Hi I like ur vids I’m 9

    U know this is a troll comment xd

  • the wolf pack
    the wolf pack 8 hours ago

    im 6 and im not 6.

  • An Nguyen
    An Nguyen 11 hours ago

    Hi 9 I’m An get it

  • Almighty Boi
    Almighty Boi 13 hours ago

    Rip me i have 2 subs

  • Zachary Robinson
    Zachary Robinson 13 hours ago

    I love you vids
    I'm 7

  • Edrei
    Edrei 19 hours ago

    im a fetus and i eat ass

  • Larell Johns
    Larell Johns 21 hour ago

    Saxophone 🎷 my fav instrument

  • Get 100 subs for nothing Okie

    Yay I think that’s better then a piano *WHO AGREES*

  • Destiny Paris
    Destiny Paris 23 hours ago

    She wants to be king science lol

  • Dj tolitz Villanueva
    Dj tolitz Villanueva 23 hours ago

    ⊙ ⊙

  • Vortex Z
    Vortex Z Day ago

    0:45 wow idk if that THE JAMES but... EPIC

  • Tjllr Friends
    Tjllr Friends Day ago

    Your videos are great also I'm dead years old

  • Bum Bum-dumb dumb
    Bum Bum-dumb dumb Day ago +1

    Also, I’m happy that I’m not old

  • Bum Bum-dumb dumb
    Bum Bum-dumb dumb Day ago +5

    I am 10 and I like telling my age because it makes me feel proud that I don’t have wrinkles

  • Shiva Gza
    Shiva Gza Day ago +1

    Guys, i really like ya videos its Fanny just like theodd1sout and somethingelseYT

  • Samantha Medina
    Samantha Medina Day ago

    love your vids jaiden

  • Makay Reyes
    Makay Reyes Day ago


  • della stevens
    della stevens Day ago

    i’m 14 and i’m allergic to cilantro

    sorry jaiden i had to! btw i’m looking into getting a bird but i have two name options. either charlie or drew. thanks! (hi ari!)

  • GlovingFox youtube
    GlovingFox youtube Day ago +1

    hi jaiden im from hungaryian and im 12 and i realy like your videos (and your art stile too)

  • Benjamin Cooper
    Benjamin Cooper Day ago

    I am eight years old and I’ve been watching your videos since I was five

  • Bugger RD
    Bugger RD Day ago

    I'm 9 and I love your vids 😛

  • Salmonella Poisoning

    I’m 11 but I try AVOIDING telling anyone my age

  • Jorja Siwale
    Jorja Siwale Day ago +2

    I'm having half popped popcorn right now

  • jakekatchum 12349

    I'm 10 I love your videos

  • Natasha Hauck
    Natasha Hauck Day ago +2

    It’s not always the piano.

    Did you seriously forget organs?

  • Lex Bear
    Lex Bear Day ago

    Ok but honestly after this video, I watched it a long time ago, I like ONLY ate half popped popcorn. 😂

  • PewPiePie Fans
    PewPiePie Fans Day ago

    Im 12 I forget to change my profile please help me Im so confused also Im Indonesian(Flores ) .I love your Video

  • Alpha Thompson
    Alpha Thompson Day ago +2

    T0T oml i thought you were like 16 or 18 sorry

  • Stonks
    Stonks Day ago +2

    "Dog hobbies"
    Kk slider should be the only guitar dog.

  • annabelle and carolanne

    I'm 6 yirs old and I love your videos!!!

  • Pizza Ninja 2
    Pizza Ninja 2 2 days ago

    I came from odd one out

  • lilchild
    lilchild 2 days ago +2

    im 10 in 2019 and i like your vid's Jaiden and also my you tube channal when im 18 is gona be called bunny pig animations' plz don't ask its some stories i make.

  • Mircea Kozma
    Mircea Kozma 2 days ago

    I am 10 and I love you're videoes 😄😄😄!!

  • Classmates back off
    Classmates back off 2 days ago

    Im 12😂skl

  • Robotic Tummy7
    Robotic Tummy7 2 days ago

    hey jaiden animations, i love youre videos, can you help me start my animation channel?

  • Person Four
    Person Four 2 days ago +1

    Jaiden is the best you tuber ever.If you don't agree then that's fine I guess,but if you love her then smash that like button!

    • Person Four
      Person Four 2 days ago

      Nice!!!!!!!!!Thanks for liking it..........she is really the best

  • A Hybrid Cats Life
    A Hybrid Cats Life 2 days ago

    Kid: im 13
    Kid: I'm 6
    Kid:I'm 2


  • memes
    memes 2 days ago +1

    im 10

  • Lia and Flo J
    Lia and Flo J 2 days ago

    random thoughts:
    if bugs like flying to light, why don't they fly towards the sun??
    If bugs like moths are nocturnal because animals would eat them at day. have they ever thought of owls or frogs?

  • RandomBear 2.O
    RandomBear 2.O 3 days ago

    I’m turning 10 tomorrow

  • super tre
    super tre 3 days ago

    I am 9 years old

  • super tre
    super tre 3 days ago

    Jaden you are 10 years older than me!

  • Wolf Cat
    Wolf Cat 3 days ago

    about the half popped popcorn dad cracked his tooth on one of those

  • Penguu
    Penguu 3 days ago

    You adum jams and Tim are the best TVcliprs ever and let me explain studios trust me

  • Tracy Anderson
    Tracy Anderson 3 days ago


  • Emma The Cringe Master

    okay im actually ten and your videos mean so much to me. i love your channel, and there is nothing imperfect about who you are!
    i love your videos, bye! also, i know this videos like 2 years old owo

  • Lucas Theophanous
    Lucas Theophanous 3 days ago +1

    Im 11 and am 11 和玲珑安定你策路出口哦你的次日旁听他餐厅五日特个平热啊送。特身体

  • Agame
    Agame 3 days ago

    I do the curnal thing