• Published on Jan 20, 2019
  • today, i'm seeing who out there hates dantdm..
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  • Myles Seymour
    Myles Seymour 53 minutes ago

    I ment Dan

  • Myles Seymour
    Myles Seymour 53 minutes ago

    can love your vids and I am 8 and it is almost my birthday so I turning 9.

  • Amanda Pether
    Amanda Pether Hour ago

    dont worry dan i love you

  • Amanda Pether
    Amanda Pether Hour ago

    i hate you haters of dantdm

  • CatTryingToJump
    CatTryingToJump Hour ago

    DanTDM did you know I’m a youtuber but I don’t have a channel yet 🎄

  • CatTryingToJump
    CatTryingToJump 2 hours ago

    I love DanTDM I really love you

  • Draco's Room
    Draco's Room 2 hours ago +1

    Love your own brother

  • Beezy Beatz
    Beezy Beatz 2 hours ago

    Dan your British achsent does not suck

  • Uunniiccoorrnneerr
    Uunniiccoorrnneerr 4 hours ago

    I'm a child any why

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  • Tanishka Giridhar
    Tanishka Giridhar 6 hours ago

    On the playlist with a bunch of videos this video got on XD

  • LizardLife
    LizardLife 6 hours ago

    Poor dan

  • Rehanya Nugawela
    Rehanya Nugawela 7 hours ago

    I love dantdm

  • Hey_ItzCoolcool
    Hey_ItzCoolcool 8 hours ago

    One of those kids say I'm three..

  • Jonathan Blair
    Jonathan Blair 9 hours ago

    Bad insults

  • The Pink Fairy
    The Pink Fairy 9 hours ago


    think you proved that by watching ytp peppa pig and playing childish games for your entertainment and ours

    Ignore the haters dan. You are doing the best you csn

  • Archie Kennedy
    Archie Kennedy 9 hours ago

    I loooooooooooovvvvvvvvve danTDM

  • Lendell Carpio
    Lendell Carpio 11 hours ago

    If some kids say that to me imma fight them

  • Daniel Fitzgerald
    Daniel Fitzgerald 12 hours ago +1

    Dan you ar the best TVclipr

  • Robloxian Girl
    Robloxian Girl 13 hours ago +1

    Not trying to be rude but when he said he hated his British accent that was kinda rude

  • Meaty Wolf
    Meaty Wolf 14 hours ago

    4:12 Rip headphone users ( including me)

  • Arn Wong
    Arn Wong 14 hours ago

    I don’t wanna ask you this but........ do you have a girlfriend?!Aahhhgggg! That’s not even what the video is about!☹️

  • Gamer Filmz
    Gamer Filmz 14 hours ago +1

    Bro Dan I built your old lab in my own Minecraft world

  • Gamer Filmz
    Gamer Filmz 14 hours ago +1

    He is skinny

  • Gamer Filmz
    Gamer Filmz 14 hours ago +1

    At 4:52 in the vid the kid is THE WORST youtuber ever (NOT a troll!)

  • Victoria Lea
    Victoria Lea 15 hours ago

    Guys... Dantdm said we all have different opinions. 😑

  • keith howells
    keith howells 16 hours ago

    i feel sorry for you being sad its to bad and they are bad i am freindly to you

  • keith howells
    keith howells 16 hours ago

    dantdm is the best youtuber i ever seen

  • Douglas Looney
    Douglas Looney 16 hours ago

    I’ve seen the one with the thumbnail I hate you kid watch adventure

  • X23_XanderYT
    X23_XanderYT 16 hours ago

    *DAN TIDUM!*

  • Baby Potato yt
    Baby Potato yt 17 hours ago +1

    U are Awesome

  • Alpha Minecrafter
    Alpha Minecrafter 18 hours ago +1

    I love how this clearly young kid goes all his subscribers are 3 year olds

  • Tracey Gaming
    Tracey Gaming 18 hours ago +1


    SNAKE MAY CRY 18 hours ago

    Dan is great man he didn't show the kid's face so no one gonna know who says that

    SNAKE MAY CRY 18 hours ago +1

    1like = 1% health token from anyone hates dan

  • Tino Flaco
    Tino Flaco 19 hours ago

    dantdm is the best!!!!!

  • Tino Flaco
    Tino Flaco 19 hours ago

    i love your chanll

  • Edmond Dungee
    Edmond Dungee 21 hour ago


  • Lisa Walls
    Lisa Walls 23 hours ago

    Really boiii
    What if it's true..!!!

  • Gareth 08
    Gareth 08 Day ago

    He has subscribers that r only 3 years old
    I'm 11 years old

  • Student, Kai Wen Liang

    the kid is just jelous of the soobs

  • WolfoGamer360
    WolfoGamer360 Day ago


  • neri jan
    neri jan Day ago

    Damtdm i wit tel mai frens to unsubskrib if yu dount meyk an minecraft dragon vidyo layk koudy mavric dis is tru i lov minecraft dragon and if yu dount meic a sing gl one vidyo i wil unsubskrib and i i wiltel mi frends that

  • Fletcher Murray
    Fletcher Murray Day ago +1

    Dan watch adventure it so much click bait

  • Sophie Watson
    Sophie Watson Day ago

    Hi I don’t watch u much but that doesn’t mean I hate u ur very famous that’s hard to be TVclip famous

  • Frank Mitchell
    Frank Mitchell Day ago

    Hey DanTDM,there just saying mean stuff to you because they don't have the same subscriber as you

  • veronica robinson

    Kid:* I hate dantdm*

    *dantdm watches video*

    Kid:*i love dantdm!*

  • Keyser Reyes
    Keyser Reyes Day ago

    I’d rather kill anyone who hates DanTDM bc he’s amazing

  • Gameradam642
    Gameradam642 Day ago +1

    Smiled when our data has smart

  • Ruhul Amin
    Ruhul Amin Day ago

    How many people here are 3 years old?

  • Gina Poulos
    Gina Poulos Day ago

    Dan you were mean to your twin brother mike how could you I’m still your fan

  • Andrew Carmona Sosa

    I love you

  • Aarna Bhadauria
    Aarna Bhadauria Day ago

    I hater dAn tIduM

  • samm12011
    samm12011 Day ago

    dantdm no your amazing me and my brother love your vids

  • Dani VanRiper
    Dani VanRiper Day ago

    "he just sucks"
    -random kid that i do not know

  • Anjali Ghurye
    Anjali Ghurye Day ago

    "Please take this video seriously" that's rich coming from a kid who made a famous TVclip cry

  • Anjali Ghurye
    Anjali Ghurye Day ago

    Also I'm using my mum's account

  • Anjali Ghurye
    Anjali Ghurye Day ago

    Bruh that kid who said he hates dantdm's voice, mate, keep your hate to yourself. You literally made him cry.

  • Ashwalker67
    Ashwalker67 Day ago

    3:07 poor dantdm