• Published on May 17, 2019
  • This is CRAZY! It’s a real 1 carat diamond!
    A big thank you to Estate Diamond Jewelry for sending the diamond for the experiment!
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    A big thanks to the awesome crew at the Gravity Discovery Centre in Gingin for letting us use their 45m leaning tower for our own experiments. If you wanna head out there and check it out, it's not far from Perth. Western Australia:
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Comments • 15 006

  • Joseph Martina
    Joseph Martina Month ago +151

    Eugene should be the safe’s name

    • Cameron Reid
      Cameron Reid 16 days ago

      Good old Eugene 👍🏻

    • Lucy Caine
      Lucy Caine 21 day ago


    • JK - 69
      JK - 69 22 days ago

      Me danger noodle the only thing that involves a noodle about u is ur name

    • Louis Hammond
      Louis Hammond 22 days ago +1

      I went for Jeffrey, like if u agree

    • Mr. Danger Noodle
      Mr. Danger Noodle 23 days ago +1

      Ah cmon I thought they would actually chose my comment i thought it was funny I said the name of the safe should be Elijah because that’s my name and I want to be smashed 😏

  • f*ck google
    f*ck google 2 days ago

    i love the stuf you do but the fucking yelling is so irritating

  • Green Tree
    Green Tree 4 days ago +1

    make a diamond tipped dart 💎+ ➹

  • Seth Bryant
    Seth Bryant 4 days ago

    Comment how long you think it took them to find the diamond. My guess is 25 hours

  • Seth Bryant
    Seth Bryant 4 days ago

    If a bowling from 45 METERS doesn't crush a diamond, it is indestructible

  • Seth Bryant
    Seth Bryant 5 days ago

    4:46 Like a pen

  • Seth Bryant
    Seth Bryant 5 days ago

    Chase should be the safe's name (like the bank)

  • Seth Bryant
    Seth Bryant 5 days ago


  • Seth Bryant
    Seth Bryant 5 days ago

    2:21 You'll make a crater

  • Seth Bryant
    Seth Bryant 5 days ago

    For anyone who doesn't know, Hello Kitty is not a cat

  • Seth Bryant
    Seth Bryant 5 days ago

    0:20 Just like when you drop the atlas stone and Thor's hammer

  • Seth Bryant
    Seth Bryant 5 days ago

    0:13 I love Chicago!

  • I’mnottheonlyoneusingthisaccount

    Haha I was the 200,000 like
    Edit: pause at 10:31 and look at the bar just below the big part of the green bowling ball, you can see the Diamond

  • Steve K
    Steve K 7 days ago

    Diamonds are the “hardest” materials on Earth which doesn’t mean “hard” as in unbreakable. In scientific terms, “hardness” means ability to scratch. Thus, if you were to hammer a diamond, it will rather break easily. Diamonds are the hardest substance meaning nothing can scratch a diamond’s surface.

  • RPG Sprenkel Demon
    RPG Sprenkel Demon 7 days ago

    5:23 20 attempts at 5% is 64.1514% odds of hitting

  • Uncle Ouch
    Uncle Ouch 8 days ago

    A Tungsten plate would have been interesting.

  • Wes McCall
    Wes McCall 8 days ago

    This video: *doesn't hit 250k likes*
    HR: *posts Thor's hammer vs diamond anyway*

  • toys AndMore
    toys AndMore 9 days ago +1

    Call the safe jeff

  • Telogor
    Telogor 10 days ago

    You need to get yourselves a Chronos 1.4 high-speed camera.

  • Kail Christensen
    Kail Christensen 12 days ago

    Team up with all the slow mo and destruction channels, contest to see who can destroy the diamond, least likely to most.

  • TheRobertsonfamily
    TheRobertsonfamily 13 days ago +1

    The name should be Harold the safe

  • Dethrose Fortnite
    Dethrose Fortnite 13 days ago

    Reeee should be the name

  • Chriss
    Chriss 15 days ago

    Goldie Locks should be the Safes name

  • The Donster
    The Donster 15 days ago

    "s o n o f a d I D l e y"

  • LBJ20XX
    LBJ20XX 15 days ago

    Detective Herron made my day.

  • Rosalee Darger
    Rosalee Darger 15 days ago

    Name the safe Diamond, in honor of the diamond 💎

  • Snr. Froggy Mooopew
    Snr. Froggy Mooopew 15 days ago

    Tape the diamond to the safe.....😑

  • Joseph Keal
    Joseph Keal 16 days ago

    The diamonds name should be Jeremy

  • BroBro Legendary
    BroBro Legendary 16 days ago +3

    Hello Kitty!
    Me: Goodbye Kitty!
    *Falls on diamond

  • Sienna Manners
    Sienna Manners 16 days ago

    Kermit always wins

  • Infinite Power 86
    Infinite Power 86 17 days ago

    Shelly or Charlotte

  • Benjamin Johnson
    Benjamin Johnson 17 days ago

    @HowRidiculous - Surely the tower drop should be 44m not 45m???

  • Godz illa
    Godz illa 17 days ago

    Safe name rusty

  • Nelson The Fried Chicken
    Nelson The Fried Chicken 18 days ago +1

    A name for the safe could be Jeffrey 🥴

  • Lil gaming X
    Lil gaming X 18 days ago

    Unbroken kev can be the safes name

  • Emily A
    Emily A 18 days ago

    you guys should do a video where you clean up all the trash (balloons?) in the enclosed area! HOW RIDICULOUS!!

  • Marion Mullinax
    Marion Mullinax 19 days ago

    Name the safe Loki

  • Princess Ruth Phun
    Princess Ruth Phun 19 days ago


  • Ricardo Elizondo
    Ricardo Elizondo 19 days ago

    Omfg how stressful is that they missed like A LOT and that they didn’t have any secure system so that the diamond doesn’t fly away and get lost, they remind me of the stupid jocks at my school that are pretty active and into something all the time but are pretty dumb.

  • elijah gavin
    elijah gavin 19 days ago

    Gold block

  • Bradyn Diamond
    Bradyn Diamond 19 days ago

    Gaunson Jr.

  • Daniel Bertsch
    Daniel Bertsch 19 days ago

    Obviously the safe's name is Samson.

  • lolmcscrubface FATTY
    lolmcscrubface FATTY 20 days ago +2

    the safes name should be Liam

  • Kdawg Games
    Kdawg Games 20 days ago

    Bob the safe

  • Connor Hall
    Connor Hall 20 days ago

    Samson the safe!!!

  • Fugitive Catcher
    Fugitive Catcher 20 days ago

    Safes name: Stanley

  • Jennifer Greer
    Jennifer Greer 21 day ago

    Bobby is the safes name

  • Hana Berry
    Hana Berry 21 day ago +1

    the safe's name should be MATILDA

  • James Bennett
    James Bennett 21 day ago

    Hands down best video yet. 🙌

  • askquestionsplz
    askquestionsplz 21 day ago

    only something harder than a diamond will break it or even just scratch it... idiots.

  • Jayngfet
    Jayngfet 21 day ago

    Diamond is Unbreakable

  • Shane Thissell
    Shane Thissell 21 day ago


  • NitroGamerXD
    NitroGamerXD 21 day ago

    Drop something to hit a very thick tons of tungsten

  • T Stormer
    T Stormer 21 day ago


  • Kevin K 420
    Kevin K 420 22 days ago

    You should name your safe Donald Trump

  • Luis Carrillo
    Luis Carrillo 22 days ago


  • TMR Shining
    TMR Shining 22 days ago +1

    What would be there channel without the tower

  • Shaela Guinn
    Shaela Guinn 22 days ago

    Or beast

  • Shaela Guinn
    Shaela Guinn 22 days ago

    The safes name is crushed or best

  • Shaela Guinn
    Shaela Guinn 22 days ago


  • firey772border pyromaniac

    A pure carat diamond by the looks of things it is, from what I know can only be destroyed by other diamonds jellwers please clarify if I am right or wrong g

  • Shelsy_ B
    Shelsy_ B 22 days ago

    Jerry the safe

  • ferdie fox
    ferdie fox 22 days ago

    They could have maybe taped it to the safe or bottom of the ball itself. Would have been easier maybe.

  • Unknown 123
    Unknown 123 22 days ago

    So when is the compilation of gaunson saying shawshank happening?😂

  • savage worm1102
    savage worm1102 22 days ago

    Johnny should be the safes name

  • Cool Kids
    Cool Kids 22 days ago

    Name is sir snappaaaaa

  • Benjamin Leblanc
    Benjamin Leblanc 22 days ago +2

    Dwayne for the WWE you now "The Rock "

  • moo the cow cloverthecow

    Yamadestroya will be the name

  • Ella Grace Fite
    Ella Grace Fite 23 days ago +1

    Siberia the safe duhhh 😍❤️ love you guys!!

  • Josh Waite
    Josh Waite 23 days ago

    DB Cooper should be safes name

  • Twigz0rz
    Twigz0rz 23 days ago

    Fort Hard Knox

  • Erick Adams
    Erick Adams 23 days ago

    They made Thor’s hammer vs Diamond without 250k likes. Just saying

  • Broken Compact Records

    Gotta love seeing three drunk Aussies doing crazy stuff

  • Rose K
    Rose K 23 days ago +1


  • Owen Thornton
    Owen Thornton 23 days ago +3

    You should doe Thor’s hammer on a diamond

  • Golden YouTube Ninja
    Golden YouTube Ninja 23 days ago

    The name should be Seven

  • Greg Dimas
    Greg Dimas 23 days ago

    Up, UV light!

  • Sara Jane
    Sara Jane 23 days ago


  • Shinobi FPV
    Shinobi FPV 23 days ago +2

    Amazing video. Direct hit then lost AND found. So satisfying!!!

  • Harrison Is Garbage!!!

    Edward the safe

  • MFOSTER820
    MFOSTER820 23 days ago

    Safety mc safe safe

  • Annie Pop
    Annie Pop 23 days ago +1

    Safe Simon is the new safe name? Will you Pin ma

  • Brandon Johnston
    Brandon Johnston 23 days ago

    Safe vs thors hammer

  • Avialix
    Avialix 23 days ago

    Mr Protecc for the name

  • Ned Curfman
    Ned Curfman 23 days ago +1

    CSI: Crush Scene Investigations- Down Undah.

  • paschon01
    paschon01 23 days ago

    Send me the diamond. Lol

  • Justin Williams
    Justin Williams 23 days ago

    Statistics with Scotty. 😆

  • Bryan Bokser
    Bryan Bokser 24 days ago

    Tape the diamond down so ya don't lose it

  • Cesar Rodriguez
    Cesar Rodriguez 24 days ago

    Safety Dan

  • Eli Johnson
    Eli Johnson 24 days ago

    The giant darts name should be golden Beauty

  • Eli Johnson
    Eli Johnson 24 days ago


  • Jeremiah Wright
    Jeremiah Wright 24 days ago

    How about saford

  • Top Lobster
    Top Lobster 24 days ago

    09:20 RIP fly bro.

  • Jason Rees
    Jason Rees 24 days ago

    Safe name - Mark

  • Jonathon Muise
    Jonathon Muise 24 days ago

    Why not glue it down!?

  • Georgios Athinaios
    Georgios Athinaios 24 days ago

    I whould name the safe manoli

  • Cameron Singleton
    Cameron Singleton 24 days ago

    The only thing that can break diamond is diamond

  • Extraordinary Skillz
    Extraordinary Skillz 24 days ago +5

    “Matthew the old green frog” what a character he must be

  • Alyssa Cierra
    Alyssa Cierra 24 days ago


  • Lucas Bright Hb311 OCE

    Gary for the safe