Binging with Babish: The Fitz Sandwich from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

  • Published on Aug 22, 2017
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    NOTE: I made an error in the voice-over - there should only be half a cup (4oz) of water in the biga, not a full cup!!
    Agent Fitz's favorite sandwich on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is a classic - prosciutto, mozzarella, and pesto aioli. Like any great sandwich or fictional superhero organization, it comes together to make something greater than the sum of its parts. That is until Ward so callously tosses it into the darkness for comic effect.
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    Music: "Add And" by Broke for Free
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  • Grohlvana
    Grohlvana 2 years ago +5686

    Didn't watch Frasier while making this and it turned out shit. Watch Frasier if you're going to make this!

    • The_ Hyruler
      The_ Hyruler Month ago

      @UncleFriis And he made the Ultimeatum!

    • EJ Black
      EJ Black 2 months ago

      @RoxyLuffer I recognized him from all the times he Raids 0PeriodProductions on twitch XD

    • the quiet potato of mass destruction
      the quiet potato of mass destruction 6 months ago +3

      What is my favorite let's player doing here =_=?

    • Stoßgebet
      Stoßgebet 7 months ago +2

      @Grohlvana is your name Grohlvana because Nirvana and Dave Grohl?

    • Cal Kestis
      Cal Kestis 8 months ago +2

      Vana? God damn this is the last place id thought id see you

  • Avi Sepulveda
    Avi Sepulveda 4 hours ago

    if you look closely at 3:51 the bread was already sliced. I CAUGHT U THIS TIME BABISH!!!

  • Qtaro Kujo
    Qtaro Kujo Day ago

    carson better

  • James Cook
    James Cook Day ago

    Are these episodes of Frasier with or without commercials?

  • Al Di Là
    Al Di Là 4 days ago

    Babs would be a nazi for a sandwich

  • D-3 #8416
    D-3 #8416 4 days ago

    Fitz? Like cam? Fitz from the misfits? Friend of zuckles and swaggersouls fitz?

  • Muneeb Hassan
    Muneeb Hassan 5 days ago +1

    Do the perfect sandwich from teen titans go

  • Jesse Smith
    Jesse Smith 6 days ago

    Looked so good until arugula.. never understood it, not a picky eater in the slightest but that stuff tastes like old spinach fresh.

  • Momo Petrov
    Momo Petrov 6 days ago

    Girl: i am on my period.
    Babish: We gonna cover that with plastic wrap.

  • shatter glass
    shatter glass 7 days ago +1

    did anyone else think he said "bitching with babish" at the beginning

  • Laud
    Laud 8 days ago

    babish confirmed actual nazi sympathizer quoted as saying, "if they (hydra) started serving these (sandwiches) things in the cafeteria every tuesday, I'd join up."


  • Roman Adriel
    Roman Adriel 9 days ago

    It would be too difficult to sit through that many episodes of fraiser.

  • Nathan Lee
    Nathan Lee 13 days ago +5

    Hydra recruiter: so why did you decide to join hydra and not SHIELD?
    Me: Your logo is dope af
    HR: Your hired!

  • Dimitri p
    Dimitri p 13 days ago

    He says Half cup of pine nuts, I say A half cup of death for me.

  • Vagelis papandr06
    Vagelis papandr06 16 days ago


  • Kase Baird
    Kase Baird 17 days ago

    2:10 the way that dough moves reminds me of my thighs

  • periclod
    periclod 19 days ago

    God I hate the Misfits

  • Charlie Bear
    Charlie Bear 20 days ago

    the only homemade thing about this video are bread and pesto.

  • DJ
    DJ 21 day ago

    Am I the only one who sees Fitz and thinks of the youtuber?

  • Ezra
    Ezra 21 day ago

    I doubt Jemma makes ciabatta herself though. She probably just buys it.

  • Johnny Bell
    Johnny Bell 24 days ago

    Can you make troy’s bagel bites in a deconstructed hotpocket reduction with a doritos glaze? From Community? Please?

  • Lauren Tomasoski
    Lauren Tomasoski 25 days ago

    Im glad it’s finally been confirmed that Frasier episodes are a perfectly acceptable way to measure time 😂

  • Cori The Cat
    Cori The Cat 25 days ago

    Greeted fingertips 😆. I loooove me some Agent Fitz so i love that you made this. Looks so good 😊

  • jason lu
    jason lu 28 days ago +1

    hail hydra and their awesome sandwiches

  • Jihad Toom
    Jihad Toom Month ago

    “Just stick with me”
    I see what you did there.... Oliver

  • Jesses
    Jesses Month ago

    What if i watch family guy besides frasier?

  • cdude100
    cdude100 Month ago +1

    You didn't core out the top bun.

  • zact lee
    zact lee Month ago

    Hail hydra

  • TomerG
    TomerG Month ago +1

    "hey guys welcome to bitching with babish"

  • Bro Jangles
    Bro Jangles Month ago +2

    "They have a cooler logo."
    - Andrew
    😂 so true

  • jerky135
    jerky135 2 months ago

    Made this without homemade bread and it was 10x less tasty than I expected.

  • Saphira Elizebeth
    Saphira Elizebeth 2 months ago

    You just validated my love for arugula, now no one can fight me

  • Aesthetic Asshole
    Aesthetic Asshole 2 months ago +52

    Cap said “Hail Hydra” to get one of those sandwiches

  • Solo Socks
    Solo Socks 2 months ago

    i tried making the ciabatta and accidentally made the best baguettes i’ve ever had😂

  • Jordan Alexander (ja1944)

    Babish is a Nazi confirmed

  • AluminumHaste
    AluminumHaste 2 months ago

    My coworker made this and shared it with me, was amazing

  • Ben Hinman
    Ben Hinman 2 months ago

    I've been making a sandwich similar to this ever since i visited rome and had no clue this was what fitz was eating all the time

  • Henry Livingstone
    Henry Livingstone 2 months ago

    Ooh reference to chef John from food wishes

  • Maki-risu
    Maki-risu 2 months ago

    That looks like a crazy delicious sandwich ( ´•̥ ̫ •̥` )♡

  • Sugind Sugumar
    Sugind Sugumar 2 months ago

    Hail Hydra to that!

  • Sherry Sink
    Sherry Sink 2 months ago

    I came to Binging with Babish after seeing your Hot Ones episode, so I'm slowly but surely making my way through all the Binging and Basics videos, starting from the very beginning. HIGHLY entertaining, and has already made me crack open some cookbooks I haven't touched in a while. Time to get back to the kitchen! I forgot how fun it could be, and you really make it fun.
    With all the awesome Frasier references in this video, I must ask (and I apologize if you already answered this in an episode I haven't reached yet): What's your favorite Frasier episode? (And if that's too difficult, then top 10 favorite episodes?)

  • Sherry Sink
    Sherry Sink 2 months ago +1


  • C43L4N
    C43L4N 2 months ago

    If only that sandwich was toasted

  • Wolvves
    Wolvves 2 months ago

    God thats a good looking sandwich. Might need to make that for lunch at work

  • THE Loony
    THE Loony 3 months ago

    I thought you were talking about Fitz the TVclipr

  • no
    no 3 months ago +2

    Am i the only guy who saw fitz and thought goodguyfitz

    • no
      no 3 months ago

      @Bins nd :(

    • Bins nd
      Bins nd 3 months ago


  • Evron grant
    Evron grant 3 months ago

    Is it okay if I used Fresh Prince episodes?

  • johannes
    johannes 3 months ago

    can a few people please unlike the video so we get to 69.420 likes :)

  • Dub-J Scrub-J
    Dub-J Scrub-J 3 months ago

    Babish, I would’ve been so proud of you made mozzarella. PLZ DI BASICS ON CHEESE

  • Shugo Pendragon
    Shugo Pendragon 3 months ago

    When you measure episodes is that with or without commercials

  • Ishi &Mishi
    Ishi &Mishi 3 months ago

    do you mean a proccioto sandwich with buffallo mozzarella and just a hint of pesto aoli

  • a name
    a name 3 months ago

    the fitz sandwich says fuck the police in Japanese

  • DJ
    DJ 3 months ago

    Hail Hydra!

  • Enchanted Wenis
    Enchanted Wenis 3 months ago

    Make the Broodwhich from Aqua Teen Hunger Force!!!!

  • Just Me
    Just Me 3 months ago


  • Murph Playa
    Murph Playa 3 months ago +2

    Sounded like he said that it’s bitchin wit babish

  • Rainbow_ Bite
    Rainbow_ Bite 3 months ago


  • Madison Dines
    Madison Dines 4 months ago

    When the Arugula landed at the end...ohhh god yes

  • Snarkily
    Snarkily 4 months ago

    you LIAR. Bread loaf was pre-sliced you pre-slicing maniac.