• Published on Oct 6, 2015
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  • Rita Kirlawati
    Rita Kirlawati 8 hours ago

    Hanbin i miss you

  • damla üretürk
    damla üretürk 3 days ago

    I love you İkon

  • arin_ ju
    arin_ ju 3 days ago

    김동혁 춤선대박... 매일봐도 놀라워

  • nguyễn Linh
    nguyễn Linh 3 days ago

    I really really miss you Hanbin, so please take care of yourself and comeback soon, iKON and iKONICS will be waiting for you

  • AyuSri Ningsih
    AyuSri Ningsih 4 days ago

    I like this song

  • Nur Rohmah
    Nur Rohmah 4 days ago

    Keren banget ikon 7 cowok ganteng banget👍💖

  • Erson Shima
    Erson Shima 7 days ago

    There are good

  • Erson Shima
    Erson Shima 7 days ago

    Cool ikon

  • rugene pyu
    rugene pyu 12 days ago +1

    Napadaan lang. Ang galing nung maliit. sino sya? Hahahha

    • qhu liii
      qhu liii 11 days ago +1

      Kim jinhwan/jinan, sya pinakamatanda sa kanila, 1994 ata pinanganak.

  • Werewolf Stacy YT
    Werewolf Stacy YT 14 days ago +3

    At 1:54 , June moves to the wrong side , I just noticed

  • yennekim
    yennekim 14 days ago

    i miss ot7 :(

  • Manila Zebua
    Manila Zebua 14 days ago

    Why is Bobby covering up his face?

  • Jordan_Editz
    Jordan_Editz 14 days ago +1


  • Fitry nurajuita
    Fitry nurajuita 15 days ago

    Please Hanbin comeback to Ikon

  • JinMochi
    JinMochi 15 days ago

    Who is here after Hanbin left?

    • Suré
      Suré 10 days ago

      iKONICs, we are always here and in every video of the boys.

  • Mutia Syarifa
    Mutia Syarifa 16 days ago

    Jinani so smol

  • Eclipse Igot7
    Eclipse Igot7 16 days ago

    Aisshhhh i dont know what to feel anymore.... i feel good but not that better💔i miss them😭and i miss hanbin😔😢Now i cant focus because hes not with them anymore and thats sooo sad as hell..I LOVE YOU KIM HANBIN OPPA😔💔💕I CANT ACCEPT IT💔

  • anis sofia
    anis sofia 16 days ago


  • Bleu
    Bleu 16 days ago +1

    this gives me BTS old songs and bad boy era vibes

  • Jordan_Editz
    Jordan_Editz 17 days ago +2

    the best two junhoe and jinhwan

  • Madalyn Matthew
    Madalyn Matthew 17 days ago

    1:00 JAY KILLS ME

  • Sadie Fleischman
    Sadie Fleischman 17 days ago +1

    Are YG groups legally required to have a member that looks like they just got done with a business meeting? Something I just noticed.

  • nurullita ekasari
    nurullita ekasari 22 days ago

    Bajunya june pendek

  • 윰님
    윰님 23 days ago

  • Alelie rose Caymo
    Alelie rose Caymo 24 days ago

    I miss you

  • s집순이
    s집순이 27 days ago

    아이콘 존나 사랑했었는데..

  • 촤컬릿
    촤컬릿 27 days ago +1

    so fucking smooth omg

  • Jinhwan Pancake
    Jinhwan Pancake 29 days ago

    Ah , jinan you're so powerful 😍❤

  • Destria K
    Destria K 29 days ago

    Huhu kangennn:(

  • maria del mar erazo


  • gaia aoi
    gaia aoi Month ago

    Comeback B.I. !!!!!

  • honeybea
    honeybea Month ago

    why does Jinhwan look EXTRA small??

  • Phương Lê
    Phương Lê Month ago

    Fan b.i cả ikon

  • Yuyun Yuniati
    Yuyun Yuniati Month ago


  • sweet cherry Show
    sweet cherry Show Month ago

    B.I You superr😭🤗

  • candoit
    candoit Month ago

    디크런치인가 뭔가 하는애들이 추는거 뭔노랜지 궁금해서 검색하다가 왔는데 어떻게 원곡애들 춤이 더 구리냐...

  • Sidney Rider
    Sidney Rider Month ago


  • Novia Dea Nabayanti


  • 明け夜勤
    明け夜勤 Month ago


  • qurratu ain
    qurratu ain Month ago

    this is so satifying to watch

  • Putri Hartaningrum
    Putri Hartaningrum Month ago

    Dancekon 👏👏👏 I miss them 🥺

  • mjust 94
    mjust 94 Month ago

    멋지다 아이콘❤

  • Hobi's Gurl
    Hobi's Gurl Month ago

    i am new to this group soooo i wanna know who is the guy in the dress shirt bc daaamn he looking fine

  • Na Ndut
    Na Ndut Month ago


  • Valentina Merino
    Valentina Merino Month ago +1

    Laik ci avlas ezpañol y zi ce ezcrivir

  • Khalina Yaman
    Khalina Yaman Month ago +1

    They looks so good in 7 😢 everybody has their own role to play and shows their talents , missing iKON❤

  • putri saeka Sukaesih

    Suka banget sama dancenya.. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    DEA ALFIA Month ago

    Chanu, u worked hard. u did wel.

  • Káťa Stehlíková

    Let's be normal and not tell Bobby :D

  • Tia Al-fatih
    Tia Al-fatih Month ago

    i'm not ikonic. but i really like hanbin and all member ikon.

  • Hari Anggraini
    Hari Anggraini Month ago

    I love 3.08 dance part

  • Widia Astuti
    Widia Astuti Month ago

    Hanbin cayoooo

  • Phone Games
    Phone Games Month ago +1


  • DoramasAsia
    DoramasAsia Month ago


  • Haechan stole my heartu

    I want to talk about Jinhwan's hip thrusting and sexy amazing dancing and how i almost choked myself to death because i might have replayed it too many times but everyone in the comments is talking about Hanbin and that makes me sad ...because i'm here trying to move on but i can't help but be reminded of it.... oh but trust me i don't want to forget.. and i don't want u guys to stop mentioning him... i want YG to feel so phuking annoyed so they can finally get off their asses and ACTUALLY do something about it....(like bringing him back)

    although i don't think that's how it works

  • kim zahra
    kim zahra Month ago

    I miss you ikon:"(

  • DoramasAsia
    DoramasAsia 2 months ago


  • Lauvinno
    Lauvinno 2 months ago +2

    June please teach me how being cool . PLEASE

  • tt nono
    tt nono 2 months ago

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️OT7 forever.