College Kids React To College Kids Reacting To College Reveal Videos Compilation

  • Published on May 22, 2019
  • College Acceptance & Reveal Videos Reacted to by College Kids. Original links below.
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    College Kids React To College Kids Reacting To College Reveal Videos Compilation
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  • FBE
    FBE  10 days ago +3

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  • Luke
    Luke 11 days ago +1


  • Futuristic Lover
    Futuristic Lover 11 days ago +1

    college kids react to never really over by katy perry

  • Rii
    Rii 11 days ago

    Our gurl Rojaaaa

  • Candy Animal
    Candy Animal 12 days ago


  • xXCatching SoleXx
    xXCatching SoleXx 12 days ago +1

    I'm gonna skip college cause I get a higher rank since I'm doing some other stuff

  • Leon M.
    Leon M. 12 days ago +4

    Video ends at 8:00

  • marshall
    marshall 12 days ago +3

    react to conan gray!!

  • omnitrix1992
    omnitrix1992 12 days ago +2

    I wanted to see some college rejection letter videos.

  • LilyJane5011
    LilyJane5011 13 days ago

    YEAH UW!! You rock Kostas

  • Misael Alv
    Misael Alv 13 days ago +3

    College Kids React To "Never Really Over" By: Katy Perry

  • Misael Alv
    Misael Alv 13 days ago +2

    College Kids React To "Never Really Over" By: Katy Perry

  • Misael Alv
    Misael Alv 13 days ago +2

    College Kids React To "Never Really Over" By: Katy Perry

  • arina bruk
    arina bruk 13 days ago +8

    the girl w the green hair lowkey looks like carly from the vlog squad LMAO

  • Thomasina Sullivan
    Thomasina Sullivan 13 days ago +4

    Alberto is so positive and uplifting! Good kid.

  • The Cøding DøT
    The Cøding DøT 14 days ago +1

    Greetings from Wisconsin lmao

  • Trinity Lewis
    Trinity Lewis 15 days ago +4

    React to CONAN GRAY

  • MJ GamerFox
    MJ GamerFox 15 days ago


  • Lucif
    Lucif 15 days ago +3

    Yeah my school sent me an email and now I lost my financial aid 😭

  • Spencer Brennan
    Spencer Brennan 15 days ago +2

    Why haven't they reacted to Tyler, the creator yet? Seriously after Igor hitting #1 I'd like to see their response to the ballad that Igor is

  • Jacklyn Healy
    Jacklyn Healy 15 days ago +5

    I was really disappointed that they didn’t include any rejection/disappointment videos as well. Most videos are compilations that include both happy and sad moments, and that is what the college decision process is. I would have loved to hear how they reacted to the other side of the story, the kids who worked really hard but still didn’t get in and had their dreams crushed.

  • Kaden Tamblyn
    Kaden Tamblyn 16 days ago +2

    There should be a "React to mission calls" for us LDS kids.

  • Evade Tremz
    Evade Tremz 16 days ago +2

    React to isis adhd logic and Joyner Lucas

  • Tabatha Meneses
    Tabatha Meneses 16 days ago +9


  • Tia Tilanduca
    Tia Tilanduca 17 days ago +12

    Alberto's words tho 💓

  • savsworld
    savsworld 17 days ago +13

    “like my bootyhole clenched” LMAOOO

  • Mercury_88
    Mercury_88 17 days ago +7

    React to Tyler the Creator!!!! PLEASE

  • hothyfa
    hothyfa 17 days ago


  • Loki Tops
    Loki Tops 17 days ago +3

    college kids react to Queen?

  • Hattan Alabsi
    Hattan Alabsi 18 days ago +4

    react to joana ceddia PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  • Aanchal Kaura
    Aanchal Kaura 18 days ago +10

    React to Joana Ceddia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • runming Wang
    runming Wang 18 days ago +1

    Any Emory 2023ers?

  • Marina Abroad
    Marina Abroad 18 days ago +1

    React to 4thAve

  • Marina Abroad
    Marina Abroad 18 days ago +1

    React to Prettymuch!

  • Revita Dewi Ahmad Dillan
    Revita Dewi Ahmad Dillan 18 days ago +2


  • Revita Dewi Ahmad Dillan
    Revita Dewi Ahmad Dillan 18 days ago +1


  • Revita Dewi Ahmad Dillan
    Revita Dewi Ahmad Dillan 18 days ago +1


  • Revita Dewi Ahmad Dillan
    Revita Dewi Ahmad Dillan 18 days ago +1


  • Revita Dewi Ahmad Dillan
    Revita Dewi Ahmad Dillan 18 days ago +1


  • Revita Dewi Ahmad Dillan
    Revita Dewi Ahmad Dillan 18 days ago +1


  • Revita Dewi Ahmad Dillan
    Revita Dewi Ahmad Dillan 18 days ago +1


  • Revita Dewi Ahmad Dillan
    Revita Dewi Ahmad Dillan 18 days ago +1


  • Revita Dewi Ahmad Dillan
    Revita Dewi Ahmad Dillan 18 days ago +1


  • Revita Dewi Ahmad Dillan
    Revita Dewi Ahmad Dillan 18 days ago +1

    React to IZ*ONE

  • James Grinstead
    James Grinstead 18 days ago +1

    College kids react to T -Series reaching 100 million subscribers, it’ll happen very soon

  • Niqchu
    Niqchu 18 days ago +11

    I got accepted in Liminka’s Art school in Comic/Animation. And i remember being so,so nervous.
    I have been dreaming being a comic artist or an animator for over 10 years and i still can’t believe it.

    • Niqchu
      Niqchu 16 days ago

      Thank you!!

    • Moony
      Moony 16 days ago


  • BryannaMarie
    BryannaMarie 18 days ago +10

    teens react to skam and its remakes pleaseeee

    • teail
      teail 17 days ago +1


  • Izzati Idrus
    Izzati Idrus 19 days ago +8

    I loved the college acceptance videos because the reactions seem genuine (kind of like how Reactors are hit with things they have not seen before), but not the reveals. Never liked reveal videos. So extra. Why do people care for so much drama in life.

  • Games With Casperfox
    Games With Casperfox 19 days ago +3

    React to All Elite Wrestling: Double or Nothing

  • Randi Matthews
    Randi Matthews 19 days ago +2

    in canada it's not as big of a deal if you get into college or not lol

  • Adam Kamer
    Adam Kamer 19 days ago

    Read the top comments and see how long it takes to find one that doesn't mention Eurovision

  • brap p
    brap p 19 days ago +3

    What is actually the point of getting into these colleges, dont they give the same courses and shit as any other college?

    • bam itslana
      bam itslana 16 days ago

      Getting into top universities has more benefits. For example once you finish your course, if you from an Ivy League you'll get your job first bcs it's a strong university.

    • Moony
      Moony 16 days ago

      It looks better on a resume. The top schools may have better facilities and more money. Also the students get more job offers.

    • Izzati Idrus
      Izzati Idrus 19 days ago +6

      Of course not. Not all colleges or universities offer the same courses. Not to mention they would also have different lecturers, different name and prestige, different connections; all of which could be helpful when you start working and pumping out cash. That's like asking, "What's the point of getting married to that particular person? Don't others have money/brain/ sexual parts too?"

    • Rick Harrison
      Rick Harrison 19 days ago

      Depends if they go onto schools after uni, looks better when you apply

    • Joel Rich
      Joel Rich 19 days ago

      brap p 💀😂

  • Rozzelle Crowder
    Rozzelle Crowder 19 days ago


  • Laurin Masci
    Laurin Masci 19 days ago +8

    Do a Try Not To Awww Challenge for Wedding Proposals and Pregnancy Reveals!!

  • Kpop plus Yaoi
    Kpop plus Yaoi 19 days ago +2


  • meilirima
    meilirima 19 days ago +9

    I think I was more excited seeing I passed my final exams and knowing I’m graduating than when I got accepted LOL

  • Slushy
    Slushy 19 days ago

    react to dave psyhodrama

  • Anas S
    Anas S 19 days ago +8

    When you’re only going into 9th grade and you still got 3 more years left of secondary school. Love that and the fact, that my family has planed my whole future.

  • Life of Talise
    Life of Talise 19 days ago +7

    Why Alberto this whole video I was looking up to him like man he’s wise you go Alberto

  • Zahraa Lee
    Zahraa Lee 20 days ago +9

    I missed Jasser so much 😂♥️ please have him more

  • catherine fuller
    catherine fuller 20 days ago +2

    I had my heart set on one but applied to 6 or 7 and only cared about my top one. I probably just told my parents and it really wasn’t a choice

  • Brigitte Ramos
    Brigitte Ramos 20 days ago +14

    Alberto's words make me want to cry😭

  • Rubén Zavala
    Rubén Zavala 20 days ago +9

    I only got an email and my family was like "oh nice" and I'm the only person in my family to have been accepted to Uni.

  • Rrocks18
    Rrocks18 20 days ago +10

    When you’re a junior and watching this gives you major anxiety😭

    • Lucif
      Lucif 15 days ago

      I get how you feel, going off to school is especially scary, but don't worry, apply to schools you like, and whatever one you might choose is gonna give you aniexty in the beginning of starting that school but just jump into it and you'll love it

  • rocky trillo
    rocky trillo 20 days ago +4

    react to is of peru ABUELA GRILLO

  • Andrea Martinez
    Andrea Martinez 20 days ago +7

    where i live we have to do an exam to get into high school and college so i can't wait to open my acceptance letter for high school in a year:D

  • Vanessa Filimone
    Vanessa Filimone 20 days ago +6

    So I totally watched the first two girls College acceptance, I'm so happy

  • Flowlies
    Flowlies 20 days ago +4

    REACT TO IZ*ONE! 💐💕❤️🌸🏵✨🔆🌺🌷

  • Amanda Frejuste
    Amanda Frejuste 20 days ago +3

    React to “ I don’t care” by Ed Sheeran

  • mateo
    mateo 20 days ago +1


  • Mansi Sharma
    Mansi Sharma 20 days ago +9

    The guy at 2:40 was spitting straight FACTS. And the girl after!! It’s so true

  • Arjen Dioneda
    Arjen Dioneda 20 days ago +6

    Hearing Alberto now, makes me emotional. Alberto's genuinity is amazing. 💙👍

  • Aduck Serrano
    Aduck Serrano 20 days ago +3

    Remember the swine brothers

  • Adam
    Adam 20 days ago +12

    I feel like it’s not as exciting if ur just getting into a school that is good but wasn’t ur top. U have to get into one of your top and it feels really good because all your work throughout highschool has paid off. My bro literally started crying when he got into Stanford and Princeton, his two top colleges . I know he was really happy bc I knew he worked hard. Throughout highschool he had to sometimes make choices whether his social life or grades were more important and it finally showed that if you work hard you can achieve what you want to.

    • Adam
      Adam 20 days ago

      I don’t think I will get into an Ivy League but maybe or I’ll get into another good school but an Ivy League is my dream. He was way smarter than me and had better ec and was popular so I’m trying to up my game

    • Adam
      Adam 20 days ago

      I’m freshman in hs and he is freshman in college. My gpa is 3.9 unweighted. Which is pretty good bc we don’t get to go on 5.0 scale since it’s unweighted. But my brother had a 4.0 so I’m trying to get to like a 3.95

  • Adam
    Adam 20 days ago +7

    Came to this from Justin chae’s Channel after watching his reaction then seeing it here

  • Pink Peach
    Pink Peach 20 days ago +4

    I have no dreams. When I received my letter of acceptance into university I didn't feel anything. It was just oh okay.

  • Aubrey Geller
    Aubrey Geller 21 day ago +5

    I love these videos and just discovered "College reveal" videos just now, such a cute way to show off where you will be going. I finished my first year of college at a community college, but am transferring to a culinary school where I'll be getting an associate in baking and pastry arts. When I was accepted it was the most amazing feelings in the world, and I still can't believe it's happening. I wish all the students starting college good luck and wish them well on their journey!

  • Jack Stender
    Jack Stender 21 day ago +8

    that's my boy Justin in that first clip!!!

  • Christianne Ndizeye
    Christianne Ndizeye 21 day ago +5

    Happy to study in Europe scholarship is cheap compared to usa😶

  • ray
    ray 21 day ago +7

    i really can’t watch this video without crying ughhh i’m so happy for them

    NOT YOUR TYPE 21 day ago +2


  • Tossy Bros.
    Tossy Bros. 21 day ago +3

    Im the 449,001st viewer!!!

  • ItsEmi01
    ItsEmi01 21 day ago +3

    You should have them react to Joji

  • awesomegamer879
    awesomegamer879 21 day ago +1

    Teen reacts to super Mario Logan please

  • Jenna M
    Jenna M 21 day ago +15

    I wish I was smarter jeez.

    • Benjamin Wu
      Benjamin Wu 17 days ago

      It’s not always about smarts. Working hard is what gets you to places. If your grades aren’t where you want them to be, taking the time to study extra pays off.

  • Zara 1.0
    Zara 1.0 21 day ago +13

    I am going into my senior year of High School so this process of applying to colleges is going to start. Honestly, some of the advice in this video is going to help me.

  • Laura Arsenault-Perera
    Laura Arsenault-Perera 21 day ago +15

    I just graduated from university so this vid gave me all the feels, also love everything Alberto said here, he's got a heart of gold!!!

  • Gamer_Shrimp 88
    Gamer_Shrimp 88 21 day ago +4

    Cool😆😆😆 Make me miss uni but..not really😂😂😂

  • Lu madi2
    Lu madi2 21 day ago +2

    react to Rosalia and to C Tangana

  • EternalNyappy
    EternalNyappy 21 day ago +3

    And here I was stressed out about my loan that'll be 35k and someone pays 66k/year to even go to school. Free studying is pretty fucking nice. And I can pretty much pay my rent in gov support, I just get loan to buy food, party ans maybe travel.

  • bree fisher
    bree fisher 21 day ago +3

    What!? Lol Ashly so random seeing you on my favorite TVclip channel.

  • Antoshka SS
    Antoshka SS 21 day ago +4

    I’ll Never Forget When I Got Into UCSD. Definitely A Crazy Day Once You Get Into Your Dream School 🔱

  • Hailey Cruise
    Hailey Cruise 21 day ago +4

    I only applied to one college and got accepted but now I'm no longer in school because they went up on tuition and I can't afford it.

  • Abiely Flores
    Abiely Flores 21 day ago +8

    yay you got into your dream school, now the hard part is finding the money to pay for it (esp privates)

  • Ana de la Peña
    Ana de la Peña 21 day ago +11

    Glad to be European

  • n k.
    n k. 21 day ago +2

    React to GFRIEND ᵖˡˢ :c

  • Sherri Lahr
    Sherri Lahr 21 day ago +4

    Welcome most likely to a life of paying off those loans.

  • Stewie Griffin
    Stewie Griffin 21 day ago +1

    Lol jsseer is back

  • Little BookWorm
    Little BookWorm 21 day ago +6

    As someone who took three years at a JC then transferred to their school of choice I can say is that don't be pressured into the idea of a 4-year university right from the get-go especially if you don't really know what your major is. It is easier to go to a JC and find what you want in a major, save your money, and then apply as a junior. The best part is that you are more than likely to get accepted into your school of choice as a junior then a freshman due to it being less competitive plus you will have all most to all of your GE's under your belt and you can then work on your upper division which is mainly working on your major. Plus college may not be for everyone and a JC is where you can find out if you have what it takes or not. For all those who are going to apply now and in the future good luck!

    • Valerie Navarrete
      Valerie Navarrete 21 day ago +3

      I did this and was even given a $500 scholarship just for transferring to a 4 year university.

  • Charles Park
    Charles Park 21 day ago +6

    React to more kpop like g idle, ikon, gfriend, got 7, and izone