Restaurants Cook-Off To Win A Spot On Gordon Ramsay's Menu | Ramsay's Best Restaurant

  • Published on Aug 23, 2019
  • After sifting through over 12,000 nominations made by the public, tonight Gordon presents his two finest local Italian restaurants as Sicily's finest face the UK's current youngest Michelin starred chefs.
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  • Mike Lucas
    Mike Lucas 11 days ago

    11:41 and the coach is heading up past Birmingham northwards. Bristol is M32 not M42.

  • Dane Barrett
    Dane Barrett 13 days ago

    Ramsay will almost always pick the "fancier" choice. I can't believe who he picked at the end.

  • Greg G
    Greg G 14 days ago

    The question about the way the fish and meat are cooked is a tasting problem for me...
    I understand for some people that is not there kind of food or taste but that the identity of the two chefs and customer have to understand that.
    I've been working as a Maitre D for more than 10 years in gastronomic restaurant in Paris, serving different kind of food (French, Chinese or Oriental) so i think i know what i'm talking. For this kind of food preparation, you HAVE TO EXPLAIN to you're customer how it's made and prepared, otherwise in 75% of the time you might get a complain, but if you explain before the customer can't say a thing.
    In my point of view, both restaurant got amazing food and poor service (In one restaurant the guy need to put his balls on the table in front of the chef and the customer - not always easy, but it has to be done - AND in the other restaurant, maybe the mother was brought here without knowing how the service should be made).

  • 5cats 2kids
    5cats 2kids 16 days ago

    In my opinion, you can push anything, but customers want what they want. I don’t blame Rocco, I blame whomever made the menu. You can’t put free lobster and filet against other things on a free dinner menu.

  • ConvoyGTR
    ConvoyGTR 17 days ago

    I can see why Mennula lost, everyone around Santino let him down, despite his incredible efforts to persevere through it, it was not enough to overcome. Really really rooting for the guy.

    • ConvoyGTR
      ConvoyGTR 16 days ago +1

      @5cats 2kids Absolutely. Having lobster and fillet on the menu, they should have realized most people would order at least one if not both items.

    • 5cats 2kids
      5cats 2kids 16 days ago

      ConvoyGTR In my opinion, you can push anything, but customers want what they want. I don’t blame Rocco, I blame whomever made the menu. You can’t put free lobster and filet against other things on a free dinner.

  • Wattchn
    Wattchn 24 days ago

    can anyone tell me the name of the piano soundtrack that starts from 39:53 and on? would be amazing!

  • Jackson
    Jackson 25 days ago +1

    yall saying manulla should have won but can't even taste any of the dishes like ok

  • Anagram Confirmed
    Anagram Confirmed 28 days ago

    People who eat lobster should be shot.

  • sigma factorial
    sigma factorial 29 days ago

    44:23 who the fuck is he making out with?

  • Jill
    Jill 29 days ago

    Mennula should have won. The server should be fired or re trained ... it seems the food was much better prepared than the RAW mess and the sabotage of a mum in the second. Seems as though both need to. Re train or let go of some service members...and the brothers need a thermometer so they know when fish is served RAW. Fish is the easiest of all foods to prepare... and the most deadly when not prepped for raw food such as sushi. Im irritated watching this . Greatly irritated. Had gordon not told the brothers to taste and not cut the veal and clean up...they would have lost as they should have. I'm disappointed Gordon trained the brothers while they cooked instead of letting them fail on their own and them telling them after service was over.

  • Miss Jade
    Miss Jade Month ago

    How Mennula didn't win is beyond my comprehension.

  • Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man Emporium And Warehouse!

    Do not like that second restaurant at all, just give me my food pretty simple and pile on the plate, I dont wanna eat little cubes and fancy shit that looks like it belongs in a hamsters bowl. They're seeking snacks, nothing I saw there is a full dinner at all. Just because you're doing stupid new shit doesnt mean it's better than a classic well cooked dish

  • LJ Avr
    LJ Avr Month ago

    Totally agree the wrong decision was made. At the end of the day this is a show and most of its viewers are probably around about the same age range as the 2 casamia chefs. What gives greater viewership satisfaction and sells the show more? Another mid 40 year-old traditional chef or two "prodigious" and modernist chefs? You tell me..

  • W O
    W O Month ago

    angelo kinda suck balls man

  • AshleyBailez
    AshleyBailez Month ago

    Love that the mennula guy got beaten, so cocky

  • xhol
    xhol Month ago

    the mennula chef is like ramsay

  • Emma Clowes
    Emma Clowes Month ago

    Who else seen the drip of sweat drop on the food , first cook

  • Emma Clowes
    Emma Clowes Month ago +1

    I've really enjoyed watching these , I hope he does some more.

  • jmm1233
    jmm1233 Month ago

    that matradee fired on the spot for doing that

  • Torch Bearer
    Torch Bearer Month ago

    This is intense. Wow santino took my vote. I thought he worked his ass off with his team.

  • Spion Silver
    Spion Silver Month ago

    that menula chef he absolutely knows his craft - give him more pressure he will give you more food
    great cooking

  • Giannis Kalantzis
    Giannis Kalantzis Month ago

    Angelo looking like he's losing his job

  • terry jenna
    terry jenna Month ago

    The front of house manager ruined it for first team--- the chef was amazing and food looked out of this world!

    • terry jenna
      terry jenna Month ago

      Second team - brothers were outstanding- presentation and technique was top notch! Food looked exquisite , fun and delicious! Mom needs to go-- she s not separating business and home!

  • G Tech
    G Tech Month ago

    Man id be laid rn if i had that hot Sicilian accent

  • FrogSqueal
    FrogSqueal Month ago

    Definitely, not the choice I would have made. I don't see how any of what that restaurant cooked was Italian. Not to mention, their service sucked, so many of the dishes went back uneaten, and there was no feedback from the front of the house.

  • eurie444
    eurie444 Month ago

    Can someone explain what the condition is with one of the brothers eye?

  • CooleKanone -
    CooleKanone - Month ago

    man both had awful service

  • Divionist
    Divionist Month ago

    39:10 I think someone's in love

  • TechArcturian
    TechArcturian Month ago

    Peas with Fire Extinguisher.

  • Peter Jonas
    Peter Jonas Month ago

    Santino deserves his own show....

  • Al Saed Company
    Al Saed Company Month ago

    Please watch this video

  • polygamous1 Sozou
    polygamous1 Sozou Month ago

    I love Italian food n Italian people our cousins in Europe

  • Nick Hite
    Nick Hite Month ago

    Shitty pick Ramsey! Mennula won!!!

  • Vin1681
    Vin1681 Month ago

    He should have gone with Mennula and Santino absolutely needs to get rid of Rocco.

  • x
    x Month ago


  • Morpyoto
    Morpyoto Month ago

    Menulla’s only flaw was that his food was too good and people didn’t want to order anything else.

  • Takeshi Yanagita
    Takeshi Yanagita Month ago +3

    That manager is losing his job as soon as the show's over

    • 5cats 2kids
      5cats 2kids 16 days ago

      Takeshi Yanagita In my opinion, you can push anything, but customers want what they want. I don’t blame Rocco, I blame whomever made the menu. You can’t put free lobster and filet against other things on a free dinner.

  • Megan Ashley Zaiger

    I feel I'm the only person who doesnt care for pasta and italian food

  • N.
    N. Month ago

    I live near bristol, may have to go to that one.

    The Bristol lad's Mum is making me change my mind though

  • 527 N.Y.C.
    527 N.Y.C. Month ago +1

    What the hell was that thing on that blonde haired old hags face! A chocolate chip? A frozen booger? Or was that a cockroach? I wanted a rat🐀to crawl on her face and gnaw that thing off DISGUSTING!

  • Not my real name! So there!

    That waiter Rocco was a plank.

  • Kryptik Onix
    Kryptik Onix Month ago


  • Zira Vinova
    Zira Vinova Month ago

    What a stuck-up stubborn woman those two's mother was in this, asking Ramsay how many chefs are under him as if it makes a difference to the point of the matter. In fact he has A LOT of them, so sit down and get back in line, cow. He still manages to keep customers happy and improve on things for them DESPITE all those people, so I'm pretty sure your two boys could have done the same thing just with what they had. -.-

  • L chavez
    L chavez Month ago

    Mannula had what looked like great food and better service all‐round. I just don't like water bath cooking, it's a personal preference.

  • Victory Saber
    Victory Saber Month ago

    I've always wondered why they sharpen their knives but dont wipe or clean them immediately afterward. Your shaving medal off.

  • deathwatch962
    deathwatch962 Month ago

    Mennula MVP. Fuck the other one

  • Sloth h
    Sloth h Month ago

    Mennulas now closed down, how sad

  • maxwell escobar
    maxwell escobar Month ago

    such a tough choice to make.

  • Max M
    Max M Month ago


  • Green Greener
    Green Greener Month ago

    The older chef should have won this one. In this show, I do not think it’s about how great the chef or restaurant is, I think it’s about how much growth potential Ramsay sees in them. To me, that’s ridiculous. It should be about how good the chef and the service are

  • David Garza
    David Garza Month ago +1

    When the maitre d’ saw that customer, he remembered that encounter exactly. You can see it on his face when he sees her on screen.

  • True
    True Month ago

    Fuck, the head chef of mennula is a fucking man of effort and determination! I've only just started on this episode and you know I'm rooting for him.

  • extra delux
    extra delux Month ago

    "Every service is war. You go to war, you win it."
    Me, a McDonalds employee taking notes on sketchpad:
    *looks up at customer
    Are you here to die?

  • Adam Chalkley
    Adam Chalkley Month ago

    Absolutely fucking ridiculous choice. What a cunt.

  • Rich Wicks
    Rich Wicks Month ago

    Anyone else notice how greedy Gordon is with the ads?It’s not as if he needs the money

  • galanie
    galanie Month ago

    So the young brothers throw everything in a ziplock and boil it first. Bet none of the diners knew that.

    KING COWELL Month ago

    Fukin hell what a bad decision 😡😡😡

  • concernedspectator
    concernedspectator Month ago

    Lmao "If that was me in that situation, 10 years ago, I would have flipped my lid big time, and pickled the balls of Rocco, turned them into fucking burrata." Mennula's Chef was a boss, loved the way he handled it. You could tell Ramsay really respected it too.

    Casamia was something else.

  • trainergirl
    trainergirl Month ago

    Sadly, both restaurants have problems with front of house staff. The mother of the boys well she needs a talking to about how the customer is always right if they are actually going to get anywhere. I think the other restaurant needs to get better front of house staff who don't really seem to like their jobs all that much

  • White Recluse
    White Recluse Month ago

    Wtf is up with that girl at 39:12