How Overnight Shipping Works

  • Published on Feb 13, 2018
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    FedEx 767, Fedex a300, Allegiant Airlines Md-83, Prime Air video courtesy PDX aviation
    DHl a300 video courtesy LEJ.approach/dvldi
    UPS 747-8 video courtesy UPS
    FedEx footage courtesy FedEx
    Music: “Cielo” by Huma-Huma, “Rhodesia” By Twin Musicom, “Ticker” By Silent Partner, “Not for Nothing” By Otis McDonald
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  • Wendover Productions
    Wendover Productions  Year ago +2605

    Hey I hope you enjoy this new video (and the new logo!) As always, this video wouldn't exist without Squarespace's support so make sure to check them out!

    • Tinfu Yiu
      Tinfu Yiu 4 months ago

      I dont know if you can see this message, but I really wanted to know how these logistics companies sort addresses and deliver the goods in the most efficient way. Cheers. Keep up on the good work!

    • Rockslide
      Rockslide 4 months ago

      Very much enjoyed the video, but your logo seems dated, as in the 1980s.

    • GWDeathscythe18
      GWDeathscythe18 5 months ago

      Really awesome video, gave me a very nice intro to how these companies work. I have just one suggestion, which is to write out #s / figures when saying each company has X number of planes, Y number of routes, etc. The visual will definitely help stick better, thanks!

    • Cal Garian
      Cal Garian 5 months ago

      Just because a FedEx aircraft sits for a long period of time on the ground doesn't mean it is not utilized. They do aircraft maintenance, ground crew training and other stuff on the aircraft when the plane is away from Memphis.

  • Pierre Stephens
    Pierre Stephens Day ago

    Interesting stuff 👍🏾👌🏾💯

  • Patchouli Colt
    Patchouli Colt Day ago

    It's all magic. Not logistics.

  • Faithless Humanity [Official Band]

    Scotland The Brave! :D

  • Handsome Man
    Handsome Man 3 days ago

    Half of the video was about fedex airports🤦🏻‍♂️

  • edgy Jacob
    edgy Jacob 5 days ago +1

    I didn't get my package from NYC to Thunder Bay Amazon prime
    Six weeks later 😂😂😂🤓🤪

  • Brandon Chaney Houser

    Please arrive package ! Now you have me looking up ever video and thread on google that will somehow pertain to me getting it.

  • Donnie Darko
    Donnie Darko 6 days ago

    Low prices? Fedex wanted $180 to send a $50 watch to another country for me. Eat my shit low prices.

  • johnpro2
    johnpro2 7 days ago

    3:25 good luck trying to sleep.

  • Tyke Monster
    Tyke Monster 8 days ago +1

    Just amazing to think how much time these companies might have spent to calculate out their finances so that they become profitable inspite of running so many planes, trucks, airport dues, fuel dues, employee salaries and many other costs

  • daersoulkeeper
    daersoulkeeper 8 days ago +2

    I just put my package on a regular sized balloon and the earths 1000 mph turning speed brings my package to its location in minutes/hours depending on how far. Then a timed burst blows the balloon and my package safely drops to its intended location.

  • Domyras
    Domyras 9 days ago +4

    Huh. Somehow i accidently hit somethng when opening the app and this video started playing.
    Not even gonna do anything about it, im curious now :D

  • solid snake
    solid snake 9 days ago

    My lazy ass thought this said how overnight sleeping works.

  • grumpy old fart
    grumpy old fart 10 days ago

    I won't order anything if DHL delivers. I've had nothing but trouble with them damaging packages, no support when they do, and they once told me they couldn't find my town of 4,000 population. Funny that Fedex, and UPS even finds my summer home way up on a mountain, nowdays.

  • grumpy old fart
    grumpy old fart 10 days ago

    And I thought Fedex had a few Lambos, for overnight deliveries.

  • Pixel
    Pixel 11 days ago +6

    what if you live in memphis and the package is shipped by fedex and your package is somewhere from memphis lol

    • Ian Anderson
      Ian Anderson 4 days ago

      Pixel that would be handled by FedEx ground.

  • My Name Is In Use
    My Name Is In Use 11 days ago +2

    Imagine one package accidentally ship to Asia.

  • Rob
    Rob 12 days ago +6

    That UPS landing at 1:10 is sexy af. The reversers were going before the front landing gear was even down.

  • PotatoesAre_Jesus
    PotatoesAre_Jesus 12 days ago +1


    • Jack Glossop
      Jack Glossop 12 days ago

      If you don’t want you package smashed - make it unsmashable
      If you don’t want your package bent
      - make it unbendable

  • Eclectic Reader
    Eclectic Reader 14 days ago

    Overnight shipping helps keep the paychecks coming for those who enjoy or decide to work the dog shift of the shipping and receiving department.

  • denelson83
    denelson83 14 days ago

    Yeah, your new logo looks a bit like the logo of the government of British Columbia.

  • Larry Coburn
    Larry Coburn 14 days ago +1

    HA ha ha, overnight delivery, FedEx took 4 days to overnight my package. Calif to Miami ok...... don't bet on it.

  • J Garth Jr
    J Garth Jr 15 days ago

    Thanks Wendover!

  • yolokiller651
    yolokiller651 16 days ago

    Wendover: Squarespace has *award winning customer service*
    Me: who makes an award dedicated to customer service?

  • It’s JDM bro
    It’s JDM bro 16 days ago

    Lol I live in Oklahoma City

  • wasup
    wasup 16 days ago

    And my town has a population of 600 😂😂

  • The awesome Logan
    The awesome Logan 17 days ago

    It’s simple, they ship it and it happens overnight

  • Lion and the Lamb
    Lion and the Lamb 17 days ago


  • 818116A
    818116A 18 days ago

    damn nigga that's a lot of boxes...

  • Whacked gaming
    Whacked gaming 19 days ago +4

    All this and it still takes E-Bay shipping 3 weeks to get me a package from Cali to Alberta Canada,

  • Flies2FLL
    Flies2FLL 20 days ago

    Fedex is the big company. UPS is just a trucking company trying to compete with Fedex, and DHL cannot do anything right~

  • Flies2FLL
    Flies2FLL 20 days ago

    DHL: Drop it, Hit it, Lose it....

  • Thotimus Prime
    Thotimus Prime 20 days ago

    Even though I didn’t choose online shipping I got an email update saying my package was coming from Tennessee & I’m in California, so it made me curious how long it would take

  • Mr. M. Knatt
    Mr. M. Knatt 20 days ago

    I still think the Postal Service is better. FedEx and UPS charge an arm and a leg compared to the United States Postal Service. Also, the post office delivers everywhere. FedEx and UPS will not deliver to rural areas at all.

    • Small Cock
      Small Cock 19 days ago

      Watch the Senate hearing for USPS Governor Confirmation hearing. The potential governor is already talking about cutting delivery to hard to reach areas.

  • you may know me
    you may know me 20 days ago

    A small city of 650k and small town of 10k. Then theirs me... in a town of only 1k, 90% of that being amish. I'm not even on the radar. Now I know why the FedEx guy hates me.

  • Deepak Kumar
    Deepak Kumar 21 day ago

    all your video are full of great information and knowledege

  • tim
    tim 21 day ago

    My Ass in Germany:


    Yeah we got DHL.

  • DarkShadowsX5
    DarkShadowsX5 21 day ago +2

    That feeling when your hounding the tracking updates and you see your package go completely in the WRONG DIRECTION.

    • Mathieu Levert
      Mathieu Levert 20 days ago

      I had a package that was suppose to go from Toronto to Montreal, Canada but Fedex managed to send my package somewhere in the USA (can't remember the name of the city) right after it landed in Montreal and as a bonus they wanted me to pay duty fees because the packaged had cross the border.

  • a Human just Being
    a Human just Being 21 day ago +1

    Fly in at 10 and back out at 2?!
    who the f*** is flying these and how much sleep do you supposed they're getting?!

    • DarkShadowsX5
      DarkShadowsX5 21 day ago

      they're probably play Pokemon while the plane flies itself.

  • Kai Iverson
    Kai Iverson 21 day ago +1

    Anchorage is one of the biggest cargo hubs in the world, and yet we still have some of the longest shipping times in the USA smh

  • Marquis Owens
    Marquis Owens 23 days ago

    Presque Isle? Hmm😌

  • Zavy
    Zavy 26 days ago

    Great video! Well explained!

  • Tom Meyers
    Tom Meyers 26 days ago

    We could use drones... but the Fat Guys in SUVs Union is too strong.

  • Tom Meyers
    Tom Meyers 26 days ago +14

    How Overnight Shipping Works. The Earth gets dark... then light again. Your package is on the porch.

  • Philip Kuo
    Philip Kuo 26 days ago

    In a nutshell, logistics companies are black magic and it just works.

  • Devonte Harmon Joseph
    Devonte Harmon Joseph 27 days ago

    I hate packing feeder planes! FedEx has single prop Cessna's planes also, operated by other carriers.

  • The Computer
    The Computer 28 days ago

    They suck the zucc and the package Files to your house

  • • ChristianO5
    • ChristianO5 28 days ago

    I live in Germany and since the German Postal Service is one company with DHL we can just walk in to our local post office and send a package to NK

  • Devin Crum
    Devin Crum 29 days ago +1

    You mentioned my hometown and current city of residence (Phoenix, Arizona)! Well, I live in Chandler, which is a suburb of Phoenix.

  • imcanada
    imcanada Month ago

    sorry but you're garbage at designing websites. no offense.

  • Adam Reck
    Adam Reck Month ago

    Overnight shipping is one of the biggest scams out there you idiots God I can't believe people fall for this s***

  • Irvin Gonzalez
    Irvin Gonzalez Month ago +3

    Damn man, did you go to mail school!?

  • MrAnimeMilitary
    MrAnimeMilitary Month ago

    So this is why the used PS2 games I bought on eBay back in 2018 shipped via their global shipping program using FedEx pass through Memphis, TN then passing through Guangzhou, China before arriving here in Metro Manila, Philippines.
    Thank you very much Wendover Productions!

  • sc0tte1
    sc0tte1 Month ago +56

    How overnight shipping works:

    1. Nighttime comes.
    2. Package is shipped.

  • 1
    1 Month ago

    Car guys be like......

  • MUT
    MUT Month ago

    Rly good vid! Props!

  • Alan Pieroway
    Alan Pieroway Month ago +3

    I always say the large shipping companies like UPS and FedEx are great at getting packages around the world in hours, but that last few km within the city can take a week because if you're a residential address they just don't care and/or are too busy to wait the 30 seconds it takes you to get to the door. So, if you're lucky they 'drop' the package at the door so it can get stolen, or more likely they slap a 'we tried, but you didn't answer the door in 3.2 seconds' paper notice (and maybe one more duplicate the next day) asking that you pick up your parcel all the way across the city.
    If you're a business, with a receptionist, it tends to work better.
    If you're a residential customer, the shippers excel at delivery of post it notes on doors... packages not so much.

  • Zinedine Zuhayr
    Zinedine Zuhayr Month ago

    Soon they will be sent using rockets

  • Mikk W
    Mikk W Month ago

    Wondering: would it be possible to load seats into the planes, and use it for passenger flights for the 20 hours every day it otherwise sits and waits? Seems silly to have a plane collecting dust 85% of its life

  • cody hedtke
    cody hedtke Month ago

    Memphis with a population of 650,000 isn't a huge city? Lol I live in a town with 2,500

    • Alex Rodriguez
      Alex Rodriguez Month ago

      There are 30 cities with a population of 650k or more in the U.S. To me there are really only two "huge" cities in the U.S.: New York and LA.

    • Deji Rauf
      Deji Rauf Month ago

      Where is that. I'd love to come

  • Danny Landrum
    Danny Landrum Month ago

    Boycott DHL for refusing to ship guns, folks.

  • M Detlef
    M Detlef Month ago

    Memphis was chosen because it is EXTREMELY rare for it to be FOGGED in.

  • M Detlef
    M Detlef Month ago +1

    Over 98% of OVERNIGHT shipping is NOT necessary.

  • Caleb Taylor
    Caleb Taylor Month ago +1

    When overnight shipping is too slow, but you live in Memphis. . .

  • Lulu Berry
    Lulu Berry Month ago

    Hope no one lives under one if their airway paths.

  • Fudge Nuggets
    Fudge Nuggets Month ago

    My head hurts after watching this.

  • Brendon Morehouse
    Brendon Morehouse Month ago +1

    6:12 curvature, what are you talking about, the earth was flat

    • M Detlef
      M Detlef Month ago

      Brendon Morehouse Yeah, but then INFLATION happened.

  • Jeffrey D
    Jeffrey D Month ago

    Great vid, thanks. Always so impressed with these time sensitive logistics. Check out DHLs founder. He sold it for 800 million in the 80s, then knocked up 4 prostitutes in some tax haven jurisdiction. He left his fortune to a University, but those sluts fought for the mmoney and the kids each got about 100miilion. Interesting story....

  • Tom Alsop
    Tom Alsop Month ago

    You forgot how they use passenger airlines on some of their routes. I work for an airline in cargo and we carry shipments for Fed Ex UPS and DHL every day both domestic and international.

  • ed china
    ed china Month ago

    ups are awful adn fed ex aint that good either

  • Franz Sarmiento
    Franz Sarmiento Month ago

    You talk about shipping yet all I see are planes...

  • Bob Young
    Bob Young Month ago +1

    I wonder how the growth of Amazon Prime will impact these plans.

    • xzysyndrome
      xzysyndrome 21 day ago

      It won't. Amazon ships it's 'own' packages...UPS and FEDEX ship 'your' packages. Amazon is a still ships through UPS...although not nearly as much as before.

  • unknown person
    unknown person Month ago +1

    So packages are 'shipped' on airplanes?

    • M Detlef
      M Detlef Month ago

      unknown person HUNDREDS of tiny boats in each plane.

  • laenmowre
    laenmowre Month ago

    I wish you were just like, funnier.

  • Andrew Overstreet
    Andrew Overstreet Month ago +1

    I'm from Louisville and I was like yeet biggest ups airport, then he said relatively small city.

  • Jim Beaux
    Jim Beaux Month ago +1

    Wow that’s amazing!! I never really knew how all this shipping took place. Really is a brilliant system

  • Phantom67
    Phantom67 Month ago +4

    Always wondered why a lot of my packages came from Memphis
    Very interesting

  • Dylan Pointon
    Dylan Pointon Month ago

    I thought it was pretty amazing to get something overnight from California to Brisbane (Queensland, Australia)
    Most likely the flight was FedEx from OAK-HNL-SYD then QantasFreight SYD-BNE

  • P Martin
    P Martin Month ago

    A lot of smart planners out there.

  • Flight Hours
    Flight Hours Month ago

    fantastic video. thank you!

  • gloory91
    gloory91 Month ago

    1:24 now thats the fastest unload/reload i have seen. im DHL, but damn

  • George Bonta
    George Bonta Month ago +2

    Most annoying thing is when you pay for overnight shipping but something happens and you get it 3 days latter.

    • Daneh Feik
      Daneh Feik Month ago

      I think I depends, there are many things that are beyond of FedEx's control such as weather or an accident, they do have policy if there was nothing beyond their control they are supposed to give you the resound for the shipment

  • Bob Hernandez
    Bob Hernandez Month ago +3

    I used to work for DHL in Hawaii, FedEx and Ups fly planes from Hawaii with mail and pineapple as there is not enough outbound freight. We never use or own planes, but shipped with comerical airlines, which adds another level of complexity to getting shipments delivered on time.
    That would be a great part 2. Good job.

  • Jay Krainert
    Jay Krainert Month ago

    USPS still the cheapest

  • Chris Tsang
    Chris Tsang Month ago

    Do you use squarespace, or do you use wix?

  • G3
    G3 Month ago

    then when it arrives you get a $100 tax bill for an item that cost $80
    fk logic

  • Spicy Sauce
    Spicy Sauce Month ago

    Getting a pocket pussy tomorrow. I love 1 day shipping!!

  • Gavin Helgeson
    Gavin Helgeson Month ago +1

    Have you ever noticed cargo planes don’t crash but passenger planes do?

  • Alexandru Tănase
    Alexandru Tănase Month ago +1

    "It's almost impossible to start in the shipping companies"
    Bruh, have you played Transport Fever? Just make a track and buy a train, make some money to build more train tracks and buy more trains and connect more cities
    Or, you know, just deliver some food...
    Uber Eats... Food Panda... You don't even need trucks, just have the employees ride a bike with a big box on their back, or heck, even skates or steps work instead of bikes
    You ship fast food.

  • Alexandru Tănase
    Alexandru Tănase Month ago

    Just let that sink in for a moment
    North Korea accepted a capitalist company such as DHL to ship stuff in the country

  • Codiac
    Codiac Month ago +1

    You want to know why your package arrived late? Look at 10:09...
    Package stuck.

  • diego marquez
    diego marquez Month ago

    I live in Manchester and I live right under the glide slope of runway 17 and I never seen a prop fedex the only prop mail service here is wiggin airways but we do get dc 10's from fedex which is always a beautiful view seeing a commercial failure be reborn as a cargo plane

  • Nicholas Miles
    Nicholas Miles Month ago

    Dallas, TX is not a hub. Alliance Airport is the actual Hub. DFW is just a large airport.

  • Chris Carter
    Chris Carter Month ago

    I always wondered how this worked. So intriguing. #Cool

  • Euan Morse
    Euan Morse Month ago

    As a person from Edinburgh, I appreciate your constant references to our small city :)

  • Sigma
    Sigma Month ago

    What y'all doin running the global economy?
    Go to bed.

  • Viper the Red
    Viper the Red Month ago +1

    Even if this was Half as interesting I would should have watched

    I’m sorry I know that this was a bad joke

  • freecar wash
    freecar wash Month ago

    Waiting for my order rn

  • Milly C
    Milly C Month ago

    I have a ball python coming in tomorrow. (April 23 by 10:30am) Shipped (Monday April 22) so it’s in Memphis Tn currently. I was like how tf they going to drive 12hrs that fast. Nvm then 😂😂😭 guess there not breaking the speed limit.

  • jackson leach
    jackson leach Month ago

    I’m really happy I’m studying this in school, it is super interesting