• Published on Jan 20, 2019
  • today, i'm seeing who out there hates dantdm..
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  • Jude Allcock
    Jude Allcock 27 minutes ago

    DanTDM hate:DanTDM aka...The Dumb male.

  • RV
    RV Hour ago

    Lets be real all the ppl that hate dantdm are all americans that think NINJA is GOOD

  • RV
    RV Hour ago

    That kid is the guy that faze apex roasted

  • voomy
    voomy Hour ago +1

    hello daniel fan going through the comments
    i’m spreading love
    have a nice day/night
    you’re amazing!

  • tshah offical
    tshah offical 2 hours ago


  • Gucci Chicken
    Gucci Chicken 3 hours ago

  • stan Sekerke
    stan Sekerke 6 hours ago

    You are not for three year olds I'm 8

  • Nokoltian Z
    Nokoltian Z 7 hours ago

    "DanTDM is for kids"
    -Random Guy
    "nOw If YoU lOoK hIm In ThE eYe-"
    -DanTDM a ton of years ago

  • Mathew James
    Mathew James 8 hours ago

    3:42 what does being over weight have to do with hating dan??

  • Awsome Bawsome
    Awsome Bawsome 9 hours ago

    Lieees. Dan is cool and nice even though I never met him

  • Falah Kashif
    Falah Kashif 9 hours ago

    Stop Hating for making vids for kids that's how all TVclipr make content

  • The Fractured Diamond
    The Fractured Diamond 9 hours ago +1

    I hate myself too ;)

  • Nasir Zubair
    Nasir Zubair 9 hours ago

    Why do they even pay attention if they hate you bruh

  • Jeremyah James
    Jeremyah James 9 hours ago

    Kid:his british accent sucks

  • 0xic_ggodd 45
    0xic_ggodd 45 10 hours ago

    Im not 3 im 10 thanks

  • henry eyerman
    henry eyerman 10 hours ago

    i kill KILLLLLLLLL the kid who hate rodlox and minecraft

  • Lily Loyd
    Lily Loyd 11 hours ago


  • The Artsy
    The Artsy 11 hours ago

    I think he did that rainbow thing in the TVclip editing station you know when you post a video on TVclip on your phone or tablet you get these affect options

  • The Artsy
    The Artsy 11 hours ago

    I think you're supposed to capitalize the I if it's not in a word it's not beginning with a "I"

  • Juanito Figueroa
    Juanito Figueroa 12 hours ago

    How do people hate you🤔

  • Westin Cunnius
    Westin Cunnius 13 hours ago +1

    Dan I wish u were my friend! :)

  • Nuka Lore
    Nuka Lore 15 hours ago


  • Bailey Jones
    Bailey Jones 15 hours ago

    Your my favorite

  • Ronnie Nudds
    Ronnie Nudds 15 hours ago

    I love dantdm

  • Kareem Malhas
    Kareem Malhas 16 hours ago +1

    why do you wear earrings dan

  • Catman Winner
    Catman Winner 17 hours ago

    I don't care adapt givwase

  • Manju Jose
    Manju Jose 19 hours ago

    I found it

  • Sebik Ivan
    Sebik Ivan 19 hours ago

    dan does not suck he is good and will always be a great youtuber so make sure you subscribe

  • homie ghost
    homie ghost 20 hours ago

    The kid who said the subscribers are 3 years old but he stupid because thay can grow

    LEO THE LION 20 hours ago +1


    LEO THE LION 21 hour ago +1

    We love DanTDM we will never hate DanTDM

      LEO THE LION 20 hours ago +1

      Comment what's your favorite game

  • Weird girls Studios
    Weird girls Studios 21 hour ago

    As a matter of fact I’m not 3 I’m 2 1/2 GET IT RIGHT!!!!

  • Potato Surfs
    Potato Surfs 21 hour ago

    That kid with the disco is not even smart! I bet he’s not going to early college because he’s not allowed to go to regular school!
    By the way, that is me!

  • Gabe Rister
    Gabe Rister 21 hour ago

    These are invalid reasons.

  • Tommy
    Tommy 22 hours ago

    Hello I'm i. Play. Xbox live xbox. 360

    • Tommy
      Tommy 22 hours ago

      Dan. Tdm

  • Crystal star light

    Hey DanTUDEM

  • Jade Stephenson
    Jade Stephenson Day ago

    I love danTDM team TDM

    EYE OF CTHULHU Day ago

    Dan tdm I still know you when I'm forgotten

  • SuperBlueButterflies

    That kid took it too fare

  • Yus Soelistyarsih

    dumb youbtube kisd

  • palacio amer
    palacio amer Day ago

    ur accent is perfect dan

  • Carrie Munger
    Carrie Munger Day ago +1

    Dan dose not SUCK!!!😠😠😠😠😠

  • FB3
    FB3 Day ago +1

    Video title: "i HATE DanTDM!"
    Me: Dan, you set a Hatchimal on fire!

  • TJ cutura
    TJ cutura Day ago

    Play my singing monsters

  • Stitch Whataburger


  • Stitch Whataburger


  • Henry Jax
    Henry Jax Day ago

    The only thing i hate is gacha

  • Zayn Rizvi
    Zayn Rizvi Day ago

    Am sorry

  • Maria Bracaccini

    my cousin and I love your videos and your hair color

  • K Rob
    K Rob Day ago

    You are the best dantdm😎

  • Future Pros
    Future Pros Day ago

    4:55 yo this kids 3 nAnI?!

  • Koopa Trooper
    Koopa Trooper Day ago

    They all suck

  • Koopa Trooper
    Koopa Trooper Day ago

    No he sucks

  • X-U_GOT- R3cKt-
    X-U_GOT- R3cKt- Day ago

    when the boy sed Dan tdm wrong and sed hate tdm i sed i dont no dan tdm

  • Brick Trickster
    Brick Trickster Day ago +1

    Nothing wrong with your accent👍👍👍👍👍

  • Mint vids I don't know -_-

    I'm not 3!!!!!😠😠😠😤😥😤😤😥😥😥😥😥😥😾😾😾

  • Kaz Kendrick
    Kaz Kendrick Day ago

    Dantdm is the youtuber that I watch the most

  • Cutebunnyboiii CK
    Cutebunnyboiii CK Day ago +1

    I am not 3 I am 10

  • Jayvee Remoto
    Jayvee Remoto 2 days ago

    5:03 Minecraft and Roblox don't suck

  • 10k subscribers with 0 vids

    Kid:he has people who have 3 years old
    Me:so we've got kids