village women's rural life living and time spending in a field

  • Published on Nov 12, 2017
  • Welcome to the video - village women's rural life living and time spending in a field, It is well-known that our country is dependent on agriculture, rural areas (Gram onchol) is vast all though low populated, but high population in the city or urban area due to most of the villagers going to city or nearest town for financial problem or to earn money, poor villager and farmers are not getting sufficient earning from agricultural work as much as they need for hole year because there are so many obstacle like as - flood, drought, insufficiency of water and rain, storm, and lack of modern technique which can be applied to get more profit from agriculture (this condition is not in allover country and state land ) plantation is expensive also all land is not suitable for cultivation, so many cultivators leaving agriculture and selling their land, the new owner is giving boundary wall in the land for use of other purposes, so people taking it as a secondary way of income and trend is men are doing another jobs or any business, women are doing house work simple cultivation for livelihood fishing and animal husbandry, in summer season many land are vacant and lonely without crop and cultivation except big grass jungle this is video showing like little bit of it
    in India after a long time has elapsed during the burning day of summer, afternoon comes at last with a little cool wind and then every person gets relief from uncomfortable heat, such a time rural (Gaon) weary field worker men and women taking rest or leisure (relax) with fresh breathing of air on that green field with their livestock or pet animals and talking with each other, at this time also another ladies (mahila bhauji vabi aurat ladki penkal wife female lady) hunting for her cow on that green field
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