Is Onward Andy's Imagination!? | Pixar Theory

  • Published on Jun 20, 2019
  • In today’s episode Ben takes a look at Pixar’s brand new fantasy world found in Onward and discusses the parallels between Ian and Andy. Is it possible that this whole world has actually be created by the ever imaginative Andy?!
    Could Onward Break the Pixar Theory?
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Comments • 2 698

  • SuperCarlinBrothers
    SuperCarlinBrothers  3 months ago +1444

    What do you guys think?! Is Onward going to be Andy's Imagination!?

    • Tony T
      Tony T Day ago

      SuperCarlinBrothers yes a million times yes

    • Lahly Bird
      Lahly Bird 9 days ago

      @Jeana Donohue ok, that does make more sense

    • Jeana Donohue
      Jeana Donohue 9 days ago +1

      J, BEN please read this!!!!
      I definitely think that it could be Andy’s Imagination, but if we’re going down this route, then it wouldn’t be Andy playing with his toys or just imagining this world through daydreaming or something - this would DEFINITELY be a dream. I mean you even say that the moon is on the headboard of his BED. And why would Andy consciously make up a story relating to his dad? This is DEFINITELY some dream/subconscious stuff.

    • Mitchell McCarthy
      Mitchell McCarthy 11 days ago +1

      Well, I explained my theories below, so I absolutely doubt this, because it's too whimsical and would render Onward nonreal, killing its belonging to the Pixar Theory.

    • Lahly Bird
      Lahly Bird 16 days ago

      Um no, none of the main characters are Andy's toys

  • ThiefKingofLegend

    this is a stretch

  • Cat Clark
    Cat Clark 3 days ago

    Yo Carlin bros, my best friend and I have a headcanon. It's not just Andy imagining stuff. He plays D&D. This is his way of coping with his dad's death through D&D. And I like the theory of Andy's imagination because Ian's mom looks like Sadness from Inside Out.... and we all know what THAT means.

  • Samara Bowne
    Samara Bowne 4 days ago

    you are so right

  • Commander Bacara
    Commander Bacara 5 days ago +1

    “Keep Your Eyes On Stars And Feet On The Ground” - Teddy Roosevelt
    Andy Didn’t

  • Mitchell McCarthy
    Mitchell McCarthy 11 days ago +1

    Sorry, J. But you could be wrong again. There are two other ways that Onward could have happened, and they can also be combined. First, in my comment on The COMPLETE Pixar Theory, I mentioned the wisps wanting to be alone and isolated, so they went into the sea, evolved to take over animals, and took over the squid in Finding Dory, causing its blue rings. Maybe everything they consumed went to Mars and transformed into magical creatures, living a lone from humans. I say Mars because Mars has 2 moons.
    Another way is Monsters Inc. The time traveling doors open up into different places, right. BnL sent people to Mars, creating a livable atmosphere, but because the people on the Axiom weren't so smart, they made no advancements in technology, died off,a d left the livable place to the other beings. The monsters then had doors to travel through to Mars.
    As the humans gradually died, the monsters ran out of energy for that door, trapping some monsters on Mars. Those doors were disintegrated and their story was told to no one.
    These monsters bred and created those beings, but since, as I also said in my other comment, the doors disintegrated into the wisps, which took control of the monsters and turned them magical. Everything went well until the wisps disappeared into another place, hiding again.
    With both of my theories, I'd conclude that this either comes after Finding Dory, or more likely, after Monsters Inc. which can either be understood before or after Brave.

  • sofia youtube
    sofia youtube 13 days ago +3

    Ben: also I feel like i´ve been playing with my toys wrong, do i have a defective imagination?
    me: Ben, we all feel like that when we watch toy story.

  • Riverbank Otterhappy
    Riverbank Otterhappy 14 days ago +2

    Or he could be at school creating a fantasy story and this is his thought

  • Lahly Bird
    Lahly Bird 16 days ago

    I kind of like J's theory better.
    But wow this is powerful

  • Bacon Sandwich
    Bacon Sandwich 18 days ago

    What if onward is set in a different dimension. What if there is different dimensions in the Pixar universe?

    • Lahly Bird
      Lahly Bird 16 days ago +1

      Now that's just cheating

  • Diego Fernandez
    Diego Fernandez 21 day ago +1

    Alguna vez los llamo alguien de pixar para trabajar con ellos? entre los dos tienen tanta imaginacion como los guionistas

  • Izz Bizz
    Izz Bizz 25 days ago +1


  • Helen Jovel
    Helen Jovel 27 days ago +1

    What if Andy became a filmmaker and the entire Pixar universe is his movies, which would be why it all started with Toy Story and why the Toy Story franchise is the most touching out of all the Pixar franchises because Andy began his career telling his own childhood story

  • Mortimer Dax Robicheaux

    What if onward is the start of the human's evolution to monsters?

  • Stu Cutt
    Stu Cutt 29 days ago

    is it just me or is there 2 moons behind a planet in the buzz lightyear poster?

  • Deutsche Hierarchie
    Deutsche Hierarchie Month ago +2

    Andy might have an impressive imagination to be true, but I find it highly unlikely it's his in this movie.
    Come on, the last big pixar movie was "inside out". A story about what is going on inside a little girl's head on the cusp of puberty.
    Now we got a story about some teenagers hanging out going on an adventure in a fantasty land.
    Come on... This is clearly all going on inside Riley's head.

  • Deutsche Hierarchie

    Well this makes a lot more sense than the other brother's theory of it being interstellar.
    This whole fantasty realm situation is a human construct. We habe no evidence to suggest any aliens would possibly conceive if this.
    It being some fantasty story inside someone's head makes much more sense.

  • Abby YT
    Abby YT Month ago

    “One.. Can gaze upon something and see the wonder in it. Two can gaze together and Share that wonder. We are forever emitting sparks of imagination. so let’s spark together. In every mind there is a piece of code. That operates our creative functions.It forms a conduit called the Cerebrum-bilical cord.That extends to the farthest reaches of imagination. So let’s build. together we can push back the boundaries until they are a mere speck on the stellar horizon. Let’s fly! Let’s put our minds together and create. everyone on this orb of dreamers contributes an ideas. they ascend the Cerebrum-Bilical cord to congregate in the imagisphere. the natural home of our creative wanderings. so join us. as you have always been. and always will be welcome. In little big planet

  • Luigi Marinus Gaming

    What if this movie is gonna be the best movie of 2020

  • D I S N E Y G A C H A 7

    I feel like it will be tear jerking movie next year, maybe.

  • •Mr.Intergalactictrashpanda •

    Maybe its somebody’s actual life with a fantasy texture pack

  • That_girl 3114
    That_girl 3114 Month ago

    It’s like they did one theory on this movie, but then thought, “Anyone can make one theory, but WE can make two equally believable ones.”

  • dat bts boi
    dat bts boi Month ago

    Andy works as a story creator and then at the end from onward it shows a Fin screen with a *sign*...the, end. Narrated by andys' voice person

  • BEAKER6868
    BEAKER6868 Month ago

    onward to me looks like Zootopia with mythological creatures instead of animals.

  • [WUT] Hope
    [WUT] Hope Month ago

    those have wings...
    they're alicorns!

  • [WUT] Hope
    [WUT] Hope Month ago

    inside out might have a problem with this?
    so instead of "imagination land," it's a complete world with a story?

  • The Unholy Smirk
    The Unholy Smirk Month ago

    they could take the tarantino route and just make it a movie that was released in the universe?

  • Jeffrey Gao
    Jeffrey Gao Month ago

    Oh for crying out loud! You just don’t wanna get your precious Pixar Theory debunked don’t you? Also, I can’t take Onward’s title seriously because of this:

  • RegFromSpongebob77 Vlogs

    i think Andy became a movie writer, so he made onward as kind of a story to resemble his childhood

  • EJ Padilla
    EJ Padilla Month ago +1

    I have two theories
    1: Onward is after the good dinosaur but before brave the fantasy creatures evolved from dinosaurs and then into humans eventually they meet Boo/the witch and go through her door, go to the future bring futuristic technology back go back to the time of brave and go to a different part of the earth die out and the rest of the theory continues
    2: it is between Wall:E and monsters and the creatures evolved from humans into monsters when they talk about times of old they are talking about life on the axiom the stories from their great great great great great grandparents got told and changed so many times they came out with the story of mermaids and unicorns instead of robots

  • Cassidy Chaplin
    Cassidy Chaplin Month ago

    But the real question is, do both of you actually cry during the tear jerking moments?

  • Duck Cluck
    Duck Cluck Month ago

    If the Andy theory is true I don’t think Pixar will do the whole “at the end of the movie you see Andy sitting in front of his computer typing the end.” 1. that would be too easy. 2. Disney wouldn’t blatantly make two toy story related movies in a row 3. not everyone knows about the pixar theory

  • Robbl Jr
    Robbl Jr Month ago

    what if andy was high in college

  • Villads Jensen
    Villads Jensen Month ago

    The problem is that in toy story 1 and 2 smartphones didn't exits. So Andy would not now what a smartphone is

  • Guardian Sharks
    Guardian Sharks Month ago

    You know what’s funny? My name is j and my brothers name is ben😳😳😳

  • Joshi O Online
    Joshi O Online Month ago

    I like this theory! But my thought was: Onward is an early form of monsters. I think I like yours better

  • I Want Die
    I Want Die Month ago

    Andy's parents are divorced tho

  • KawaiiGachaGamer
    KawaiiGachaGamer Month ago +1

    But wait, I have a question. Why is it that when slinky’s tail is put in his mouth the force field he creates looks exactly like Violet’s? 🤨 Also, Andy doesn’t have a brothers so.

  • Jay Tudor
    Jay Tudor Month ago

    "Seriously, when was the last time your *fantasy* story included local infrastructure?" -Ben Carlin, 2019

  • stecky87
    stecky87 Month ago

    'When was the last time your fantasy story included local infrastructure?' XD

  • VisqGames
    VisqGames Month ago

    Maybe just after brave the magic got messed with and made the creatures from onward "times of old" then humans drove them away with advancing tec they went into hiding id say KEVIN from UP is a fantasy creature wouldn't you and hes good at hiding ?, fast forward a while then when humans left due to all the lead up to wally and in the time they were away the monsters that have been in hiding come out and try to make a life out of whats left (THIS WOULD BE THE MOVIE)eventually over the 700 years before humans get back from wall e they die out and then the humans that come back infuse the magic/ magical items that has been left around with technology to make the cars and planes that have their own personality traits, maybe the evil AI from walle manages to connect with rebuilt infrastructure that eventually lead to the humans downfall, the fact that we had supers ie the Incredibles could be from leftover magic in people that have been transformed or had magic cast on them from the times of brave and through the years they got supermutation due to it showing how humans can be mutated over time and passed down through generations lying dormant and thus giving us monsters later down the line when they have the tech to fully mutate themselves monsters take over however remember their human past and figure a way to use it to their advantage ie make power

    The best ive got feel free to poke holes it was off the top of my head so it will have a few probably 😂

  • Danielle Cooper
    Danielle Cooper Month ago +1

    Even their surname "Lightfoot" is close to Lightyear.......
    Just to add to the theory.
    And "Ian"... it may be a stretch but if his middle name began with a D his name would be " I-An D Lightfoot"........ I Andy Lightfoot.........
    Anyone?? Or am I...... reaching for the sky XD

  • Zyler Moore
    Zyler Moore Month ago

    It could be bonnie's imagination🤔

  • nick solis
    nick solis 2 months ago

    Maybe it was in a far away island from here

  • joshplays jtdr
    joshplays jtdr 2 months ago

    Every thing after wally was caused by wally

  • HanLan
    HanLan 2 months ago

    Your theories make you more gifted with imagination than Andy.

  • Chris Sanderson
    Chris Sanderson 2 months ago +2

    Andy’s bed actually casts a shadow, of you look closer.
    Two moons right there in the room!!

  • Maya
    Maya 2 months ago

    You guys are actually so good at these things im shocked each time

  • Hax 101
    Hax 101 2 months ago

    Maybe this is the transition between monsters and humans

  • Rhianna Foo
    Rhianna Foo 2 months ago

    I am facepalming right now
    I’m sorry I have to say this


  • pokemon star
    pokemon star 2 months ago

    I have theory, onward is after monsters Inc but not in the way you think, what if after brave ends a second time boo somehow unreleases magic onto the world

  • Ooga Bo0ga
    Ooga Bo0ga 2 months ago +1

    maybe another planet. There are two moons on the opening.

  • Katherine Hutchison
    Katherine Hutchison 2 months ago +1

    50% of comments- Onward is a book that Andy wrote
    45%-it’s a game of D and D
    5%- other stuff

  • Brenden Parada
    Brenden Parada 2 months ago +1

    What if andy wrote every story after collage and toy story was based on his childhood imagination🤔

  • Frostfire
    Frostfire 2 months ago +1

    Pixar: Well boys. We did it. Pixar Theory is no more.
    SCB: Allow us to introduce ourselves.

  • pillFight
    pillFight 2 months ago

    If this is the actual truth about Onward... Then, I think, the whole Pixar Theory is a imagination by Andy. How about the more 'technical' movies with more Robots and space-included themes is Andy as an adult, where he actually works as an animator/child book writer himself, remembering his childhood. That's maybe why the Toy Story car is present in all movies.


    • pillFight
      pillFight Month ago

      @iloveutubesince3207 Omg, I want this as a t-shirt print now haha.

    • iloveutubesince3207
      iloveutubesince3207 Month ago

      Andy is the Franklin Richards of Pixar.

  • amdor 8D
    amdor 8D 2 months ago

    I think you're stretching it a bit to get it to fit into the Pixar theory.

  • captainweekend
    captainweekend 2 months ago

    I think it's more likely to be Boo's imagination before she grew up to be the witch in Brave

  • Green Spark
    Green Spark 2 months ago

    My first thought just from the trailers on how Onward fits in the timeline is that it's the transitional period between Wall E and Monsters Inc