Would YOU do this? Rogers Centre shenanigans

  • Published on May 20, 2019
  • The Blue Jays couldn’t score, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. couldn’t hit, and I was losing my mind. Eating food off the ground - was this extremely stupid? Kind of stupid? Maybe not actually THAT stupid if you really think about it? Would you have done it?
    The Minnesota Twins were here in Toronto, and for some reason they skipped batting practice. That was super annoying, but it gave me more time to hang out with some fans, win free merch, and take advantage of “Loonie Dogs Night.”
    Thanks to Ian Perlman (@ianperlman) for filming and to Chris Bruning (@iChrisbtv) and Bill Bruning (@billbruning) for editing. FYI, this game took place on May 7, 2019. Thanks for watching!
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  • Bernardo Osio
    Bernardo Osio Month ago +75

    I don’t know why but I just spend two hours everyday watching Zack hample videos

    • C Twilliger
      C Twilliger Month ago +2

      I spend 2 hours everyday watching his shirtless video at the Marlins game. #beefcake

    • Mal Cowie
      Mal Cowie Month ago +4


    • TRich Gaming
      TRich Gaming Month ago +3

      Gotta bump those numbers up

    • Zack Hample
      Zack Hample  Month ago +9

      Because you're the best -- that's why.

  • Anthony D’Iorio
    Anthony D’Iorio 9 hours ago

    Go to Citi Field soon, like so this comment goes to the top

    THAA KING 2 days ago +1

    When are you gonna go to. Dodgers game

  • Gillysaurxx
    Gillysaurxx 6 days ago +2

    The way he pancaked his a2000 at the beginning made me cry

  • Riley potter
    Riley potter 17 days ago


  • Josh Vose
    Josh Vose 18 days ago

    Zack can I have a baseball or a bat

  • alow
    alow 23 days ago

    found this channel a few days ago and now i watch everyday for literally hours

  • Cole Rocker
    Cole Rocker 24 days ago +1

    Every day I watch zack hample

  • Alan MHF
    Alan MHF 27 days ago

    Love the shirt zack 🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴

  • Kevin Janosz
    Kevin Janosz 27 days ago +2

    Logan wants to know if you like ketchup? It didn’t seem like you put any on your 🌭.

  • Sam Poulin
    Sam Poulin 28 days ago +1

    What is the name of the 1st song in The background

  • Winter Season
    Winter Season Month ago

    U a god

  • Sweru Seggy
    Sweru Seggy Month ago


  • Dylan Hidalgo
    Dylan Hidalgo Month ago

    Lol the hat changes were killing me 😂

  • Airplanes Lover
    Airplanes Lover Month ago

    What stadium are you at

    • Andrew033009
      Andrew033009 16 days ago


    • J Millzy
      J Millzy 17 days ago

      @Andrew033009 you called the guy a ding dong. if u want to correct someone say it with respect. feel sorry for your mother

    • Andrew033009
      Andrew033009 17 days ago

      @J Millzy Excuse me, I didn't think I said I was "Better than anyone." Except, I'm not being a fool, I'm trying to help him. Your the one who wanted to make this a huge deal. This conversation is ended.
      Have a nice evening, I hope this settles it..

    • J Millzy
      J Millzy 17 days ago

      @Andrew033009 yah man I did...ur a fool... why must u feel like u need to correct people. dont think ur better then someone fool

    • Andrew033009
      Andrew033009 17 days ago

      @J Millzy Give me a break. You didn't have to come into this...

  • Adan Zahidi
    Adan Zahidi Month ago

    I don’t have Instagram so tell me when you come back to Tropicana Field and hopefully it’s in July

  • enzoo
    enzoo Month ago

    Would love to see you at a dodgers game this year!

  • Tyler Weather
    Tyler Weather Month ago +4

    6:41 Jesus, Toronto is like New York, salty fans

    • JakeCity gaming
      JakeCity gaming Month ago

      Tyler Weather it’s a Toronto ritual to have to heckle guys in lf

  • calliy woodstull
    calliy woodstull Month ago +3

    Go Jays go

  • Fortnite Fanatic
    Fortnite Fanatic Month ago +6

    I saw Vlad Jr when he was in the NH Fisher Cats

  • Brendan ODonnell
    Brendan ODonnell Month ago +3

    When r u going to Oracle Park?

  • Brendan ODonnell
    Brendan ODonnell Month ago +5

    Lol this vid was made like 2 weeks ago. He just hit his first homer like 4-5 days ago

  • SV Lloyd's Nostalgic Baseball Cards Revived

    The Twins are legit. If they keep playing the way the are, playoffs for sure.

    • Brendan ODonnell
      Brendan ODonnell Month ago

      Yeah and I’m not surprised by how good they’re doing, they’re a good team

  • Lucas Newman
    Lucas Newman Month ago +4

    Finally a video with the Twins

  • Major League Hatz
    Major League Hatz Month ago +2

    Roger Centre is actually a nice stadium! I had a lot of fun going there! Did you go to the other places around the Roger Centre?

  • EWO
    EWO Month ago +12

    4:47-4:53 don’t do that ever again I’ll end up killling myself

  • nightmare foxy
    nightmare foxy Month ago +2

    are you comming to oakland this season if you can can you come on the 31 against houston

  • Max Mcnay
    Max Mcnay Month ago +5

    Hey, Zack, are you coming back to Cincinnati this season and if so when

  • Harold Brohart
    Harold Brohart Month ago +4

    It is always a great place to watch a game, didn't know who was Zack was until the 6th inning (My Daughter told me) nice guy though...even though my daughter attempted to photobomb him... I was the guy with the rally cap

  • Big Dad
    Big Dad Month ago +5

    What’s wrong wit this dude

  • Gamer25 _
    Gamer25 _ Month ago +3

    When you were eating your hot dog, Rush my favorite band ever was playing. Very Canadian thing to play

  • Johnny Maasch
    Johnny Maasch Month ago +4

    Bro I’m from Milwaukee and I traveled to Toronto for the Bucks game and I went to the same jays game as you man

  • Yeety Magee
    Yeety Magee Month ago +3

    4:50 name something more Canadian I’ll wait (rush playing in the background)

  • KingParadise 07
    KingParadise 07 Month ago +1

    Zack is the best ballhawker in the world

  • Marcus Aaron
    Marcus Aaron Month ago +1

    Twins are the best!!!!!!!!

  • jack g
    jack g Month ago +1

    I put on not

  • Liam Evans
    Liam Evans Month ago +3

    I wish I could come and see you at a tronto game I live in tronto

  • Michael Rodriguez
    Michael Rodriguez Month ago +1

    Zack keep up that great work

  • ClawSinger
    ClawSinger Month ago +3

    honestly I like him, but he's a jerk

    • ClawSinger
      ClawSinger Month ago +1

      @Brendan ODonnell i agree with that

    • Brendan ODonnell
      Brendan ODonnell Month ago +1

      ClawSinger He’s not a jerk, but he’s pretty selfish and egotistical

    • ClawSinger
      ClawSinger Month ago +1

      @dreadfull he steals balls

    • dreadfull
      dreadfull Month ago +1


  • RelliK Shield379
    RelliK Shield379 Month ago

    Look at my symbol for youtube

  • RelliK Shield379
    RelliK Shield379 Month ago +1

    Vlad Guerrero jr is my favorite player

  • Acorn Leaf
    Acorn Leaf Month ago +3

    Video from Comerica park yet? 😂

  • Miguel Celis
    Miguel Celis Month ago

    Hey Zach, I just wanted to say that you make awesome videos. I watch you every week. Thank you for making awesome vids every week

  • Five Tool
    Five Tool Month ago

    Yes zack youv’e just made this day much better.

  • Jacob Freyaldenhoven

    Go to Minute Maid on Memorial day a great matchup of Cubs and Stros that'll be BP heaven for you

  • jake friel
    jake friel Month ago

    go to the Phillies game on June 9th. it is a home game

  • Dustin LaFond
    Dustin LaFond Month ago +1

    Are you going to the cardinals game in June and july

  • Brendan Watson
    Brendan Watson Month ago

    Go to the braves game on May 31

  • Max Enis
    Max Enis Month ago +1

    Are you going to Boston on July 17.

  • Average at Best
    Average at Best Month ago +3

    Zack your streak still going?

  • Constance Glenn
    Constance Glenn Month ago +1

    When are you going to the braves game again I'll be there

  • ChAnGo_8117 PRIME
    ChAnGo_8117 PRIME Month ago +1

    When are you going to San Diego

  • Jaeden Reid
    Jaeden Reid Month ago +1

    I work there lol I saw the yellow shirt and knew it was you😂

  • Slowjoeman
    Slowjoeman Month ago +5

    Sometimes being a Jays fan is so tough

    • edward james
      edward james Month ago

      Dude am from Miami it doesn’t get much very tough than this..

    • Rhondi Synnott
      Rhondi Synnott Month ago

      Slowjoeman ya it is hard sometimes when they have lost a lot already

  • Jeff Ruble
    Jeff Ruble Month ago +6

    Is it me or does Rosario look like hes on his phone in the outfield lol

    • Javier Salazar
      Javier Salazar Month ago

      They use it too look at a depth chart or squad report to know where to stand in outfield for next batter

  • CanadianFlash
    CanadianFlash Month ago +2

    Will you be at the Jays game on tomorrow Wednesday May 22nd because I’ll be there 100 level outfield

  • Nicholas Gaulke
    Nicholas Gaulke Month ago +1

    How much is going to a game with you cost?

    • Dodger99
      Dodger99 Month ago

      @Nicholas Gaulke The base cost is $1k. Then there's the chance you might have to cover travel/hotel costs for Zack and travel/hotel costs for Ian if you want it to be a video

    • Nicholas Gaulke
      Nicholas Gaulke Month ago

      @TVLively thx

    • TVLively
      TVLively Month ago


  • Sam Stephenson
    Sam Stephenson Month ago +1

    White boy hops

  • Luke Drower
    Luke Drower Month ago

    I'm traveling from the UK to Toronto next month and seeing my first baseball game because of Zack!

  • nascar fan 11
    nascar fan 11 Month ago +1

    Zach your an inspiration to all of us

  • wyattmax og
    wyattmax og Month ago +1

    man i going Friday and they are so bad this year hoping to see some miracle happen

  • Samray23 Ray
    Samray23 Ray Month ago +1

    Go blue jays

  • Spooker Red Menace
    Spooker Red Menace Month ago +4

    would be interesting to know how often skydome actually sprays down the seats and such , i know they clean up the pop and chips every game.... but to actually wash and clean the areas....

    • Spooker Red Menace
      Spooker Red Menace 28 days ago

      @Sam Poulin AH!! i remember the camp sleep overs! ya that makes more sense to use leafblowers

    • Sam Poulin
      Sam Poulin 28 days ago +1

      Spooker Red Menace when the jays did sleepovers when i was a kid They had leafblowers and They were freaking annoying

  • charlie zast
    charlie zast Month ago +3

    i was at the mets game last night and together with my freind we got 17 balls

    • Max Monesson
      Max Monesson Month ago +1

      charlie zast omg I was just about to comment that!

  • Heidi Wachtin
    Heidi Wachtin Month ago +3

    Vladi J.R has 3 homers ya know

    • Dodger99
      Dodger99 Month ago

      And he filmed this a couple weeks ago. On his ticket at 2:50 it says May 7th

    • DaRealBigDEAL 567
      DaRealBigDEAL 567 Month ago +1

      Heidi Wachtin 4

  • Sluggerbomb87- Call of Duty

    Coach was Twins pitching coach Rick Kranitz

  • Ava Connors
    Ava Connors Month ago +4

    How does Zack Hample keep having all these hats

    • Arthur Heartbreak Gettler
      Arthur Heartbreak Gettler Month ago

      He is a rich boy he buys all the hats.

    • Dodger99
      Dodger99 Month ago

      He has a hat for every team and then he has an MLB logo hat

    • Shibby
      Shibby Month ago +2

      He has been at every stadium and he can get a hat there

  • Bruce Anlan ZHANG
    Bruce Anlan ZHANG Month ago +7

    Zack is probably not going to pin this

  • Forrest Gump
    Forrest Gump Month ago +3

    Still seems weird.....i think the pre game stuff is for kids no grown man.

  • Ben Hart
    Ben Hart Month ago +5

    6:30 dear god

  • Karen Glisch
    Karen Glisch Month ago

    When are u coming to Miller park

  • Jace Pinheiro
    Jace Pinheiro Month ago

    How many balls you have right now

  • Jensen Hall
    Jensen Hall Month ago +1

    When will you watch the dodgers games

  • 1 Proud American
    1 Proud American Month ago +3

    *A shout out to James.*
    *He's the Man!*

  • Panda
    Panda Month ago +2

    He already beat Bartolos homerun récord that’s insane

  • TheEASportsNHL
    TheEASportsNHL Month ago +7

    He was born in Montreal

    Dr CUINHELL Month ago +7

    He is from Canada not dominican

  • jetskill99
    jetskill99 Month ago +2

    Wow Rogers center looks like a terrible place to watch a ball game proabably not bad for football tho

    • jetskill99
      jetskill99 Month ago

      MTTY34 I didn’t realize the roof opens up, but there’s gotta be a lot of seats in there that aren’t any good unless it’s the playoffs and you really just want to be in the building

    • jetskill99
      jetskill99 Month ago

      MTTY34 I’ll take your word on it, seems a bit to expansive, but the hotel suites in the outfield seem pretty sweet

    • MTTY34
      MTTY34 Month ago

      It's actually a really nice place to watch a ball game.

  • Lemus 3k
    Lemus 3k Month ago

    How come you don’t go to dodger stadium I really want to know the good spots and it would be good to see you there

  • DEXV0N
    DEXV0N Month ago

    bro i seen you at the rangers game tonight i work in the concessions stands the ice cream one

  • Five Tool
    Five Tool Month ago +1

    Zack i know you are listening. Get a ball from joey votto

  • Landon Leuschner
    Landon Leuschner Month ago

    Super cool to run into you at the game tonight Zack, thanks for signing my ball man!

    • Dodger99
      Dodger99 Month ago +1

      @S gaming tech He said "tonight" meaning yesterday when Zack was filming a video. This video was most likely filmed a couple weeks ago

    • S gaming tech
      S gaming tech Month ago

      Landon Leuschner are you in the video?

  • Jake McNamara
    Jake McNamara Month ago +2

    I’m surprised h are not at 1 mill subs yet
    Make sure to subscribe and u can get him their!!
    Keep up the good work and u will get it. Keep the grind.

  • Hockey Trickshotz/Vidz

    4:48 one special boi

  • FreshBread
    FreshBread Month ago

    When are you coming to Anaheim

  • Colby Kambeitz
    Colby Kambeitz Month ago +2

    Hockey > baseball

    • Dodger99
      Dodger99 Month ago +1

      Except its damn near impossible to get 17 pucks in a single game but its very possible to get 17 balls in one baseball game

    • Andrew Clark
      Andrew Clark Month ago

      Funny shit

  • Kyle Cairel
    Kyle Cairel Month ago

    When are you coming to see the Oakland AS at home

  • Antonio Perez
    Antonio Perez Month ago

    Hi Zach!

  • Bryan Herrera
    Bryan Herrera Month ago

    Loonie dog is a wanna be dodger dog

  • DISMANfilms
    DISMANfilms Month ago

    are you gonna be at the Wednesday game?

  • Dylan Efird
    Dylan Efird Month ago

    im following your insta please post when you go to coors! hope to see you there

  • luke franklin
    luke franklin Month ago +1

    Love your videos,keep it up,fav youtuber

  • Mr.fungi 0
    Mr.fungi 0 Month ago

    nice video, I love that you're uploading everyday now

  • Cameron Collins
    Cameron Collins Month ago +2

    When u going to Oakland

  • Elissa Watt
    Elissa Watt Month ago

    not everyone uses IG :(

  • K.A1
    K.A1 Month ago +1

    U said berrios wrong. Haha. Ima big twins fan

  • Jon Suekoff
    Jon Suekoff Month ago +1

    Can you give me a shout out in your next video plz. If u do its DrewSueky. thank you

  • agility IX
    agility IX Month ago +2

    2:56 never though I would hear him say that “blasting in this joint”

  • Ajay Gubbels
    Ajay Gubbels Month ago +1

    What game are u going to be at on Memorial Day weekend and what day are u going to be at the game

  • JukeMaster_ 66
    JukeMaster_ 66 Month ago