This Is the Nicest Mailman You’ll Ever Meet

  • Published on Jan 19, 2019
  • A mail worker is earning praise for his personal touch when it comes to delivering packages in an exchange caught on a doorbell security camera. When the unidentified worker showed up at the Washington state doors top to leave the package, the homeowner informed him she was not there and told him to leave the parcel at the door. Fearful of porch pirates, however, he offered to hide the package in a recycling bin. Social media fell in love with the sweet move.

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    • dilbagh mutti
      dilbagh mutti Day ago

      I love your channel,I watch it 24/7

    • Nga Ngas
      Nga Ngas 2 months ago

      Dammm i need a mail man like him, my mail man freakin leaves my packages at the front door if I ain't home and it's gone missing. He's also delivered my mail to different addresses 🤨 yearhh give this man an incentive bonus pay rise just do it.

    • Ricardo Lopez Jr
      Ricardo Lopez Jr 2 months ago

      Good video but 1.9k didn't like it which they don't care get stolen

    • D_FI_T
      D_FI_T 2 months ago

      Maybe the kind mailman in da world

  • Active.james
    Active.james 8 hours ago +1

    I wish more people were like this.

  • Raphael Santana jr

    This is why the post office is awesome

  • Daffy hernandez
    Daffy hernandez 2 days ago +1

    We need more people like him👍

  • Mark Young
    Mark Young 3 days ago

    I love my mailman...hes awesome

  • Austin Taylor
    Austin Taylor 4 days ago

    Let's not talk about how its illegal to send cash that way.

  • Nicolle Martins
    Nicolle Martins 4 days ago

    He seems very nice

  • Sam Suchora
    Sam Suchora 5 days ago

    The best mailman

  • Souw Ooop
    Souw Ooop 6 days ago

    You should merry that mailman 🤗

  • Carly Incili
    Carly Incili 6 days ago +1

    Now porch pirates know where to look now in the recycle bin

  • Sara
    Sara 6 days ago +1

    The best person ever

  • Athziry Qvila
    Athziry Qvila 7 days ago

    Ay I live in the same state

  • Don Hustins
    Don Hustins 7 days ago

    That guy needs to my friend

  • Le Dinh
    Le Dinh 8 days ago

    Now porch pirates must check all recycling bin

  • Birinder Singh1234
    Birinder Singh1234 8 days ago

    He is so nice

  • Marely Castro
    Marely Castro 8 days ago

    What a great guy while an other man mail bought a iPhone XR to the wrong house (happened to my friend)

  • push play ok
    push play ok 8 days ago

    I wish I could have that mailman when I lived in Washington dc but I moved

  • Cheska Levisque
    Cheska Levisque 8 days ago

    What if the garbage collector comes?

  • IAmA Foodie.
    IAmA Foodie. 8 days ago

    Who thought they were tracking down the man?! I did

  • Emily o
    Emily o 9 days ago +1

    We need more people like him

  • Yah Boi Mavvy
    Yah Boi Mavvy 11 days ago

    Good hearted postal worker! We need more people like him in the world.

  • Hännah gâcha gamêź Gáchâ gäméź

    What a nice guy people should act like him more

  • Danny Smith
    Danny Smith 12 days ago

    I wish I can hug him

  • dani gani
    dani gani 13 days ago

    that guy is awsome

  • Maryam Shahzad
    Maryam Shahzad 13 days ago

    That mailman came to my house

  • Josh Boland
    Josh Boland 16 days ago

    But what if the bin men put it in the trash

  • Lulu Queen
    Lulu Queen 16 days ago

    Awwwh how cute like he takes care of mail.

  • Ronald MC
    Ronald MC 17 days ago

    Someone give this man a 🍪

  • Julian Mendoza
    Julian Mendoza 17 days ago

    He should get a raise of 10,000

  • madeline Aragon
    madeline Aragon 20 days ago

    Y can the workers be like him

  • Mason Diesing
    Mason Diesing 22 days ago

    I love that guy

  • Catherine Tran
    Catherine Tran 22 days ago


  • Filza Wajid
    Filza Wajid 23 days ago

    awwwwww,soo sweet,he's so kind we acuatully need more ppl like this guy

  • Tinita Jackson
    Tinita Jackson 24 days ago

    Awww so nice 🙋🙋🙋🙋😍😍😍😍

  • Miguel Arenas
    Miguel Arenas 24 days ago

    Some of the nicest bravest people yet all inside edition only says Sub to us

  • Michael Michael
    Michael Michael 24 days ago

    It’s just the nice way of saying I’m gonna leave your mail in the garbage bin

  • Baker1984
    Baker1984 25 days ago

    Please check out (Princess Misty) TVclip channel.

  • Rhazell Laurenn
    Rhazell Laurenn 26 days ago

    Its better than that loser mail man who holds his pepper spray

  • Mein Mein
    Mein Mein 29 days ago


  • Birinder Singh1234
    Birinder Singh1234 29 days ago

    He is so nice

  • Marina Bikhet
    Marina Bikhet 29 days ago

    what a amazing man👍👍

  • linda yazdani
    linda yazdani Month ago

    Awesome person

  • Spice Masters
    Spice Masters Month ago +1

    Wow he’s careful and cares for others

  • iiMxdzii
    iiMxdzii Month ago

    My dad's a mailman, yikes. Hope that nice mailman gets lots of holiday gifts from his people he delievers to!

    RAZR_ MRCHAOS Month ago

    Who wants to look in the recycling bin

  • Chungie
    Chungie Month ago


  • Shelley Steinhauer
    Shelley Steinhauer Month ago

    He is sooooo nice and he is a good guy 😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗

  • Nayleen The
    Nayleen The Month ago

    Good guy

  • Brandon Ebrall
    Brandon Ebrall Month ago +1

    Round Of applause For This Mail Man 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Lea Bosquez
    Lea Bosquez Month ago

    The best guy ever

  • Alonzo Rozas
    Alonzo Rozas Month ago

    He's he's such a sweetie

  • Sulky Flims
    Sulky Flims Month ago

    Such a nice man no lies I would do it or

    Be his brother

  • Faze Plays
    Faze Plays Month ago

    Nooooooooo dislikes

  • Salome Diaz
    Salome Diaz Month ago

    We track down the owner


  • SDK Glight01
    SDK Glight01 Month ago

    He really cared. I like this guy

  • Z Breaux
    Z Breaux Month ago

    Now the porch pirates know where to check

  • Rod Woolard
    Rod Woolard Month ago

    That is so 👍

  • Emiliano Romo
    Emiliano Romo Month ago

    He’s such a great guy.😁😁😁😁👍✉️📬

  • Moto Moto
    Moto Moto Month ago

    I love People like that mailman

  • snorkel-opses channel

    I wish I had ring and that mail man because I ordered a stitch phone case and it got stolen he's a great guy

  • Keeping it Random
    Keeping it Random Month ago

    No...the mail man at my old house was super nice, and donated a bunch of toys, books, art supplies and books to me, one every day

  • Master 07
    Master 07 Month ago

    1:14 lol call of duty

  • Dalton Moody
    Dalton Moody Month ago

    Thank you a nice guy that has sense for once and cares about other people I swear someone give this guy a raise

  • BK All Day
    BK All Day Month ago

    I live in Washington.

  • Moy Army Aka Taehyung's Lips

    My dad is a mailman!

  • xNebulaGatcha-Princessx

    He's amazing I hope he gets a raise he deserves that I hope he will make everyone happy and everyone makes him happy 💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Sam Suchora
    Sam Suchora Month ago

    He is the best

  • Do Cola
    Do Cola Month ago

    Hey I saw him before

  • Corth Corax
    Corth Corax Month ago

    her last name is vassa-lig-a

  • DJ BellaRose
    DJ BellaRose Month ago

    He's so sweet ❤️

  • Deepak Kumar
    Deepak Kumar Month ago

    He's from India

  • Breeana Lara
    Breeana Lara Month ago


  • Riss Antonidis
    Riss Antonidis Month ago

    My name is Carissa

  • David Thomas
    David Thomas Month ago +1

    Fair play to him hope the postal service gave him a raise

  • J'Kai Beckman
    J'Kai Beckman Month ago

    So sweet! Thats is the sweetest thing ever!

  • Ethel Santiago
    Ethel Santiago Month ago

    SO VERY KIND I wish that guy with my brother

  • gabe 543
    gabe 543 Month ago

    Man that guy is so nice

  • BangtanSupreme _BTS

    They need more people like that mailman

  • HichamSkiii - Vids and more

    We Tracked down the homeowner

    I need to check my windows brb.

  • Im Dark Pit
    Im Dark Pit Month ago

    Awww this is the best mailman ever

  • James Dalton II
    James Dalton II Month ago

    I love a guy he should Be my mailman

  • Sean Dalgliesh
    Sean Dalgliesh Month ago

    My dad is a mail man and these guys really and I mean really work hard they normally only have 5 minutes for lunch and normally just have to have a sandwich and they work all day

  • Joel Woppert
    Joel Woppert Month ago


  • Zak jackson
    Zak jackson Month ago

    If I was his boss I would give him either a big raise or a promotion

  • Miguel A Ruiz
    Miguel A Ruiz Month ago

    "We TRACKED DOWN the home owner"

  • JackLowe178
    JackLowe178 Month ago

    Where I live that's normal

  • Hong Ming Jiang
    Hong Ming Jiang Month ago

    More than awesome

  • RGaming GD/GT
    RGaming GD/GT Month ago

    When The Garbage Truck was here

  • misskingstonjamcutie

    Why not tract down the actual mail carrier? Who cares about hearing from the woman?

  • Harni B
    Harni B Month ago

    this dude is a legend

  • Awf Hos
    Awf Hos Month ago

    Such a gentleman

  • ayoub zougari
    ayoub zougari Month ago

    What a nice man , salut from Algeria.

  • PLEASE. S U B. TO ME I will sub back

    Thats exactly what I would’ve done

  • The topic of meme No

    My friends can't cooperate at all but they can lol

  • helpmejezus 210
    helpmejezus 210 Month ago

    Did anyone see the guy behind him on his left your right.

  • Soundwave superior
    Soundwave superior Month ago +1

    this man going to heaven

  • Captain Pee pee
    Captain Pee pee Month ago


  • Some Guy On YouTube

    Omg he’s so nice

  • Izzy C
    Izzy C Month ago


  • Margarita Torres
    Margarita Torres Month ago

    nice mailman and track down her creeps