I’m Tired of Hearing About the New Toyota Supra

  • Published on May 23, 2019
  • I’m Tired of Hearing About the New Toyota Supra, DIY and car review with auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer. Everything you need to know about the new Toyota Supra. Is the new Toyota Supra a Toyota or BMW? Is the new Supra worth buying? New Toyota Supra information leaked. Buying a new Toyota Supra. When is the new Toyota Supra coming back, 2019 or 2020? Toyota is partnering with BMW to make the new Toyota Supra, is this good or bad? BMW engine and more in the new Toyota Supra. Car Advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 51 years.
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Comments • 1 920

  • Scotty Kilmer
    Scotty Kilmer  Month ago +224

    ⬇️Scotty’s Top DIY Tools:
    1. Bluetooth Scan Tool: amzn.to/2nfvmaD
    2. Cheap Scan Tool: amzn.to/2D8Tvae
    3. Basic Mechanic Tool Set: amzn.to/2tEr6Ce
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    ⬇️ Things used in this video:
    1. Common Sense
    2. 4k Camera: amzn.to/2HkjavH
    3. Camera Microphone: amzn.to/2Evn167
    4. Camera Tripod: amzn.to/2Jwog8S
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    • Allabout TheWoodrows
      Allabout TheWoodrows Month ago

      Scotty Kilmer can I please get a sub aswell I need 1k just to live stream again fml

    • James Woods
      James Woods Month ago

      I would rather watch top gear than listen to you talk nonesne thats just based on what you think and personalised. Your channel and views is garbage. It's for baby's interested in cars. Not experienced car lovers

    • Jose Medina
      Jose Medina Month ago

      Mostly the cars that gets stolen or Honda Civics

      SIIIOXIDE Month ago

      Holden could compete.. It was political corporate corruption that caused the demise of holden

    • derrik tie
      derrik tie Month ago

      BMW=big waist of money

  • Toyota Brony
    Toyota Brony 4 days ago

    I’m never tired of hearing the new Supra. 😏👌🏼 it’s a must have Toyota
    So Toyota Supra id a Toyota Supra with bmw engine. And straight-6 is a straight-6. Nuff said.

  • David Lubin
    David Lubin 5 days ago

    I like this guy

  • Josiah Amankwah
    Josiah Amankwah 5 days ago

    Scotty drop dead.....

  • Shadowscan34
    Shadowscan34 6 days ago

    I love Scotty "endless moneypits" Kilmer!

  • Ricardo Yearwood
    Ricardo Yearwood 7 days ago

    Worse video you made for a while. Do some more research scotty before you bash cars.

  • Robert NES816
    Robert NES816 8 days ago

    They should just call it what it is. Toyota/BMW Z4 Hardtop lol

  • TheAssclown213
    TheAssclown213 20 days ago +1

    Buy a used BMW version in 5 years, it will be half the price of the used Toyota... Lol

  • ArynIcyReverie
    ArynIcyReverie 21 day ago

    Scotty 2 hotty hahah

  • Blabla Blubblub
    Blabla Blubblub 21 day ago

    Lol i love the new supra

  • Theofficialyesman
    Theofficialyesman 23 days ago

    Fun fact:
    The new Supra makes less hp then the Z4..; and its even the same engine!

    • AxSenpai8
      AxSenpai8 23 days ago

      It doesn't, it was tested in a dyno and made over 400hp at the crank

  • kathy taylor
    kathy taylor 24 days ago

    Hay Scotty I have a tip for everyone. I work on my cars in the driveway like you do. I found that taking a old pickup truck bed liner and cutting the sides and front off makes a rely good surface to slide under a car to lay on. They are light tough and are easy to slide on. The ridges stop sockets from rolling off and drips go into the bottom of the ridges reducing the size of the puddle that has to be avoided. I have three of them that I have used for years.

  • 의리으리마무으리

    Let's just call it BMW Supra!!!

  • MA Militia
    MA Militia 24 days ago

    Good one Scotty.
    The new Supra is an embarrassment to Toyota.
    It's for BMW to show Toyota "needed BMW" to get it done.
    Helps BMW's reputation.
    Hurts Toyota's reputation.
    And it's nothing special at all.

  • Necrotic Reaper
    Necrotic Reaper 26 days ago

    Could check the facts a bit, the loaded Supra is $53,000, the prices for 3.0tt model are on Toyota’s website and it’s being built by Magna Steyr

  • Elwookiee07
    Elwookiee07 26 days ago

    Rev up your stolen Toyota Supra with your stolen dealer key 🔑 🚗💨🚓

  • Toyota of Naperville
    Toyota of Naperville 27 days ago

    Scotty on the edge ... 😀

  • Ben Matheson
    Ben Matheson 27 days ago

    Instead of complaining you should applaud Toyota for making a sports coupe in the current climate.Its a great car

  • Iancu Alin
    Iancu Alin 27 days ago

    Hi! I have a bmw and i think is a nice car. I like verry much the quality of interior btw i own a e39

  • Doug Antelman
    Doug Antelman 28 days ago

    Short answer: it’s not a Celica, therefore it’s bad

  • Jay Town Junkyard Files

    Naaahhhh nahhhhhh, problem is, FiatChrysler is merging with Renault and Ford and GM are going to merge as well. Toyota had to do this, it's marketing, it's sales. $$$$$$ is all that matters and I'd rather have a Toyota/BMW than a GM. All of these other companies are failing because they can't make a car that people want. MuriKa sucks at making cars.

  • Hansel Beck
    Hansel Beck 28 days ago

    Scotty, what you think about mazda's rotaries like the RENESIS? RX-7 FC, FD, RX-8 , Eunos Cosmo?

  • The Catmother
    The Catmother 28 days ago +3

    For the price of Supra I would prefer 3 Miatas in different colours

  • Sebastian Benitez-Diaz
    Sebastian Benitez-Diaz 28 days ago +1

    “In the olden days, cars had a frame. Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch.”
    Perfect description 👌

  • Margie
    Margie 29 days ago +1

    Scotty says he's not part of that world yet he's a millionaire...
    Exactly _why_ he's a millionaire 🇺🇸👌

  • frestkd
    frestkd 29 days ago

    Hmm wait until the new Supra hits 100k miles and the BMW stuff starts breaking. I will never own anything made by BMW that is newer than 1995 anymore.

  • Jo LC
    Jo LC 29 days ago

    I can't say it enough, Toyota shut up put the new Supra on a modified Lexus LC platform, and put the twin turbo V6 from the new LS LS engine bad cranking out 450 horsepower. I hate it when people say that that would be too expensive, or that it wouldn't be a real Supra, when the 1990 Supra was essentially a rebodied Lexus SC with a twin-turbo version of the SC 300 inline 6. People would have gotten over a twin-turbo V6 being under its Hood instead of a traditional inline-6, just like they did with Nissan GT-R. Toyota was lazy, and Toyota thought they could piggyback off of BMW fanboyism. The end result, is an unattractively proportioned car that is literally just a BMW Z4 Coupe. It's underpowered, nothing special, and cost way too damn much

  • Source!!!
    Source!!! 29 days ago

    Scotty you forgot to show the picture of the laughing horse when you opened your mouth in laughter.

  • zadeopotato
    zadeopotato 29 days ago

    If they didn't team with BMW the Supra would be over 150k bud

  • mattpunk s.
    mattpunk s. Month ago

    The supra isn't all BWM, the engine and transmission were half designed by BMW and Toyota (they worked together) and then the rest is Toyota. That's why it's so different from the BMW version that shares the engine and transmission.

  • Mir Ullah
    Mir Ullah Month ago

    New Supra = Reliable Hardtop Z4

  • Giuseppe Hess
    Giuseppe Hess Month ago +1

    Fully loaded is 54k not 100k big difference.

  • Aspiring to Inspire

    It's no celica that's for sure!

  • Not The Technician
    Not The Technician Month ago

    Enjoy taking your Toyota to the Break My Wallet dealer.

  • justen ramirez Lackey
    justen ramirez Lackey Month ago +1

    Toyota should’ve used the Lexus RC Platform and used the 3.5 Twin turbo from the Lexus LS500 for the Supra. It makes perfect sense since the MK4 Supra was just a Lexus SC! But in all reality everyone who’s complaining about the New Supra can’t even afford one which is why I keep my mouth shut about it🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Whoporschedatis
    Whoporschedatis Month ago

    E30 Bmw is probAbly the most reliable car ever made, this guy is a joke

  • Bart Tan
    Bart Tan Month ago

    Talking abt rich man cars. Trying checking out how much a corolla cost in Singapore

  • adaptiveagile
    adaptiveagile Month ago

    Yep. I just don’t get it with the Supra. What a stupid idea farming it out to BMW smh. Wasn’t the Toyota 2JZ- GTE motor that made the car what it was?

  • Brian De Jesus
    Brian De Jesus Month ago

    Amen brother! Tired of hearing about the new bmw myself. It isn't a Toyota and it sure isn't a Supra .

  • Bobby the IT Guy
    Bobby the IT Guy Month ago

    Most Toyotas are built by some other manufacturer
    : Yamaha, Subaru, Daihatsu, amd now BMW...Toyota is a marketing company not a car company

  • xUdieToox
    xUdieToox Month ago

    460 butthurt supra fanboys

  • Wesley Tillotson
    Wesley Tillotson Month ago

    Man, had to turn it off after the first 30 seconds. That was enough for me to know just how ignorant you are when it comes to how business works and this car in particular.

  • Paul Ngo
    Paul Ngo Month ago +1

    My favorite is the BRZ/FRS/86 etc. freaking awesome!!!!

  • Tim Donovan
    Tim Donovan Month ago

    This new Supra is news to me. Big deal? Interesting? I'll stick with my '07 Miata. Great value. Runs great. Its a copper red mica grand touring model with a retractable hardtop. Zoom. Zoom.

  • T M PH
    T M PH Month ago +1

    Scotty is so envious the new Supra has more recognition than he does 🤣😜

  • MrJRN91
    MrJRN91 Month ago

    Where's the "laugh react" button? Scotty won't beat his meat to the new Supra because it's essentially a BMW lul

  • Davin Peterson
    Davin Peterson Month ago

    That maybe a mistake Toyota is making. Nobody would want to buy a $100,000 Toyota Supra or any Toyota for that matter

  • Daiviet Nguyen
    Daiviet Nguyen Month ago

    Please stop whining, people !!! In these days and ages, when carmakers are abandoning cars to build truck and SUV....Consider yourself still lucky to have company like Toyota to throw you a bone of a sport car !!! You people are whining too much. Why don't you just work a little bit harder , save yourself a little money and to buy yourself a sport car !!! Wouldn't you agree ??? Don't just jump into the crappy bandwagon and judge others because you see other people do it !!!

  • Trophy Dad
    Trophy Dad Month ago

    Nobody cares how reliable a 100 grand car is Scotty. I would actually be more interested if the starting price was 100000. Less people would have one.

  • Andrew Daly
    Andrew Daly Month ago

    Toyota has commitment problems with sports cars.....but why?

  • Abdula Aziz
    Abdula Aziz Month ago

    Toyota: I want to make new sports car. But I don’t want to use my tech for that.
    BMW: Here you are, my lord

  • trakrekkid
    trakrekkid Month ago

    It's not made in a BMW factory, it's made in a German factory that makes cars for other manufacturers too

  • Mixtape_Link
    Mixtape_Link Month ago

    I'm looking at buying a 2015 Mazda 3 i Sport. Is there anything I should be concerned about? I'm not too informed on their new generation.

  • Soju Killa
    Soju Killa Month ago

    Why are you wearing sunglasses inside? Lay off the crack pops

  • jujuchiha
    jujuchiha Month ago

    I agree with you 100% about the supra. Very disappointed with Toyota,

  • Shane Sexton
    Shane Sexton Month ago

    So Toyota dealership mechanics will need to be trained and well versed with BMW and their scan tools now?

  • Paddy Swan
    Paddy Swan Month ago

    Scotty the best man i love watching you vide

  • Shinogama
    Shinogama Month ago

    If you're afraid of losing your car, a GPS tracker can help you find it, and if your car is moving without your permission you can stop it with a remote kill-switch. Manual transmission cars might prevent a thief who can't drive a stick from taking it, and there's clutch locks similar to steering wheel locks which you could secure your car with. A thief can cut the steering wheel off but any extra effort you make to simply drive your car should prevent people from wanting to joy ride with it, as the locks are a bit inconvenient for the owner as well, so I'd recommend the first two: gps/killswitch. An interior camera might be good too, and more useful than just preventing theft, such as accident claims, even as a witness, or if you just like exploring beautiful mountain roads and making driving memories.

  • pyrolatry87
    pyrolatry87 Month ago +1

    Where are the memes in this video!?? 😢😭😭

  • Juraj Benak
    Juraj Benak Month ago +1

    BMW has a great engine and gearbox, why reinvent the wheel? Sportscars are expensive toys and people don't buy them very much. I don't think we'd have one without this partnership

  • dhalsim1
    dhalsim1 Month ago

    Rev up your 'not really a Toyota' Supra

  • Stormy Horseface Daniels

    100k for a pretend toyota??

  • Jay Julian Montagues Musikzentrum

    Hey I'm tired to say about following....BMW and also BMW parts are extremely expensive HERE IN GERMANY for example a guy , and alot differ others have huge bmw issues for example, above 100.000 Dollar expensive bmw causes simply above 5000 Dollars for two broken turbochargers already on a relative young dumb leasing 525 BMW 218 hp, newest generation , then aircoolingsystem broking, same car than electric engine management damaged, and bmw say....oh it's a absolutely knowing, problem no kulanz it's your problem. I can give you almost endless examples of these original german junk cars exactly the same with mercedes , audi vw opel or others. HERE IN GERMANY WITH ORIGINAL GERMANY PREMIUM TRASH PARTS. Much fun with that.

  • boydnchrist
    boydnchrist Month ago

    1997 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo my fave all time car 😎

  • Todd Schnittjer
    Todd Schnittjer Month ago

    Toyota analyzed every part on the supra down to the nuts and bolts and sent anything back to BMW that didn't meet their reliability standards to have them reworked. So yes lots of BMW parts but toyota put lots of effort into making sure it will be reliable.

  • kionetic
    kionetic Month ago

    Hey Scotty what's your opinion into buying a used 2013 or 2014 Ram 1500 Laramie.

  • Joz 17
    Joz 17 Month ago

    What do you think of the 2019 Subaru Ascent for long term high mileage use? Do you think it could last 15 years?

  • onnie p
    onnie p Month ago


  • InfiniteMushroom
    InfiniteMushroom Month ago

    At 1:44 "They are very rich men's toys" Should've dropped a pic of some trophy thot while he said that.

  • InfiniteMushroom
    InfiniteMushroom Month ago

    Hell no with this faux Supra. If I had the money to buy a 2020 Supra, I'd instead buy a clean 1st generation Supra and send it out to California for a high-end rotisserie restoration job.

  • Tony d'Lange
    Tony d'Lange Month ago

    Hahaha this is Karma for you Scotty. BMW makes a Toyota. Hahaha. Al does years of hating BMW is coming back at you🤣 your dearest Toyota is a Beamer hahah

  • Lance Hondrade
    Lance Hondrade Month ago

    The new Supra is a great sports car, it’s just that it was teased to the point that nobody cared.

  • Shadow King
    Shadow King Month ago

    have you heard about the supra

  • Josh Curmi
    Josh Curmi Month ago

    Hey Scotty I recently just bought a 2004 Chevy trailblazer and the only issue I have with it when I turn on the ac the idle goes up and down until I turn it off and when I press the power windows it also messes with the idle.

  • Greafer
    Greafer Month ago

    We’ll then stop talking about it.

    IVANA BROZ Month ago

    I love you Scotty,my sone will howl,I knew he like your judgements,,

  • Nekminute
    Nekminute Month ago +1

    Its BMW...

  • 671Guam Lada
    671Guam Lada Month ago

    Hi Scotty, wonder about slow acceleration on automatic transmission on 02 Toyota rav4 4cly. Taking of at dead stop from stop or traffic light its slow acceleration, going up hills today i felt the down sgift on the tranny..it just when taking off ...
    would Lucas transmission fluid work. Toyota says type-IV is the fluid to use.
    Plz give your expertise advice.
    Thank you!

  • STYLES: Conejo VS SillyCon

    It's out and general consensus is fail. Germany and Japan have different approaches to vehicles. So much so that Toyota agreed to just badge a BMW roadster. This results in a worse version of a BMW roadster. It does not satisfy Supra fans and BMW people will just buy the better roadster.

  • VF28WWE
    VF28WWE Month ago

    Newer cars with push start are easier to steal i don't have the skills but all it takes is a lap top with some software

  • Claud Bing
    Claud Bing Month ago

    “I’m not part of that world, you probably aren’t either” Ahaha tell that to the aspirationals

  • bmh67wa
    bmh67wa Month ago

    Car theft high in Utah? That person needs to get out in the world.

  • bananas
    bananas Month ago

    Because Toyota can only make mom and pop engines

  • Austin Abrahan
    Austin Abrahan Month ago

    Bool around

  • Daniel Tyler
    Daniel Tyler Month ago

    Hey scotty I have 03 Chevy tahoe with a 04 Yukon Denali powertrain. When it gets hot outside the truck acts sluggish. What might be the cause?

  • sqooby doo
    sqooby doo Month ago

    this is a bmw not a toyota.

  • DingoBoy
    DingoBoy Month ago

    OK, I'm not running out to buy a 2020 Supra, but pricing was released months ago. $50k base, $55k for the upgrade model. Nowhere near $100k. If they had a manual gearbox, I'd consider the car, as I am a Supra enthusiast. Toyota sent BMW several hundred changes & upgrades to be made to the B58 engine to increase reliability, and they did their own independent chassis tuning. Did BMW design the base chassis & engine? Yep. But it's not simply a rebadged Z4. (Oh, and it's being built in an independent Austrian factory that builds BMW, Mercedes, and several other brands.)

  • progolfer69
    progolfer69 Month ago

    The BMW E30's are really solid cars, especially the manuals, and are actually really easy to work on. The handling and performance are unlike any other car. They are very satisfying cars to own.

  • Jadoe Hustles
    Jadoe Hustles Month ago

    Hey Scotty where’s the coke at ?

  • Fahad Zain
    Fahad Zain Month ago

    This new Supra is a big disappointment.

  • Fahad Zain
    Fahad Zain Month ago

    Why the old manual transmission gone?

  • Ron Owens
    Ron Owens Month ago +1

    The 2020 supra starts at 49k and the top of the line one is 64k. That's nowhere near 100k dollars. I'm not a fan of the new supra either but you're making false claims. If Toyota developed a brand new platform for the new supra alone they would have had to sell it for well over 100k in a climate where sports cars aren't selling very good. Partnering with BMW makes development costs a lot cheaper and you can say what you want about BMW but they make the best straight 6 engines on the market today so it makes sense

    • Carboy Dorifuto party
      Carboy Dorifuto party Month ago

      More or less confused it with the Australian prices since it is more than likely going to be 100k down there because of their taxes.

  • SaraK
    SaraK Month ago

    Honestly the new Supra is very nice, it's a Toyota in many ways. They chose the most reliable inline 6 BMW makes, tweaked it and put tons of R&D into making it a super reliable machine.

  • B Xiong
    B Xiong Month ago

    It can be a bmw but let’s see what the cost is to tune it. Only down fall with these new cars is that it’s not Manuel tranny

  • Blue Frog
    Blue Frog Month ago

    No spoiler=not a supra. Not buying the new daytonas either.

  • B Cal
    B Cal Month ago

    We're tired about hearing about your old Celica.

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith Month ago

    Same with the Corolla ia is just a Mazda 3 even the door tag says Mazda motor Corp

  • Neziwi
    Neziwi Month ago

    "I just read that a loaded one is gonna cost about a hundred thousand dollars". Scotty you're basing that opinion on an Australian article, I read it as well and many people didn't realize that they were talking about AUD. The base price of the car is $50,920. I love you Scotty but you've been misinformed here. That being said, I'm not a fan of the new Supra either. It's an interesting car, but I don't care for the BMW engine or interior. Too many BMW parts.

  • puertoroc123456
    puertoroc123456 Month ago

    False you must be a trash mechanic! I've had BMW'S and I choose them over Honda's Toyota anyday! All my Toyota's, Mazda, Honda's have let me down!! You get what you pay for! It's a money pit the same. Engine is good but everything else breaks! FACTS!

  • stormrider777
    stormrider777 Month ago

    The new supra sucks. Sorry I mean bmw.