DRAWING ON BLUE PAPER!? | Mystery Art Box | Paletteful Packs Unboxing

  • Published on Oct 27, 2018
  • I've yet to get a bad Paletteful Packs box. I've been pleasantly surprised every month. October was no different and you know how I enjoy using one color, so this box was right up my alley!
    ►www.palettefulpacks.com/ (This was the 'Premier' Tier Box sent to me free of charge by Paletteful Packs.)
    Strathmore Toned Blue Mixed Media Paper Pad, 6x8 400 Series: amzn.to/2CFwri8
    Zebra Zensations Brush Pens: amzn.to/2CCYJK6
    Amsterdam Acrylic Ink - Greyish Blue and Phthalo Blue: amzn.to/2yCpJXk
    Amsterdam Acrylic Marker - Titanium White: amzn.to/2EMMGwN
    Tombow Dual Brush Pens: amzn.to/2CHkIzT
    Da Vinci Universal Paint Brush
    #inktober #inktober2018
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  • RRR andoms
    RRR andoms Day ago

    The fact that the marker is white but the cap is red is really trippin me out

  • Nibbleisgreat
    Nibbleisgreat 4 days ago

    I’m getting very Zoya Nazyalensky vibes from this character, and I love it because Zoya is a badass Grisha

  • Makaela Lambert
    Makaela Lambert 4 days ago

    Good job Rin! This is killer!

  • Alekzandra T
    Alekzandra T 5 days ago

    i'm so glad to watch your process through al of your videos bc it's so helpful in learning how to draw everything myself!

  • Catherine Levison
    Catherine Levison 6 days ago

    I thought this was my first time watching this UNTIL you sploshed ink on your hand and I said to myself, “Hey” as I realized I have watched this before but I love to binge watch your videos so much I’m going to continue to watch! You’re my favorite. There is no mystery as to why you have more subscribers than anybody I know.

  • Pimeapple Art
    Pimeapple Art 9 days ago

    Whyyyyy'd u erase it it was soo pretty I wish I could draw that sketch u erased
    I mean it is amazing in the other sketch after u erased,.... 🤣

  • Pimeapple Art
    Pimeapple Art 9 days ago

    Even the maggots are blue! 🤣💙

  • Lorena Šimić
    Lorena Šimić 9 days ago

    It's gray paper and purple ink? I know it says blue toned paper, but that is pretty gray to me.

  • Lunarifi
    Lunarifi 10 days ago

    Me at like 10am on a Saturday morning: I’ll get up in a minute
    Also me: * watches like 2 hours worth of 20 minute Waffles videos *

  • NiKKi _Candy
    NiKKi _Candy 11 days ago

    Straight outta some animé

  • uwu
    uwu 13 days ago


  • Tilly Laver
    Tilly Laver 15 days ago

    Every1 calls purple blue I’m confusion

  • Zogia Mousikí
    Zogia Mousikí 17 days ago

    She missed out on a perfectly good opportunity to draw Killua Zoldyck

  • Sierra *insert last name*

    This is super late, but instead of doing so many coats you can use x's. So instead of going left to right, maybe try crisscrossing. I dont know if it works on paper like it does on skin, but its alot easier to cover big areas with an even coat.

  • Alfanis Llauger de Taveras

    I all the blue stuff besides the maggots looks purple

  • Tiana Walton
    Tiana Walton 19 days ago

    Love your stuff, but you could’ve executed that better.

  • Shannon Stephens
    Shannon Stephens 19 days ago

    Everyone seems to see purple? I see blue?

  • M Rojas
    M Rojas 19 days ago

    The character with just the first layer of white reminded me of the first dragon ball z intro for some reason

  • Weird cookie
    Weird cookie 19 days ago

    his pills
    His hands
    His jeans

  • Jessica Forsstrom
    Jessica Forsstrom 20 days ago

    One of my favorite pieces you’ve done!

  • Eya Chouaieb
    Eya Chouaieb 24 days ago

    I was about to comment if I'm the only one who's seeing the inks purple and not blue and then I saw the comments and I was like guess I'm not

  • Millie Walsh
    Millie Walsh 24 days ago

    “Blue maggots” 😂❤️

  • Amna Asad
    Amna Asad 24 days ago

    The paper was not blue

  • Patience Lynne
    Patience Lynne 24 days ago

    I liked it more before you added all the blue and features to the character. Its still good tho

  • Karina Ortiz
    Karina Ortiz 25 days ago

    anyone being reminded of livewire from supergirl

  • Cheernline Kc
    Cheernline Kc 26 days ago

    I'd love to see you drawing the avengers in your drawing style

  • taow ravyn
    taow ravyn 27 days ago

    i Loved that just eyes look. we stan a cryptid

  • Palak Mehta
    Palak Mehta 28 days ago

    Deinitely keep the swirlies

  • Desiree Bohn
    Desiree Bohn 29 days ago

    What’s the grid thing you’re drawing on? How does it help?

  • Olivver Can't Speak

    The way she said phthalo blue killed me.

  • bear bear SQUAD
    bear bear SQUAD Month ago

    The back round of the drawing gives me ariana grande god is a women vibes

  • SushiKitty
    SushiKitty Month ago

    the first ink looks purple

  • Your Gay thoughts
    Your Gay thoughts Month ago +1

    Okay, so we know that the paper and the ink where, in fact, blue, the color balance is just off for some reason. Does that mean that her nails were actually blue and just appear purple ? 🤔

  • Masha
    Masha Month ago +1

    Stop. Yes the paper is not blue and the ink looks purple but stop.

  • Marco Sanchez
    Marco Sanchez Month ago

    WOW this one was so cool you make it look so easy. I have been watching your videos for a couple days now and its inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and do something different. Im doing an all blue drawing right now with markers, pens, gel pens and a blue highlighter. Thankyou for your videos and inspiration keep doing what your doing.

  • CloudFalconPlayz !
    CloudFalconPlayz ! Month ago

    The markers and the ink looked purple to me then the “blue” paper looked gray....hopefully I’m not colorblind 😅

  • Nbolt boi
    Nbolt boi Month ago

    The lightning looks like Kermit the frog 8:25

  • Myrqua
    Myrqua Month ago

    Hey! In the future, next time you spill ink like that, you could use the dropper to suck it up and put it back into the jar (assuming it isn't contaminated with other products/inks). Could help save some $!

  • YuseiLover18
    YuseiLover18 Month ago

    I just got a set of Amsterdam inks for $12 at Hobby Lobby. 6 inks, a white, black, gray, silver, and 2 golds so it was $2 a bottle

  • King King
    King King Month ago

    Pthalo blue... Bob Ross used that

  • Anonymous Dragon
    Anonymous Dragon Month ago

    DrawingWiffWaffles: "Inks are not cheap!" *repeatedly smacks ink*

  • Gacha Series
    Gacha Series Month ago


  • me decide
    me decide Month ago +3

    when im drawing i legit hear ur voice i my head... is that weird? I think I watch tooooo mich of ur videos... oh well id like to see somebody stop me😋

  • Galaxy Nicki
    Galaxy Nicki Month ago

    So Saturdays prompt is thunder... *hears thunder outside* she's spoken...

  • Lindsey Krowiarz
    Lindsey Krowiarz Month ago

    I'm watching this video on my balcony while a thunderstorm is going on... keep doing great things!!! Sending love from indiana!!!😘😘😘

  • Abigail Enos
    Abigail Enos Month ago +1

    being honest I see blue and not purple lmao ops

  • Sansooné
    Sansooné Month ago

    im blue daba dee daba dieee

  • Nesma Abdo
    Nesma Abdo Month ago


  • Føøl’s Paradise
    Føøl’s Paradise Month ago +9

    I guess u could say it’s a BLUE PRINT!?!?
    Imma leave now...

  • *Katelyn Sama*
    *Katelyn Sama* Month ago

    I loved it!
    It's so original and creative! ^w^
    Btw You have a new sub :3

  • Akila Sultana
    Akila Sultana Month ago

    Am I the only one seeing purple instead of blue.......

  • TAMSin M
    TAMSin M Month ago

    Any one else see Kermit the frog in her middle thumbnail?

  • Luv It On Youtube
    Luv It On Youtube Month ago

    Gray paper, purple inks, we bet it guys, yeesh!

  • Avi Ozz
    Avi Ozz Month ago

    1:54 I have that sketchbook and I was drawing during class and the teacher took it away and I was like, ill draw you if you give it back and he was like, yea ok.

  • missy
    missy Month ago

    yOu DonT wAnT tOO mUcH pROduCt oN yOuR fAce
    *slap slap slap slap slap* 😂

  • The Niffler Queen
    The Niffler Queen Month ago

    Umm are those inks purple or blue?? It looks VERY purple to me is it my screen?

    Btw I’m not hating lol

  • little lotus
    little lotus Month ago

    Gonna be honest I like it either way but I liked the mysterious vibes I was getting from the character before you added the lips and shadows

  • Kaedi Perkins
    Kaedi Perkins Month ago

    so shes baisically drawing storm from X-men

  • BunBun
    BunBun Month ago

    Do they send these to you for free? Or do you buy them and ask them to randomize your order etc? I love your art btw! Your very inspiring :))

    • Brianna Fray
      Brianna Fray Month ago

      BunBun this is a monthly box thing, so each month they send you a box you do need to pay though, for each month you get a box it’s different it’s like a theme box

  • Mckpanda Toys TV
    Mckpanda Toys TV Month ago

    I mean I feel like that split ink could of been used...

  • Sanjna Suresh
    Sanjna Suresh Month ago

    I definitely would keep those swirls. They look so pretty!!

  • Noodles
    Noodles Month ago

    Lol I got scared I thought I was color blind for a sec

  • Amie Ericson
    Amie Ericson 2 months ago

    Maybe they’re fans of the band Blue October 🧐

  • The Candy Unicorn
    The Candy Unicorn 2 months ago

    The struggles Rin is facing is really making me feel better cuz... ya girl does all the goofs when creating art traditionally...

  • TyLeR jOsEpH
    TyLeR jOsEpH 2 months ago +1


  • MrParkerman6
    MrParkerman6 2 months ago

    The pen is Blue! The pen is Blue!

  • Arianna Strzyzewski
    Arianna Strzyzewski 2 months ago

    Personally I would have drawn a cat named thunder with a lightning stripe design on his face and made it seem like he was a storm with an umbrella over it and rumbles coming from his tummy. I really liked yours tho too so yea

  • bren h
    bren h 2 months ago

    Oh my gosh. When she broke through the packaging for the pen marker thing and the pen cap off in the packaging
    *pause* halp wat do
    Dont know wat do
    Pen stuck
    Where put pen

  • Jynx Art
    Jynx Art 2 months ago

    When the ink is swirly it kinda looks like crystals or a geode of sorts at first glance

  • 123Lizzy_Love123 Playz
    123Lizzy_Love123 Playz 2 months ago

    The white ink is brighter than my future