How Overnight Shipping Works

  • Published on Feb 13, 2018
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    FedEx 767, Fedex a300, Allegiant Airlines Md-83, Prime Air video courtesy PDX aviation
    DHl a300 video courtesy LEJ.approach/dvldi
    UPS 747-8 video courtesy UPS
    FedEx footage courtesy FedEx
    Music: “Cielo” by Huma-Huma, “Rhodesia” By Twin Musicom, “Ticker” By Silent Partner, “Not for Nothing” By Otis McDonald
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  • Wendover Productions
    Wendover Productions  6 months ago +2099

    Hey I hope you enjoy this new video (and the new logo!) As always, this video wouldn't exist without Squarespace's support so make sure to check them out!

    • Isaac Lao
      Isaac Lao Month ago

      Banked hub

    • RiverVisDCA
      RiverVisDCA Month ago

      TIP: Use USPS for cheaper overnight shipping. USPS outsources their flying to FedEx for Overnight packages.

    • lockergr
      lockergr Month ago

      Okay, good content and something I might subscribe to but you put a commercial that's two minutes in the middle and then break to a commercial and that's the end of the video. Peace out brother.

    • Marie Bejarano
      Marie Bejarano Month ago

      yeah - tshirt link is still not working

    • Chuck La Mont
      Chuck La Mont Month ago

      Wendover Productions again nice production work. ..

  • Siqi Zhang
    Siqi Zhang 2 hours ago

    anyone remembers Cast Away when it came to FedEx's hub at Memphis, TN?

  • Bryan Chavez
    Bryan Chavez 9 hours ago

    Where's WILSON?

  • Ahman Ahm
    Ahman Ahm 15 hours ago


  • Andreas Malik
    Andreas Malik Day ago

    Ig I found my new job

  • MrVolodus
    MrVolodus Day ago

    I once got package delivered from Oregon to Slovakia in 36 hours ... I was expecting 1-2 weeks :D

  • Ham Spam
    Ham Spam Day ago

    Watched video

  • Noah Mushinsky
    Noah Mushinsky Day ago

    i was in kentucky a month ago and about every 7-10 minutes a UPS plane was landing right next to my hotel

  • Titivates
    Titivates 2 days ago

    I painted one of Amazon prime plains here in Roswell NM ^^, bunch of DHL as well 320 and 319 ^^

  • Logan Stroganoff
    Logan Stroganoff 2 days ago

    I wanna know how the hell they sort the damn packages and lose so few...ive gotten a couple small components shipped overnight from England to northwest Florida and it blows my mind everytime that the little part im holding was literally an ocean away not a full day earlier. I could probably fart in a box and overnight it back to England and they'd still be to smell it by the time it arrived.

  • Mark Rado
    Mark Rado 2 days ago

    Props for pronouncing "Louisville" correctly, but how DARE you say we're a small city.

  • ItzTevin!
    ItzTevin! 2 days ago

    Amazon hasn't shipped my package.....I ordered it last November

  • Nathan Pelka
    Nathan Pelka 3 days ago

    Fuck Amazon

  • Munchkin Kingdom
    Munchkin Kingdom 3 days ago

    It is annoying at night

  • Munchkin Kingdom
    Munchkin Kingdom 3 days ago

    I live 2 minutes from the Greensboro hub

  • Asthetikk
    Asthetikk 3 days ago

    i got shaken. i hecking live in louisville

  • ralph emerson
    ralph emerson 3 days ago +1

    Humans are very impressive!

  • Matthew Roalkvam
    Matthew Roalkvam 4 days ago

    747-8f* great video though

  • bullmeister82
    bullmeister82 5 days ago

    Great video. Would add that airports at Louisville and Memphis also have fewer days with weather delays compared to Chicago or Minneapolis.

  • Ethan Martin
    Ethan Martin 5 days ago

    As a trucking dispatcher, I work with UPS in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Seattle, Chicago, Columbus, Newark, and World Hub in Louisville. They ship their loads in less than 18 hours each time, and this requires communication between shipper, truck, dispatcher, and consignee. Also, here's a secret, a lot of domestic air shipments are actually shipped by truck. ;)

  • ItsSurreal
    ItsSurreal 5 days ago

    didn't think something like this, can be so advanced

  • Oskar
    Oskar 5 days ago

    Why is this super cargo airport in the center of the city?

    PIXEL MINTY 5 days ago

    I live in Memphis right by that damn hub and the planes sometimes scare the shit out of me at night XD.

  • ProfesserNutButter
    ProfesserNutButter 5 days ago

    This shit is insane.

  • Bonus Meme
    Bonus Meme 6 days ago

    What about same day shipping

  • Explore17
    Explore17 6 days ago

    I never ordered anything online, so I never really got concerned about shipping companies but damn: there's a lot going on behind the scenes!

  • oSJme
    oSJme 6 days ago

    I thought DHL is the biggest company of the 3 🤔

  • Heriberto Gomez
    Heriberto Gomez 6 days ago

    In puerto Rico has two hubs, In Aguadilla and San Juan

  • Nick Hall
    Nick Hall 6 days ago

    Forget overnight, how does same day shipping work???

  • Bj Brown
    Bj Brown 6 days ago

    I always see the ups, and fedex plane at my airport in Newark when I go on vacation

  • Haloborn678
    Haloborn678 7 days ago


  • Joshua Xiong
    Joshua Xiong 7 days ago

    1:40 Ew, that's now how you say Guangzhou.

  • jake snake
    jake snake 7 days ago

    Can u ups weed???

  • Mac Films
    Mac Films 7 days ago

    Alaska squad where you at

  • Kristopherdoge5
    Kristopherdoge5 7 days ago

    Im a kid and order it and pull it off dont worry it my money

  • Bryan Vega
    Bryan Vega 7 days ago

    I’ve went to UPS World Port when I flew from LA to Houston to lousiville for a robotics competition about 5 months ago it was staggering how big it was compared to the Louisville Airport

  • DowntownCanon
    DowntownCanon 7 days ago +1

    It's called the 747 dash eight. Not eight hundred.

  • United Federation of the Labor Party rama

    Well all you need is to see the episode which many will during the night then you tokka,sukka,kang,zutara,azulee waitttt you mean that shiping

  • Troll Face
    Troll Face 7 days ago


  • Tesseract 14
    Tesseract 14 7 days ago

    I find it incredibly impressive that DHL goes to north korea I feel like this is the ultimate opportunity to ship a timed nuclear bomb there so we blow them up

  • Papa Linor
    Papa Linor 7 days ago

    "time" *ad pops up* "is money"
    the fuck

  • shaft johnson
    shaft johnson 8 days ago

    No wonder why that FedEx warehouse feels like a slave ship

  • Ben Ray
    Ben Ray 8 days ago

    Where I live we don’t get overnight shipping 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Pounding Muff
    Pounding Muff 8 days ago

    This video makes me wanna order something online now!!

  • Zache Wright
    Zache Wright 8 days ago

    The sound at 5:18 really messed me up. it’s 5:14am and i thought it was a car out front blaring on his horn 😂 Great video though

  • Aziz Amin
    Aziz Amin 8 days ago

    Why call it shipping and not flighting?

  • Colin Thorneycroft
    Colin Thorneycroft 8 days ago

    Impressive... most impressive...

  • General Obi Wan Kenobi

    DHL.. HA!

  • Bill Montee
    Bill Montee 8 days ago

    Couple of clips from PDX in there...

  • Leo Gonzalez
    Leo Gonzalez 8 days ago

    I got a package from Magagascar to here Salt lake city in 2 days the distance is 10534 miles!!! its beyond belief

  • Kitty Hawk
    Kitty Hawk 8 days ago

    3:02 Thats the largest city in kentucky though

  • Colin Man
    Colin Man 8 days ago

    6:11 Flat earthers be like "what curvature"

  • Challenge Wars
    Challenge Wars 8 days ago

    Prime air leased some 767 300s from atlas air. I know because I fly them lmao

  • boringlyawesum
    boringlyawesum 9 days ago

    "dhl delivers to every country in the world including North Korea" holy shit.

  • SystemRichie
    SystemRichie 9 days ago +2

    In my third world country you mail your resume one day and it takes an entire month to reach its destination. Keep in mind. Its a small island named Trinidad

  • Instance Gaming
    Instance Gaming 10 days ago

    Imagine if one company did the work of FedEx, UPS and DHL combined. Phew, the international monopoly would be the closest thing to a generic villain goal to rule the world you could get.

  • Nipple Wizard
    Nipple Wizard 10 days ago

    LMFAO. Amazon failed there delivery service so hard. I’m surprised they’re still finding profit off of it.

  • Max Buchanan
    Max Buchanan 10 days ago +1

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard FedEx Airlines, I'm your captain, UPSSucks420. We'd like to thank you for flying with us. Please refer to the safety guide for the safety information that you will need in the case of an emergency. We will be arriving in North Korea in 5 hours and 34 minutes, where the weather is a very tense political climate. Now here is the safety video to fill you in on the operations during unlikely event of an emergency. Once again, thank you for flying FedEx Air and we hope you enjoy your flight.

  • Trevor Kerney
    Trevor Kerney 10 days ago

    1.2K people had to wait 25 hours for their package.

  • Alex
    Alex 11 days ago

    I live in Alaska this is not true fake news!

  • pop5678eye
    pop5678eye 11 days ago

    9:17 The tail of that Allegiant plane seems to be wiggling quite a bit...

  • Kyle Curry
    Kyle Curry 12 days ago

    The earth is flat there is no curvature wtf

  • Samantha Koizumi
    Samantha Koizumi 12 days ago +1

    How Overnight Fucking Works

  • Dennis Dodd
    Dennis Dodd 13 days ago +1

    I worked at warehouses on and off for years. I've seen packages under 5 pounds, but were Saturday 9AMs, and they cost thousands. You can certainly get extremely quick shipping, but holy hell are you going to pay for it.

  • Jakub pogubila
    Jakub pogubila 13 days ago

    the world is so interconnected that an apocalypse would end everything...and people wouldn’t be able use there iphones

  • Jakub pogubila
    Jakub pogubila 13 days ago

    that bus looked like he forgot to sleep over night and steered off the Road.

  • Daniel Banas
    Daniel Banas 13 days ago

    The comments on this video are all so funny, this is a great thread of anecdotes and jokes!!!

  • Lutrix
    Lutrix 13 days ago

    a city with over 600,000 people is small??

  • Vela van laack
    Vela van laack 13 days ago

    makes me want to be Tom Hanks lol

  • Matthew Acheampong
    Matthew Acheampong 14 days ago

    Why is it called shipping even when it's air lifted?

    • DowntownCanon
      DowntownCanon 7 days ago

      It still falls under the definition of shipping.

  • huh wut
    huh wut 14 days ago

    Waiting for my package watching this

  • Wuffle_Playz - Gaming
    Wuffle_Playz - Gaming 14 days ago

    Lucky buttholes on the mainland... hawaii always ignored.

  • Daisy JReyes
    Daisy JReyes 14 days ago

    All the people who disliked the video probably didn’t get their package after paying for one day shipping

  • ヤプラクleafy
    ヤプラクleafy 14 days ago

    *truck flying over the overpass. hits ground. **_explodes_*

  • The SemiCasual Gamer
    The SemiCasual Gamer 15 days ago

    MeMpHiS Is NoT A HuGe CiTy ( Has 600,000 Population )

    Yeaaa my population in my city it 100,000

  • Prox_
    Prox_ 15 days ago

    Those butter landings though

  • Mr and Mrs Sun
    Mr and Mrs Sun 15 days ago

    I have an interview tomorrow but i am here learning how overnight shipping works very seriously lol

  • Ricky McClain
    Ricky McClain 15 days ago

    This is crazy

  • Ave Kek!
    Ave Kek! 16 days ago

    Cheers from Louisville

  • Mei He
    Mei He 17 days ago

    LIES!!!!!!!! couriers never tell you your package GETS DELAYED IN CUSTOMS FOR WEEKS...fu!

  • Central Edits TV
    Central Edits TV 17 days ago

    Crazy how far we’ve come. I’m still amazed DHL is able to get my package from Hong Kong to Northern Canada in less than a week. I’m used to taking it 30+ days.

  • Covert
    Covert 17 days ago

    "Taking into account the curve of the earth" ok but what curve????

  • Michael Packard
    Michael Packard 17 days ago

    6:10 Lol, suck that @FlatEarthers!

  • Mr.Mister
    Mr.Mister 17 days ago

    Crazy. I ordered something from England on a Tuesday and the package arrived by DHL couriers to my house in Ireland the very next morning. I was fascinated as packages usually take about a week to come from England. This is why I am watching this video.

  • DemoScottGaming Lounge

    Actually amazon is another company that does the same thing except they deliver a bunch a different things the same way

  • Jack Shivertaker
    Jack Shivertaker 18 days ago

    You should make a video about how amazon works. this video was good and seems to have been very successful

  • Cow Semen
    Cow Semen 18 days ago

    Santa in airplanes

  • Kujivs
    Kujivs 19 days ago

    FedEx also has a hub in Madison, Wi

  • james j
    james j 19 days ago

    UPS and FEDEX deliver at the front door, AMAZON leaves it in the bushes next to the garage door. Really, not making this up.

  • Ana Cabral
    Ana Cabral 20 days ago

    6:11 "earths curvature" waiting for the flat earthers to comment

  • Jerakk30
    Jerakk30 20 days ago

    DHL still puts UPS and FedEx to shame

  • overused meme
    overused meme 20 days ago


  • SixStringLove Guy
    SixStringLove Guy 20 days ago

    There is a great video that shows the air traffic control radar of Fedex and UPS coming and going into all their hubs. It is truly a ballet in the air. And you can see how they get diverted around storms. Amazing

  • Some random dude
    Some random dude 20 days ago

    4:00 is PDX

  • Marco Venustus
    Marco Venustus 20 days ago

    Brazilian Correios send their regards.

  • Marlon Clarke
    Marlon Clarke 20 days ago

    Hey Wendover Productions your video was very clear and concise! Just wondering what program do you use when creating this video

  • Francois Deshue
    Francois Deshue 20 days ago

    "low price"? HAHASHHAHAHAHAH! 50$ to ship a 6X6X6 5lbs box the next fucking country over. not even a 500miles.

  • wiener dogs rule
    wiener dogs rule 21 day ago +2

    i love ups and hate all others

  • Andy Kim
    Andy Kim 21 day ago

    I once got a package via DHL from China shipped on a thursday, and recieved it on monday just 4 days later and over a weekend. I don't know how they do it sometimes.

  • FrankieseshyFilms
    FrankieseshyFilms 21 day ago

    Such a great video