FRESHMAN ADVICE !! (High School)


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  • Laura B
    Laura B Month ago +1

    why he so ulgy

  • Jaimmetheboss Fortnite clips

    But I’ve talked to girls before I’m 13

  • Jaimmetheboss Fortnite clips

    Facts! Zack 🤣

  • Prankster101 101
    Prankster101 101 4 months ago

    Anyone notice he has no more braces?

  • CD CD
    CD CD 4 months ago

    He look like he got everything from zumies
    Hair ✅
    Hella lotion

  • Janae Greer
    Janae Greer 5 months ago

    17 binders😂😂

  • white_puerto_rican_1234

    Is it just me or the freshman are just way shorter then ever

  • Hayden Hollywood Hollingsworth

    Is it just me? He kinda looks like an 8th grader

  • bing
    bing 5 months ago +6

    class of 2022?

  • lakersmankevdickson
    lakersmankevdickson 5 months ago

    Part 2?? I'm a freshman I'm starting in 2 weeks

  • LennyTheChicken -_-
    LennyTheChicken -_- 5 months ago

    survived by not taking pe the first year. But on the flip side I have all honours and 2 different maths a day with basics of computer science. So 1 extra period to skip pe i'm okay with that. My social life is like the world trade center on sep. 11th

  • Cristian Zetina
    Cristian Zetina 5 months ago

    Your curls are fake they are natural and you can tell they are a perm

  • nyomi nious
    nyomi nious 5 months ago

    you're hella cute 😍

  • Marialy Ruiz
    Marialy Ruiz 5 months ago


  • [Aim] Lil lyk
    [Aim] Lil lyk 5 months ago +1

    Just subbed brody. Thanks for the advice. I'll be a freshmen on the 27th😭

  • Zahin •
    Zahin • 5 months ago

    Ur so cute!!!

  • mincky
    mincky 5 months ago

    What your talking is very true. If you like this channel guys subscribe and you can have look on my channel. Am also talking about fresh

  • Dropped Nation
    Dropped Nation 5 months ago

    where my 2003/2004 ni🅱🅱as at

  • Sameer Singh
    Sameer Singh 5 months ago +20

    Where’s the 2022 squad at??

    • L Zimm.
      L Zimm. 5 months ago

      Euan C Why are u so mad, just leave if u don’t like it

    • Euan C
      Euan C 5 months ago

      Shutup nigga

    • L Zimm.
      L Zimm. 5 months ago

      Sameer Singh Sup

  • Seaira's Comments Never Get Likes

    Ima start high school tmrw!! Wish me *luck*

    • ChaseABag Won'tWorryWhatimDoing
      ChaseABag Won'tWorryWhatimDoing 4 months ago

      Wish you luck im starting on Tuesday im nervous cuz in 8th grade i didn't pay attention and got bad grades, hopefully i do good. 9th grade year

  • Amina miina
    Amina miina 5 months ago

    HMU on snap🤪

  • Ariana Valencia
    Ariana Valencia 5 months ago +27

    Who gonna be a freshman????😂🤔🤔

    • wild fang
      wild fang 4 months ago

      Me next year I'm in 8th right now

    • I Crazzy
      I Crazzy 4 months ago

      GLOCK BABY it’s easy tbh stay in ur own lane and do u the u will be good

    • ChaseABag Won'tWorryWhatimDoing
      ChaseABag Won'tWorryWhatimDoing 4 months ago

      +I Crazzy is it good , how you doing ?

    • I Crazzy
      I Crazzy 5 months ago +1

      Ariana Valencia tm lol

  • Ya B0!
    Ya B0! 5 months ago

    🙏thank you

  • TyNation
    TyNation 5 months ago

    Banger🔥 how you make that intro tho

  • Malory Underhill
    Malory Underhill 5 months ago


  • ivyaná a
    ivyaná a 5 months ago

    aw he’s chutee

  • Barnacle Man
    Barnacle Man 5 months ago +89

    Class of 2022 wya

  • P&N Gandhi
    P&N Gandhi 5 months ago

    this is what my mom told me except i liked it better coming from you😂

  • Phoenix Handel
    Phoenix Handel 5 months ago

    Turned on notifications also love your videos

  • Adrian Ponce Corral
    Adrian Ponce Corral 5 months ago

    Thank you

  • Carlos Arango
    Carlos Arango 5 months ago

    ily brayun

  • Soaring Winds
    Soaring Winds 5 months ago +1

    In 8th grade i was pretty chill with pretty much all the teachers, even that one Evil one, and that chill can only get you so far.

  • pp
    pp 5 months ago

    My only problem now is losing weight...
    Fuck my life

  • Abigail Poovey
    Abigail Poovey 5 months ago +1

    Omggg yessss I'm going to be a freshmannn

  • Killa 47
    Killa 47 5 months ago +3

    Wish me luck folkkz I start ina couple weeks

    • Killa 47
      Killa 47 5 months ago

      Lele And Angelina I’m from Chicago so it might be different lol

    • Lele And Angelina
      Lele And Angelina 5 months ago

      Diegoo 47 wth , I start next weeeekkkk

    HENTAI LORD 5 months ago +1


  • Nyika Jenkins
    Nyika Jenkins 5 months ago +3

    Someone Pray for me, someone asked for my Snapchat today and I was so nervous I walked away . He was cute too 😭

  • Andre Barriga
    Andre Barriga 5 months ago

    let upperclassmen skip in line, I didn't spend 2 years there to wait in line

  • Jamoris Knight
    Jamoris Knight 5 months ago +6


  • Tony
    Tony 5 months ago

    Bro thanks‼️

  • Sana Arbi
    Sana Arbi 5 months ago

    I have the post notifications on btw ily 😂❤️

  • roman Wilburn
    roman Wilburn 5 months ago

    damn u ugly

  • Bailee Bozeman
    Bailee Bozeman 5 months ago +1


  • FendiYT
    FendiYT 5 months ago +13

    Thanks. Im Going Tomorrow 😆🙄 im nervous

  • cayla falgoust
    cayla falgoust 5 months ago +6

    I sat alone at lunch my freshman year ....soo.. I feel attacked
    IM THE QUIET PERSON IN CLASS KSKAJDA feeling attacked pt.2

  • Rileyyy Sann
    Rileyyy Sann 5 months ago


  • terrell lewis
    terrell lewis 5 months ago +1

    Bro who made the intro?👀🔥

  • Baseball 360
    Baseball 360 5 months ago


  • Baseball 360
    Baseball 360 5 months ago


  • Nelson Niyongabo
    Nelson Niyongabo 5 months ago

    I been part of notification gang since I first subscribed nege