Chris Matthews: Trump Only Wants To Be Friends With Dictators

  • Published on Jun 12, 2018
  • The host of 'Hardball with Chris Matthews' says the man elected to run the free world is disbanding it.
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Comments • 3 544

  • Valter Ek
    Valter Ek Day ago

    Sweden - The best country in the World!

  • Jan
    Jan 3 days ago

    When people say "America is the greatest country in the world and everyone knows that" I always picture them alone standing in a room full of mirrors with their images just blabbing back at them whatever they shout.

  • liberty Ann
    liberty Ann 13 days ago

    Can we get rid of our leader now?

  • The Reckoner
    The Reckoner 18 days ago

    I never realized that Chris seems to have the clarity of thought and eloquence of a 9th grader, closer to a 7th grader when he's trying to be funny and is laughing that creepy fake laugh. Hell he was completely nonsensical for the first 3 minutes of the segment.
    Sorry, I just don't see his talent as an interviewer and certainly not as a interviewee here.

  • Dr Dread
    Dr Dread 21 day ago

    D E L U D E D..........

  • Julie W.
    Julie W. 23 days ago

    Yes, sure. What did he say? The moral backbone??? PLEASE!!! - There are people in this documentary that should be killed, slowly. They are heartless monsters.
    Unlike the Nazis, who the Americans rushed to judge & execute (and the Nazis SHOULD have been executed), these monsters (the ones in My Lai - I actually have to specify), murderers & rapists of CHILDREN, murderers of BABIES (BABIES!!!!!) had ABSOLUTELY NO PUNISHMENT (a little house arrest for one). The pictures from this horrific massacre will haunt me forever. The moral backbone???????? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And this was only ONE of the many massacres in that war, and other wars, done by Americans - only ONE.) Even today, I see Americans defend the actions of the murderers at My Lai, the rapings and slitting open of girl's vaginas, the scalping, the removing of tongues, the murder of little babies. I know, without a doubt, that I would do whatever it took to defend a baby or a toddler (any child). I DO know that; and there is no excuse for these disgusting actions, where the American People SUPPORTED THESE MURDERERS after the massacre!!!!! SUPPORTED THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I've seen the pictures, and I'm beyond disgusted. Keep believing the propaganda lies of the US (we're great, we're the best . . .). I know better. It's not surprising that this president is successfully pulling off such a shocking propaganda campaign.
    And BTW, as I've learned about how Americans react/deter from the facts, PLEASE DO NOT jump to, "Oh yeah? Well, what about the massacres by (fill in another country)?" I've yet to see a murder defence where they actually said, "Well, yes, we killed 5 children, but I can tell you about a murderer who killed 10!" Good for you. And . . .? You're point???? We are talking about YOU and how your BS comments about being morally superior are laughable. The American people supported them!!!!!!! AFTER hearing about what these murderers did!!!!!! One of the murderers actually had the gall to say they did the morally right thing. As I look at the pictures of slaughtered babies, and hear the stories of raping and burning children, and more (!) all I can do, is try to decide if I want to cry, vomit, or both.
    [Sorry if I made mistakes; I can't look this one over.]

  • Julie W.
    Julie W. 23 days ago

    FYI - ONLY AMERICANS (of the free world) think that the United States is the greatest country of the world. It IS NOT a fact. Not even close (there is that absolute arrogance and lack of humility, that makes other countries hate you - especially since it isn't true). That is a lie you tell each other, like the idea that you guys are an island that doesn't need anyone, when you GREATLY rely on imports (and exports). Trump and his supporters don't get that - you will (lol). This is a country that lets their own people die because they can't afford Health Care. A country that intentionally keeps poor people poor, and rich people rich, because they're scared of socialism. Most of them don't know the difference between socialism & communism, and even worse, they don't realize they already HAVE socialism (SMH), only to a different degree. The ONLY members of the free world that think the US is the greatest country in the world, is the United States - that's it. The reasons some people grew up wanting to go to the United States is because they believed the lie; the same lie they tell themselves (we're the best, we're totally free, everyone is treated fair, anyone can become anything here . . .). Universal health care is free in so many countries. Americans are arrogant as Hell (this guy & Trump are the PERFECT examples), what's worse is it's tied to ignorance (their education system is horrible). Then there's the EXTREME violence in the United States, the extreme racism, and the seething hatred all Americans have for each other for various reasons (Rep/Democrat, race, religion). And WTF is he talking about moral superiority??? Are you kidding me???? There's a number of countries that would STRONGLY disagree with you for very good reason. What a joke. In Canada, if you are born poor, you TRULY have the opportunity to become anything. We don't have the slums you see in the United States. I actually feel uncomfortable being next to the States (like a dangerous neighbor). And he really thinks Canadians like Americans? I can't speak for all Canadians, but although we are fine with some (the ones that aren't arrogant braggarts that come to Canada and think they can do anything they want because "I'm an American" - And?), most Canadians (esp. ones that were born here) are not fans, overall, with Americans. Not at all.

  • Julie W.
    Julie W. 23 days ago

    No, Trump was NEVER the leader of the free world. He was/is the leader of the United States; that's it.

  • debbie541
    debbie541 23 days ago

    There are several best countries in the world and The USA is definitely not one of them, not even close.. Your we are the world Indoctrination is your impairment of reality.

  • Will Newcomb
    Will Newcomb 27 days ago

    Thomas Moore was a more complicated character than the movie portrayed. He sent plenty of catholics to the gallows.

  • toney ingram
    toney ingram 28 days ago

    It's a great country if you are a pale face liar

  • toney ingram
    toney ingram 28 days ago

    Trump is just another damn fool

  • Cush
    Cush Month ago

    The USA is definitely not the best country in the world. Never was.

  • TheUnhuz
    TheUnhuz Month ago

    EUA model for democracy??? LOLSo you not even a democracy.... because that work means power of the people and you elected trump not the one that your people voted for.

  • Rita Marie Kelley
    Rita Marie Kelley Month ago

    Chris Mathews, a huge propaganda mouthpiece.

  • Cindy Zer
    Cindy Zer Month ago

    Why's everyone so focused on the best country of the world comment? The discussion of man of all season and integrity of leaders is so much more interesting and more important in their conversation.

  • william c.
    william c. Month ago

    #Maga Trump2020

  • Katy Sarah
    Katy Sarah Month ago

    Don’t hate America but I absolutely do not agree that America is the greatest country in the world...

  • Xhanthan
    Xhanthan Month ago

    what a complex mind Mr. Matthews has: "We are the best and the good guys, and even the bad guys know it" - how much hours of reading old philosophers in college did this take?

  • RampantArtist
    RampantArtist Month ago

    clarification... *only* the USA and people from terrible places see the US as the "greatest" country. No one else does. Canadians think the US is great as a partner and ally but we prefer our freedom to whatever the fuck the US has. No healthcare, no agreement bw states. It is so close to civil war in so many ways.... gun violence on one hand and the insane idea of "crisis actors" on the other. No freedom or guarantee of rights for marginalized groups. No compassion for less fortunate people. Totally nutso conspiracy groups everywhere and gee the kkk... the US has some great aspects but the greatest country? That is a total joke... only believed by the uneducated, ignorant or desperate. I want to do a year traveling in my van but wont until I find a solution for the winter months that doesn't include being in the US at ALL. I lived there... west and east coasts. Most folks are nice but utterly clueless about the world. It's an ok place... but far from the greatest ever.Please.

  • Adam Bechtol
    Adam Bechtol Month ago


  • Joe Tanaka
    Joe Tanaka 2 months ago +1

    Mr Matthews and this host are victims of TDS.

  • kyo_ch
    kyo_ch 2 months ago

    that movie thing is true, my friend her family is all republican and when I slept over, they prepared 3 hours in advance, we arrived an hour early to get good seating and all our food, but when me and my friends get together who i guess would identify as liberal we all just.. go

  • Evan Moskovoy
    Evan Moskovoy 2 months ago

    That is the problem with America. People are so ignorant they actually think America is the best country.

  • Rachid Abbach
    Rachid Abbach 2 months ago

    No other country in the world had elections before 1754??? .... WTF ?!! Get your history in check Mathews England , Holland ,and even Germany had before that elections and how about the romans they had elections or even the Greeks so what are you mumbling about ?!!

  • Leanne Fisher
    Leanne Fisher 2 months ago

    Sorry, I’m Canadian, you are not the best Country in the world. You don’t have universal health care !

  • CDN Adrian
    CDN Adrian 2 months ago

    Chris Matthews is a terrible guest, poor stephen couldn’t get a word in edge wise.

  • robbiedef
    robbiedef 2 months ago

    the lefties are the real racists. They support bombing the hell out of middle eastern nations without due process. Mere accusations are enough to overthrow governments. I bet they were really happy watching dead Syrian babies washing ashore. Thank you, Obama.

  • R D
    R D 2 months ago

    Somebody please give the crooked mouth man Chris Matthews a little brown teddy bear to hold while he is crying like a little bitch punk. He like many Demon-crats thought that crooked Hillary was going to win so they can suck on her saggy nipples while in the oval office. I think that quivering Chris has something in the closet that he himself is knows will be revealed. What are you hiding Mr. big mouth????

  • Iamno1 Noone
    Iamno1 Noone 2 months ago

    Gotta love Chris Matthew!!

  • F
    F 2 months ago

    Firstly, the president of USA is not he leader of the Free world. Nice country but it has lost it's way, it's people are killing each other at a rate of knots. I would not want to live there at all, no health care, rich getting richer and poor getting poorer. African American people and minorities still getting killed by police members just for looking the wrong way. Yuck. Horrible place. However, Chris Mathews spoke well. I have never heard him speak and thought what he said was poignant.

  • DJ Saint-Hubert
    DJ Saint-Hubert 2 months ago

    can I consider snails noble life on this planet?

  • Joe Friendly
    Joe Friendly 2 months ago

    Good to see comments like by kirinphoebe1 that point out America is a bully in the world, not a force for democracy. The USA is a criminal enterprise, an evil empire, that has wrongfully bombed more than 30 countries since the second World War and killed more than 30 million people. We need to wake up as a people and replace our corrupt votes for sale sham democracy with a government truly of, for, and by the people. We need to begin creating a government in waiting to peacefully replace the mess.

  • Anna93
    Anna93 2 months ago

    America is a country that has some fine qualities. But the best? Good for an American to feel that. But don't assume the rest of the world feels the same way.

  • J D
    J D 2 months ago

    Exhibit A of why politics has no place in late night talk shows. I used to watch you Colbert until your anti trump rhetoric became like that of a broken record. The truth will prevail, soon the light will be shined for all to see. #QAnon is not a joke. Be on the right side of history. DO your OWN research. Stop buying the MSM narrative hook line and sinker..

  • Cary Revels
    Cary Revels 2 months ago

    The Late show sucks now How Johnny Carson must be turning over in his Grave seeing this half wit day in and day out attack Trump You need to be Brain Dead to watch this shit...Sad so butt hurt HollyWood Liberals the more you cry the more popuar Trump gets ...its magical

  • Cary Revels
    Cary Revels 2 months ago

    Just think of it this way. Trump will be gone in 2024 but his court appointed judges will live on and on. Socialism is dead...Obama cried all night..

  • pieniaurinko
    pieniaurinko 2 months ago

    Ugh! I was growing pretty annoyed at this self understanding of a lot of US americans as being the leaders of the free world that anyone would do oh so well to be granted the opportunity to bow down to before this, but Matthews makes my patience run dry.
    Honecker may have wanted to meet the POTUS, but guess what? That was 28 years, a Bush, Clinton, Bush and now aTrump presidency ago.
    The US behaves like a bully on a school yard. Grow up, show some respect or at least common decency towards others (as well as your own people), and maybe you'll be shown the same respect in return. Until then, Mr. Matthews, kindly f*** off.

  • Roberto Aguirre
    Roberto Aguirre 3 months ago

    This is so Dark.... are you sure you are not from de DC Universe?

  • anynameplease2007
    anynameplease2007 3 months ago

    Your so sick.liberal/ left

  • todd shaw
    todd shaw 3 months ago

    Greatest country in the world doesn't enslave people or assassinate their leaders or negotiate with dictators. Fuck Trump

  • FascistAnarchist999
    FascistAnarchist999 3 months ago

    Why is it that Roosevelt was allies with Stalin and the Russians during WW2? It was to help defeat Hitler, and the Nazis. But did Roosevelt like Stalin? He probably couldn't stand him because of the millions of people that died because of him, but if want to get things done, you'll the asses of the worse of the worse.

  • FascistAnarchist999
    FascistAnarchist999 3 months ago

    I'd love to see those rich Hollywood liberals that make 20 million a movie try to make that much living in a communist country. They'll learn that communism in those countries isn't the same as their left-wing socialism.

  • Beth B
    Beth B 3 months ago

    Best country in the world? On what could you possibly base a candy cane dream of that on. Trump has taken the U.S. from a valuable ally, to an adversary. It's such a shame. And yes, Chris, you do need troops. The entire U.S. economy is built on the war machine. When an economic "shot in the arm" is needed, create a war. So see? Your president is perfect for the job. How does that make you feel?

  • Cheeseatingjunlista
    Cheeseatingjunlista 3 months ago

    However great theae guys think the USA was it no longer is and under Trump it is plunging ever faster and will take the rest of the West down with it. We are your allies and in the eyes of the rest of the world pretty much all mebers of the same gang

  • James Hughes
    James Hughes 3 months ago

    I just hope I outlive this piece of shit libtard. I’ll find his grave , drive a steel pipe through his grave , into his coffin, put a funnel on the pipe and piss down in his dead decaying face. This asshole is what is killing this country!!!!!

    • Albert Ross
      Albert Ross 3 months ago

      I hope you are a very young athiest who just figured out how to use the internet, because there is nothing mature, learned or Christian about your attitude and comment.

  • ZakAshChan
    ZakAshChan 3 months ago

    The President of the USA has never led the "free-world".

  • earthminus10
    earthminus10 3 months ago

    Someone will need to smudge the white house when trumps out

  • Thomas Bulk
    Thomas Bulk 3 months ago

    Everyone wants to go to the white house Chris Matthews?.... maybe not a few of the Eagles. Nationalism anyone?

  • AussieKopite
    AussieKopite 3 months ago

    Lol, greatest country in the world. A country beholden to an old document used to justify deaths in schools by guns. Really great...

    • Albert Ross
      Albert Ross 3 months ago

      Even if you do not belive the USA is the greatest, you have to recognize it is a great nation. Flawed, currently fucked up but still great.

  • VeronicaMist
    VeronicaMist 3 months ago

    No one outside of the United States thinks the United States is the best country in the world. Travel out of North America and watch the news - anywhere.

  • the42the42
    the42the42 3 months ago

    I would have watched the Advertisement before your video, but it was yet another PragerU propaganda piece pushing blind logical fallacies that I have seen a dozen times already. It's difficult to retain enough intelligence by the end of the PragerU bit to fully enjoy your show! It's not that I wouldn't watch a five minute advertisement for you, it's that I need brain function sufficient to remember why I was watching!

  • alexis comey
    alexis comey 3 months ago +1


  • tommyt1971
    tommyt1971 3 months ago

    Jeez, Matthews is taller than I thought & he lost some weight too.

  • YellowStoner
    YellowStoner 3 months ago +1

    Jesus this guy laughs like Seth Rogen
    not a bad thing though

  • Randall Davis
    Randall Davis 3 months ago

    Maybe Melania has the hots for Justin.

  • Linda Valdeen
    Linda Valdeen 3 months ago

    To make buds with dictators and tyrants it might be the ticket for primary visits, to exchange gifts of the most precious items in and on this planet, being perfect natural four inch gem stone crystals...
    Trump wanting to be friends with all leaders means an emperor is working his way to establishing world peace by attempting to establish the league of nations...

    • Albert Ross
      Albert Ross 3 months ago

      Go home Putin, you're drunk.

    • Linda Valdeen
      Linda Valdeen 3 months ago

      The weather is like a toilet here.. It rains icy cold acid drizzle nearly every day and night.. Our food crops are failing.. Your pollution is damaging everything here too.. and like your nation, cannibalism is on the rise.. Our weather control system isn't quite complete.. How many baked human infants do your politicians and actors consume annually..? Is there a shortage of babies in America..? How many of you eat a baked human baby as the cristmus turkey..? Is Santa still alive there..? How's Elvis doing..?
      Things here are on the rise pleasurable now, since women's breasts and nipples are now legal to be seen in public places nationwide.. Everywhere one goes there be amazingly huge nakeed woman breasts showing on the chests of the world's most beautiful half nakeed women.. I am having great difficulty in keeping the erection down when in public.. Does your erection still function in all that deadly pollution..?
      Why do you ask..? How is the weather in the European detention colonies..?
      How are things going in your life-stifling cristinsanity nation..?
      Petrol here is still 28 to 37-cents per gallon.. Is your gas still over 5-dollars per gallon..? Is your FBI, CIA, DEA, NSA, and such, still trying to coup the government, and enslave the people for sex toys, slaves, and veal..?
      Is Bush's killer vaccine program still actively victimizing and destroying innocent children's brains and minds to convert them into a subspecies cattle-class vampire and zombie self-breeding fodder..?
      I see you have several volcanoes threatening to blow-up all along the west coast.. Are you prepared for such an extreme disaster..? I wager California will see a lot of lava flowing, like is happening in Hawaii..
      Do you think Hawaii will survive that mess..? My experts tell me that soon the Hawaiian Islands will be airborne rock and dust, and half of it submerged in a newly formed Pacific trench.. How long can Hawaiians tread boiling-water..? Do you folks have Brown's reasoning for destroying California.. for turning the 'golden state' into the toilet state, into a third world entity..? Does he want California all for himself only..? Is it a major serious greed item, insanity based..? Does America have a list of how many politicians are actually criminally-insane..? Hows the drug problem there..? Are young school children still ingesting dangerous hard drugs coast to coast..? I see in your third rate media concerns many children below the age of 12 are showing cocaino eyes.. Do your schools and churches provide cocaino for America's preadolescence children..?
      Will your California ever be forced to join the nation's unity, and abide by the nation's laws..? Why hasn't the American government nuked Brown and his hoard of vampires..?
      When will your criminal CNN have its broadcasting permit revoked, and all your active traitors be disposed of in Cuba, or in fiery mass-graves..? Why does your government allow your media to insult and damage your government..? If they did that here, we would have them all sent to the firing squad, and fed to the hogs at the rail-yard holding pens in a Moscow minute...
      Are you ready for war there..? Soon America will be our continental cornfield.. How many nukes do you think it will take to turn America into a coast to coast corn field..?
      Does America tax its citizens for breathing..?
      Is it true that America has squads of happiness police..? Is happiness illegal in America..? Do you people still urinate and defecate in the streets in public..?
      Are half consumed corpses still being found in city lanes and alleys in mornings..?
      Are Clinton and Soros still running America..?

  • SeniorRouge
    SeniorRouge 3 months ago +1

    repugnicans behave like lemmings

  • Johnny Skinwalker
    Johnny Skinwalker 3 months ago

    Make peace with North Korea. "Hey Trump wants make friends with Dictators". Jesus Christ!

  • SuperGamer87
    SuperGamer87 3 months ago

    Conservatives. Spent decades condemning Communists.

    Trump spends his Presidency admiring Communist despots.

    Conservatives stay silent as Trump ruins what's left of their namesake.

    • Albert Ross
      Albert Ross 3 months ago

      Well I would argue the term "greatest nation" means something different to different people. But I would like to know, if USA is not the greatest what nation do you think is?

    • SuperGamer87
      SuperGamer87 3 months ago

      Oh, and as a black America of English and native Creek ancestry, I can tell you--America's never been nor is the greatest nation in the world.

      The strongest, sure. The richest, sure. The place I personally would rather be, than anywhere else, sure. But American history isn't so polished, for someone like myself.

      Only Americans of European descent tend to revel in how "great" and "free" America has been and is, because they've always seen the best of such liberties and privileges.

      Now, that doesn't mean America doesn't have its advantages (and we do have advantages), but it also doesn't mean America's always been responsible with those advantages, either.

      America's the most privileged country in the world. We shouldn't confuse that as the "greatest." "Greatest" implies that we've been the ideal model for the world--and "we" (if such a true "we" ever existed about ever-divided America) simply haven't.

  • Jennifer Morris
    Jennifer Morris 3 months ago

    Hate to disillusion you but the US is not even close to being the greatest country in the world.

    • Albert Ross
      Albert Ross 3 months ago

      What nation is? What makes a "greatest nation".

  • Richard Gagliano
    Richard Gagliano 3 months ago

    Pseudo intellectual, take the marbles out of your mouth, though he’s so irrelevant it doesn’t really matter. Go back to Holy Cross and take an economics course you idiot.

  • syandit biswas
    syandit biswas 3 months ago

    Chris matthews can suck a dick .... to be precise .... Hillary's.
    People should be called out for what they are ..... its good to see Trump being scrutinized .... how abount the bastard that is Chris ..... why the fuck does he get to be above scrutiny? Fuck him. He does not have the moral ground to question trump.

    • Albert Ross
      Albert Ross 3 months ago

      This is the United States of America. Every individual has the constitutionally protected right to question Trump or any other leader. You questioned Obama did you not? If one leader is held beyond question, they all are.
      We can disagree about the issues and we can disagree with our leaders. But what is most important is that we both agree that we both have the freedom to disagree with whoever is in power.
      All men are created equal, even presidents.

  • aserino1
    aserino1 3 months ago +1

    Out of all the countries in the world there wouldn't be a single country I'd rather live in than America. That must tell you something.

  • becky selfridge
    becky selfridge 3 months ago +1

    holy shit. a 12 minute interview and all anyone can mention is how chris said we were the best. how about the very real things he laid out for world military movement? that IS scary. NK wont give up their nukes. like chris said, its all they have. maybe im the only one here worried about whether there will be a habitable planet for my kids and grandkids to live on.

  • becky selfridge
    becky selfridge 3 months ago +1

    America is a polarizing place. So full of wonderful things, people, and places. however, i think that there are equal depths to this Country... there are things here as bad as the good things are good. its a huge tossup. there is no way to ultimately lay out a pro/con list for whos best of the best? a country that values its people, that values the planet, that values its neighbors... they can all be slated for the "best" country in the world.

  • FascistAnarchist999
    FascistAnarchist999 3 months ago

    Why don't liberals ever say anything about Castro, and his human rights abuses?

    • Albert Ross
      Albert Ross 3 months ago

      P.S. I am a PBS news hour guy and I hate watching Chris Matthews. Which is why I'm here? Why is he relevant? Colbert must be hurting for guests.

    • FascistAnarchist999
      FascistAnarchist999 3 months ago

      Nice find, but you'll never see MSNBC or CNN bring up Castros abuses, just like you'll never hear that gays played a big role in bringing Hitler to power.

    • Albert Ross
      Albert Ross 3 months ago

      What are you talking about? It has been brought up many times liberal academics and liberal media. But Trump isn't meeting with Fidel Castro and Fidel Castro didn't have nuclear weapons he has no intention of giving up.

  • Sam Wilko
    Sam Wilko 3 months ago

    What a strangely impolite man. And what a bizarrely arrogant country.

  • donna dorey
    donna dorey 3 months ago

    It's unfortunate the United States continued to claim it's being the "greatest country in the world, unfortunately, its a little too much like those profiles on Instagram of individuals who claim to be the "hottest, best looking" people on the net. But individuals who make claims of themselves using selective adjectives too often look as if they are trying too hard. Suggesting one is better than another is entirely subjective, what one thinks over another will always be very different, or subjective. Currently, there are very few around the world who might be willing to suggest the United States could be the "best" in the world, the nation has very little to offer that might motivate anyone think it is a country that has more to offer over anyone else. Canada has universal health care, no one in the country to the North must sell their home to pay for their illness or to stay alive. Canada has had gay rights and same-sex marriage for in excess of a decade, why is the United States still discussing it. Canada also offers its citizens paternal leave for both mothers and fathers to choose between 6 months and 1 year off when they have a child. Very little in the United States currently looks to be better than what Canada continues to offer its citizens. Claiming to be better than anyone else only looks to be trying too hard due to a considerable problemwith being insecure.

  • Mickey D
    Mickey D 3 months ago

    China is the one that benefits the most if we pull out of the region. They and Russia want this, so Putin pushed for it for China, and Trump agreed to it with Kim. China is the only country that has a government/regime that has state-sanctioned forced live organ harvesting of the people they rule over.

  • Doomed Corn
    Doomed Corn 3 months ago

    Trump Only Wants To Be Friends With Dictators. This has three meanings 1. Trump Only Wants To Be Friends With Dicks. 2. Trump Only Wants To Be Friends With tators (tator tots, to go with his bed burgers) Trump Only Wants To Be Friends With Dictators

  • Ian Carter
    Ian Carter 3 months ago

    Only the US CANNOT remove a leader (except for assassinating them), the rest of the "Free" nations do regularly, as here in Australia, we change them very often!

  • Wayne Dombrowski
    Wayne Dombrowski 3 months ago

    Is America the greatest country in the world?I think that's an excellently debatable and illuminating question that all Americans with a conscience should ponder often.For my two cents,for NOW we are the lone superpower,militarily,economically and culturally.But morally?Try this thought experiment:if Trump/Putin succeed in hastening the decline of U.S. hegemony,making Russia and China great again,do you think they will care one whit about using their might to strong-arm other countries on Human Rights and Democracy?

  • Brian Holmes
    Brian Holmes 3 months ago

    When asked why he supported Kim Jong Un, Trump said “The only reason I support him is so that our country doesn’t get destroyed by nuclear war”. It’s a shame that it would be considered an accomplishment if Obama had done it, but NO, it was Trump, so the left has to criticize him. How pathetic.

  • c Lok
    c Lok 3 months ago

    Holy shit let Stephen talk.

  • swel5
    swel5 3 months ago

    Have no wish to be invited to White House ...ever. Thx

  • Sparrow Dean
    Sparrow Dean 3 months ago

    Chris Matthews is delusional, the USA is a partial democracy at best and is certainly NOT the greatest country in the world. Am not convinced that even he believes that.

  • J Goetz
    J Goetz 3 months ago

    Bunch of people complain about America but do nothing to make it better. STFU

  • Jon Collings
    Jon Collings 3 months ago

    Surely there isn't any doubt that the US is a Plutocracy where the political parties are controlled by the billionaires and corporations and where Congress does very little that the people support

  • Kiran Patel
    Kiran Patel 3 months ago

    Trump can’t grab Canada 🇨🇦 or France 🇫🇷 because they are very young hard for trump only stromy Daniel

  • Kiran Patel
    Kiran Patel 3 months ago

    We Americans always kind genuine respect love intelligence helping people God create special status for USA 🇺🇸 nodout god bless America

  • quietshadow
    quietshadow 3 months ago

    Chris Matthews is one of those old school Democrats who has no idea what his party has become.
    Get with it, Chris.

  • quietshadow
    quietshadow 3 months ago

    Amazing how modern Democrats have become moral arbiters and champions of democracy.
    They're delusional frauds.

  • Willie Jack
    Willie Jack 3 months ago

    These guys are perfect examples of BIGOTS---new information will not change their minds

  • Quinzark
    Quinzark 3 months ago

    Stopped listening to this guy after the verbal incontinence about being the 'best country in the world'.

  • Haroon Abdul Majeed
    Haroon Abdul Majeed 3 months ago

    An old man is babbling and he has no idea what he is talking about.

  • Helmut Zollner
    Helmut Zollner 3 months ago

    Not so surprising.
    Apparently Hitler and Stalin really liked each other and are reporter to have heaped praise on each other.
    But can Trump really fill those shoes?

  • Peter Roda
    Peter Roda 3 months ago

    Canada is no longer your friend....

  • StephBer1
    StephBer1 3 months ago

    I live in a country that has compulsory voting. Sometimes it's a pain but I would NEVER not do it. I don't think Americans realise how important it is to vote, not just talk. Just because you don't like a candidate doesn't mean you are dismissed from making your contribution to the country. If everyone who hated Trump voted for Hillary, she would be in power. Instead, they didn't vote at all, and were then shocked at the outcome! You have NO RIGHT to abstain from voting if you are going to get Republicans out.

    • Sparrow Dean
      Sparrow Dean 3 months ago

      StephBer1 Makes no difference how people vote, their votes do not elect the president. The Electoral College elects the president, not the people.
      Hillary received almost 3 million more votes than Trump, but the Electoral College elected Trump president.
      George W Bush was also elected president by the Electoral College, although he lost the vote of the people to Democrat Al Gore, who received 540,000 more votes than him.

  • Nx Doyle
    Nx Doyle 3 months ago

    I posted a longer comment, but the tl;dr is: The greatness of a country transcends quantitative metrics, so the claim "America is the greatest nation ever" cannot be a fact.
    More importantly, the entire premise of a "greatest nation ever" is fundamentally flawed. You don't need to look at the planet from space to understand how selfish, arrogant and fatuous that claim is. But knowing where you are in relation to the rest of the observable universe is very helpful in determining the veracity of a bloviating trombone like Chris Matthews.

  • Nx Doyle
    Nx Doyle 3 months ago

    To say a country is the greatest ever is one thing. To call that statement a fact beggars belief. Matthews clearly is of the view that saying things in a strident, declarative manner makes them 'more true'.
    Matthews' exceptionalism is pretty fucking vapid. The entire premise of "greatest nation" is flawed. We live on a planet, one species among millions. We're the only species that operates on the basis of controlling it, rather than communing with it. Worse, we are the only species that _can_ commune with it but we choose not to.
    To bring it back from hippie-type talk and put Matthews' claims in historical geo-political context, America as "The Great Experiment" drew its influence from Britain and France, an undoubtedly noble goal to safeguard against the tyranny of divine rule and for individual rights and freedoms.
    Matthews glibly holds up America in comparison to the histories of all other nations and concludes, with all the hubris of a man who thinks such notions are self-evident and require no examination, that America is the greatest and was greatest from day one.
    If you allow the clearly misguided, nonsensical notion of a 'best' or 'greatest' nation, you have to open that claim to scrutiny. And the first step in that process is to assess what is quantifiable. On a purely quantifiable scale, America does not come out on top. The response to that from people like Matthews is to disregard the quantitative results on the basis that it is an inadequate metric, that the essence of a nation cannot be quantified. And that's fine, but in ceding that there is no metric by which we can measure 'greatness', you can't call "x is the greatest nation ever" a fact. It's a horseshit claim by a fatuous tit.

  • RedondoBeach2
    RedondoBeach2 3 months ago

    Chris Matthews acted like a weirdo in this interview, especially in the first minute. Awkwardly attempted to sound funny. Really weird and not funny at all. I say this as a person who also does not support Trump. But Matthews is a serious weirdo.

  • Hyperworm
    Hyperworm 3 months ago

    He was trying so hard to get an applause by repeating "greatest country in the world". Are we really still using this infantile phrase in 2018? He clearly doesn't go to other countries much.

  • Nx Doyle
    Nx Doyle 3 months ago

    "Everybody know, even the bad guys know we're the best country" is a load of barely specious horseshit. Everybody knows that America is the most _powerful_ country and as a result knows on which side their bread is buttered.

  • Maple
    Maple 3 months ago

    Such a bullshit show!

  • My dog Layla
    My dog Layla 3 months ago

    So what is the alternative, Chris Matthews? Nuclear war?

  • clay williston
    clay williston 3 months ago +1

    Trump never fought in a war this is his way of hurting US ALL he lies through his teeth ,he has the nerve of standing on the SACRED GROUND OF ARLINGTON CEMETERY,how many canadians died fighting as well. Trump has the nerve of speaking down to his allies WHAT A COWARDLY COWARDLY DOG

  • tina Haynes
    tina Haynes 3 months ago

    Go Canadian Lumbering !

  • Derick Singh
    Derick Singh 3 months ago

    Chris shot the u old pussy mouth u hang lip u sniff Obama and hill crutch u boyfriend dump u like u as a old hore

  • web lab
    web lab 3 months ago

    Where is the 100M like button?