iPhone XR Review: No Need to Panic!

  • Published on Nov 12, 2018
  • iPhone XR: The one most people should get. Unless you're a pixel peeper. Like me!
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  • Mr.J
    Mr.J 7 hours ago

    You can swipe down at bottom and lower the top.

  • Murak68
    Murak68 9 hours ago

    Well spoken and presented video; thank you!

  • Midnight Nineties
    Midnight Nineties 14 hours ago +1

    xr is bullshit. Apple is shady for putting this out. What a ripoff. Horrible screen quality and sound.

  • Radovakos
    Radovakos 16 hours ago

    I bought the XR for 2 months now , and I am very happy with it , Its good size , good screen , is really fast , I can keep 2 sim cards , is very beutiful to look at it . Is just the best

  • victor rosario
    victor rosario Day ago

    God damn, I think it's time for me to upgrade my iPhone 3GS.

  • Bbygabrie
    Bbygabrie Day ago

    I’m getting mine tomorrow:))

    • Cyka CheekiBreeki
      Cyka CheekiBreeki Day ago

      Think about it. You can get Android phones which are more powerful, better build and look like a 2019 phone for less.

  • tommy brockman
    tommy brockman Day ago

    But if it’s so close to the 8 is it really an upgrade from it then? Lol

  • Amber Luna
    Amber Luna Day ago +1

    I have the 8 plus so I have about a year till I can upgrade🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Kehinde Ogunseitan

    1:47 THE Phone colour matched with the chair. (CHEESY BUT TRUE).

  • yeehaw
    yeehaw Day ago

    The only thing putting me off spending so much on this phone is the lack of home button, idk I just love the home button and feel I’d be lost without it, but I want the upgrade :(

  • Genesis Contreras

    I'm watching this in my iPhone 6s who else?

  • Graeme Sorrell
    Graeme Sorrell Day ago +1

    I chose this over the XS/XS Max. No regrets. It’s better balanced in the hand.

    • Cyka CheekiBreeki
      Cyka CheekiBreeki Day ago

      But it looks like it came from 2016. And that's bad since the XS looks outdated.

  • Jarrett
    Jarrett 2 days ago

    Bro I freaked when I saw The Incredible True Story vinyl that's so dope. My favorite Logic album and I'm a huge fan of Logic even got a tattoo. Also your cameras and lighting is absolutely stunning, great graphics too. I stumbled upon it just looking for more information before buying an XR. Subbed 👏

  • Telluride
    Telluride 2 days ago


  • zantiagoshock
    zantiagoshock 2 days ago

    I got the iPhone 5c

  • Andrew Kim
    Andrew Kim 2 days ago

    Im upgrading to an iphone xr from a blackberry soooo.....noone can tell me that its a bad phone

    CASH ZALO 2 days ago


  • Colin Gordon
    Colin Gordon 2 days ago

    I have a 7 plus! Is it worth upgrading to the 10 XR?

  • nabeel atheeq
    nabeel atheeq 2 days ago

    Does XR support 4g?

  • Liam Hollingworth
    Liam Hollingworth 2 days ago

    drop off u nwo shill

  • Satyam Pradhan
    Satyam Pradhan 2 days ago

    I downgraded from a X to a XR. Due to its sheer perfect size and I kind prefer the LCD to the OLED display.

  • Kerim Grozny
    Kerim Grozny 2 days ago

    Apple is the most stupid company ever existed.

  • Osvaldo T
    Osvaldo T 2 days ago

    Almost everything is down graded but the only thing to worry about is the vessel 🤔🤭😂

  • Oedrey Canonizado
    Oedrey Canonizado 3 days ago

    I just got the xr! I got blue. It’s such a good phone coming from a person who used a galaxy note 4 for like 3 years

  • BlueAriel
    BlueAriel 3 days ago

    *I’m to broke to buy one so I just watch people have them*

  • T immy
    T immy 3 days ago +1

    I Think The Camera For 10S is more better than IPhone XR Because IPhone XR has a greenier screen that doesn’t attract much people from using the camera mode but both of them still looks great as long as they keep the 3D Touch.

  • Ntc Call
    Ntc Call 3 days ago

    fuck iPhone coz when instal any applications want charge iTunes .
    really fucking phone . ~~~°•

  • It’s Kams
    It’s Kams 3 days ago

    I literally just got the yellow xr and I love it. I’ve wanted this phone for a really long time.

  • akshay.dubai
    akshay.dubai 3 days ago +3

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa its rewind time
    if i could control rewind
    i like fortnite and Marques browlee

    • Andrew Kim
      Andrew Kim 2 days ago

      Ahhhhh, thats hot, thats hot

  • J Dizzle
    J Dizzle 3 days ago

    upgraded from an SE to an XR today! It’s awesome!

  • Xtramicticol Playz
    Xtramicticol Playz 4 days ago

    Really: this is what you wanted

  • Drawde
    Drawde 4 days ago

    I’m gonna upgrade from a 5S so I think it’s definitely worth it 😂

  • Ife J
    Ife J 4 days ago

    Can you give one of these out? Please 🙏🏽 🙏🏽

  • Necmo Gamer
    Necmo Gamer 4 days ago

    Upgraded from a note 9 to xr. The liquid retina display focking amazing

  • the annoying guardian

    cant wait till i get one

  • echo gameing52
    echo gameing52 4 days ago

    So this is my first iPhone still if I’m stay with apple but it a good phone but it does get hot fairly fast

  • Jody Engelhard
    Jody Engelhard 4 days ago

    I own 7, and dad owns XR the displays are close though.

  • only cinema
    only cinema 4 days ago +1

    Any person can he give me i phone

  • Zeinab Bazzi
    Zeinab Bazzi 4 days ago

    I don’t get the whole thing about 3D touch tbh

  • Hexy
    Hexy 4 days ago

    I have an 8+ going to an XR.
    I’m mainly going for the Internals because the display for me is fine, and I don’t have LTE so I’m good

  • TIDE
    TIDE 5 days ago

    Is this what you wanted?

  • Nader_Hany11
    Nader_Hany11 5 days ago

    I’m still happy with my 6s 😉

  • VOID SNiP3z
    VOID SNiP3z 5 days ago

    I’ve been using an iPhone 6 since launch in 2014 so every downside of the XR is an good thing for me because I didn’t even have what ever that downside was on my iPhone 6. So that being said, I’m in love with my XR (Product Red)

  • Emmett Ace
    Emmett Ace 5 days ago

    Still using a 7+ currently. Thinking this might be the one for me. Don’t really want to spend $1k or more for a phone anymore.

  • Lester Molester
    Lester Molester 5 days ago

    Is this phone better than the iPhone SE ?

  • TB 12
    TB 12 5 days ago

    My iPhone 6 still is doing me right 😆

  • Aj Madrigal
    Aj Madrigal 5 days ago

    It should be called the
    iPhone Xc

  • Imran Ahmed
    Imran Ahmed 5 days ago

    the bezels are very annoying. Sold my Xr and got a note 9

  • Davion B
    Davion B 6 days ago

    I have the XR from the 6 and I love it tbh

  • Johnryan Lanorio
    Johnryan Lanorio 6 days ago

    This is an in your face video for that unboxing guy. 😅🤙🏼✌🏼

    DARIS 6 days ago

    Looks like 8

  • Mike Dancy
    Mike Dancy 6 days ago

    iPhone Xr is the iphone 5c of the new generation..

    • Falco Lombardi
      Falco Lombardi 5 days ago

      Mike Dancy its actually pretty good. I just picked one up today.

  • Kevin Roa
    Kevin Roa 6 days ago

    I bought one yesterday. Seems like a good upgrade to me. Thanks for the review.

  • Ben Renouf
    Ben Renouf 6 days ago

    1:53 the'res TITS in the frame... ;)

  • Kabira Riderite
    Kabira Riderite 6 days ago

    Yellow is better

  • Erick Coffee
    Erick Coffee 7 days ago

    I hAve the 7 Plus but I can’t upgrade till May :(

  • Đatt gurl Herë
    Đatt gurl Herë 7 days ago

    I’ll stick with my iPhone 8+

  • Chris0652
    Chris0652 7 days ago +1

    Your camera is soooo good

    BRYCE HOLLOPETER 7 days ago

    want a small iphone?

  • Jared Liwag
    Jared Liwag 7 days ago


  • Etem Ozdemir
    Etem Ozdemir 7 days ago

    Hi! I know your busy but I wanna know that 8PLUS OR XR which is better. I wanna buy one of them for my WIFE for VALENTİNE S DAY. It will be the first time to step in APPLE world for her. I want her to be pleasured with apple. Which should i buy. PLEASE HELP...

  • Luke Septer
    Luke Septer 7 days ago

    mkbHD will never be the same HD resolution with the new iPhone xr 😂

  • Lucille Rose
    Lucille Rose 7 days ago

    Yikes! Iphone. Bad. Bad. BAD. I had the iphone XR and hated it! Now I'm proudly an android user, aka a LG v20 user. love it.

  • anaiisdmv:
    anaiisdmv: 7 days ago

    i keep looking at these damn videos bc im abt to get a xr

  • Kelson Moody
    Kelson Moody 8 days ago

    Is the camera on the XR better than the 7 Plus's camera?

  • james duffin
    james duffin 8 days ago

    lol I pressed the like button right when he said “thumbs up on this phone”

  • crash
    crash 8 days ago

    The crazy thing is the specs on my old Lumia 950 completely bury the iphone Xr and it was released almost FIVE YEARS AGO. And that includes *ahem* wireless charging to boot.
    Apple. Seriously, what's happened to you?

  • Lorenzo Emerson
    Lorenzo Emerson 8 days ago

    never knew u were in kearny. nice

  • my user name is this
    my user name is this 8 days ago +2

    who is watching his with the se that your had since 2016

  • Romeo Nijsse
    Romeo Nijsse 8 days ago

    Wait this video actually fills up my weird resolution Xiaomi phone. Dope!

  • Aniv Khawaunju
    Aniv Khawaunju 8 days ago

    I think I'll save up and just get the note 9

  • pranoy nanda
    pranoy nanda 9 days ago +1

    Watching on my 5s

  • Melvin Osiel Maldonado

    You speak like white , you don’t have a black accent !

  • ThE sToRy Of My LiFe

    what happen if i reset the phone? is this a one time unlock or factory unlocked? does the majrsty sim must be use wth a provider sim??

  • dope asfh
    dope asfh 9 days ago

    honestly, I went into the store today looked at the max and xr. I couldn’t tell the different at all 🤷🏻‍♂️ and as of rn I’m loving the xr. Mainly because of the battery life, color, build etc.

  • Mr ZmoorZ
    Mr ZmoorZ 9 days ago

    Its just like iphone X mixed with iphone 8

  • Ryan McAdam
    Ryan McAdam 9 days ago +1

    Honestly I don’t think a super crisp display is that important to me. I have a galaxy s8 currently and I don’t even use it outside all that much and I never watch 4K videos or anything super high res

  • dat gio
    dat gio 9 days ago

    Niggas review the way it looks cauwe thats all this dumb fucks know, they dont even know the speed, connection and the power of the device ect... Ita probably using samsung 1 technology.

  • Yay me
    Yay me 9 days ago

    who noticed the tesla app I bet he has a tesla

  • Dwayne The Croc Johnson

    "No need to panic" lmao Apple is literally scamming its customers

  • Azimah Abd Shukor
    Azimah Abd Shukor 9 days ago

    It look similar with iphone 8plus but in small size

  • Wrigley 3449
    Wrigley 3449 9 days ago

    Yeah I don't think the bezels will affect me much, seeing as how this phone might replace my iPhone 5 😂

  • YZ Cuber
    YZ Cuber 9 days ago


  • makmeme
    makmeme 10 days ago

    a lot of people are upgrading from the 6 to the XR. I’m glad I’m not the only one....😂

  • Kqz
    Kqz 10 days ago

    anybody here watching in iphone 4s???

  • DO0MJustice
    DO0MJustice 10 days ago

    I have an iPhone 6 and the Touch ID is broken. I can’t wait to get this

  • AARON Clapper
    AARON Clapper 10 days ago

    It’s a great phone but I went with the Xs Max because it’s just amazing with the OLED and 3D Touch and duel cameras

  • aayan goverski
    aayan goverski 11 days ago +2

    I own this phone at the age of 13, and I have to say, it’s amazing. I love how it’s bigger than the iPhone X and XS. It makes me feel special that I have the biggest phone in my family. Also, whenever I pull this phone out of my pocket, I get that special feeling that I don’t own any phone, but I own the XR. Some people even came up to me and said, “what model is that”. My only concern is the fact that u need to swipe up to know ur battery percent and sometimes the camera won’t focus, which makes it look like it came from the iPhone 6. But yea, it may not be perfect, but it’s still good enough.

  • Camman6972
    Camman6972 11 days ago

    The notch SUCKS

  • number15burgerkingfootlettuce

    Ur making me not want this phone stop lmao

  • Megan Sager
    Megan Sager 11 days ago

    I have a 7 and I reallly want the xr 😫

  • Always Decent
    Always Decent 11 days ago

    I’m not much of a phone fanatic so this is probably a dumb ass question but it’s worth trading in the iPhone 6s + for the XR?

  • Kyle Moore
    Kyle Moore 11 days ago

    And i must also say, i have had an iPhone for 5 years and i dont think ive ever used portrait mode, like never

  • Kyle Moore
    Kyle Moore 11 days ago

    Ive had 2 iPhones, a 5s and a 7.. i got the XR now so its an upgrade to me LOL and honestly i dont really know what exactly people are complaining about

  • Ju Ju, Bb Bffs
    Ju Ju, Bb Bffs 12 days ago

    I got the red one for my birthday~

    SGTxSNIPER 12 days ago

    ima be real with u the bezels suck ass compared to the xs and xs max, i have the xr and that's the only downside for me

  • honey
    honey 12 days ago

    thanks for the review a very good in depth video!

  • Matthew Fabian
    Matthew Fabian 12 days ago

    Well at least you have good taste in trash oh sorry I meant Apple

  • Gabriel Murillo
    Gabriel Murillo 12 days ago

    So i really dont care about the pixels and oled and crap, lets get that over with and the camera, as long as its not androids crappy camera quality but my question is, is the iphone xr a good phone to have to, you know, make calls, run games, and etc? Once again idc about the geeky crap or oled and stuff like that, but is it a good phone to have?

    • Gabriel Murillo
      Gabriel Murillo 12 days ago

      would like the opinion of someone that has it or anyone

  • 10,000 subs with no video

    Shut up markass