Cosmonautas Rusos "Caminando" afuera de la Estación Espacial Internacional...

  • Published on Oct 30, 2018
  • En esta ocasión les traemos este pequeño clip de una caminata espacial rusa en 2013 afuera del segmento ruso (RS).
    El video fue grabado con una cámara GoPro y la EVA duró aproximadamente 6 horas y 30 minutos.
    Crédito: NASA/ESA
    #ALinfinitoYmásAllá #EVA #Russian #ISS #SPACE
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  • dalù moon
    dalù moon 4 hours ago

    I feel... A little be anxious to see the earth so close... Make me feel anxious🙈

  • Leandro Costa
    Leandro Costa 5 hours ago

    Actornauts Woking ooooooooooooo

  • Aler Thounsavat
    Aler Thounsavat 7 hours ago

    i see ufo 3:45 right

  • Essam Mmm
    Essam Mmm 11 hours ago

    استوديو سينمائي. Stodyo cenma

  • Ngoan Luu van
    Ngoan Luu van 16 hours ago

    Tuyet voi trai dat that dep.

  • Demon badsha
    Demon badsha 16 hours ago

    fake videoo h sale bewakuf bna rahe h

  • อย่าเสือก เรื่องของกู

    เลือนมาอ่านคอมเม้น ผมน้ำตาไหลเลยคับ
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  • Mandirie Achmad
    Mandirie Achmad 21 hour ago

    Where is flat earth 🤭

  • Rosalba Velazquez Miranda

    Ad3mas yo creo q nadie a salido de la tierra q estamos en un circuito cerrado dónde nada sale

  • Rosalba Velazquez Miranda

    Mmm no me convence .y las estrellas donde están y el tamaño de la tierra no coincide fraude.

  • Rafael Hinojosa
    Rafael Hinojosa Day ago

    la estacion viaja a 27mil kilometros da la vuelta a la tierra 16 veces al dia y como este hombre no se le ve ni sentir estas constantes, y la tierra se ve muy pequeña no que estaban a 400km la estacion un dia se ve mas grande y esta ves mas pequeña. the station travels 27 thousand kilometers around the earth 16 times a day and as this man does not see or feel these constants, and the earth looks very small not that they were 400km away the station one day looks bigger and you look smaller

  • Vanderlei Claudino
    Vanderlei Claudino Day ago +2

    Previsão do tempo no planeta Nuvens. Chuva no mundo todo. Rs

    • Leandro Costa
      Leandro Costa 5 hours ago

      28000 Km/h só mar. Nem uma ilhazinha e nenhum satélite!

  • md manik tenshan


  • extrabolbachan bolbachan

    Its fake its nasa stodio😁😂😂😂

  • TrendInfo
    TrendInfo Day ago +1

    Russian video looks real just check NASA's videos looks like watching some graphic videos

  • Suman Ghising
    Suman Ghising Day ago


  • madhu balu
    madhu balu Day ago

    Jai Hind I love India

  • Humairah Munsoor

    This cannot happened . It is a painting.

  • one and only
    one and only Day ago

    Camera men is fantastic

  • VICHU007007
    VICHU007007 Day ago +1

    people are going to space. I am here sitting in front of computer and feeling lazy to got to nearby shop ! fcuk!

  • Doc Emit Brown
    Doc Emit Brown 2 days ago

    And to think if a 0.001g of dirt hit the ISS everyone will get sucked out of that little hole and the whole ISS will crush in on it's self, So how do they avoid this? Oh is it because this is all fake bullshit, Oh never mind then

  • Wilfried Akpato
    Wilfried Akpato 2 days ago


  • NACL H2O
    NACL H2O 2 days ago

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  • Bintou Sankare
    Bintou Sankare 2 days ago

    À cette vitesse la terre fait un tour sur elle même en beaucoup beaucoup beaucoup beaucoup beaucoup beaucoup beaucoup de moins de 24 h.
    S'ils sont dans l'espace comment se fait-il qu'on voit des choses au tour qui ne devrait pas être et pourquoi les mouvements des jambes ne sont pas pareils que celles des mains. Les jambes bougent au ralenti et les mains ont un mouvement normal 🤔🤔🤔🤝🤝🤝

  • de volta ao passado
    de volta ao passado 2 days ago +2

    como a terra balança junto com a filmagem

    ASTRONOMiNiK 2 days ago

  • Henry the 8th
    Henry the 8th 2 days ago

    Why russia space suite look better than America space suite ?

    • Abbey Abbey
      Abbey Abbey 2 days ago

      Because it's not made in China.

  • عبدالله ابو عيشه

    سبحان الله علم الانسان مالم يعلم

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    Somali lyrics 2 days ago

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  • abhinav agarwal
    abhinav agarwal 2 days ago +2

    Where is the flat earth society again?

  • Nang Maphi
    Nang Maphi 2 days ago

    Plz dont post fake videos 😆

    • NekoMikoYe
      NekoMikoYe 2 days ago

      Nang Maphi explain how and why this would be faked

  • Rifat fatma
    Rifat fatma 2 days ago

    Astronaut kisko pasand hai

  • My Resolution
    My Resolution 2 days ago

    Mere Indian friends mere channel pe bhi to visit karo 1 baar aur suggestions dijiye.

  • Rajender Saini
    Rajender Saini 2 days ago +1

    Tu space me video bnan gya tha

  • zidane Bale
    zidane Bale 3 days ago

    Fucking fake

  • Zadi Rousse Diaz
    Zadi Rousse Diaz 3 days ago

    My Gunnes !!! are very Bravee!! is very Far!! ⭐🌎✨

  • Maha Raja
    Maha Raja 3 days ago +1

    நமது பூமி அழகாக இருக்கிறது 👌😁🌳🌴🌵🌾🌿☘🍀🌳⛆🌦⛆⛆⛆⛆

  • sunni media
    sunni media 3 days ago

    its fals video

  • salman khan
    salman khan 3 days ago

    They are just hooking up, is it important to act like an alien when ur above earth🤯

    SURENDER GUPTA 3 days ago


  • I am the captain of my soul

    There should be no audible sound as there is no air in the space. How come we hear creaking etc

    • NekoMikoYe
      NekoMikoYe 2 days ago

      I am the captain of my soul audio recorded from close proximity I think

  • orlando olarte
    orlando olarte 3 days ago +2

    saludos desde colombia🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴

  • Eric officially12
    Eric officially12 3 days ago

    I don't believe that

  • Telugu Trader
    Telugu Trader 3 days ago +1

    hello folks ..soon INDIA will join with you.

  • Edson fernandes
    Edson fernandes 3 days ago +1

    Kkkkkkk fazendo ruído no espaço fake a terra e plana

  • Aman Chauhan
    Aman Chauhan 3 days ago

    Looked so fake in the beginning

  • Tajammal Hussain
    Tajammal Hussain 3 days ago

    Stunning view of our planet home

  • Medo Kiews
    Medo Kiews 3 days ago

    Who else staring at that human figured until it disappeared?
    Finally realised that they are repairing chandrayaan 2

  • bj chaya
    bj chaya 3 days ago +1

    What is that bloody sound yar

  • Armando G. Alonso
    Armando G. Alonso 3 days ago

    Lo que es hacerse pendejo allá arriba jajaja, y los continentes? Puras pavadas pelotudas!

  • Chandan Tanwar
    Chandan Tanwar 3 days ago

    It's fake video 😡😡😡

  • Nazmul Hassan
    Nazmul Hassan 3 days ago

    anyone tell me,is this real video.

  • Zenland Infra
    Zenland Infra 3 days ago +3

    WTF ... they're doing?¿

  • Pawan Kumar
    Pawan Kumar 3 days ago

    Parthvi kitani bari h

  • Pawan Kumar
    Pawan Kumar 3 days ago

    Fake video

  • Ganesh Adhikari
    Ganesh Adhikari 3 days ago


  • Abid Aoulad Ali
    Abid Aoulad Ali 4 days ago

    OMG......we've lost all the land.
    Waterworld all over again. hahahah.
    fake CGI shit!!.
    and earth was rotating to fast btw.
    they are realy trying hard don't they.....
    WE ALREADY KNOW, idots

    BEST YOU TUBER BOSS 4 days ago

    K.k bangladesh theke like koro.....?

  • Poorvika vinotha
    Poorvika vinotha 4 days ago

    Kadavul padaipil enthanai athisayam

  • Akash Pawar
    Akash Pawar 4 days ago