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  • javito flow
    javito flow 10 days ago

    5:53 skereeee

  • Rasco
    Rasco Month ago

    Sorry, but the music isn´t compatible to Sylas as a character or his playtsyle. For example, if i want to see a Singed Montage, i want to have some funny or troll music. Olaf, is maybe more like rage-music. Assassins maybe more music with some techno or so... idk, but it need to match with the champion in the montage, thats my opinion

  • The Uncle Talon
    The Uncle Talon 2 months ago

    5:25 skereee!

  • Nam Hoang
    Nam Hoang 3 months ago

    0:27 sylas hail of blade???

  • My is Angel
    My is Angel 3 months ago

    3:07 😯😯😯

  • 紘火狼
    紘火狼 4 months ago

    3:08 it‘s beautiful.

  • SilemNabib CV
    SilemNabib CV 4 months ago

    10000 IQ ? or 10000 ap

    • SilemNabib CV
      SilemNabib CV 4 months ago

      ​@LOL Troller
      why ? nidalee received a nerf in the scaling, and 2 patches depues out sylas wtf

    • LOL Troller
      LOL Troller 4 months ago

      all is very well

  • Rocket Golden Player
    Rocket Golden Player 5 months ago +2

    no have plays sylas 10000 iq in this video

  • bao pham
    bao pham 5 months ago

    Sylas is good for Sp

  • Zachary Hayward
    Zachary Hayward 5 months ago

    That music is fucking horrible 😷😷😷

  • Benjamín Nicolás Rebolledo Pozo

    Why lofi in a lol montage

  • Daniel Goldenberg
    Daniel Goldenberg 5 months ago

    You mean 190 iq..

  • Kevo Smith
    Kevo Smith 5 months ago


  • XristosgrYTDabBoy12 Jinx
    XristosgrYTDabBoy12 Jinx 5 months ago +1

    7lvl sylas

  • Arjay Siongco
    Arjay Siongco 5 months ago

  • Ganho Online
    Ganho Online 5 months ago

    O guia do ferro ao diamante:

  • LoLClips
    LoLClips 5 months ago

    Nice video!

  • forever sadness
    forever sadness 5 months ago +3

    Недавно вышел, а уже 69.96м
    Ох уж ети кликбейтеры

    • LOL Troller
      LOL Troller 5 months ago

      no no - I chose this number because it's a nice number.

  • Swango
    Swango 5 months ago

    0:22 cancer

  • Arcadia Lux
    Arcadia Lux 5 months ago

    7:25 wtf is this bgm ==

  • Monkey Kid-king
    Monkey Kid-king 5 months ago +1

    is logic dude.dont overdo it.And its a game iq it seems in real life with real situations and with real feelings

  • DaienGamer
    DaienGamer 5 months ago

    this my 1st video . like if u like guys , thank

  • Bon Bon
    Bon Bon 5 months ago

    Why put 69.96m MP in the thumbnail, he was released last week :v

  • GhostTown
    GhostTown 5 months ago +1

    It’s better with the title of “game plays”then”10000 IQ”I think

  • Smixel
    Smixel 5 months ago +2

    Is it just me or does sylas and galio have the same wrist brace?

  • Powerack
    Powerack 5 months ago +2


  • Nonato Souza
    Nonato Souza 5 months ago

    3:05 LOL

  • Senior Urgod
    Senior Urgod 5 months ago

    Con urgod le gano re isi pisi

  • Oliwier Sadłowski
    Oliwier Sadłowski 5 months ago +1

    Useless champ

  • KiLO
    KiLO 5 months ago

    Never match up sylas with pyke its ganna br one hell of a game

  • Dangrlo Soto
    Dangrlo Soto 5 months ago

    This champ has only been out for 2 days lmao relax

  • OiviO
    OiviO 5 months ago

    That ap scaling on pant ult tho

  • Michael Scofield
    Michael Scofield 5 months ago

    nice video, i just reached lv 4 on him :)

  • Đức Đàm
    Đức Đàm 5 months ago

    Music? Vietnam?

  • Eternal85
    Eternal85 5 months ago +1

    it's not 10000 IQ, it is called "Unbalanced New Champion"

  • uncle devin
    uncle devin 5 months ago


  • Desert Haze
    Desert Haze 5 months ago

    69m WTF

  • Trey Lo
    Trey Lo 5 months ago +3

    His cd are way too short. Needs to nerf by increasing cd for his heal. That chunk of hp is way too high

    • DashingDarkWolf2
      DashingDarkWolf2 5 months ago

      @mexhait jakupi not really since q max have lots of damage

    • mexhait jakupi
      mexhait jakupi 5 months ago

      He needs a big buff on his q it douse less damage then a yasuo q like wtf it needs huge buffs.

    • DashingDarkWolf2
      DashingDarkWolf2 5 months ago

      Akali treatment xd

    • LOL Troller
      LOL Troller 5 months ago

      yes. that god

  • Cody Warren
    Cody Warren 5 months ago

    this dude put 4 ads in a 10 minute video.

  • Ta mec ai meu mano
    Ta mec ai meu mano 5 months ago

    lula is broken

  • Haze
    Haze 5 months ago +7

    Delete this champion

    • Top Người Hot
      Top Người Hot 5 months ago

      ae nào muốn mua acc liên minh full tướng 19skin vì mình không chơi nữa mình sẽ để lại cho ae nào có nhu cầu 100k ạ

    • Kamień Wodny
      Kamień Wodny 5 months ago

      Because too useless

    • LOL Troller
      LOL Troller 5 months ago


    • Haze
      Haze 5 months ago

      @LOL Troller i dont like him :c

    • LOL Troller
      LOL Troller 5 months ago

      not god :(

  • SHarpyHaMMeR
    SHarpyHaMMeR 5 months ago +37

    the song for the montage makes me wanna go to sleep...

  • John Wed
    John Wed 5 months ago +1

    Holy god damn shit : He actually using other ults in quite normal situations, thats absolutly 10000 IQ

  • Attila Kovács
    Attila Kovács 5 months ago +1

    IQ Sylas ? pff.. feed Saylas montage !

  • Nima Javan
    Nima Javan 5 months ago +3

    Would’ve been funny if Sylas was black and he stole other champions Ultimates

  • Tenzu108
    Tenzu108 5 months ago

    Only a handful of these are high IQ plays. Most of it is the enemy team either being stupid or luck based off of the champs they are fighting.

  • cat owner
    cat owner 5 months ago +2

    69m mastery points. Impossible champ just came out to pbe. Disliked for clickbait and reported

  • HortenSya
    HortenSya 5 months ago

    but this music..

  • Nacho Jijon
    Nacho Jijon 5 months ago

    Too much iq lol

  • TryHard
    TryHard 5 months ago

    Damn, almost none of the sylas player know that u can use Q when u Hit the E at the same time, damn

  • Owl Lord
    Owl Lord 5 months ago

    Sylas is nothing without his 2nd ability , disgusting amounts of healing if u ask me

  • kader lokumcuzade
    kader lokumcuzade 5 months ago

    Yeşim baba

  • Darko Milosevski
    Darko Milosevski 5 months ago

    7.58 best ward

  • Henlo
    Henlo 5 months ago

    I lvl 6ed my sylas today wtf

  • :/ thonk
    :/ thonk 5 months ago +3

    i'll wait for the day where there is 4 jhin ults

  • adson gurung
    adson gurung 5 months ago +43

    this champ is cancer

    • Swango
      Swango 5 months ago +1

      Daяamia Irónico que lo diga que un niño rata de Vegeta y Minecraft. Estos pitos autistas están desatados.

    • Daяamia
      Daяamia 5 months ago +3

      Your IQ is cancer.

    • Bálint Sánta
      Bálint Sánta 5 months ago +11

      so many champs are more cancerous that already have been in the game

    • Meral Kaşgöz
      Meral Kaşgöz 5 months ago

      adson gurung 0 z

  • Wojtek QQłka
    Wojtek QQłka 5 months ago +2

    Stop making new champions, balance what we have now shiety af company

  • 2Eliminator
    2Eliminator 5 months ago +2

    the music gave me cancer

  • Jasons's Table
    Jasons's Table 5 months ago

    The outro like: *John Wick in jungle*

  • Gamer's International Agency (G.I.A)

    This champ was picked first time into a Ranked game resulting in me getting Gold I instead of Platinum IV...

  • Plasma animations
    Plasma animations 5 months ago +11

    La gente bien tranquila al ver llegar a sylas con la R de pantheon...
    Osea: Va a caer encima mio con una R en area de daño magico y este champ escala con AP... no pasa nada
    Despues cae sylas*
    De donde sacó daño? Está roto! >:v

    • SilemNabib CV
      SilemNabib CV 4 months ago

      te digo lo que esta roto ? la escala de ap que tiene el bicho no por phanteon o las r de los demas si no que tenga tanto sustain xd. se puede hacer un 1 vs 5 y 2 o 3 no salen vivos de esa

  • Plasma animations
    Plasma animations 5 months ago +1

    Sylas M7 xD

  • kevins content corner
    kevins content corner 5 months ago

    Has anyone tried bruiser sylas yet? Like tiamat and spirit visage

    • kevins content corner
      kevins content corner 5 months ago

      Dont all his ratios have another ratio as the base damage for some reason

    • Salvador Dalí
      Salvador Dalí 5 months ago

      he has good ap ratios and any ult he steals that is ad gets converted to ap scaling so that sounds awful

    • LOL Troller
      LOL Troller 5 months ago


  • loltomy44
    loltomy44 5 months ago +1


  • M. Finax
    M. Finax 5 months ago

    Nice video!!
    I am subscribed,
    if you want visit my channel I also bring lol

  • SalomonKain Nachname
    SalomonKain Nachname 5 months ago

    shity music

  • 최윤
    최윤 5 months ago +2

    크 ㅈ간지다~~~~~

  • Jorge H. Coelho
    Jorge H. Coelho 5 months ago +3

    that triple Neeko ult, so good to watch

  • Devinzurita
    Devinzurita 5 months ago +13

    1:20 why did eve flash??? Had she pressed q, u wouldve died

  • Homunculus Envy
    Homunculus Envy 5 months ago +2

    Lv 7 pbe? LuL