DP/30: A Quiet Place, John Krasinski

  • Published on Nov 18, 2018
  • You know him from The Office and a parade of film roles, but the nascent director exploded things with A Quiet Place early in 2018 and the film still looks like a staple for decades to come almost a year later.John Krasinski sat down with David Poland to talk about the film, the journey and the future.
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    Shot in Los Angeles, November 2018
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  • Alex Deeds
    Alex Deeds 3 months ago

    “I had an aunt-“

  • diane cry-anne nguyen
    diane cry-anne nguyen 3 months ago

    i love that he makes use of family to enhance his artistic process. john and emily are a powerhouse of talent.

  • MegaGug 95
    MegaGug 95 5 months ago

    John is someone I hope to be like as a director.

  • MegaGug 95
    MegaGug 95 5 months ago +1

    I think this is the first time I’ve ever heard John say “fuck”

    JULIAN SMITH 8 months ago +1

    Haha "reads script" done 5-10 minutes later.

  • N S
    N S 9 months ago

    That was a fantastic interview. I just love John & Emily. I hope he continues to both act & direct. He’s a pure genius!
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    SAKSHATKC 10 months ago

    damn maboy jim knows his shit

  • Ibrahim
    Ibrahim 10 months ago +3

    I would have picked my phone up 😂😂😂

  • Mary Rae
    Mary Rae 10 months ago

    I love this but please caption this I'm deaf 😭

  • PageMonster
    PageMonster 11 months ago +6

    At least he bothered to cast an actual Deaf girl as the daughter. Most big budget productions would opt for the lazy route and cast a hearing person. John deserves credit in that respect.

    • N S
      N S 9 months ago +1

      PageMonster True; he’s brilliant

  • PageMonster
    PageMonster 11 months ago

    The most horrific thing about Jaws wasn't even the shark. It was the nails down the chalk board. I recently listened to a radio reading of the book, and it was much more about class and masculinity and capitalism than the movie. I would like to see that version on screen.

  • Taya Iv
    Taya Iv 11 months ago +2

    LOVED this. Well done, David!

  • dianna k
    dianna k 11 months ago

    can anyone tell me what movie he mention here 11:52

    • dianna k
      dianna k 11 months ago

      @R Tripp thank you t,t

    • R Tripp
      R Tripp 11 months ago

      Let The Right One In

  • Lin Trash
    Lin Trash 11 months ago

    JOHN SAID FUCK YOU HAHA. ive never heard him f bomb before wow thank you for this lovely content

  • david mckesey
    david mckesey Year ago +2

    This better go viral

  • Jor-Els Alexandria
    Jor-Els Alexandria Year ago +2

    *........this interview feels late AF, no?* LOOL No issues with the video, just saying didn`t this movie come out in April????????
    Just making sure a Mandela effect didn`t happen LMFAO

  • JT
    JT Year ago +1

    This interview sucked. David Ps OCD against charismatic but shallow krasinski. Both to blame

    • N S
      N S 9 months ago

      JT Completely disagree

    • thehurt e
      thehurt e Year ago +1

      @MultiKarola24 : )

    • MultiKarola24
      MultiKarola24 Year ago +2

      @thehurt e sharp answer😅🤔

    • thehurt e
      thehurt e Year ago +4

      @MultiKarola24 same goes for most youtube commentators.

    • MultiKarola24
      MultiKarola24 Year ago +1

      @DP/30: The Oral History Of Hollywood i liked the interview but David you know people are allowed to not like it . Unfortunately most u tubers cannot stand sharp or critical comments.

  • Joshua Barrio
    Joshua Barrio Year ago +16

    the film he is talking about at 17:50 is Horrors of the Black Museum (1959)

  • French Fried
    French Fried Year ago +49

    Holy shit what an outstanding interview. This channel is amazing. The questions are great and I didn’t think I could like John Krazinski more.

    • N S
      N S 9 months ago

      French Fried I totally agree

    • VJ POÜ
      VJ POÜ Year ago

      French Fry is amazing, now now...

  • Sterling Silver
    Sterling Silver Year ago +5

    Anyone reading this who has not seen "A Quiet Place" I recommend checking it out. It's worth your time.
    SN: I'm glad you all were able to resolve the audio complication.

    • N S
      N S 9 months ago

      Sterling Silver My favorite movie of 2018

    • MegaGug 95
      MegaGug 95 Year ago

      Sterling Silver the ending made me sad.

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith Year ago +6

    John Krasinski is still doing press for A Quiet Place?

  • jsatcok
    jsatcok Year ago +27

    I'm only 4 minutes in, but I just realized that I love these interviews so much because you're not afraid to get into a short story yourself, and give your opinions on things. I'm sure these people are so used to just being asked questions all the time and never really having a conversation. Anyways, great stuff, thank you!

    • Herr Schmidt
      Herr Schmidt 11 months ago +5

      Indeed, it is a real conversation and not just a short promo pitch for their movie. Sometimes in these interviews you can see the surprise in their eyes when they realize they get asked questions going beyond the usual "Wasn't working with XY amazing?" kind and actually are allowed to talk about the process and craft usually ignored in promotion.

  • Lucan Reynolds
    Lucan Reynolds Year ago +2

    I'm a little confused. He keeps referencing that the film is a 'genre movie'.
    What actually is a genre movie? I thought it was a film that fits into just one genre (like The Raid - action), but I would definitely say A Quiet Place isn't just horror. In fact, I would say it's more drama than horror/thriller.
    Amazing conversation by the way, one of my favourites recently.

    • Herr Schmidt
      Herr Schmidt 11 months ago +1

      I have the feeling the meaning of the term has shifted from "fitting one genre" to "being committed to make it work on the terms of a genre".

    • AttnDefDis
      AttnDefDis 11 months ago

      I agree. I found him saying that over and over really annoying. He acts like ONLY horror movies are genre. What?

    • Tamerlan Mirzayev
      Tamerlan Mirzayev Year ago

      I agree.

  • Janjay Knowlden
    Janjay Knowlden Year ago +22

    John Krasinski acting like he doesn’t know the entire world wants him to be MCU’s Mr. Fantastic.

    • N S
      N S 9 months ago

      Janjay Knowlden Absolutely

    • Evina Martinez
      Evina Martinez 11 months ago +1

      Right???❤❤❤ but Jack Ryan tho...😍

    • Marshall Zane
      Marshall Zane Year ago +1

      MegaGug 95 Naw he has a bread but he’s not gruff enough

    • MegaGug 95
      MegaGug 95 Year ago +1

      Janjay Knowlden I’d personally rather see him has Joel in The Last of Us

  • Hito
    Hito Year ago +74

    He drops his cell phone mid conversation and doesn't pick up until it's done. Now THAT's professional!!

  • street icon
    street icon Year ago +14

    why am i crying everytime he talks about his wife??

    • N S
      N S 9 months ago

      street icon IKR they are the perfect couple for sure

  • Tamara Burgos
    Tamara Burgos Year ago +5

    I've been waiting for you to interview John for so long!! Love him and Emily and also love how insightful and deep this conversation was!

  • M Jons
    M Jons Year ago +7

    That was great!

  • Seb Arkana
    Seb Arkana Year ago +34

    Emily Blunt and him are the best couple in the world, I really hope they will make other movies together.

    • N S
      N S 9 months ago

      Seb Arkana ME TOO. They’re both incredible!

  • Anna Dewitt
    Anna Dewitt Year ago

    Could you please turn on the subtitle option of videos? It would be helpful for people who are not native speaker like me.

    • Anna Dewitt
      Anna Dewitt Year ago +2

      @DP/30: The Oral History Of Hollywood It is okey. Maybe I can improve my English more in this way 😆

    • DP/30: The Oral History Of Hollywood
      DP/30: The Oral History Of Hollywood  Year ago +2

      Thank you for listening. And I am sorry I can't offer every element. I've tried transcription services and they are more work than doing it oneself.

    • Anna Dewitt
      Anna Dewitt Year ago +3

      @DP/30: The Oral History Of Hollywood I was talking about automated subtitle, I thought channel don't allow to show automated subtitle. I didn't know that it is up to TVclip. Otherwise, adding subtitle is very time consuming and not necessary. Thank you for all of these good interviews😊

    • DP/30: The Oral History Of Hollywood
      DP/30: The Oral History Of Hollywood  Year ago +2

      The subtitle option is up... but automated closed captioning is up to TVclip. Some interviews get them and some don't. I could make transcripts of the interviews and place them on each interview... but time + money...

  • J.J Marlon
    J.J Marlon Year ago +10

    You can either close your eyes, or not and All I hear is steven Spielberg interviewing John Krasinski

    • Toivo Kallio
      Toivo Kallio Year ago +3

      A little maybe... but Mr. Poland sounds quite a bit more aggressive than Mr. Spielberg and has a lot sharper S pronunciation. :-)

  • meg27mm
    meg27mm Year ago +10

    What a great conversation! Thank God for DP/30!

  • Brian McInnis
    Brian McInnis Year ago +4

    Fact-Check: I do not know him from 'The Office'.

  • William Brown
    William Brown Year ago +104

    These interviews are absolute goldmines in terms of learning about different individuals creative processes. Thank you for working so hard in what you do, keep up the great work.