Don't Fall In Love With Suga BTS

  • Published on Apr 11, 2019
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Comments • 725

  • Scarlet Rojano
    Scarlet Rojano 12 hours ago

    Friend Yo nací amando a #SUGA MY 'LUV. ...♥♥♥

  • sugar baby
    sugar baby 16 hours ago

    9:05 .

  • Rainbowish FairyLand
    Rainbowish FairyLand 20 hours ago +1

    Sorry was this a challenge?

  • TaeTae & Kookie
    TaeTae & Kookie 20 hours ago

    I think I just did. I mean who doesn't fall in love wif this cute yet swag babyboi ? 💛

  • Lalisa Manoban
    Lalisa Manoban Day ago +1

    00:00 i'm was fall in love with Suga 🐣❤

  • Regina Delos Santos
    Regina Delos Santos 2 days ago

    Title:don't fall in love with suga
    Me: *looks at suga* already fallen in love with suga♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Lovein Dacini
    Lovein Dacini 2 days ago

    Where is your eyes suga????

  • ro na
    ro na 2 days ago

    Kasih tau no telepon rm

  • ro na
    ro na 2 days ago

    Annyou haseo

  • 「 SugaCube 」
    「 SugaCube 」 3 days ago

    i’m already in love with him so...

  • Mayet Isobal
    Mayet Isobal 5 days ago

    Too bad I'm in love with lil meow meow

  • sugaj-hope sope
    sugaj-hope sope 5 days ago

    When i saw the thumbnail TO LATE ALREADY HAVE

  • Khorschid Babaiy
    Khorschid Babaiy 6 days ago

    1:58 where is this video

  • Wilkes Kids
    Wilkes Kids 8 days ago +1

    When Suga runs from jungkook and Jin his face is hily

  • Wawa HeartV
    Wawa HeartV 8 days ago

    Too bad.. I fall in love him alreadY... Sorry...😍😘💜💜

  • Sumin Lee
    Sumin Lee 9 days ago

    Where does 7:20~ clip come from?💕

  • kimmym1119
    kimmym1119 10 days ago

    It's at the 4:57 mark that it is plain that Jin has a much better body than he lets on and hides it under burlap sacks.

  • Anis Amirah
    Anis Amirah 10 days ago

    I also like the end song 😆💜

  • Genesis Lopez
    Genesis Lopez 11 days ago +2

    “Don’t fall in love with suga challenge”

    Oh no I lost
    Head: you haven’t watched it yet
    Me: Ik

  • Kakali Mukherjee
    Kakali Mukherjee 12 days ago


  • Loveleenaᅥ대ᅯᅣᅩᅧᄆ

    I cant😅

  • Petit Yoongi Aux Raviolis Verts

    Too late ..

  • Yon Ki Min
    Yon Ki Min 15 days ago

    is it possible to fall in love TWICE?

  • Aprilia Sari
    Aprilia Sari 16 days ago

    Minute 3.47 what is that song?

  • özge kılıç
    özge kılıç 18 days ago

    "dont fall in love" do you mean "not again"?

  • louise velez
    louise velez 20 days ago

    Dont fall in love with Suga...sorry cant help it. Maybe you could ask me anything but that. Both Jimin and Him are the most precious loves of my life and the remaining 5 are my major wreckers!!!

  • 3_A_G
    3_A_G 20 days ago


  • my Heart is broken ST3

    Ok Im failed

  • Suga fan I love kpop

    Who can’t fall in love with suga he is so cute and so soft. He is like a gummy bear when he smile so cute Uwuuuuuuuuuuuuu 🤣🤣🤤🤤🙃😦😦🤣🥰🤣🤣🤤😦🤣🤤🤣🤤🤣😴🤩😴😭😂🙂🙂😂🤩😃😃😇😄🙂🙂😇🙂😂🤤😄🥰😦☺️🙂😇😍😍

  • underrated . yoongi
    underrated . yoongi 21 day ago

    he's *hot, cute, can rap and SING*

  • Rex Phantomhive
    Rex Phantomhive 21 day ago


  • Someone _Alive
    Someone _Alive 22 days ago

    Ima call him powdered suga... u no y?
    Cuz he’s so fiine~

  • Rica Min
    Rica Min 22 days ago

    me reading the title: I ALREADY DID 🙄

  • Christy Fowlkes
    Christy Fowlkes 22 days ago

    Too late

  • Gucci Taetae
    Gucci Taetae 23 days ago

    I failed before I even watched the video

  • achmad akbar
    achmad akbar 23 days ago

    Yoongi I love you

  • Charmdelish
    Charmdelish 23 days ago

    The way he hugged Namjoon like a kid hugging his dad 6:10 😂

  • MinSushi uwu
    MinSushi uwu 23 days ago


  • sj's life
    sj's life 24 days ago

    there are two stages in army 1st when you think our lil meow meow is serious and intimidating and then you know that he is lil meow meow and 2nd when you know actually intimidating is jhope our sunshine and bts looks at him automatically as they do a mistake in fear

  • Min Yoon-Key y
    Min Yoon-Key y 25 days ago +1

    1:46 *Can Relate*

  • BloBbY
    BloBbY 25 days ago

    Looks at tile : your late a few years 😂

  • Cash Baker fan page
    Cash Baker fan page 25 days ago

    I’m already in love with yoongi😌💞

  • Army Bts Girl
    Army Bts Girl 25 days ago

    Every math test is easier than trying to not fall in love with yoongi

  • Emilia Forminte
    Emilia Forminte 26 days ago


    J'JJIVLOG 26 days ago

    ฮือออ พอดูคลิปทำให้เอ็นดูยุนดิหนักกว่าเดิมอีก❤️

  • MB Regencia
    MB Regencia 27 days ago

    I cannot 😍🤣

  • moody Izzy
    moody Izzy 27 days ago

    Op well to late for that ;-;

  • webb right
    webb right 28 days ago

    Just you know. You're also in love with him so you lose too.

  • Worship Koskei
    Worship Koskei 28 days ago

    Everyone who clicked on this video knew they would fail

  • ParkMoonWae 123
    ParkMoonWae 123 29 days ago

    7:00-7:23 #the struggle is real

  • ParkMoonWae 123
    ParkMoonWae 123 29 days ago

    The cringe!!!! Sooo cuteee

  • M O N S T E R
    M O N S T E R Month ago

    A cantttttttt

    HANNAH AND NOVY Month ago

    Suga: * breathes *
    Me: Im inlove

  • Zie Zie
    Zie Zie Month ago

    Imposibble!! I Already fall in love witg him

  • matrixx _
    matrixx _ Month ago +1

    Try not to fall in love with Suga

    Sorry i already did

  • xItsMeh09 Yummy
    xItsMeh09 Yummy Month ago

    I already fell hard for him long ago doe!!

  • Laura Jobst
    Laura Jobst Month ago

    I read the title and was too late bro

  • Toriyasu Dreemur
    Toriyasu Dreemur Month ago

    I didn't even last a second I love him already and I smile by just looking at him doing nothing so I lost even before I clicked the video...but imma still watch because I love yoongi's gummy smile and cute side💜

  • J Duke
    J Duke Month ago

    I have this strong conviction to not have a bias member. I will love them 7 with all my heart. But every damn timeeeee this lil meow meow will do something, Im really close to break my conviction. Min yoooongiiiii weeeeeeeee???? 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂

  • Angel Comia
    Angel Comia Month ago