my last day of high school *VLOG*

  • Published on Jun 10, 2019
  • my last day as a senior in high school
    hey guys!! i can't believe it but this was my last day of high school:,,)
    time REALLY flies! i hope you guys enjoy me having fun all day, i went to starbucks in the morning then went to school, after that i got food & then hung out with some friends! honestly this day couldn't have gone better:)
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  • Deniz sepici
    Deniz sepici 3 days ago

    You look really different without the mascara but still pretty

  • Tuesday Tea ☕︎
    Tuesday Tea ☕︎ 14 days ago

    Your videos make me excited for highschool. I’m going into my last year of middle school... I have a year until I’m a freshman. YaAAaaAAY.

  • the_bri_101 _
    the_bri_101 _ 15 days ago

    Can you start listing the songs you use in your video please I’m really interested

  • Lia Monae
    Lia Monae 16 days ago

    I liVe for the part in the car lmao

  • Lia Monae
    Lia Monae 16 days ago

    Ur hair is pretty. 💞It’s wavy tho (2b)

  • jojo b
    jojo b 18 days ago


  • Hill Silva
    Hill Silva 26 days ago

    adorei af

  • Brianna Solis
    Brianna Solis 29 days ago

    you live somewhere near Oxnard, California ! 🙈

  • Megan _horseback_rider

    You don’t act like you like ur bf that much

  • i’m bored
    i’m bored Month ago

    can your sister start a youtube channel please

  • Megan Stewart
    Megan Stewart Month ago

    What was the first song called that she was listening too

  • susana
    susana Month ago

    Can you make a music playlist video please 😫😫😂😂

  • Life of K & G
    Life of K & G Month ago

    I want to get the same camera as you!! So good

  • Caylee And friends
    Caylee And friends Month ago

    Tyler the creator BrockHampton and LIZZOOOOO I’m about to lose my mind I love them all!💞😍

  • Carys Clipper
    Carys Clipper Month ago

    What where the songs called you listen to

  • Brookelyn kylie
    Brookelyn kylie Month ago +1

    School ends so late for you ! I ended may 23
    Edit: ILY btw lol

  • martu franciulli
    martu franciulli Month ago

    I can’t believe your videos are not copyrighted

  • dead
    dead Month ago

    I am your biggest fannn

  • Allison Nguyen
    Allison Nguyen Month ago

    Your songs are so 👿😈 then your like 😇

  • Camila Valero
    Camila Valero Month ago

    Where does she get her backpacks

  • m a c i e
    m a c i e Month ago

    Ur videos are how everyone wishes their life was

  • m a c i e
    m a c i e Month ago

    Her sister is a mood

  • Isis Bonds
    Isis Bonds Month ago

    anyone know where her necklace is from?

  • Olivia Smith
    Olivia Smith Month ago

    Can you please do an everyday makeup tutorial bc I really love your makeup!! Also a video on how you earn money?

  • Connie Gardner
    Connie Gardner Month ago

    You should do matching with my boyfriend for a week

  • Brooklyn Kasella
    Brooklyn Kasella Month ago

    Why do you get out of school so late. We got out on May 30th.

  • YT- Doodlebob
    YT- Doodlebob Month ago

    i get of school on the 21st

  • Ayaat Shiaab
    Ayaat Shiaab Month ago

    What's her boyfriends name? I'm new.

  • Jenny W
    Jenny W Month ago

    I’m leaving primary soon 😂🙄

  • Alisa Diya Thool
    Alisa Diya Thool Month ago

    You're honestly me favourite you tuber

  • LIA lmao
    LIA lmao Month ago

    i’m watching your videos to learn english, greetings from mexico.

  • Caroliine
    Caroliine Month ago +1

    I fell in love w you and your channel today! I stumbled across the scrunchie matching video and I couldn’t stop watching you. You’re so pretty and your personality is bomb asf lmao

  • Oceanic Cookie
    Oceanic Cookie Month ago +1

    How are you pretty .-.

  • Mr Vio Funny
    Mr Vio Funny Month ago +1

    Cool 😎

  • Music Bunny
    Music Bunny Month ago +1

    i didn't come to my last day of school cause we get out at 11 and i didn't want to be at the auditorium all day

  • Marika Kostidakis
    Marika Kostidakis Month ago +1

    What lip gloss do you use??

  • Celeste Almonte
    Celeste Almonte Month ago +1

    You should do a video on recreating celebrities selfies

  • Kalie Cooper
    Kalie Cooper Month ago +1

    Does anyone else want to know what everyone says when Zhirele censors it and my sister graduated this year and it was soo sad

  • Tam Havefun
    Tam Havefun Month ago +1

    seriously, love coffee but like zhirelle more:)

  • Brivza
    Brivza Month ago +8


    True personality
    First time I heard her swear
    Sister Pokémon

    Me: *sIsTeR sHoOk*

    No hate I love that part. 💗💕

  • Isabella Estrada
    Isabella Estrada Month ago +1

    What lipgloss did u use ?

  • Jasmine Puth
    Jasmine Puth Month ago +1

    tbh i would bawl my eyes out if it was me

  • vivian
    vivian Month ago +1

    girl, i love you so much. i appreciate that you are always so positive in your videos even though you probably have bad days too. i love your vlogs, your style and just your whole channel and aesthetic. please keep being you and remember that you are so beautiful inside and out. you’re amazing 💘

  • Paloma Doti
    Paloma Doti Month ago +2

    the sister of zhirelle is billie eillish hahah

  • Sumaya Kassim
    Sumaya Kassim Month ago +1

    drop the spotify tho

  • Izabella Flores
    Izabella Flores Month ago +1

    Do you not get dressed code

  • ShaJu Ber
    ShaJu Ber Month ago

    Hi, I love your videos! We are running a vlog app, at the very beginning, would you like to share your vlogs on our platform? We have many ways to encourage the creators!

  • Marine Lionel
    Marine Lionel Month ago

    please guys, don't use plastic when you are at strabucks to save turtles. use reusable cups and straws !!!

  • Tersius Burger
    Tersius Burger Month ago +1

    Your playlist though😍😍😍

  • we love Kennedy Walsh
    we love Kennedy Walsh Month ago +3

    Zhirelle you deserve to be recognised so much more!! 171k is a big achievement but why aren’t you at 1mil yet??🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Adryana Porras
    Adryana Porras Month ago

    No more school videos 😭but when summer is over college vids who ready for this wonderful beautiful talented and more, girl to live her life and being happy Jesus’s has a plan for her life

  • Madison Jay Stone
    Madison Jay Stone Month ago

    The girl with the black glasses is such a b****

  • Soft Yoongi
    Soft Yoongi Month ago

    I would appreciate it so so much if anyone could subscribe to my channel,It would mean the world to me

  • Maliah Vukelich
    Maliah Vukelich Month ago

    am i the only one that noticed before she got in the car that she never put on a scrunchie like she said she would lol

  • Layla D
    Layla D Month ago

    you and your sister look like twins

  • brownie
    brownie Month ago

    been here since 150k ily(:

  • ur mumsy
    ur mumsy Month ago

    what color are your walls bc i want 🥺

  • cindy
    cindy Month ago +1

    the fact that your recent videos have gotten 100k+ views & you getting sponsored by princess polly genuinely makes me happy you're getting the recognition you deserve !

  • Sadie Kiersnowski
    Sadie Kiersnowski Month ago

    Do u get copyrighted ever

  • Jimena tchaik
    Jimena tchaik Month ago

    Omg, I'm so glad your channel has grown a lot! Love you ❤❤
    Ps. I don't think she'll ever see this

  • J.1237 E.C7
    J.1237 E.C7 Month ago

    dam.... you should do a playlist video your playlist is fire!!!

  • Julie Johnson
    Julie Johnson Month ago

    your so pretty omg

  • kaleen rochelle
    kaleen rochelle Month ago

    Anyone else want her playlist to listen to

  • kateřina fenik
    kateřina fenik Month ago

    Whats the song 4:30??❤❤

  • my names jeff
    my names jeff Month ago

    aye we get the same starbucks drink

  • Leanna Pearl
    Leanna Pearl Month ago

    You should do a vid of you’re playlist

  • Joseph Paro
    Joseph Paro Month ago

    [b][i] That song! make me crazy

  • Mia Janeska
    Mia Janeska Month ago


  • Caitlin Blue
    Caitlin Blue Month ago

    I’m loving your videos omg!!!!! Can’t get enough I’m obsessed!!❤️

  • cloudy suga
    cloudy suga Month ago

    i’m heaven and i started making videos
    i know this is probably promoting
    but can you guys sub and likes my videos :)
    thank you

  • Eli .D
    Eli .D Month ago


  • Bruce Kwon
    Bruce Kwon Month ago

    Did you have fun?

  • Lps Noelle
    Lps Noelle Month ago


  • Jaydeninks gaming
    Jaydeninks gaming Month ago


  • Jaydeninks gaming
    Jaydeninks gaming Month ago

    As soon as heard x i was like :O Pute gold

  • Millie Puder
    Millie Puder Month ago

    your natural hair is so pretty!! (of course your hair straightened is too :))

  • Grace Mauro11
    Grace Mauro11 Month ago

    I ended school may 24th and the seniors ended the 17th u ended late. I start august 19th.

  • Grace kittymsp msp
    Grace kittymsp msp Month ago +4

    peace sign count: 397



    How many time will they hold up the duces

  • Katie Blakney
    Katie Blakney Month ago

    What lip gloss does she use? It is sooooooo pretty just like her

  • Kamryn Snyder
    Kamryn Snyder Month ago +6

    Know one:
    Literally know one:
    Not a single soul:

  • Evyn Frisky
    Evyn Frisky Month ago

    This is how many peace signs were in this video ✌️

  • Mariana Castillo
    Mariana Castillo Month ago

    What was the song called that said “ f*ck on Siris

  • Kate Gorohovsky
    Kate Gorohovsky Month ago


  • joselyn sosa
    joselyn sosa Month ago

    Whats the song at 12:08 ?

  • Hope Jang
    Hope Jang Month ago

    i have that same marble water bottle hehe its from costco right

  • Skyla Rose
    Skyla Rose Month ago

    Wow my fifth grade graduation was today and the first thing I see is this XD Tuesday June 11, 2019 at 5-6 Idk why I wrote all that 😑

  • Vanessa Oh
    Vanessa Oh Month ago +1

    Please do a playlist video

  • abbythedoof
    abbythedoof Month ago

    I like how the song you play the most is the song I'm always listening too (truth hurts - lizzo)

  • Sarah Priest
    Sarah Priest Month ago

    Love the songs, definitely was not expecting them 😂

  • Bryanna Conda
    Bryanna Conda Month ago

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  • Leslie Gutierrez
    Leslie Gutierrez Month ago

    I’m so proud of you bc you got so far

  • OOf Lol
    OOf Lol Month ago

    The alarms thooo!😂😂 so relatable

  • Life as Sa’Liyah Deonna

    This video has the most music in it I’ve heard all month since TVclip had been a bitch

  • kayla martin
    kayla martin Month ago

    I just started youtube and it would mean the world if you checked out my channel! :)

  • Natalie b
    Natalie b Month ago

    hi! so i am new to your channel and i just wondered if you have an everyday makeup routine video. your makeup is absolutely gorgeous in the couple of videos i have seen of you. if not could you possibly upload one of those? ❤️

  • Flippy
    Flippy Month ago

    Where did you get your bottle from 💜

  • mr-swfty
    mr-swfty Month ago +2

    Bruh why do girls always make that pose with their fingers ?

  • Destiny Ceja Serrato

    What Starbucks drink is that

  • Spilled Tea
    Spilled Tea Month ago

    I’m surprised her parents let her boyfriend over and in her roooooom