MEGA BIG SYLAS! Largest Champion EVER?


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  • Enzo Demarte
    Enzo Demarte 2 hours ago

    I remember this zac

  • Löylymies
    Löylymies Day ago

    Why is this champion allowed to have a 10 second cooldown on his ultimate even if he can steal other champs ultimates, he can spam his ult more than a lux and sylas' ult is better too.

  • Manly Stick7
    Manly Stick7 3 days ago

    why does he look like doctor strange in the thumbnail

  • TOXIC Deraiven
    TOXIC Deraiven 3 days ago +1

    1:15 50min elder dragon

  • SaYYaD oOo
    SaYYaD oOo 5 days ago


  • Fernando Henrique
    Fernando Henrique 5 days ago


  • Ne demiş atalarımız

    Mega move speer sylas

  • Maxonekk
    Maxonekk 5 days ago +1

    what if neeko would copy sylas

  • SuDzY Ayy
    SuDzY Ayy 6 days ago

    The drake is watching you guys thinking to himself, ' What the actualy fuck is happening right now it's 5 in the morning'

  • hydra gaming
    hydra gaming 6 days ago

    1:10 wtf?

  • XetheriusX Plays
    XetheriusX Plays 6 days ago

    Dragon:wtf was that!!!

  • Toprak Güleç
    Toprak Güleç 6 days ago


  • Eat Bean
    Eat Bean 6 days ago

    wait you can get chogath stacks as sylas?

  • jimcksh0716
    jimcksh0716 6 days ago

    GUNDAM in league 0:36

  • jimcksh0716
    jimcksh0716 6 days ago

    Perfect BGM for this
    Attack on Titans OP

  • Ferhat ERDEM
    Ferhat ERDEM 7 days ago

    Ne zaman gelecek tr ye

  • cumigazi
    cumigazi 7 days ago +1

    Since former MADLAD Vandiril did not pin the dying League Of Legends, let's get this comment on top, just to Woosh it.

  • IM Gajelas
    IM Gajelas 7 days ago

    Yo.. i think he are infernal drake's brother..

  • McRandomVillain YT
    McRandomVillain YT 7 days ago

    Cho'gath:I'm the biggest champ
    Sylas: ?

  • Sam Nasser
    Sam Nasser 7 days ago +1

    Dragon is like
    "Wtf am I watching?

  • Agamenton G
    Agamenton G 7 days ago

    to be fair that giant dragon did look really scary

  • Charlie Poole
    Charlie Poole 7 days ago

    That’s a big boy right there yessiree

  • RealKiller69
    RealKiller69 7 days ago +1

    With that size his pp would be as big as lux, * rule34* *winky* *winky*

  • Abdelrhman Salah
    Abdelrhman Salah 7 days ago

    try this mega thing with shaco ult lol

  • This is an Original Name

    And that boys how you grow yo dick

  • David D
    David D 7 days ago

    the ult CD is 7 secs?

  • Jared Calub
    Jared Calub 7 days ago

    Lux is gonna fuckin shocked
    Poor lux lol 😏😝

  • MIKSON 92::.
    MIKSON 92::. 8 days ago

    WOW smok szerokości rzeki :OOO

    Ensar KARAASLAN 8 days ago


  • 보거
    보거 8 days ago

    도바킨 불러야되겠는데?

  • Nothing.C
    Nothing.C 8 days ago

    please do big aatrox vs big syals

  • Dorcusss
    Dorcusss 8 days ago

    Nah. Sorry bro but gliched yasuo is the biggest champ

  • Uroš Lukić
    Uroš Lukić 8 days ago

    How that big

  • Porzeczka
    Porzeczka 9 days ago

    oh wow

  • Daniel Batalla
    Daniel Batalla 9 days ago

    Now thats a real dragon

  • Mark Alison Olarte
    Mark Alison Olarte 9 days ago

    that's a BIG dragon :3

  • Kirill Beznosov
    Kirill Beznosov 9 days ago


  • Edward Asare
    Edward Asare 9 days ago

    Kevin Levin is that you?

  • Felipe Agapito
    Felipe Agapito 9 days ago

    pacific rim

  • Adam Dahlberg
    Adam Dahlberg 9 days ago


  • Jyun-Yuan LIAO
    Jyun-Yuan LIAO 10 days ago

    I want to see a champ in such size go through Zoe’s ult.

  • Slegain
    Slegain 10 days ago

    Now that's a big boi

  • Joshua Aguilar
    Joshua Aguilar 10 days ago +1

    OMG! Sylas is SO BIG!! Now I won't be surprise if Lux AKA Luxanna chooses him over Ezreal. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

  • ΠExPectedΠ Seeker
    ΠExPectedΠ Seeker 10 days ago

    Elder dragon 2.0

  • Soren NT
    Soren NT 10 days ago

    B I G D U D E S O N T H E L O O S E

  • Sans
    Sans 10 days ago

    Damage: 12

  • Mac Hung
    Mac Hung 10 days ago

    Sylas : The Elder Drake

  • Mohammad Danial Sakaria


    thats how sylas take over demacia

  • Muhammet Bozkurt
    Muhammet Bozkurt 10 days ago +1

    Very good lan

  • Mamo Altun
    Mamo Altun 10 days ago

    1:16 *thats how a dragon should look like*

  • LaySka IYM
    LaySka IYM 10 days ago

    Big chungus

  • Floofers
    Floofers 10 days ago

    If you could somehow... somehow do this in Nexus Blitz and use the sled, I would love you. The sled also gets bigger with champion size, I've seen it on a big cho boy, but this would be glorious. Problem is the time of that mode probably.

  • GottaHitThat Sub
    GottaHitThat Sub 10 days ago


  • Zoomba Boomba
    Zoomba Boomba 10 days ago

    This is why Lux likes her....

  • I want you chills-music

    Wtf now he's the biggest champion ever? Now what now..

    Plus I been waiting for zed rework when iz it comin out ._.

  • Lebron James
    Lebron James 11 days ago

    Big chungus on league of legends🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Marvin Francisconi
    Marvin Francisconi 11 days ago

    Wtf League become with? This have no sense at all

  • Kimmy Kat
    Kimmy Kat 11 days ago +1

    if he can be that big, I wonder how big his schlong is down there... 😏😏😏

  • Miralis
    Miralis 11 days ago

    Now get Neeko to copy him, use an elixir herself with stoneplate and Lulu ult.

  • Bass Bosst Music
    Bass Bosst Music 11 days ago

    What the f**k xD

  • Techno Duck
    Techno Duck 11 days ago


  • Jerico Lai Guevarra
    Jerico Lai Guevarra 11 days ago


  • Pepek Kuba
    Pepek Kuba 11 days ago

    No matter how hes big, i still miss my Ahri E

  • dani tanew
    dani tanew 11 days ago

    i can see him perma banned if they dont increase his ulti cd

    • Luke O'Driscoll
      Luke O'Driscoll 7 days ago

      I agree it should be increased, but to be fair he can't steal the same ult twice for double the ult's cooldown. I.E. If he steals an ultimate with a 20 second cooldown he can't steal it again for 40 seconds, even if his own ultimate is a 15 second cooldown.

  • Morallygayer
    Morallygayer 11 days ago

    Communist daddy

  • Od Oddy
    Od Oddy 11 days ago

    เออ ดีสัสๆ

  • Duh Sushi
    Duh Sushi 11 days ago

    Largest champ, but can’t only hit one target at a time

  • Wotto.
    Wotto. 11 days ago

    Cho' gath: I'm the biggest
    Aatrox: no I'm bigger
    Sylas: Big Chungus

  • Crippling Autism
    Crippling Autism 11 days ago

    *Big chungus*

  • Foat Gucker
    Foat Gucker 11 days ago

    Imagine this when urf comes around

  • Cyreal Something
    Cyreal Something 11 days ago

    Dats one big gragun!

  • Uta Ghoul
    Uta Ghoul 11 days ago

    Imagine a shyvana with that size coming to gank you I will shit my pants

    WUKONG GOES BANANAS 11 days ago

    Did you know
    If you jump on a catapult and restart your internet
    Your camera angle will enlarged 3x
    If you want to put it back
    Jump to a catapult again and land

  • saeed atenzi
    saeed atenzi 11 days ago

    Teemo:"size doesnt mean everything"

  • Jona MG
    Jona MG 11 days ago

    So thick

  • Sinon X Katarina
    Sinon X Katarina 11 days ago

    Lol zevkli oyun

  • sweet potato
    sweet potato 11 days ago

    Cho gath who ?

  • erick eduardo palma hernandez


  • Mihailo Guberinic003
    Mihailo Guberinic003 11 days ago

    Holy fuck.

  • Zakaria
    Zakaria 11 days ago

    I like me some big daddi boye

  • Intoxication ™
    Intoxication ™ 11 days ago

    That's one gaint mage

  • bownd short
    bownd short 11 days ago

    holy crazy man wish that big boi

  • Game Ground -TR
    Game Ground -TR 11 days ago +1

    Mecha aatrox is Susanoo

  • Game Ground -TR
    Game Ground -TR 11 days ago +1

    1:09 largest LoL character so bigggg

  • Lloyd Amber
    Lloyd Amber 11 days ago

    Raid Boss Sylas

  • حياة Unknown الله

    i want to see it dead

  • Skillful Player
    Skillful Player 11 days ago

    i hate sylas, i hate pyke, i hate zoey, i hate, i hate neeko ....

  • Meitante Conan
    Meitante Conan 11 days ago

    Imagine doing that, then add a shaco ultimate, and a neeko teammate who uses her clone.

  • Erssan Alberem
    Erssan Alberem 11 days ago

    lulu is just sitting there questioning her life

  • Just Nobody
    Just Nobody 11 days ago

    *Cho Gat Feels ;-;*

  • Burger EatingChickenNoodles

    Sylas: I'm you, but better.

  • Ur Gay
    Ur Gay 11 days ago

    Big Chungus?

  • Owen Anicas
    Owen Anicas 12 days ago

    Elder dragon is shaking

  • Rainbow Dash
    Rainbow Dash 12 days ago


  • [MD] Marcus
    [MD] Marcus 12 days ago +1

    Now *THIS* is God of War in League of Legend.

  • VoteCthulhu
    VoteCthulhu 12 days ago


  • hoseki chan
    hoseki chan 12 days ago


  • 카이저
    카이저 12 days ago

    와 쉬바나 존간지

  • Marsjanek Senpai
    Marsjanek Senpai 12 days ago

    My teammate would miss him anyway

  • Seallot
    Seallot 12 days ago