How Overnight Shipping Works

  • Published on Feb 13, 2018
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    FedEx 767, Fedex a300, Allegiant Airlines Md-83, Prime Air video courtesy PDX aviation
    DHl a300 video courtesy LEJ.approach/dvldi
    UPS 747-8 video courtesy UPS
    FedEx footage courtesy FedEx
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  • Wendover Productions
    Wendover Productions  7 days ago +1753

    Hey I hope you enjoy this new video (and the new logo!) As always, this video wouldn't exist without Squarespace's support so make sure to check them out!

    • Cameron Benson
      Cameron Benson 8 hours ago

      Wendover Productions lmao im from memphis and you named every hub that still isn't as big as the one here because it started here. A girl in my band is neighbors with Fred Smith.

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      Arvin Mirtorabi 9 hours ago

      Wendover Productions I

    • Anonymous name
      Anonymous name 13 hours ago

      New logo each week challenge!

      GK CONCEPTS 19 hours ago

      Wendover Productions
      I enjoy it all videos from India
      I need help which software and editing tools are u making videos tell me please

  • Peter Dalton
    Peter Dalton 3 hours ago

    Thank you it was very informative and interesting.

  • Bibasik7
    Bibasik7 4 hours ago +1


  • HeyitsBee
    HeyitsBee 7 hours ago

    What’s with the pyramids in the logo? Also love how you have my home town (Edinburgh Scotland) a shout out!!

  • dvrsflrs
    dvrsflrs 10 hours ago

    very interesting. Thanks!

  • AESServers
    AESServers 10 hours ago

    Awesome video, so interesting! It's trending on linkaplace :O

  • victor nderu
    victor nderu 12 hours ago

    Always have the best videos. I learnt a lot and I am looking forward to more . Thank you

  • Chocolatepenguin
    Chocolatepenguin 12 hours ago

    Love how you always are so minimalistic "Only about 650.000 people live there". :p In my country that would have been the second largest city.

  • Ilari Purojärvi
    Ilari Purojärvi 13 hours ago

    Sick logo

  • African Cracker
    African Cracker 15 hours ago

    Can you do a video about US airline deregulation? I've heard about it so much, but no one has ever explained it. My dad is actually a FedEx pilot, and I still don't understand what it is

  • Andrew Kidd
    Andrew Kidd 17 hours ago

    Any of these niggas hiring?

  • Brennan Callan
    Brennan Callan 20 hours ago +1

    Incorrectly you keep calling Louisville a "small city," when it is the 15 largest US city and during the 1830s, we were the 10th largest US city.
    Louisville has the 4th largest convention space in North America. We host most of the national conventions that need millions of square footage for major conventions.
    Aviation started in Louisville in 1837 with the first aviation business being a tethered hot air balloon.
    The oldest continuously operated airport IN THE WORLD is Bowman Field (KLOU) here in Louisville. We have the world's oldest aero club too.
    The first AIR MAIL was actually launched from Churchill Downs, where the Kentucky Derby, the oldest annual sporting event takes place in North America. That was started by my distant cousin in 1875.
    UPS has nearly 400 airplanes arriving at the WORLD HUB, so the Memphis operations are less than half of what we have in Louisville.
    You also seem unfamiliar that Louisville has one of the two largest airshows in North America each year which his called THUNDER OVER LOUISVILLE, but the last hour of that airshow is the world's largest fireworks show. We have about 750,000-1 million plus people line both sides of the Ohio River to watch our 7-8 hour airshow followed by the fireworks. The TV broadcast of this annual airshow goes to 100+ nations around the world. This is why I cannot imagine your failure at knowing any of our aviation history.
    When the USAF celebrated their 50th anniversary and their 75 anniversary, they did it in two airshows, Oshkosh and THUNDER OVER LOUISVILLE as these are the nations two largest annual airshows.
    Louisville has about 181 years of aviation history. You sincerely need to do more research on aviation in Kentucky before claiming that we have a "small city" as it tells me you never did research on Louisville, KY.
    Even Kentucky's military aviation started at Bowman Field (KLOU).
    Bowman Field was the BUSIEST AIRPORT IN THE WORLD from WWII until the early 1970s. The pilots who flew into France the night before the raid on Normandy Beach were trained to fly the "flying coffins" here in Louisville. There was also an Air Ambulance (female) Nursing School here at Bowman Field (KLOU). Pilots, nurses, and other crew learned their skills for air evacuations.
    Bowman Field is one of fewer than 10-worldwide airports to still have an operational 1930s tetrahedron. Ours still works and it is greatly appreciated.
    The first UFO to shoot down a pilot, Captain Thomas Mantell, a pilot from the KENTUCKY AIR NATIONAL GUARD is a history that is well-documented on TVclip and other sites. That was back in the 1940s. Mantell was part of a flight already in the sky near Fort Knox, KY (Godman Field), and numerous UFO reports from Cinci, OH, to Tenn, and around KY were called in to various Air Traffic Control Towers. Mantell and his flight were engaged. He was the only one to give full pursuit as the others ran out of fuel and returned to base.
    Next, even RETRACTABLE LANDING GEAR were first invented in Kentucky in the early 1900s by inventor Matthew B. Sellars.
    The first aviation death was in Kentucky by the family friend/crew member who helped Matthew B. Sellars who was propping the plane in preparation for a flight, but the engine started early and that poor man could not get out of the way of the propeller. There was no pilot in the cockpit at the time.
    The rest of your film had interesting points, clear video, and I hope it was better researched than what you incorrectly accounted for Louisville's connections to aviation.
    I would appreciate you updating this video as you sincerely have not done your due diligence on Louisville, KY or on the much wider number of flights for UPS or the other commercial aviation from here.
    Hon. Brennan James Callan, Col.
    Aeronautical Scientist / Aerial Videographer / Certified Underwater Archaeologist
    Former member of the Kentucky Air National Guard
    Former USAFJROTC cadet
    Documentary cinematographer who produces aviation films about aviation history in the Kentuckiana (KY/IND) region of the USA.
    Researcher/inventor of "Airbags for Ultralights" (aviation safety equipment)
    President/Principal Investigator of Astronautic Spaceflight Training and Research Organization (ASTRO), LLC.

  • Matthew Brawn
    Matthew Brawn 21 hour ago

    while in Australia, the post office can take 2 weeks to travel 400kms

  • theBF4play
    theBF4play 22 hours ago +1

    I’m from Memphis and love looking at the fed ex ramp and all the md 11s flying in

  • Death Wizard
    Death Wizard 23 hours ago

    This is going to be fun to order things in Japan

  • Death Wizard
    Death Wizard 23 hours ago

    Who lives in Tennessee

  • Jonathan Silva
    Jonathan Silva Day ago

    Love your videos, what software do you use to animate/edit?

  • Glitchy Glitchy
    Glitchy Glitchy Day ago

    Amazon has their own shipping department, but they also route packages through FedEx as well, even Prime shipments. I guess it depends on the demand for the area.

  • Jeremy Whelchel
    Jeremy Whelchel Day ago

    3:18. The City in the second to last picture, isn't Memphis, as the text implies. It's Louisville.

  • Clutch_masta77
    Clutch_masta77 Day ago

    Logistics is the future

  • Freda Smith
    Freda Smith Day ago

    Re: How Overnight Shipping Works -

  • SantaFe19484
    SantaFe19484 Day ago

    I would like to see a video about how USPS overnight and priority mail works.

  • MattRHD Films
    MattRHD Films Day ago

    This is great and so interesting

  • Lloyd Nix
    Lloyd Nix Day ago

    That is so fucking smooth of a system. The amount of testing and calculating and trail and error that must of gone into this is insane, and it makes for a nice system.

  • Jacob Siepker
    Jacob Siepker Day ago

    This is one of those things that no matter how much or how in depth you explain it, I will always be amazed. Thanks for a quality video on a very interesting subject!

  • swordsaw
    swordsaw Day ago

    eat a big ol bag of baby Dick's you deluded globe earth believers. this is all a merely a farce designed too make you believe that my dog doesn't steal my dildos when I'm at work! but I fucking guarantee that crafty happy go lucky, air bud look alike is a fucking bastard.

  • Peter Lai
    Peter Lai Day ago

    Wow.... this is such a high quality channel! I just fell in loveee

  • MultiSciGeek
    MultiSciGeek Day ago +1

    That's fascinating. Could you make a video on how planes are maintained if they have to fly so much? Like how do they get refueled, cleaned, safety checked etc.

  • Yatish Shelke
    Yatish Shelke Day ago

    quite interesting!

  • mikemoair
    mikemoair Day ago

    oh wow man

  • LexieAssassin
    LexieAssassin Day ago

    Wait... DHL ships to NK? o.O? Wtf?

  • YellowDieselGolf

    Way more interesting than it should be. Nicely done!

  • Meg L
    Meg L Day ago

    As a former Presque Isle Maine resident, I just about fell off my chair when we were mentioned! The overnight shipping works like you said but due to weather conditions (snow), we had many packages delayed.

  • Wander Bear
    Wander Bear Day ago

    I call BS. I ordered a camera off Amazon from a company in Kansas, I lived in Wisconsin at the time, and instead of it being delivered directly to me, it was shipped to a distribution center in CALIFORNIA first! How is that logical???

  • ArduinoBen
    ArduinoBen Day ago +1

    Your channel is so big now, I've been subbed for over two years.

  • Atharv Bhat
    Atharv Bhat 2 days ago

    Bendover productions

  • Vladimir O'Brien
    Vladimir O'Brien 2 days ago

    FedEx has many new jets and is buying more. They realized that the maintenance costs and downtime of jurassic jets often outweighs the benefits of lower purchase prices of used planes.

  • Michael Huang
    Michael Huang 2 days ago

    Dlh work in north korea is this a dream or it is real

  • Polandball Polska
    Polandball Polska 2 days ago

    Let’s just keep in mind that planes don’t end their lives because maintenance is too expensive, rather the planes are no longer considered efficient enough to be competitive, the cargo lines only phase out planes because they are too old to make a profit. Just keep in mind, the DC-3 (designed in 1939) was in regular commercial service until 1988, and that the Boeing 707 (made in the mid sixties) still has regular service.

  • iiSpaceAviator
    iiSpaceAviator 2 days ago

    I can watch this every day.

  • Unhandy Oak
    Unhandy Oak 2 days ago

    3,000 comment

  • do you even physics
    do you even physics 2 days ago

    Clicks your stock TVclip background music :) my personal choice in fact

  • Daniell Ochoa
    Daniell Ochoa 2 days ago

    THANK YOU for putting ads at the end. Honestly, I'm more willing to actually use that product when they don't interrupt my videos

  • Colby Kelly
    Colby Kelly 2 days ago

    Worked at USCA for 5 years and been at ZCOB for 6.
    And customers still complain we aren’t fast enough.

  • Techno  Vampire-Games


  • Jesse Olson
    Jesse Olson 2 days ago

    Do they still use those prop planes if perchance only one package is being sent to a rural area? Or do those places just not qualify for overnight shipping?

  • JonathanFascetti
    JonathanFascetti 2 days ago

    Does anyone know how often he posts videos? I'm new here, obsessed, and eager for more videos.

  • Colin Povey
    Colin Povey 2 days ago

    My question is, how does Fedex decide which hub to send something to? I assume a computer checks the destination and sorts the package in the most efficient manner?

  • micheal simpson
    micheal simpson 2 days ago

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  • Tejas Tech
    Tejas Tech 2 days ago

    Please make a aviation of India.

  • Bobby Little
    Bobby Little 2 days ago

    I was salty cause my overnight package 📦 came in 2 days and I missed my due date, but this made me smile 👍.

  • Christian Geiselmann

    Here is a question: I recently had two tiny electronics parts (integrated circuits) sent from the US to Germany. They arrived the second day at my home in Hanover after I ordered them online. The speed was stunning, but more so the price: the price was 0.87 dollars for the two parts, including packaging and shipping (taxes and possible customs also included) and this was not just a letter, it was a box almost the size of a shoe box with a lot of packaging materials and antistatics. How can this be possible. In Germany, the packaging and domestic shippling alone would cost 3 to 6 dollars, no air carriers included...

  • ApexPredator_
    ApexPredator_ 2 days ago

    What's even more surprising is the relative low cost of shipping an item! Imagine your package may use 2 planes and 1 truck to get to you and yet you don't have to pay thousands of dollars.

  • Skykira Frazier
    Skykira Frazier 2 days ago

    Why did you leave out the USPS they ship express mail. And they share the flight on fed ex planes.

    CLUB PENGUIN SOGINI 2 days ago

    you forgot TNT

  • gas change
    gas change 2 days ago

    I don't usually support channels through Patreon because I don't feel like it's worth it, but your channel is educational and I don't mind supporting that, so thank you.

    TECH SAVAGE STUDIO 2 days ago

    Wow, amazing

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  • AAV8R
    AAV8R 2 days ago

    I heard Amazons Prime Air is operated by DHL.

  • jbkaufman
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  • jbkaufman
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  • jbkaufman
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  • jbkaufman
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  • Tom McWilliams
    Tom McWilliams 3 days ago

    Excellent video. One thing I’d like to point out: There are several reasons the overnight companies use older planes, being cheap is not true. One reason FedEx has so many older planes is the growth rate. In the first two decades of operation air cargo grew so quickly that companies like Boeing could not build them fast enough. When deregulation occurred in the late 70’s FedEx needed a lot of planes to replace their tiny Dassault Falcons. They caught a break when Braniff Airlines went under leaving a large fleet of 727’s on the market. Nearly their entire fleet of 767 freighters were purchased brand new. They took delivery of the last 50 of them Boeing produced. They currently have 19 Boeing 777F’s on order. They still have many DC-10 and A300 aircraft because they simply need them. Another reason is that having the latest aircraft is a selling point for airlines. Passengers like that new plane smell. Cargo simply doesn’t care. Cargo aircraft can be upgraded to the latest avionics and engines and keep flying cargo just as well as brand new planes.

  • Zacco Brooks
    Zacco Brooks 3 days ago

    If you live in Australia you'll be waiting 2 weeks for a parcel. You Americans got it easy af

  • Sean Parkes
    Sean Parkes 3 days ago

    Am I the only one that sees Overwatch in the new logo? EDIT: Only when it's small on my subscriber list.

  • David O'Reagan
    David O'Reagan 3 days ago

    Oh, Wendover. You get me man. You just get me.
    Thanks for the videos! I love them.

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    danielc 3 days ago

    Increadible material, thanks so much for the info

  • Mae Mae
    Mae Mae 3 days ago

    Since you mention about overnight carriers by plane, we hope to see next video about truck delivery.

  • Jawad Salam
    Jawad Salam 3 days ago

    Iran air is the only airlines I can think of that still uses A300

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  • VenTRow
    VenTRow 3 days ago

    your voice is amazing

  • Pickolas Cage
    Pickolas Cage 3 days ago

    I had a opportunity to witness a small chunk of this kind of operations... Let me tell you even as a bystander it is fascinating and this video doesn't show it justice..

  • Infinite Departures
    Infinite Departures 3 days ago

    Wow ur a great utuber Btw My best friend matt donated u 100$ yesterday : )

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    Skallia Airsoft 3 days ago

    The virgin terminal versus *the Chad Worldport*

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    jess habig 3 days ago

    This is absolutely incredible!!

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    Nice One!

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    Impressive operations!

  • John Osterhoudt
    John Osterhoudt 3 days ago

    "The free market doesn't work"

  • Selam !
    Selam ! 3 days ago

    I wonder what flat earthers would say 6:10

  • I haven't take a shower for 7 weeks, but

    This is the first time i see alaska as a profitable business area.

  • Ethan Carberry-Holt
    Ethan Carberry-Holt 3 days ago

    DHL ships to North Korea??? Aye aye aye

  • BlackEagle352
    BlackEagle352 3 days ago

    Even DPRK? i'm impressed DHL

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    Thedemonsword yt 3 days ago

    Yeh but FedEx is a dangerous kind of airline their landings are most

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    Srdjan Kos 3 days ago

    I get it, planes be amazing. But by this point I'd rather watch a fascinating video about nail clippers than whatever meh barely interesting leftover plane video you can muster :\

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  • Dicey
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    650k population "Not a big population" WTF DO YOU MEAN NOT A BIG POPULATION.

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    Memphis = Elvis

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    I’m not usually like this but , you say Lou-e-Vel , but it’s pronounced Lou-e-vole

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    Muhammad Ibnuh 3 days ago

    Are you that guy from Half as Interesting?

  • dgw
    dgw 3 days ago +2

    To "recuperate" an investment in an aircraft doesn't make sense. If TVclip allowed uploading revised video versions, that would be best replaced by "recoup".

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    I love the new 747 on UPS

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    This didn't come in subscription box, fuck TVclip

  • darkwoodmovies
    darkwoodmovies 3 days ago

    This is fascinating. I never really thought about how my packages arrived, but it's amazing how much complexity is actually involved.

  • OverLordthe 1st
    OverLordthe 1st 3 days ago

    Don't you just love capitalism

  • Youp954
    Youp954 3 days ago

    Are the residents of Anchorage and Memphis bothered by the planes landing in the middle of the night? Any info on this?

  • Michael Minnich
    Michael Minnich 3 days ago

    IME it usually doesn't. the peeps take the extra money and the shit I want comes the same fucking day that it would have if I'd just gone with free 3-5 day shipping. especially if FedEx is the shipper, because they fucking insist that I be unemployed so that I can be home in the middle of the day when they show up to deliver my shit, so that I can sign for it.

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    i need a 1jz.