Kayle and Morgana: The Righteous and the Fallen | Champion Gameplay Trailer - League of Legends

  • Published on Feb 18, 2019
  • Two sisters born from the Aspect of Justice chose divergent paths. Only the guilty need fear them.
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  • Refo Nico
    Refo Nico Day ago

    kayle is pahteon long lost sister

  • Von Sakamoto
    Von Sakamoto 10 days ago

    "if evil grows so shall I"
    Me: How did leona became evil like seriously

    YUNUS GEYİK 17 days ago +1

    Kayle :
    Don't turn your back on me, sis
    Morgana : I never came back
    Your favorite line. :)

  • GNesiX
    GNesiX 18 days ago

    the latest champion that gets a pentakill just by autoattacking

  • Dusk Sorrow
    Dusk Sorrow 20 days ago

    Kayle: as evil grows, so shall I
    *but kills Leona*

  • Shabobo
    Shabobo 26 days ago

    I'm confused werent they released back in 2009 why are they dropping a "gameplay trailer" now?

  • Yeabneh Glory To Yeshua

    Haylel(Luficer) and Satan, Venus and Diana!
    Come out of them this is a Satanic and demonic game, which deceives you and bind you!
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  • pepe el loquillo:v
    pepe el loquillo:v Month ago

    Morgana beat than kayle

  • BlitzWolf Tribal
    BlitzWolf Tribal Month ago

    why are morgana's hands so freakishly big....am i the only one that notices that?

  • BlitzWolf Tribal
    BlitzWolf Tribal 2 months ago

    didnt notice that morgana doesnt wear shoes

  • Christian Evangelista
    Christian Evangelista 2 months ago

    Why do i feel like new morg is like sg ahri who only looks is change

  • Hakosoft The Eldritch
    Hakosoft The Eldritch 2 months ago

    writers of this deserve a rise

  • Heart The Eternal
    Heart The Eternal 2 months ago

    Kayle was the only champion that would seem to be a male knight because of her armor... It wasnt till you actually played her or read her lore that gave away "he" is a she. Like Samus Aran or the Spartans from Halo.
    Now its just obvious...

  • Lhyann Cortez
    Lhyann Cortez 2 months ago

    Kayle: Why do we have wings sister if not to fly?

  • Ryu primeus
    Ryu primeus 2 months ago

    Those who choose evil over good well get the second death and become NOTHING and cease to exist no more.

  • Hunter Hanes
    Hunter Hanes 2 months ago

    My name's Morgana, thousand year old- STUNNER, from the land where magic is illegal, Demacia!

  • Random frog
    Random frog 2 months ago +1

    so kayle flies but still needs boots to move faster

  • Lani Morada
    Lani Morada 3 months ago

    0:56 three Q?

  • ase ventura
    ase ventura 3 months ago

    That's how freya from ml should've been, a GODESS!

  • Arrngrim1
    Arrngrim1 3 months ago


  • Νίκος Βουράκης

    Revert akali

  • OneVeigarShot
    OneVeigarShot 3 months ago

    I want a new skin for Veigar!

  • Everss Games
    Everss Games 3 months ago

    I literally saw 0 difference with old and new morgana, expect ...nothing
    Same Stun
    Same Shield
    Same Aoe spell
    Same ultimate
    Is it real life?

  • Fleihr
    Fleihr 3 months ago +66

    My skin suggestion is:
    Dawnbringer Morgana
    Nightbringer Kayle
    Do it riot.

    • Flo
      Flo 3 days ago +1

      morgana's quote: "Do not conflate darkness with evil.l", morgana uses dark power, but she's more "human" than kayle, kayle is just a psychotic inquisition's angel, like a religious extremist. darkness with kindness and light with ruthlessness

    • Von Sakamoto
      Von Sakamoto 9 days ago

      @It's Tenkman thanks i forgot that word so i explained it lol

    • It's Tenkman
      It's Tenkman 9 days ago

      @Von Sakamoto it's the other way around 🙃

    • Von Sakamoto
      Von Sakamoto 10 days ago +1

      I think you need tk swap it like Nightbringer Morgana cause you know she's evil and dawnbringer kayle cause she's is an angel and wants justice????

  • charles ong
    charles ong 3 months ago

    Now we need a guest character from other franchise and i think its good, like Virgil for example from DMC 5 or polish The DMC 3 version oh and also add Dante since they're siblings, Kayle and Morgana and Virgil and Dante could make an epic sibling joke

  • felix freitag
    felix freitag 3 months ago

    I demand a REAL Trailer!

  • JaYvEe SiaPno
    JaYvEe SiaPno 3 months ago

    How many wings morgana have?

  • Carlos Hernandez Trujillo

    League of legends Is Fake

  • Palmeirass
    Palmeirass 4 months ago

    Morgana Champion Gameplay

  • miguel pare
    miguel pare 4 months ago


  • Mark Gattoc
    Mark Gattoc 4 months ago +1

    Please have an Angel Skin for Morgana

  • Cry Chicken
    Cry Chicken 4 months ago

    Nice! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • nickrackhead
    nickrackhead 4 months ago

    That Kayle one looks like Morgana from trollhunters lmao

  • Meguneri
    Meguneri 4 months ago

    Music please

  • aychexseee
    aychexseee 4 months ago

    This is gross. In the fight between Kayle and Lucian, its like Fortnite art vs Riot Games art. What are you doing Riot? Don't adopt that animation and art, please.

  • CowAndChick
    CowAndChick 4 months ago +1

    Beatiful reworks morgana reminds me of a Disney character and kayle looks like one of those seraphs from an rpg game

    Give aatrox his second e back

  • Jamie Clarke
    Jamie Clarke 4 months ago

    morgana = Morrigan from DA:O

  • Yi Master
    Yi Master 4 months ago

    Looking forward to a song with lyrics for Master Yi! From fans of Master Yi!

  • Shanty Town
    Shanty Town 4 months ago +83

    Epic montage of all of kayles abilities and passive
    Morgana: throws q twice, pool, shield, ult

  • Adria
    Adria 4 months ago

    Riot animations have lesser fps quality day by day... so sad.

  • Alex A5ylum
    Alex A5ylum 4 months ago +7

    The Versus event was set and you prefered cats vs dogs... Come on, Riot!

    • James Robles
      James Robles 3 months ago

      It wouldve been nice if it was justice vs mercy thing like these two have

  • Andrea Calio
    Andrea Calio 4 months ago

    They made Kayle have the Aatrox rework

  • nekochuu
    nekochuu 4 months ago +509

    kayle: as evil grows, so shall i
    kayle: *kills leona*

    • Lissandra, The Witch
      Lissandra, The Witch Day ago

      @meinnameuebersteigt diemaximale Well actually leona lore was updated and she learned the truth a sought out diana

    • Jose Luis Mejia Villamizar
      Jose Luis Mejia Villamizar 19 days ago

      @Blazeest they are aspects of the same god btw

    • cumeosonme
      cumeosonme 2 months ago +2

      different religion, but worships the same light
      logic (^^)

    • Blazeest
      Blazeest 2 months ago +1

      leona and diana are both from different religion, one believes in the sun the other the moon

    • Jin the banana from the left
      Jin the banana from the left 2 months ago +1

      @R .R Because the moon DOESN'T shine. It merely reflects light from the sun... So yea, they are heretics. Kinda like flat earthers.

  • Mr.Cheese Chick
    Mr.Cheese Chick 4 months ago +292

    imagine imprisoned for 15 years and after you breakthrough you're imprisoned again for 15 years on Morgana's Q

  • Miguel Ch
    Miguel Ch 4 months ago

    Just horrible, why they look so cartoonish, there's definitely no atention to detail. TERRIBLE REWORK

  • szymon karaś
    szymon karaś 4 months ago

    so bad morgana, miss her poofy dress and wings , blackthorn, ghost bride and bewitching so awfull.. give it back

  • Nixi z
    Nixi z 4 months ago +1

    yeah aight

  • Jacob Piazolo
    Jacob Piazolo 4 months ago

    how is the music called

  • Neil Fractorial
    Neil Fractorial 4 months ago

    I love Yohane now.

  • Cant think of a cringey name


  • Sıla Gurbuz
    Sıla Gurbuz 4 months ago +1

    doesnt the backgorund music sounds like interstellars theme?

  • Anachronon
    Anachronon 4 months ago +2

    Kayle's ulti... Imperius claims copyright.

  • Karra
    Karra 4 months ago +1


  • Wandering N'wah
    Wandering N'wah 4 months ago


  • S P A G H E T T I
    S P A G H E T T I 4 months ago

    If kayle is the good guy why is she the scary looking one?

  • Peter Piper
    Peter Piper 4 months ago +100

    Morgana's walking animation kinda feels like Evelynn.

  • na yeon
    na yeon 4 months ago

    Morgana wins

  • Sen MuShin
    Sen MuShin 4 months ago


  • sedatefe5
    sedatefe5 4 months ago


  • Scotty Baimu
    Scotty Baimu 4 months ago

    I sense the next Ryze Rework

  • Марина Богемская

    ruined blackthorn morgana

  • Мохамед Буизем

    Why do we have feets?

  • Cosmic PrincE4
    Cosmic PrincE4 4 months ago +5

    Can we agree that Morgana looks so much more beautiful?! ♡

  • Quick Silver525
    Quick Silver525 4 months ago +1

    Rito don't touch my Teemo or we do the nuclear mushrooms on your headquarters...

    • Adria
      Adria 4 months ago

      stop war declaration to china pls.

  • Buntownik Boxdela
    Buntownik Boxdela 4 months ago +2

    WOAH two new reworks for Ryze. Thank you rito

  • Ade Roca
    Ade Roca 4 months ago

    0:54 my sup, my jg and my adc :(

  • bob boberson
    bob boberson 4 months ago

    so theyre making morg hot eh?

  • Nestor Pagaragan
    Nestor Pagaragan 4 months ago

    Kayle is a high rank angel?! A seraphim?!
    Then morgana is what? A arch angel or something?
    Nevertheless the rework looks very cool! :)

  • CVince A
    CVince A 4 months ago +1

    Ughhhh I want them now, Morgana is so much better now she's so ugly before, and need to say more about Kayle... 😏

  • adoor hargreeves
    adoor hargreeves 4 months ago

    Oof morgana just got faster and thats it a m a z i n g