Favorite Pick Six, Best Piece of Advice, & Getting In Your Opponent's Head | DB Round Table

  • Published on Oct 17, 2019
  • Check out Deion Sanders, Darrell Green, Ronnie Lott, Darrelle Revis, Charles Woodson, and Rod Woodson talk about what it takes to be great!
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Comments • 1 187

  • The Journey
    The Journey 24 minutes ago

    We need a linebacker edition ! Lewis, and Willis for sure !

  • The Journey
    The Journey 24 minutes ago

    Should have had champ bailey !

    SHAWN EVANS 5 hours ago

    It would been dope added ed reed on there

  • craig chapman
    craig chapman 6 hours ago

    Maybe Pat!?!?!? 8 Pro Bowls in 8 Years and 3 All Pros?

  • Bam Jackson
    Bam Jackson 6 hours ago

    We have seen the others, the linebackers, tight ends, running backs, etc etc. This one is the most stacked, even without Ed Reed, Troy P, Champ Bailey etc etc

  • Chubbz Acosta
    Chubbz Acosta 11 hours ago

    Wanted to know which receiver gave each of them the most problem

  • randallhansonjr
    randallhansonjr 12 hours ago

    No mention of Richard Sherman?

  • JR FLY
    JR FLY 15 hours ago

    Sanders vs Green in the 40 in there prime ... I would have payed to see who would beat who ... Wow

  • Marco
    Marco 17 hours ago

    No ED Reed or Champ Bailey , smh

    TRCKLA 23 hours ago

    Revis put hella weight on lmao

  • DJ Whitlock
    DJ Whitlock 23 hours ago +3

    Wasn’t Darrelle revis just on the chiefs like 2 or 3 years ago how is he so fat already 😂😂

    • YayaandStacy
      YayaandStacy 12 hours ago

      He was never a cut guy or weight room guy. He always had a little Pillsbury Doughboy to him

  • Nico Habachi
    Nico Habachi 23 hours ago

    Richard Sherman not getting no love or my boy B Dawk

  • Dreams NVA
    Dreams NVA Day ago

    Ed Reed, Troy Polamalu, Richard Sherman, Brian Dawkins are missing from this table. And if the late great Sean Taylor was still alive he would be on here too.

  • buffalo1d
    buffalo1d Day ago

    They all whiffed on Barry Sanders.

  • Ant Man
    Ant Man Day ago

    Damn needed Ed reed

  • Savage Acquisitionz

    Ronnie ain't the GodFather for nothing.. ProBowler as corner and safety, while still knocking anybody he hit backwards. But still angry enough if he didn't get a pick-6 or cause a fumble... We'll leave the amputation for the next sit down.

  • Corey Cannon
    Corey Cannon Day ago

    Only ONE player sitting there has more INTERCEPTIONS than the former player Ken Riley from the Cincinnati Bengals & that is Rod Woodson. My question is HOW COME every one sitting here is in The Hall Of Fame & #13 Ken Riley isn't?... I'll wait

  • Jason Flores
    Jason Flores Day ago

    I swear bruh this video feels like it’s 5 minutes long

  • MrCorner21
    MrCorner21 Day ago

    Revis got fat quick lol

  • General Aldo
    General Aldo Day ago

    Prime Time said it best, Ronnie Lott "The Godfather".

  • XxTreytay27xX J
    XxTreytay27xX J Day ago

    Who forgot to invite Ed

  • Umo DaGod
    Umo DaGod Day ago

    Revis used to lock everybody and they mamas up!

  • Umo DaGod
    Umo DaGod Day ago

    Missing two players Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu

  • I'm African happens to be in America

    No Ed reed give me a break

  • John Ensch
    John Ensch 2 days ago

    But where is Rhonde Barber?

  • 24bigcoop
    24bigcoop 2 days ago

    Wish Champ was there!

  • Knowledgeiskey
    Knowledgeiskey 2 days ago

    Where is Champ Bailey????? He deserves that spot over Revis.

  • John Claon
    John Claon 2 days ago

    Ed reed

  • Reese St. John
    Reese St. John 2 days ago

    Chris Harris jr

  • Ecks Loaded
    Ecks Loaded 2 days ago +4

    Last era of true "Shutdown" corners. If I could have 2 more I'd say Aeneas Williams and Ed Reed. Everyone here tho well deserved/well respected.💯

  • Larry Dawson
    Larry Dawson 3 days ago

    Y tf is Revis there?

  • Damien Robertson
    Damien Robertson 3 days ago

    The panel is missing 1 more DB..... Champ Bailey

  • 2k WavyKakash1
    2k WavyKakash1 3 days ago

    Ronde Barber should’ve been there

  • Elliot Kelly
    Elliot Kelly 4 days ago

    Peanut Tillman should've been there

  • 42brownbomber
    42brownbomber 4 days ago

    These hateful six were Pippen and Jordan vs Kukoc in 92 Olympics - lockdown defenders, but only one was a grid-iron sicario and his name is Ronnie Lott. The guy was an Imperial Japanese pilot above Pearl Harbor - a kamikaze.

  • Horten Ojongtambia
    Horten Ojongtambia 4 days ago

    I've always have chosen Montana over Brady for the same reasons as Ronnie Lott... Montana never lost at SuperBowl Game (4-0)

  • Daron Cannon
    Daron Cannon 4 days ago

    Green face lol

  • Darzae Alonzo
    Darzae Alonzo 4 days ago

    Champ Bailey was a DOG

  • Miami AD
    Miami AD 4 days ago

    Where's champ bailey?

  • One Tovo
    One Tovo 5 days ago

    You guys have disrespected Ed Reed yet again how dare u have a “DB legends” table without the #1 ball hawk ever 🤦🏽‍♂️ nfl please give him the respect he deserves

  • Colby Franklin
    Colby Franklin 5 days ago

    They missing B Dawk, Ed Reed, & Troy Polamula but besides that they all are legends and all time greats

  • Chris Green
    Chris Green 5 days ago

    Ed Reed should've been part of this conversation.

  • Josh Spencer
    Josh Spencer 5 days ago

    Wow revise got big

  • Elmo de la Muerte
    Elmo de la Muerte 6 days ago

    Primetime looked better before the hair transplant

  • Mike Rawls
    Mike Rawls 6 days ago

    Wish I could have been there after hours.

  • Beast714
    Beast714 7 days ago

    Missing champ Bailey ehheheh

  • Alexis Cruz Guerrero

    No Ed Reed, damn!

  • John Holman
    John Holman 8 days ago


  • Dark Beard
    Dark Beard 8 days ago

    All them belong up there tho

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 10 days ago

    Like Darrel Green said “I came and got everybody else”.

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 10 days ago

    During Darrel Greens life he has always been the fastest person at that table.
    Edit: Ronnie Lott being older was probably faster for a bit.

  • Marcus Knight
    Marcus Knight 11 days ago

    Jack Tatum isn't In the HOF. The HOF is tainted. Why isn't the Raiders defensive backs on here. Where is Mel Blount? Deion needs to stop acting like they was so much better. Hell! He was a follower. "Lester Hayes, Deion."

  • Frosted /
    Frosted / 11 days ago

    Man imagine the legends that sadly passed who would make it here, Tillman and Taylor would make this so fun

  • Johnny Davis III
    Johnny Davis III 11 days ago

    The best corner in the that room was Prime 🤷🏽‍♂️💯

    • Jason Smith
      Jason Smith 10 days ago

      Johnny Davis III Darrel Green was better. He never got beat. He would crush your hope and demoralize you with his suffocating style. Deion liked to bait.

  • Santana Mendes
    Santana Mendes 12 days ago

    Deion Sanders is the 3rd fastest on that panel whether its 60, 100 or 200....40yd dash all 3 were sub 4.3, Darrell was legit 4.2 and Rod clocked 4.27 at the combine

    • thug8200
      thug8200 12 days ago

      Deion was 4.21 in jogging pants bruh

  • Dj Lee
    Dj Lee 12 days ago +9

    Darrell Green looked so confused when they asked who was the fastest... like is this really a question?

  • G. C.
    G. C. 12 days ago

    Where is Eric Allen and Aeneas Wliams?

  • Dylan Baker
    Dylan Baker 14 days ago

    No Ed reed is sad

  • Mr Q Ceaz
    Mr Q Ceaz 14 days ago

    Add Champ Bailey, Ed Reed & Troy Polamalu & this table is complete

  • Sheila Blare
    Sheila Blare 15 days ago

    I think prime could have left that comment out..."95% of the world is followers"...its just not a legit statement...this world is full of leaders. They might not play sports, but theyre leaders in their field maybe...it just felt like a jab to the common man...and alot of us are dedicated fans that dont deserve that weak, untrue observation. I dunno. Just thought id throw that out there