iPhone XR Review: No Need to Panic!

  • Published on Nov 12, 2018
  • iPhone XR: The one most people should get. Unless you're a pixel peeper. Like me!
    iPhone Xs Review: tvclip.biz/video/YAF9BWpzwvI/video.html
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  • d4unit
    d4unit 2 hours ago

    sometimes i wonder if i should've saved 500 dollars and upgraded to a 10R from my 6s, but now I'm rocking an S10+

  • HBS
    HBS 15 hours ago

    Hey Marques ! Do you think that it stills good in 2020 ? cause it's like affordable for 500$ now on Amazon and i'm thinking to boy it instead of something else..

  • Atomic NINJA
    Atomic NINJA Day ago +1

    4:18 that Logic Album cover though 😍

  • प्रशस्ति

    Upgraded to iphone xr from my pigeon. I’d say it’s cool.

  • Justin Bieber
    Justin Bieber 4 days ago

    I'm gonna get this when the 15 come out no doubt about that!

  • ziim2400
    ziim2400 5 days ago

    Went from android to xr I honestly gotta say there isn’t anything wrong with it. It’s literally the perfect iPhone a person could have. If you have medium sized hands, don’t need some fancy screen and a telephoto camera then you really good.

  • Orbite flow
    Orbite flow 6 days ago

    Going from s9 plus to XR is that a good switch?

  • beastlylordhorse
    beastlylordhorse 6 days ago

    Anybody else like coral

  • martin price
    martin price 7 days ago +1

    Don't focus on numbers?
    SHUT THE F*** UP

  • hyper
    hyper 9 days ago


  • Meir Kagan
    Meir Kagan 9 days ago

    Watching on xr

  • rssexybeast
    rssexybeast 10 days ago +1

    Buy s10e instead of XR and base 11. No need to stay with Apple anymore. You all ARE NOW FREE! GO! GET FROM HEAH!

  • Hilman Johari
    Hilman Johari 10 days ago

    I don’t think my phone even exists now coz who the hell uses a 6 plus

  • Nikolas Gunadi
    Nikolas Gunadi 12 days ago

    The videography is world class

  • Obsi
    Obsi 13 days ago +2

    I’m out here with the 6s

  • Baboultje
    Baboultje 13 days ago

    i just want it because my name starts with an r

  • GrotrianSeiler
    GrotrianSeiler 14 days ago

    It's too big. I'll wait for the next SE.

  • Michael McGoldrick
    Michael McGoldrick 16 days ago +1

    Yoooo prepaid flip phone gang where u at 😂

  • Yo Zeezi
    Yo Zeezi 17 days ago +1

    I got an 8 last month now I’m getting this one rip bank account

  • beyona
    beyona 17 days ago +1

    ive been using my ip6 for 2 years+ and i cant decide whether to get the 8+ or the XR

    • beyona
      beyona 20 hours ago +1

      VNY D thats so cool!!!!

    • VNY D
      VNY D 2 days ago +1

      beyona even better lol the 11 is basically an upgraded XR
      I had it for 6 days n then ended up switching to the Pro Max ❤️

    • beyona
      beyona 3 days ago +1

      VNY D funny story i ended up getting the 11

    • VNY D
      VNY D 5 days ago

      Please tell me you got the XR
      Leave the old gen iPhones behind

    • Joe W
      Joe W 8 days ago +2

      8 plus renewed on Amazon is the way to go

  • 100 subs with no vids ?

    I upgraded from 6 to 11... AMAZING

  • Mike ö
    Mike ö 18 days ago

    I still use my iPhone 4

  • Utkarsh Raman
    Utkarsh Raman 19 days ago

    Watching this in my iphone xr

  • Shaheer Khan
    Shaheer Khan 19 days ago

    I got xr and Iam watching ur video with my Xr

  • Aayush Chandhan
    Aayush Chandhan 19 days ago +1

    Upgraded from samsung S6 to I phone XR

    • Mr Chicken
      Mr Chicken 8 days ago

      Aayush Chandhan which phone has the better screen

  • Sad Trash
    Sad Trash 20 days ago

    I like my phone big ;-;

  • Tiosaum
    Tiosaum 20 days ago

    I'll upgrade from a Galaxy A8 to iPhone 11

    • Tiosaum
      Tiosaum 19 days ago

      @Christan Bailey btw, s8 stills a wonderful phone for someone who already have it

    • Tiosaum
      Tiosaum 19 days ago

      I guess he read S8 instead of A8 (a 2018 samsung middle end device) wich is a good phone but of course not good as iPhone 11 (and apps are starting to crash more often and battery life has decreased a little, I have to charge it earlier than night, like, 4 or 5pm) . If I hadn't get bored with android by using 5 years in a row ofc I would go for Oneplus 7t pro McLaren (if have physical stores disponible to pay in full)

    • Christan Bailey
      Christan Bailey 19 days ago

      Zacri stop trying to drag others down to your level is not good stop trying to get him to stick with Android he wants to switch for a reason

    • Christan Bailey
      Christan Bailey 19 days ago

      Tiosaum I already have the iPhone 11 really recommend it

    • Zacri
      Zacri 20 days ago


  • Hi Taylor
    Hi Taylor 20 days ago

    I went from a silver 8+ to a blue xr and I love the phone sm and I also have smaller hands so the 8+ didn’t compromise with me lol

  • Handmaiden Of the Lord
    Handmaiden Of the Lord 20 days ago +4

    Bought this phone yesterday it’s a battery beast. Simple to use.

  • c m
    c m 21 day ago

    I had an iPhone 7 plus before going to the Google phone I have now, so all these videos saying "is the XR worth it in 2019" are unnecessary bc literally anything newer than the X would be worth it coming from a 7. Also the battery life is on par with my Pixel 3a

  • Thicc Kid
    Thicc Kid 21 day ago

    The bezels look way thinner in person. I highly recommend the iPhone 10r

  • KCD
    KCD 21 day ago

    *Watches a review about the iPhone XR on my XR* 😁
    But yes you are correct. Coming from a 6s to this, it does feel like an upgrade.

    • Christan Bailey
      Christan Bailey 19 days ago

      KCD watches a review about the xr on my iPhone 11

  • lIv-x-vIl
    lIv-x-vIl 22 days ago +2

    I have xr 😬 and i have 128 gb

    • lIv-x-vIl
      lIv-x-vIl 19 days ago

      Christan Bailey ya, i already have this phone idrc i mean its good enough lol

    • Christan Bailey
      Christan Bailey 19 days ago

      Xwiuxz if the 11 does become available in your area I recommend the 128 gig version you can get the 128 gig version for the price of the 64 gig xr

    • lIv-x-vIl
      lIv-x-vIl 19 days ago

      Christan Bailey nice i waa gon get that but this was only phone available in the areea

    • Christan Bailey
      Christan Bailey 19 days ago

      Xwiuxz I have 128 gig iPhone 11

  • Ohh hi ya GV
    Ohh hi ya GV 22 days ago +41

    Everyone is watching because they r either getting one or have one😂😂

    • d4unit
      d4unit 2 hours ago

      just looking at whether this phone is worth it for 500 over an S10+ for 1k, upgrading from a 6s

    • Ravenclaw Fan 24
      Ravenclaw Fan 24 Day ago +1

      I have an 11 but this was on my recommended so here I am

    • 5T4R3D0WN
      5T4R3D0WN Day ago

      @Christan Bailey bro im broke asf some people are less fortunate than u

    • You're' dead
      You're' dead 4 days ago

      Nope, I'm too broke to buy

  • chris vann
    chris vann 22 days ago +1

    People always finding faults with phones.damn it’s not a tv it’s not a camera it’s not a microwave oven.ITS A PHONE .be amazed it’s this good

    • Christan Bailey
      Christan Bailey 19 days ago

      He’s allowed to criticize a phone chill out just because you feel personally attacked doesn’t mean he was talking about you

    • Zacri
      Zacri 20 days ago


  • chris vann
    chris vann 22 days ago

    I upgraded from Nokia 8210 to iPhone XR .im missing snake.

  • William Barrett
    William Barrett 22 days ago

    1:00 The incredible True Story

  • eyyyS
    eyyyS 22 days ago

    lol my broke ass is planning to by this phone next year

    • eyyyS
      eyyyS 19 days ago

      Kavin Suresh i agree i hope it will retail in a lower price next year after the release of the iphone 12

    • Christan Bailey
      Christan Bailey 19 days ago

      Zacri don’t nobody want that rinky dink little android

    • Zacri
      Zacri 20 days ago

      Get the pixel 3

    • Kavin Suresh
      Kavin Suresh 21 day ago

      Get the 11 if you are going to buy tho

  • Ella_x x
    Ella_x x 23 days ago

    Where’s me XR gang at

  • shubhankar munshi
    shubhankar munshi 23 days ago

    Got one today and gotta say apple really makes great phones

    Also them gestures are so fkin awesome

    KY1ELITE 23 days ago

    $750 for a IPhone XR and you still look broke😂 but u gotta agree though

  • Raghav Seth
    Raghav Seth 24 days ago +1

    watching this on a oneplus just feels like im looking down the past

  • Ahmed Raza
    Ahmed Raza 24 days ago +1

    article said its the best selling phone in 2019

  • Squidward !
    Squidward ! 25 days ago +1

    Upgraded from a rock to the XR
    It’s life changing

    • Zacri
      Zacri 20 days ago

      I'm broke, typing this on my alarm clock

    • Joseph Stalin
      Joseph Stalin 24 days ago

      Squidward ! Upgraded from the XR to a smart touch screen black dildo. Huge difference worth the $1300.

  • Aaron Stanley
    Aaron Stanley 25 days ago

    Upgraded from a Zte maven 3 to a Xr blown away

  • Chris man RPC
    Chris man RPC 25 days ago

    I miss the home button

  • Javon Sison
    Javon Sison 26 days ago +1

    went from Android to xr

  • b u t t e r
    b u t t e r 27 days ago

    From Android to iPhone. ig that's pretty cool.

  • Kristian Larsen
    Kristian Larsen 27 days ago +1

    326 PPI on the iPhone 4 with a 3,5 inch display was BRILLIANT back in 2010, 326 PPI on the 8's 4,7 inch was nothing to complain about. BUT 6.1 inches? Get out of here

    • Joseph Stalin
      Joseph Stalin 26 days ago

      Kristian Larsen that’s per inch so there’s still more pixels overall

  • Kristian Larsen
    Kristian Larsen 27 days ago

    LCD not OLED, garbage rez, huge notch, THICC bezels with a screen to body ratio BELOW 80%... Yeah there is need to panic

    • Christan Bailey
      Christan Bailey 19 days ago +1

      Kristian Larsen Android user alert and the bezels aren’t that thick in person and the screen isn’t that bad and the screen to body ratio is just 1 percent below eighty at this point I feel like your just another salty android user

  • J Mulkerns
    J Mulkerns 27 days ago +3

    Who else here after getting it for Christmas lol

    • Christan Bailey
      Christan Bailey 19 days ago

      AuroFN Who asked for your opinion or your attitude so just shut up

    • AuroFN
      AuroFN 19 days ago

      Christan Bailey I didn’t ask and I don’t care

    • Christan Bailey
      Christan Bailey 19 days ago

      J Mulkerns not me I got the 11 I just came here because I used to have an xr

  • TheWarrioress
    TheWarrioress 27 days ago +1

    I upgraded from the 6S to the XR lol

  • Adam Yountz
    Adam Yountz 27 days ago

    Is anyone still using the iPhone six because I am😩

  • FSHD
    FSHD 27 days ago

    i broke my 6s went back to a 4 now upgraded to an XR and oh my god the difference

  • #its me
    #its me 28 days ago +1

    I am getting this phone tommorow!❤🔥

  • sirimalla venky
    sirimalla venky 28 days ago

    Can i charge this phone with 18 watt charger...?

  • Savage Hunter
    Savage Hunter 28 days ago

    I know this is old but where my iPhone 11 gang at

    • Christan Bailey
      Christan Bailey 19 days ago


    • Christan Bailey
      Christan Bailey 19 days ago

      Kristian Larsen Bruh just because you don’t even have an iPhone doesn’t mean you can get all salty about it just because you can afford it

    • Kristian Larsen
      Kristian Larsen 27 days ago

      Ur phone doesn't have a gang and it sucks

  • Alonso Holguin
    Alonso Holguin 28 days ago

    I upgraded from my my iPhone 6 to the Xr no regrets!

  • John124
    John124 28 days ago

    1080 p does not matter

  • aerin vro
    aerin vro 28 days ago

    at the disco