Woman With Dying Husband Unloads On Tom Cotton At Town Hall Meeting - The Ring Of Fire

  • Published on Feb 23, 2017
  • Tom Cotton is one of many Republicans who want to destroy the Affordable Care Act. And like many other Republicans, he decided to hold a town hall event in Arkansas to address the concerns of his constituents. But he never could have prepared himself for the anger that the crowd showed over the Republican plan to strip away health insurance, and one woman in particular stole the show by telling the story of her dying husband and asked Cotton what kind of insurance HE has. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

    Link - www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2017/2/22/14704812/tom-cotton-town-hall-angry-obamacare-insurance
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  • The Ring of Fire
    The Ring of Fire  11 months ago +53

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    • Marshall Dan
      Marshall Dan 5 months ago

      This is a pointless emotional appeal. No, your dying husband doesn't matter. It's not the government's job to keep her husband alive. It never has been. You don't get to steal from people to keep yourself alive.

    • Mygamme Accoynt
      Mygamme Accoynt 6 months ago

      time for crusades - Best to leave the comments alone, your book burning bus is driving off without you.

    • Mygamme Accoynt
      Mygamme Accoynt 6 months ago

      Someone bait Paul Mason some more...I suspect he yells at the wall for a while between posts. Agnostic Atheist = proof he has no clue what either word means. Bonus points to anyone that can get him to claim he's the worlds tallest dwarf while we're at it.

    • CorvetteKid
      CorvetteKid 8 months ago

      KKK is affiliated with the Democratic Party. When you enter High School, you'll learn that.

    • Unel Mitchell
      Unel Mitchell 9 months ago +4

      hey teaTARDED bubble head! you must mean the little bubble you live in, Mr. KKKonservative...

  • jhnwllms47
    jhnwllms47 22 hours ago

    She put Tom in his place, but he want to get rid of her healthcare and keep his own. That is so unfair.

  • leslie easton
    leslie easton 9 days ago

    She would be dead and homeless? Really smart Trump voter that came to her remaining senses a bit too late.

  • John W
    John W 10 days ago

    And they still voted to repeal it.

  • Huckleberry Hound
    Huckleberry Hound 24 days ago

    fucking republicans are going to pay. they played long enough with americans life's enough is enough

  • Bertil Sigfrid
    Bertil Sigfrid 27 days ago

    Nope, they will not understand it. You need a third party.

  • Travis Lawrence
    Travis Lawrence Month ago

    Omg. That was amazing.

  • desi derata
    desi derata Month ago

    This video clip is for stupid people.

  • Joe Riehl
    Joe Riehl Month ago

    If it was the 1800's, he would have been strung up or shot.

  • your face
    your face 2 months ago +1

    Love that lady

  • Alaskavaper
    Alaskavaper 3 months ago

    Wonderful! Cotton so gerrymandered that he will be re-elected no matter what?

  • Out Law
    Out Law 3 months ago

    yeah she brought the house down. paid actors can be convenient when needed

  • Pat Beaudry
    Pat Beaudry 3 months ago

    When are the senators going to realize that there lively hood is up to the people .not the multi national companies.

  • Bob Cricket
    Bob Cricket 3 months ago

    Lol well, i would not have answered her question of what kind of insurance i have either. It's none of her business. I would have intentionally disregarded every statement and question she posed, as a demonstration that she does not matter. As for meeting and actually talking with her one on one? Lol c'mon. You meet with your equals, not with minions, varmint. Let's repeal this ACA.

  • James Parker
    James Parker 4 months ago

    Get rid of that greed motivated, power grabbing and US citizen strangling so called Affordable Healthcare Act!

  • Rick Stewart
    Rick Stewart 4 months ago

    Tom Cotton still does not give a fuck about her or any other American... He has his...screw you if you don't have yours..
    No matter if you like Obama or not...he passed the Healthcare Act because he cares about the American people....also while his mother was very sick and dying...she was fighting with insurance companies...which is very sad. Dying of cancer and fighting for healthcare..

  • Jeremiah Wilson
    Jeremiah Wilson 4 months ago


  • GoldenHawk93
    GoldenHawk93 4 months ago

    I wouldn't be an orange monkey if it wasn't for Donald Trump.

  • Tiglath Pilezar
    Tiglath Pilezar 5 months ago

    WOW......WHAT A WOMAN. Due respects. From the U.K.

  • Joshua Brown for President 2040

    What a woman

  • Joss Dionne
    Joss Dionne 5 months ago

    A govt that does nothing should have a Nothing Salary, and by the way, cut their Health insurance. Why not also take their citizenship away, and send them to Irak, or in those war areas!!

  • m beginization
    m beginization 5 months ago

    Cotton is a nevertrumper

  • Deborah Lavelle
    Deborah Lavelle 5 months ago

    Sad Days in America, Obamacare is hurting lots of people and it is the democrats route to socialism and where will the money come from to take care of everyone and when the country is bankrupt what will you do for healthcare, or anything else. if the government is controlling your healthcare then they will be controlling all of your life, for me I don't want them controlling my life. check with people in other countries that have socialized medicine and look what happened to them My sister a working nurse works everyday in severe pain and due to the high copays and deductibles she cant afford to have the back surgery she needs and it doesn't pay for her doctor visits or medications, Obamacare has affected every ones life in one way or another which is not very good for anyone and the insurance companies are all bailing out because they are losing money or should I say not making any money. You talk about putting everyone on Medicaid, ask the Governor how long the money would last to provide healthcare for everyone in Tennessee. I understand that people are upset but there has to be another way that will be good for everyone so all can have good quality healthcare. And if any of you did not vote for Cotton to be your senator, then how can you say he works for you if he wasn't your choice and you didn't vote for him?

  • joseph gilbert
    joseph gilbert 5 months ago

    she right

  • z planetx
    z planetx 5 months ago

    Sit your ass down lady…, no amount of body insurance is going to save your sinful life, and more important, safe save your soul. You have given up your freedom for a little security and benefits and have abandoned faith in God.
    Luke 22:25 And he said unto them, The kings of the Gentiles exercise lordship over them; and they that exercise authority upon them are called benefactors.
    You bunch of taxpayer whores who think you can bully you way across everyone’s life to include the life God has given me and my family. I can careless if you have insurance but when you make it mandatory, you have crossed the line. My body belongs to God and not man. 1 Corinthians 6:20 For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's.
    The only reason they make it Mandatory is because you cowards need other people’s hardship to leech of off and Tax the right to Exist? What? The right to Exist… think about it, moron, everybody born now needs to pay a taxpayer whore tax in order for your existence … Why do you think they recommended at the end of the 911 commission report to fund and make sure everyone gets into the MARK of the Beast system at birth in all hospitals using SS#?
    We banished you Hitler’s a long time ago and can do it again… Can’t wait till your NWO master’s stick a chip in your ass and breed you like livestock.
    Revelation 13:16
    16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
    It has begun…

  • Charleen Swiger
    Charleen Swiger 5 months ago

    Got to pay for there tax cut

  • tmcfootguy520 Soleman
    tmcfootguy520 Soleman 5 months ago

    Tom Cotton dangerous right-wing white supremacist.

  • Ma007rk
    Ma007rk 6 months ago

    I have a lifelong friend of mine that just recently died of cancer that was only 44 years old. At one time he was a conservative. He could not afford healthcare. He had found several lumps in his chest area but could not get any treatment because he didn't have health insurance. This went on for about 4 years and there was nothing he could do about it. After Obamacare came out he was finally able to go to his primary care physician, who in turn referred him to an oncologist and made the determination that he had cancer. After that he pretty much overnight became a liberal. If he could have gotten the healthcare that he so desperately needed there is a very good chance that he would be alive right now. I'm not going to say that there aren't things that he couldn't have done to make it easier on his body. (such as losing weight) but I can understand his reasoning to why he changed over. I'm not going to sit here and say that Obamacare is perfect, or even good for that matter, But I will say that for him it was too much, too little, too late in the end.

  • john g
    john g 6 months ago

    Missing !
    Indiana Senator Todd Young !
    Senator Young R-In. is so worried about getting slammed at town hall meetings, that he just stopped having them at all. Senator Young will not meet with the very people who elected him in his home state.
    Now Senator Young only meets small business groups that support his policies and applaud for him.
    Isn't that special?

  • Blue Dog
    Blue Dog 6 months ago

    Tom isn't stupid.......he's a cotton pickin' asshole

  • Honest Opinion
    Honest Opinion 6 months ago

    I love the silence of the Church when men, women, and children are in danger. PURE HYPOCRISY of those so called representatives of God.!!!
    Matthew 7:15
    “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.”
    James 2:14-26
    “14 What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save them? 15 Suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food. 16 If one of you says to them, “Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it? 17 In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.”

  • Frank Glawson
    Frank Glawson 6 months ago

    tom cotton vote out him hes trumpstowel boy

  • Lanka Fortunata
    Lanka Fortunata 6 months ago

    Good for her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I admire brave and fighting for justice people.

  • Ahmed Omar
    Ahmed Omar 6 months ago

    she voted for Trump

  • rolback
    rolback 6 months ago

    She should pay for her own health care. And not expect her neighbors to pay for her. Medicare, Medicaid, and Socialists Security are all Ponzi schemes by created by democrats to control the people. Socialism never has worked and never will work.Create a true free market of health care and it will be affordable to everyone rich and poor. Doctors, pharmacies, drug companies, providers and Insurance companies do not want change. Because real free market change would cut into their wealth.. They want to keep the status quo.

  • Eyob easy
    Eyob easy 6 months ago

    Answer. yes or no Tom cock head

  • Adam Eva
    Adam Eva 6 months ago

    All Democrats are delusional?

  • ZadZadrack
    ZadZadrack 6 months ago

    SLOWLY slowly Republican voters are beginning to realise that politicians are bunch of liars working for LARGE U.S. CORPORATIONS be it in HEALTHCARE INSURANCE, HOSPITAL SERVICES, ETC.ETC.ETC. I think, very soon, both poor American Republican Voters and Poor Democratic voters will soon begin to march HAND-IN-HAND TO THE WHITEHOUSE and throw out that buffoon out of office.

  • K Brandy
    K Brandy 6 months ago

    The host of this video was, Tom Cotton UNDERSTANDS, he just doesn't care. Thirty to forty MILLION people without medical insurance is collateral damage to him. He does not CARE. His only regret is that he can placate his audience without admitting he will repeal the Affordable Care Act.

  • Silvia X
    Silvia X 6 months ago

    Holy shit this lady is a badass.

  • Tim Katona
    Tim Katona 6 months ago

    VERY WELL SAID. I must say, I am a Canadian addicted to U.S. new. I ask myself, Why doe's the Strongest, most advanced Country in the world, not have Universal Health Care? Does it cost more? Yes, I do pay a bit more on my taxes, in the same breath, the more you make the more you pay in taxes. Which balances the cost. Low income or the homeless have free coverage. We take care of everyone!
    Will I standby and watch someone in pain not be treated because he/she has no health care? Not a chance! We have the medical personal available to us 24/7, 365 days a year The cost is just a few more dollars in income tax.I personally would ask my Representative to go to the many Countries with Universal Health Care and see how it's done.I see the Insurance Companies making a bundle doing it in the way it's done in the U.S. I have watch many of the candidates over many years, of all the candidates I have seen, I personally think that Bernie Sanders is the only one that gets it. Who you have as President doesn't matter ( unless he beaks the law ) IT'S THE PERSON REPRESENTING YOU THAT MATTERS.
    Do I agree with the politicians in this country? I believe I feel as the Americans do.We trust that they will represent us the best way possible. Be the people and Country we all used to turn to and respect. The current administration is slowly but surely pushing your allies away. God bless the U.S.A. Just my thoughts.

  • Lauren Mason
    Lauren Mason 6 months ago


  • Mark Dudgeon
    Mark Dudgeon 6 months ago

    WOnder why demoKKKrats never consider the millions who LOST their healthcare do to scumbag Obama!!

    • Cider Yeti
      Cider Yeti 3 months ago

      Probably because they are dead 'murican's. It's a well known fact 'murican's only care about you in the womb. As soon as your born all bets are off.

  • Michelle Elmore
    Michelle Elmore 6 months ago

    Well done because they have great insurance

    WORK IN PROGRESS 6 months ago

    Time for people wake ,democrats & republican voters when comes healthcare were all in same boat
    We are screwed Period!!

  • Helmsman
    Helmsman 7 months ago +1

    Time to take all politicians insurance away thats paid with tax dollars.

  • Robert Caine
    Robert Caine 7 months ago

    Those of you who voted Republican: are you proud now?

  • M. M.
    M. M. 7 months ago

    Cotten needs to be fired.

  • Manuel Campos
    Manuel Campos 7 months ago

    Would have liked to hear Cotton's response. Obama took 30 million off health insurance!

  • angela bluebird60
    angela bluebird60 7 months ago

    Cotton is horrible.

  • Freecheese
    Freecheese 7 months ago

    RUN LADY RUN FOR OFFICE! You are a persuasive speaker for sure !

  • Freecheese
    Freecheese 7 months ago

    Whooo weeee that LADY BROUGHT THE HEAT !

  • Frank Glawson
    Frank Glawson 7 months ago

    reps have ass forpresident cotton is up trumps ass

  • Candy Mathias
    Candy Mathias 7 months ago

    It will get better. Pray and keep praying!

  • ConanTheContrarian1
    ConanTheContrarian1 7 months ago

    Wow, a liberal demanding more government benefits for herself. Who knew? Sure convinced me. I'll now go out and work 80 hours a week for the rest of my life to fund her healthcare, because she's obviously a more worthy person than me, since I just work to get my own. Thank you for enlightening me, Ring of Fire.

  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson 7 months ago

    Look at this crazy fat bitch. Do you think she's a republican. Do you think she's telling the truth. Why show up at the meeting if you're a hater. What's with the finger?

  • Ganymedes Diary *
    Ganymedes Diary * 7 months ago

    I ain't never seen white people get this angry, you know you f***** up when the white people are screaming!

  • Donnie Whetstone
    Donnie Whetstone 7 months ago

    I don't get it. I've seen scenes like this in GOP Town Halls since 2007...yet the GOP controls the House, Senate, WH and the Supreme Court...what gives?

  • dameyale royster
    dameyale royster 7 months ago

    Republicans are so aloof

  • Chris Ashcroft
    Chris Ashcroft 7 months ago

    People need to keep pushing the message she pushed. "You work for us!" They have been working for the 1% and wealthy special interest groups. Make them work for the people, or send them packing. Democracy 101. You guys missed out on a huge opportunity with Bernie Sanders.

  • Tom Durkin
    Tom Durkin 7 months ago

    I have Obamacare and pay $1200 a monthly with an $8000 deductible. I have never used it and if I tried I would never be able to get any benefit from it because of the $8000 yearly deductible. SO GETTING RID OF THIS BULLSHIT OBAMACARE IS BEST THING PRESIDENT TRUMP CAN DO.

  • TheBookWorm1718
    TheBookWorm1718 7 months ago

    2:42 No, lady, we want to hear what those many many other things are, and we want to know how many of them have preventative measures your husband could've taken to avoid them, but he didn't. I think it's time we start addressing other diseases like people have treated obesity for years, that if you did it to yourself, then that's your own fault, you want somebody else to pay for YOUR poor decisions?

  • Brian Kimball
    Brian Kimball 7 months ago

    Republicans are winning. So are the people.

  • Danny boy
    Danny boy 7 months ago


  • james m
    james m 7 months ago +1

    ask that out of shape fat leech of a woman who says her whole family would be dead without free medical. To maybe eat right try some exercise get off the f****** chewing tobacco. Does she even give a s*** about how many people were hurt by the Affordable Care Act. Does she even care that other people have died that other people have suffered that other people had to declare bankruptcy just to make the payments for the Affordable Care Act. She don't care she only want her free stuff

  • richie2910
    richie2910 7 months ago

    I bet most of these fools voted for orange...lol..lol.

  • Mud '
    Mud ' 7 months ago

    Dead and Homeless if it was not for a Black President

  • GIspecialty
    GIspecialty 7 months ago

    Enjoy your theatrics liberals, it has worked so well for you, hasnt it?

  • Nowplease Readthis
    Nowplease Readthis 7 months ago

    We can't have a National Health Service for all Americans
    because useless pointless US Health Insurance Corporations won't let
    it happen. They have bought their politicians and we're screwed. We
    have the most expensive per capita health care in the world yet are
    the only first world country to not have Universal Health Care. I
    paid no more out of my paycheck in England than here but here I have
    to spend $10,000 a year more paying
    Health Ins. Corporations and can still go bankrupt from med bills

  • madmarvin99
    madmarvin99 7 months ago

    who gives ashit about these henpecked racistas who voted for the assclown orangutan

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones 7 months ago

    This is what real democracy looks like.

  • ko a go go
    ko a go go 7 months ago


  • Phospherous
    Phospherous 7 months ago

    now am not American, I have never been to USA but I can clearly say she is the only true American I have seen in years. she makes me believe America can become great again.

  • Paul Sheppard
    Paul Sheppard 7 months ago

    You white people wanted Trump you got Trumped.

  • Velvet Rose
    Velvet Rose 7 months ago

    It's hard to feel sorry for these people. They across the board voted for the very people who campaigned (and Won) saying they would repeal and replace the ACA.....
    Now they are upset with those they voted for, for doing what they said they would do?
    Did they not understand what repeal meant?
    This is a great example of being careful of what you wish for......

  • Sherry Mott
    Sherry Mott 7 months ago


  • Sherry Mott
    Sherry Mott 7 months ago


  • Noah Vale
    Noah Vale 8 months ago

    Tom Cotton, is this a joke???

  • Ron Ryan
    Ron Ryan 8 months ago

    this womens needs to run

  • Not Saying
    Not Saying 8 months ago

    Republicans are scared of people. Hence, all the fake news, propaganda and ideology talk

  • Lib Rom
    Lib Rom 8 months ago

    The politicians give themselves raises nonstop, they give themselves three month vacations a year and give themselves the best insurance, I guess is time for all of us to become politicians. Since that is not possible the next best thing is to demand we get whatever they are getting. Only fair.

  • oscar flores
    oscar flores 8 months ago

    It is too late for this people they were more concern about Hillary email than their own dame health coverage and a big huge wall which basically in the middle of a desert now they should go to Mexico to get treatment may be that way will understand the meaning of immigration to save your life.

  • GSP- the chosen one
    GSP- the chosen one 8 months ago

    Kill him now! yeah

  • Gavin Su
    Gavin Su 8 months ago +1

    She should've dropped the mic

  • Simon Randall
    Simon Randall 8 months ago

    AND they all voted AGAINST Obama? !

  • Ron Bheecham
    Ron Bheecham 8 months ago

    You say " sometimes you have to go with the little people" No they need us more than we need them

  • CorvetteKid
    CorvetteKid 8 months ago +1

    How come this fat cow didn't have decent health insurance ?
    I'm supposed to pay for HER and her overweight, overstuffed ass ?

  • MrReasonablethinker
    MrReasonablethinker 8 months ago

    Tom Cotton has employer-based insurance. That's the answer. It's really very simple Ma'am.

  • Jean giant\ Brown
    Jean giant\ Brown 8 months ago

    U go girl!!

  • Feel Good
    Feel Good 8 months ago

    Let's primary out all politicians who take corporate money.

  • Oran Payne
    Oran Payne 8 months ago

    why are all these trump voters crying like little bitches? you voted for trump MAN THE FUCK UP, SHUT THE FUCK UP, AND LOSE YOUR HEALTHCARE LIKE A FUCKING MAN😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 You can't cry when you voted for that racist bitch in the white house. you republican fucks won the election and YOU NOW HAVE LOST YOUR HEALTHCARE. TOOOOOOOO FUCKING BAD. I HAVE NO SYMPATHY, KINDNESS, OR FEEL BAD THAT YOU REPUBLICAN FUCKS VOTED FOR TRUMP NOW TRUMP IS FUCKING YOU. You trump supporters made up your bed, NOW SLEEP IN THE FUCKER. I am to the point that I will laugh my ass off when you trump supporters lose everything you ever worked for with just one disastrous health problem. STOP FUCKING CRYING LIKE BITCHES. YOU WON THE ELECTION. TRUMP IS YOUR PRESIDENT YOU VOTED FOR. Sit the FUCK down and shut the FUCK up.WELCOME TO HELL.😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

    • CorvetteKid
      CorvetteKid 8 months ago

      O-Ran......the only racists are in the Democratic Party. Educate yourself.
      My healthcare tripled under ObozoCare. Now, it's 50% cheaper.
      Thank You, President Trump !!

  • chris ambrose
    chris ambrose 8 months ago


  • Richardson Carson
    Richardson Carson 8 months ago

    Hire a hacker to hack Facebook,WhatsApp, emails, phone and more. You could get access to just anything today.

  • Julian Silva
    Julian Silva 8 months ago +1

    ACA is faltering on its own anyway, trying to put blame on politicians who are trying to get rid of it, instead on those who let it pass is myopic. The ACA was nothing more than a shot of morphine or a necrotic limb, even if the ACA is left untouched, within a few more years it will crumble completely.
    Many states have already seen their healthcare marketplaces be reduced to one or two providers, the costs are hiking, coverage is still shrinking and even with the subsidies lots of people are still not being able to afford the out of pocket costs. ACA is seeing the same faith that Massachusetts's system under Papa Romney saw after a decade of its implementation. The ACA was written by the health insurance conglomerates in benefit of their profit margins, not of the end user . . . was it better than what we had before? Sure, but that is only for a period of time, just like morphine. The ACA is not for the long haul whatsoever.

  • Percius Westbrooks
    Percius Westbrooks 8 months ago

    Well you get wat u vote for

  • Rob Mitchell
    Rob Mitchell 8 months ago

    This is going to continue and continue. People are angry, but these buttholes were voted back into office. A new revolution is coming around the corner.

  • Van Iyke
    Van Iyke 8 months ago

    Don't know which is more upsetting: That these same people in red districts went to vote for Trump even when he said he'd do this shit to them ... or that they were stupid enough to think when the hammer fell they would not be affected?

  • Honest Opinion
    Honest Opinion 8 months ago

    Republicans have not soul!! Republicans are against God’s Teaching!

  • dans h
    dans h 8 months ago

    Tom Cotton and all the rest of the vampires , we all know what kind of Health Care insurance they've including all their families and even their Pets, the money they steal from the poor taxpayers covers them all

  • Dracsh
    Dracsh 8 months ago

    Singapore spends only 3% of GDP on healthcare but alls citizen are given (or mandated to buy) insurance which costs from US$3/mth US$75/mth, which covers all pre-existing condition. No idea why the US, which is also classified as a 'developed country', is experiencing such a big difficulty providing for something so basic.