• Published on Jan 11, 2019
  • Let's turn this big Barbie doll head into James Charles from his new Unleash Your Inner Artist eyeshadow palette!
    Check the Hextian's doll version of James Charles here:
    My inspiration for today, the sister James' original tutorial:
    How to Repaint Big Barbie Head:
    My Best Doll Repaint:
    Repainting Big 17'' Monster High Doll:
    I post a new doll repaint every week Friday and I mostly work on Monster High and Barbie dolls. Also next to the speedpaint drawing tutorials on my Doll Channel you can find numerous Craft Ideas for Barbie, Monster High, Ever After High dolls. I have lots of DIY Projects and crafts for kids and parents.
    My dolls can be purchased here:
    Instagram: @poppenatelier
    Which materials to choose for doll repaint? Check my video here:
    How to prepare a doll for customizing? Check it here:
    How to reroot your old doll hair:
    How to blush doll body:
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  • James Charles
    James Charles 2 months ago +104344

    THIS IS SO COOL!!!! Oh my god! You are so talented, thank you so much for sharing your art with me and your subscribers.

      KOOKIE WOOKIE! Month ago

      James Charles WE DID GUYS 100K LIKES ON HERE

    • Anime Girl
      Anime Girl Month ago

      Yay! So inspiring she’s so great! I love her and your work!

      KOOKIE WOOKIE! Month ago

      James Charles I love ur channel so much

    • haleys tiktoks
      haleys tiktoks Month ago

      this is why you are so amazing 😲💜

    • *arxstry*
      *arxstry* 2 months ago

      no kidding thoo

  • Popular Queen
    Popular Queen 6 minutes ago

    Omg James doll is amazing you are talented

  • Alva Megan
    Alva Megan 4 hours ago

    I'm sister shook

  • Bibizaynabi Saidasliddinzoda

    It looks amazing but the face shape of the doll is a bit too round while James's face is square and that ruins the entire effect. It looks super cool otherwise, especially the eyes! You are soo talented Poppen !

  • Амина Тажгенова

    Русский акцент

  • Vanessa Correia
    Vanessa Correia Day ago

    WOW! Brilliant and beautifully done! She's a cute version of James 😋❤

  • Rena Decker
    Rena Decker Day ago

    Oml I’m so surprised how this came out! You do you girl!

  • DiegoAmai _
    DiegoAmai _ Day ago +1

    Do a Pabllo Vittar doll Please ❤❤❤ She is the most famous brazilian Drag Queen i think she will love it.

  • Betty Campero Sánchez

    Beautiful creation. 😍

  • The Toy Grotto
    The Toy Grotto 2 days ago +1

    Have you considered doing a Jeffree Star one?

  • Anna Leinauer
    Anna Leinauer 3 days ago

    poppen is in German a word for having sex😂

  • Courtney
    Courtney 4 days ago

    We need a sister Shane Dawson In full glam done by jeffree doll next

  • Mandy Phenom
    Mandy Phenom 4 days ago

    Wasted a doll on J.C... Gross.

  • Bubdolf
    Bubdolf 5 days ago +1

    6:08 Flashback Mary is at it again. 😂

  • La Kurome Sentimental

    WOU sin palabras, tienes un talento increíble ;3

  • Lady_Lone_Wolf _Unboxings & More

    Wow love one
    Not that you will see this from the 1000s and 1000s of comments
    But I have a nice that nail polish 3 of her dolls faces the full face 2 Barbie's and 1 normal doll
    My question is how do I get the nail polish off there faces with out taking off there actual faces from the factory paint on face

  • SheLovesHair
    SheLovesHair 6 days ago

    How much would you charge to remake a barbie looking like a regular person. I would be honored if you could make some of these for my 2 daughters in their likeness.

  • Deidre Muhammad
    Deidre Muhammad 6 days ago

    Really cool!

  • Chilliya Chi
    Chilliya Chi 6 days ago

    Вы русская? У вас акцен как у русской

  • Samantha Murphy
    Samantha Murphy 6 days ago

    Isn't his hair like a dark brown, not black?
    I'm not trying to hate, I'm just asking because I don't really watch him.

  • Adel Belgacem
    Adel Belgacem 6 days ago

    First of all i love you to death 😍😍😍 but basically at first the doll like like gigi George's or is that just me ???

  • Abigail Sophie
    Abigail Sophie 6 days ago

    I thought James hair was brown

  • Кристина Локтева

    даже у меня произношение лучше

  • Тамара Иванченко

    Такой жёсткий русский акцент:))

  • Kellie Tobey
    Kellie Tobey 7 days ago

    Can you do a Jaclyn Hill doll??!!??? You’ve done Nikki and you’ve done James! Do Jaclyn!

  • FanGirl Anna Parra
    FanGirl Anna Parra 7 days ago +1

    Geez 2 minutes just talking ._.

  • Foggy Evil
    Foggy Evil 7 days ago

    Я же не одна слышу этот потрясающий русский акцент?

  • Rose Myrick
    Rose Myrick 7 days ago

    Oh my gosh this is amazing the fact that you did that is incredible like oh my gosh your amazing

  • Mochi Art
    Mochi Art 8 days ago

    She looks like Shy'm

  • abegail villasoto
    abegail villasoto 8 days ago +1

    Can you please make a barbie doll into Jeffree Starr??? Pretty please???

  • mercedes l
    mercedes l 8 days ago

    Do Jeffree!! please please please please

  • R McAr
    R McAr 8 days ago


  • SpeakLOUD! Jonas
    SpeakLOUD! Jonas 8 days ago


  • Eva Marie
    Eva Marie 8 days ago +1

    You are so positive I love it! And your work is awesome!

  • MCRX
    MCRX 8 days ago +1

    Can you do a Hayley Williams repaint?

  • Maja Maja
    Maja Maja 9 days ago

    You are so talented😍

  • Jessica Jimenez
    Jessica Jimenez 9 days ago

    I don't know if anyone's going to see this but I'd like to let you know that a page called Meme Girls on facebook reposted a video from @SuperSatisfying
    It made me a little irked that there was 0 credit to you and they put their watermark over your video.

  • Star Parker
    Star Parker 9 days ago

    The vid don’t start til 2:30

  • Алина Дугина

    Какой-то акцент русский что-ли 😄😅

  • Brayden Measimer
    Brayden Measimer 9 days ago



    1:47 три days? :0

  • Barbara Poland-Waters
    Barbara Poland-Waters 10 days ago

    What is that colorful backdrop you were sitting in front of in the beginning of the video? Is it a painting, a painted wall or something else? It's so pretty!

  • liz ッ
    liz ッ 10 days ago +1

    Wow, so cool! Where are you from? Because poppen sounds Dutch!

  • Salma Al-Katami - Fairview PS (1360)

    I love her accent ❤️🤗

  • Julia Bakutova
    Julia Bakutova 11 days ago

    Maryna, where are you from? You have very russian accent :))

  • Andrea dewing
    Andrea dewing 12 days ago

    Do Jeffrey star!!!

  • Julia Pearl
    Julia Pearl 12 days ago +1

    Wow such an amazing job. You really can tell how much time and effort you put into your work. I really this this is amazing and you are a great artist. I’m practically speechless 😶 I just love that you spent your own money and all this time on something that is just great content

  • Cat Memes
    Cat Memes 12 days ago


  • stacy wiley
    stacy wiley 12 days ago

    I love it alot! A work of art! A masterpiece!

  • ulrich Olahay
    ulrich Olahay 12 days ago

    *That is some good sister tea*

  • Анна Демидова

    English is your native language?
    I hear the Slavic accent

  • Nikki Elaine
    Nikki Elaine 13 days ago

    Where she from? Her accent's uhm.. different..

  • LMNOPopsicle
    LMNOPopsicle 13 days ago

    Do lupita Nyong'o

  • backup Jalynn
    backup Jalynn 13 days ago


  • Lindsay Miller
    Lindsay Miller 13 days ago

    Aweee love this😍

  • Sindel1011
    Sindel1011 13 days ago

    WOW! You are very talented!!! 😍😍😍

  • L.O.L SUPRISE mamina devojka

    Hey sisters!!!😂😃

  • Alec A
    Alec A 13 days ago

    3:04 is when she starts. Thank me later

  • karina2 2 d'msp
    karina2 2 d'msp 13 days ago

    You look like a russian speaking english

  • Kayla Sanocki
    Kayla Sanocki 14 days ago

    I'm sorry but honey the hairline, JoJo Siwas hairline is better. I love you sister James but it doesn't really look like you with the hair and the Barbie face

  • Giuliana Cruz
    Giuliana Cruz 14 days ago

    Well james did see ur video

  • E Squad
    E Squad 15 days ago

    love you James Charles your my inspiration!!!

  • ღGalaxy Sparkleღ
    ღGalaxy Sparkleღ 15 days ago

    I have bo words how perfect it is

  • Sarah Bryan
    Sarah Bryan 17 days ago

    is it just me or that you are the best at creating dolls ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  • Saideh Ashuri
    Saideh Ashuri 18 days ago

    I never thought it would become soooooooooo good😍😍💛💛

  • Rachelle Can Draw
    Rachelle Can Draw 19 days ago

    holy crap this is amazing

  • Megan Harvie
    Megan Harvie 19 days ago

    Amazing as always

  • Tsumugi Shirogane
    Tsumugi Shirogane 20 days ago

    This is really amazing and you have such a nice voice! I also found it really funny/cute that you kept calling him sister James hahaha

  • Kaitlyn Bogue
    Kaitlyn Bogue 20 days ago

    i canont understand you speek more clearly plz

  • xxGachaxx XVarietyX
    xxGachaxx XVarietyX 20 days ago


  • Ashley Rose
    Ashley Rose 21 day ago

    You should send this doll to him!

  • Erica Lewry
    Erica Lewry 21 day ago +1

    Your voice omg I'm in love with it !

  • Hailey Owens
    Hailey Owens 21 day ago

    I looovvee James Charles

  • •ThatAnimeLover0_0•

    right after this i was gonna watch james charles XD WHAT A coincidence

  • Alissa Gonzales
    Alissa Gonzales 22 days ago

    I love the way she talks it's so cute 😍☺️

  • Lunar's sin
    Lunar's sin 22 days ago

    I hope you continue to do youtuber

  • charmaine hansen
    charmaine hansen 22 days ago

    Didn't realize James had seen this lol until after I tweeted him, guess I should have checked the comments first 😂

  • niet mijn naam
    niet mijn naam 22 days ago


  • Keyz Vegan Vibez
    Keyz Vegan Vibez 22 days ago

    This Is Genuinely Dope Asf I Cant Wait To Start Trying Other Art Formd Like This. This Is Honestly Amazing 😍🙏✊ Vibes High

  • Chloe Wang
    Chloe Wang 23 days ago

    Also u said her nose instead of his nose.

  • Chloe Wang
    Chloe Wang 23 days ago

    U deserve more credit cuz u created the dang doll and james' comment got mor likes than ur actual vid 😒😕😧😱😾🙄

  • giggle box
    giggle box 23 days ago

    This is amazing I just wanted the lips fuller or maybe shaped differently

  • VoidAngelic :3
    VoidAngelic :3 24 days ago

    2:29 the start of the makeover

    MICHELLE BOULTON 24 days ago +2

    this really looks like James Charles well done I 💙💚💛💜 it

  • Jimins Moonchild
    Jimins Moonchild 25 days ago

    6:18 *flashback Mary she’s back*

  • Marissa Lps
    Marissa Lps 25 days ago

    Omg this is so creative! You are so talented~

  • Silly Marmar D
    Silly Marmar D 25 days ago

    I like it but the lips are a nightmare

  • Melissa Mystics
    Melissa Mystics 26 days ago

    Hope Jeffree Star is next!

  • Holli Harrison
    Holli Harrison 26 days ago

    James Charles is SHOOK!

  • nova_ray
    nova_ray 27 days ago

    you are so very talented but my GOD ur voice is aggravating 😂

  • Noor Ul Ann
    Noor Ul Ann 28 days ago

    The lip transformation had me shook.

  • Stacey Leesta
    Stacey Leesta 28 days ago


  • JoannaRoadie28 -_-
    JoannaRoadie28 -_- 28 days ago +1

    You're so freaking talented oml

  • Antonia Rigopoulos
    Antonia Rigopoulos 28 days ago

    Looks great. You should do portraits

  • Brigitte Basilwa
    Brigitte Basilwa 28 days ago

    It looks good😊
    I love it

  • Park Jimina
    Park Jimina 29 days ago

    That Russian accent really hit me

  • Hallie is unpopular :3

    I'm dead it's so cool

  • Hey look ma, I’m dead inside

    I love her accent tho 💖💖💖

  • Fudge Sticks
    Fudge Sticks Month ago +2

    Do a Shane Dawson one !

  • Pysslis
    Pysslis Month ago +1

    How is the liquitex matte medium working out? It would be so nice finding an alternative to mr. super clear.