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  • James Charles
    James Charles 7 days ago +26222

    THIS IS SO COOL!!!! Oh my god! You are so talented, thank you so much for sharing your art with me and your subscribers.

    • •Rosie Elise•
      •Rosie Elise• 45 minutes ago

      inoidzervit just a tip u don’t have to make a new comment just to correct your typo! If you press the 3 dots on the side it will say edit deleted or something else press edit and then you can just correct your mistake x

    • Scarlett Xo
      Scarlett Xo Hour ago

      Sister shook

    • Elinor McAnerney
      Elinor McAnerney 2 hours ago

      James Charles OMG LOVE YA SISTER

    • Sailor ZurieeCee
      Sailor ZurieeCee 3 hours ago

      Sister shook

    • • m i a b
      • m i a b 3 hours ago

      James Charles the only reason I came into the comments was hoping to see your reply I’m so god you did 😂😂

  • Lola Miles
    Lola Miles 8 minutes ago

    😎this is Jerry
    👕he is 0 years old
    👖every like he gets
    👟he becomes older

  • Felis Catus
    Felis Catus 10 minutes ago


  • Arianator forever
    Arianator forever 24 minutes ago

    Hiii sisters!😂

  • macon wilkie
    macon wilkie 33 minutes ago

    This is insanely cool I love it!

  • Brenda Dion
    Brenda Dion 35 minutes ago


  • Ava Hayes
    Ava Hayes Hour ago +1

    I love your vids James Charles ❤️❤️

  • Катя Киселева

    Is she Russian?

  • Маша Орлова
    Маша Орлова 2 hours ago

    Гуд инглиш

  • Kate Michelle
    Kate Michelle 2 hours ago

    shes adorable 😭😭😭😭

  • Teegan Mcarthur
    Teegan Mcarthur 2 hours ago

    You forgot to pierse the ears

  • Sailor ZurieeCee
    Sailor ZurieeCee 3 hours ago +1

    *shister shook*

  • Abby Has a lot of problems

    Oof Kris Jenner who

  • smol trash :v
    smol trash :v 3 hours ago +1

    Sister *S H O O K*

  • Reese Playz
    Reese Playz 3 hours ago

    1. Helo what's up?
    3. I'am guessing you didn't notice that I spelled "Hello" Wrong
    2. You didn't notice that the 2 is number 3
    3. You looked to check
    4. So are you enjoying this? Cuz I am Lol
    5. You didn't notice that I spelled the enjoying wrong
    6. You came up to check
    7. But you got trick

  • Little Piggy
    Little Piggy 3 hours ago +1

    This is AMAZING!!!

  • Anony mous
    Anony mous 3 hours ago

    Wow you are soooooooooo talented this is absolutely amazing!!!

  • lama queen msp
    lama queen msp 3 hours ago

    je bent zo talent vol! en leuk dat je nl bent

  • djenna Lont
    djenna Lont 3 hours ago

    Omg sooo good🤩🤩🤩😲😲😲☺️☺️☺️😋

  • MarsCreations
    MarsCreations 3 hours ago

    Suck patience into this art piece. I don't think I could take time into this, I would get to frustrated too quickly. Beautiful makeup on the doll and good job on the hair. I believe that's the most difficult part.

  • txddy
    txddy 3 hours ago +1

    I noticed your channel now idk but your voice sounds like mine. I am turkish and when I speak english my voice sounds same as your voice

  • glucklichamber
    glucklichamber 4 hours ago

    Sister shook

  • Z squad gacha
    Z squad gacha 4 hours ago

    Fix the neck

  • Andrea Ortiz
    Andrea Ortiz 4 hours ago

    This is amazing

  • catlen catic
    catlen catic 4 hours ago

    You did so good

  • moodkiddo
    moodkiddo 4 hours ago

    is it just me it looks like imvu, heh

  • Bailey Barts
    Bailey Barts 4 hours ago +1

    2:27 is when the actual video starts

  • Alice Is kawaii
    Alice Is kawaii 4 hours ago

    Oh my gawd thx sister for making this wonderful doll I just discover u I’m mad that I haven’t found a doll artist that makes uses big dolls I’m happy I found u

  • 21 savage
    21 savage 5 hours ago

    Wow I am very disappointed I thought she was actually going to turn barbie into James Charles like in the picture on her video

  • -_dakota_-_ wiley_-
    -_dakota_-_ wiley_- 5 hours ago

    It's so beautiful omg and what gloss did you use?

  • Secretive Cinderella
    Secretive Cinderella 5 hours ago

    This is soooo amazing 😍😍

  • overly excited waffle
    overly excited waffle 5 hours ago

    Sister shook

  • GMsinging
    GMsinging 5 hours ago +1

    How can someone be so incredibly talented like omg you deserve WAY more subs

  • bemma
    bemma 5 hours ago


  • Marley Myers
    Marley Myers 5 hours ago

    You are so talented. I cant belive more people dont try this in the art community of youtube.

  • Zōe Bondoc
    Zōe Bondoc 5 hours ago

    Lit 💖

  • Karinaa
    Karinaa 5 hours ago


  • Strange Mileven
    Strange Mileven 5 hours ago

    wow... i am star struck. this is the only videoi have ever seen of yours but i love it! im so happy for you that sister james saw this, but youre so incredible and so talented. thank you for sharing this with us... im definitely sister subscribing ♥️😘😂

  • ReeseThePreTeen101
    ReeseThePreTeen101 5 hours ago

    The eyes look so real

  • Genesis Melgar
    Genesis Melgar 6 hours ago

    Wow 😮 u are so talented and I love it it’s so beautiful 😍

  • TheActs Of Crazy
    TheActs Of Crazy 6 hours ago

    14:32 it literally looks like you actually grabbed james and started doing makeup on him, Talent sis!❤️👏

  • Evil pands
    Evil pands 6 hours ago

    If you want to skip the talking *2:28*

  • Star Tetrahedron
    Star Tetrahedron 6 hours ago

    Holy crap, that is INCREDIBLE! Seriously, spot on! What an amazing talent you have, I always love your videos♥

  • Eddie Rosario
    Eddie Rosario 6 hours ago

    U could have used flocking for the sides of the hair

  • Gacha_ Spilt_milk
    Gacha_ Spilt_milk 6 hours ago


  • Kristine Ann Malolos
    Kristine Ann Malolos 6 hours ago +1

    Im a new subbed i love your vids i liked the video and of course subbed love yaa...

  • Ester Rodriguez
    Ester Rodriguez 6 hours ago

    I love it, all your work its just a piece of art 💋

  • Jaelle Rushing
    Jaelle Rushing 6 hours ago

    We're can I buy this I love this so much♥️♥️❤️♥️😃

  • Luna Nettles
    Luna Nettles 6 hours ago

    Um I thought she was gonna paint a little on the doll here and there.. man, was I wrong

  • angelica castillo
    angelica castillo 6 hours ago +1

    Your James Charles doll looks beautiful and cute

  • Miliauna's Dog
    Miliauna's Dog 6 hours ago

    Omg this is so awesome!

  • Itz_Potatoe 101
    Itz_Potatoe 101 6 hours ago

    10:47 BirdBox

  • Daynee Logann
    Daynee Logann 6 hours ago

    It kinda looks like Brendan urie😂

  • E•m•m•a
    E•m•m•a 6 hours ago

    James is already a Barbie doll ❤️

    MALTESE ASMR 6 hours ago

    Looks like kris Jenner

  • Love, Aliyah
    Love, Aliyah 6 hours ago

    I-I’m speechless.😱 Your amazing!?!!!

  • Alex Donti
    Alex Donti 7 hours ago


  • Cupcake Mt Sprinkles
    Cupcake Mt Sprinkles 7 hours ago


  • yikes
    yikes 7 hours ago

    Nobody: H-
    Girls with the James Charles Palette:

  • sygourney 14
    sygourney 14 7 hours ago

    I'm sister shook

  • Asmeralda Catter
    Asmeralda Catter 7 hours ago

    Фу какой мерзкий акцент. Зачем разговаривать на английском если ты русская...тупая

  • Bebe FlutterBird
    Bebe FlutterBird 7 hours ago

    Everything but the hair!!

  • Sheri Khajiit
    Sheri Khajiit 7 hours ago

    I love your accent! I admire Russians so VERY much!

  • Victoria Gacha
    Victoria Gacha 7 hours ago

    Who checked if he commented?

  • Rona Sorokin
    Rona Sorokin 7 hours ago

    are you from Lithuania? I hear a bit of an accent.

    PSYCHO TUBERS 7 hours ago

    🙂 This is Ava
    👚she is 0 years old
    👖1 like = 1 year
    👟Let’s see how old we can get her!

  • AlExiS TRoY
    AlExiS TRoY 7 hours ago

    Hello Sisters?..... HELLO?!?!?!?

  • Jocelyn & Susanna
    Jocelyn & Susanna 7 hours ago

    The only thing I don’t like is the hair

  • Brianna Guillen
    Brianna Guillen 7 hours ago

    😂😂😂she said no goofy Barbie smile☠️☠️

  • prilivya yeet
    prilivya yeet 7 hours ago

    Are you okay?!?!? This is amazing!

  • Alicia Barron
    Alicia Barron 7 hours ago

    It’s so bad bro and that voice can you change it so it don’t sound so Asian

  • Ahgases atheartandalwaysbe

    I think this a really great and creative ideas. It really fresh!!!! It's good to mimic barbie with real person

  • Galaxis R
    Galaxis R 7 hours ago


  • Galaxis R
    Galaxis R 7 hours ago

    😱 he did see it OOOO YAS!

  • Seraphites
    Seraphites 7 hours ago

    Sister shook

  • kim taehyung v wife
    kim taehyung v wife 7 hours ago

    could you please please please do a doll of BTS? (v)

  • Isabel Floding
    Isabel Floding 7 hours ago

    You did such a good job!! 👍

  • It’s me Sofy
    It’s me Sofy 7 hours ago

    Wow I really love it and it really looks like James Charles 🤗🤗

  • slayerbomb girl!!!
    slayerbomb girl!!! 7 hours ago

    10:50 that’s how he got surgery :p

  • Wolfy-Chan Eclipse
    Wolfy-Chan Eclipse 7 hours ago

    I'm new and i love your accent even if it's hard to understand ITS BEAUTIFUL

  • Sparrolex ‘
    Sparrolex ‘ 7 hours ago

    Hey Sistas!

  • batman likes pizza
    batman likes pizza 8 hours ago

    Honestly love all of your transformations

  • Juliane Whittieker
    Juliane Whittieker 8 hours ago +1


  • Lizzy Vinson
    Lizzy Vinson 8 hours ago

    This is so sister amazing

  • Eva Angelina
    Eva Angelina 8 hours ago

    14:59 did James Charles cheeks shrink?

  • Harlee Coleman
    Harlee Coleman 8 hours ago

    The eyes look sooo real

  • art by natalie
    art by natalie 8 hours ago

    i suddenly feel untalented

  • Cookies In a Cup :3
    Cookies In a Cup :3 8 hours ago

    I just love that accent

  • Steph Glatts
    Steph Glatts 8 hours ago

    Omg that look just like James Charles😃😃😃

  • Magdalen Morgan
    Magdalen Morgan 8 hours ago

    wow this is so wholesome!!!!

  • Dakeriah Oliver
    Dakeriah Oliver 8 hours ago

    You should do Barbie into Michael Jackson

  • Toot Kie
    Toot Kie 8 hours ago

    eK James Charles noticed this and this definitely deserves this.

  • Squishy Life
    Squishy Life 8 hours ago

    Wow that’s amazing

  • hannah banana
    hannah banana 8 hours ago +1

    Wow that's so crazy
    You are really talented
    Can't relate

  • Idiot InAOnsie
    Idiot InAOnsie 8 hours ago

    Hi sisters!

  • Ziahn Jules Andrea
    Ziahn Jules Andrea 8 hours ago

    The voice thought i love it,

  • Wilbert Harrison
    Wilbert Harrison 8 hours ago


  • Kristin Hoffmann
    Kristin Hoffmann 8 hours ago

    Rose's are red
    Violets are blue
    The intro stops at 2:32