10 North Korea SECRETS Finally Revealed!

  • Published on Apr 28, 2017
  • top 10 amazing facts about North Korea
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Comments • 1 691

  • ray the person
    ray the person 4 days ago

    Can you imagine the type of shit brick Kim will lay if he Google's American military

    NOT GOOD GAMER 4 days ago

    1950 to 1953

  • Jensen Lauti
    Jensen Lauti 11 days ago

    1950 to 1952

  • miguel salazar
    miguel salazar 12 days ago

    the korean war was three years long 1950-1953

  • WolfBoy 76
    WolfBoy 76 13 days ago


  • Johnny Boy07
    Johnny Boy07 16 days ago


  • Animation Fox
    Animation Fox 16 days ago

    If my memory serves me right... The Korean war started in 1950 and ended in 1953

  • Alex LaFleur
    Alex LaFleur 17 days ago

    Do y'all put the pop quizzes to keep people on the edge so they watch the video through or just for fun because it kind of insults me that and a million subscribes please

  • aperson commenting
    aperson commenting 18 days ago

    Not widely known outside military circles? How do you guys know then??

  • aperson commenting
    aperson commenting 18 days ago

    From '50 to'53 but not for the crossing of the 38th parallel. Blame Truman or McArthur would have ended it.

  • MR CJ
    MR CJ 20 days ago

    I watched a Korean war documentary right before this video

  • ThatKiddVic
    ThatKiddVic 20 days ago


  • Ripped Up Freddy
    Ripped Up Freddy 20 days ago


  • Spencer Browne
    Spencer Browne 21 day ago +1

    The Korean War was fought through 1950-1953

  • Jack Skellington
    Jack Skellington 24 days ago

    North Korea is a country not state

  • Alrukitaf
    Alrukitaf 24 days ago

    Incredible how blithely this video reports how Iraq was attacked by the aircraft of the US, but failed to mention how public utilities were attacked as well, such as power stations. Iraq, as we know now had no weapons of mass destruction and had not threatened anyone with weapons they did not have.

  • Ahmed Fatty
    Ahmed Fatty Month ago

    Notkoria order good 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Melinda Clardy
    Melinda Clardy Month ago


  • Pizza Man
    Pizza Man Month ago


  • Don KiksBiscuits
    Don KiksBiscuits Month ago

    one of their fishing or shipping vessels can be fitted with the equipment necessary to launch a missile at a closer range

  • Don KiksBiscuits
    Don KiksBiscuits Month ago

    weed is legal in NK fat boy smokes the finest pot money can buy lol

  • noel jennings
    noel jennings Month ago

    This is so bad people why is he still alive

  • david jones
    david jones Month ago

    Trump should drop thousands of paper of leaflets from the air to let the people know in North Korea to overturn and overtake the North Korean regime. Also they should try to escape in large numbers into South Korea! Let me tell you, that will cause a lot of distortion and suspicion in Kim Jong Un's thinking, plus it will cause a lot of distrust not knowing what his people might try to do to him and his regime! This message has been sent to the White House to President Trump!

  • Carlos Zambrana
    Carlos Zambrana 2 months ago +1

    1950-1953 the Korean war

  • charles dawson
    charles dawson 2 months ago

    13:52 and dats why kids u shouldn't boast about ur army being strong

  • charles dawson
    charles dawson 2 months ago

    8:41 so logically confusing

  • The Gaming ace20
    The Gaming ace20 2 months ago +1

    Whyyyyyy terrorists stop making Syria look bad or I'll give you a hard spank on the butt with an ak

  • Jeannie Michelle Phillips

    The Korean War between the North and the South June 25th.,1950 to July 27th.,1953 but still have problems to this day.

  • BlinkX A.R.M.Y
    BlinkX A.R.M.Y 2 months ago

    This is gonna be the us soon

  • Rogue Male
    Rogue Male 2 months ago +1

    No mass shootings,no race riots,no mindless consumerism,no absurd property or education costs and no widespread crime.
    Now,they are good reasons for a country to keep secret.

  • Choadatios Toad
    Choadatios Toad 3 months ago

    13:29 NOT a warhead!
    That is a B-83 1.2 Megaton nuclear bomb. In about those tunnels? Well there's would have b61 and a low-yield comes in. They can minimize the spread of Fallout as it buries itself the hundred meters down into the Rock and in detonates at a low yield of maybe a setting of .3 kilotons. that is several moab's about 20 moab's put together

  • Choadatios Toad
    Choadatios Toad 3 months ago

    Okay make sure when you get your hazmat suit big your bomb shelter you do not arm yourself. Because I want to be able to show up with mah gun and take your hazmat suits and kick you out of your own bomb shelter.

  • Mark Johnson
    Mark Johnson 3 months ago

    1 like=1less year kim jung un lives

  • Ragin Shadows Zoey
    Ragin Shadows Zoey 3 months ago

    In soviet Russia why waste bullets on tiny baby maaannn?

  • Mulu Hadgu
    Mulu Hadgu 3 months ago

    the answer is not this little shit video just ww3 that's all

  • tangoconspiracion
    tangoconspiracion 3 months ago

    Ever isay kill that fat pig kimyong uno!!!!

  • Corrie Jacobs
    Corrie Jacobs 4 months ago

    North Korea are a deceased to the World

  • Adam Spencer
    Adam Spencer 4 months ago

    This may sound crazy.....i call propaganda.

  • Jack DvR
    Jack DvR 4 months ago

    Kim Fatty III

  • ivke ikonic
    ivke ikonic 4 months ago

    Haha..if this is truth ,what cowboys waiting than?Why afraid of fakes hhhh

  • ian ball
    ian ball 4 months ago

    63 to 75 vietnam. 50 to 53 korean war. my father was there his best friend in the navy was blown to bits by a shell hitting him on the head and my father was fired into a ditch covered in his friends remains. he was back on duty with in 12 hours. war is shit and best avoided. people shout war . go there then . and see if you come back with a smile. some don't come back as theres nothing left to bring back. war really is hell. hitler got a testical shot off in the somme. i wonder if that could have been my grand father.?

  • Ashish Das
    Ashish Das 4 months ago

    I'll Google those questions

  • Debbie Sutherland
    Debbie Sutherland 4 months ago

    She talking pure Bullshit

  • Thor Hakkuh
    Thor Hakkuh 4 months ago

    Thank me later.

  • Aaron Zimmet
    Aaron Zimmet 4 months ago

    1951 to 1953

  • Steffen Barr
    Steffen Barr 4 months ago

    I could probably find all this online without the bullshit quizzes and stuff in the beginning

  • Danger City
    Danger City 5 months ago

    Anyone who comments under here is safe from north korea

  • The Cartographer
    The Cartographer 5 months ago


  • Emma Lin
    Emma Lin 5 months ago

    1:10 is where the video actually starts... Don't waste your time on a minute and ten seconds of BS

  • Anthony Ronacher
    Anthony Ronacher 5 months ago


  • GlorySeeker
    GlorySeeker 5 months ago

    What if the military of north korea turned on kim jong un and joined forces with murica

  • Brian Payne
    Brian Payne 5 months ago

    Omg North Korea suuuuuucks!!!

  • Greg Hargrave
    Greg Hargrave 5 months ago


  • Velcro Ripper
    Velcro Ripper 5 months ago

    the quizzes are the reason therichest sucks

  • Adam Pearce
    Adam Pearce 5 months ago

    The things about male and female soldiers can't be true..

    NEW NORM TRUMP 5 months ago


  • Super Gamer Kid guavara

    you better do what you want in tell we lose

  • Sheila Dreaden
    Sheila Dreaden 5 months ago

    FYI: Tunnels had been seen first-hand by American POWs from the results of the Korean
    War, so the tunnels were acknowledged and realized much earlier than the 70s. Secondly, Bravo for your ability to correctly identify the years of the Korean War. Wow, this channel is getting smarter by the episode. The question is: Does your channel keep it in your arsenal of knowledge? Now that's entertainment!

  • Alex Games
    Alex Games 5 months ago

    1950-53 kora war

  • WhoozyOMO
    WhoozyOMO 5 months ago

    Hopefully NKorea finds oil so America can go over and force Freedom upon the nation.

  • D Haley
    D Haley 5 months ago +1

    My stomach hurts from eating to much chocolate
    1 like= 1 Tumbs

    T SRIRAM 5 months ago


  • Leonie Olivier
    Leonie Olivier 5 months ago

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  • joebob748
    joebob748 5 months ago


  • Evan the Great
    Evan the Great 5 months ago

    Who else doesn't care about the freaking quiz?!

  • Just Your Friendly Joe
    Just Your Friendly Joe 5 months ago

    we should wipe out north korea, the government, not the people. north korea is making all these threats without even having the technology, what will happen when they do? North Korea isn't gonna be an ally to any country anyways, so why keep it running so isolated. I honestly dont want to wait for them to strike first.

  • GTA Boss321
    GTA Boss321 6 months ago

    1950-1953 I didn't even have to look it up. I learn it because my moms uncles was in the Korean War.

  • Dong Rustler
    Dong Rustler 6 months ago

    If kim had a wife, she would be crushed before she can even see him

  • xD
    xD 6 months ago +1

    My Great Great Godfather can piss further than Kim's nukes.

    He's even dead btw.

  • Green Tiger905
    Green Tiger905 6 months ago

    the fat fucks hairline IS a dirty bomb!

  • Alex Newbury
    Alex Newbury 6 months ago

    1950 to 1953

  • InSiDeRs InSiDeRs
    InSiDeRs InSiDeRs 6 months ago

    i wanna cut his head off

  • cpt tom 05s gaming
    cpt tom 05s gaming 6 months ago

    1950 to 1953

  • Prof.Dr.Dibendu Nag
    Prof.Dr.Dibendu Nag 6 months ago


  • The Sith Whovian
    The Sith Whovian 6 months ago

    Close enough

  • The Sith Whovian
    The Sith Whovian 6 months ago

    The Korean War took place from 1956 to 1959?

  • Wayne Wedderburn
    Wayne Wedderburn 6 months ago

    psalm 34!116;119;1-150

  • luuk010FEY !
    luuk010FEY ! 6 months ago +1

    i dropt dirty bombs as well on the toilet 😂

  • Saviør Øf The Brøken

    This was posted on my birthday

  • Pentcho Rouynekov
    Pentcho Rouynekov 6 months ago +1

    All parades are to convince the enemy who they are. But
    their Hits will be deadly serious. The soldiers and arms will be used mostly
    when they take over South Korea and Japan and rule them forever. All can be
    expected , they wont be shy.

  • wyatt dear
    wyatt dear 6 months ago

    it's not a state it's a country

  • Ñolofinwë Fingolfin
    Ñolofinwë Fingolfin 6 months ago

    how can they hack when they dont have internet and have very poor tech

    • Jennifer Green
      Jennifer Green 5 months ago

      They DO have the internet, but very few people have computers and internet access. There are supposed to be only a small number of websites that people can go on.

  • Ola Perch
    Ola Perch 7 months ago

    By what right, might I ask, did they "seize" a sovereign ship in international waters? Lol, getting so carried away with propaganda and inadvertently slipping in a sentence that shows who the real bad bullies of the world are!

  • CMA Productions
    CMA Productions 7 months ago


  • David Penn
    David Penn 7 months ago

    guess how much kimmie weighs about ten female admirers

  • QaT Snowi
    QaT Snowi 7 months ago

    North Korea can be destroyed in minutes by the UN because n. Korea is small

  • Capt. Arch
    Capt. Arch 7 months ago

    They korean War was in june 25 ,1950. and it ended in july 27, 1953 god im a war nerd

  • Kawii lunaworld
    Kawii lunaworld 7 months ago

    You know what if I ever invent a item that will help me fight and many other skills.I would travel to North Korea and take over it and destroy all the evil item
    I will make peace then I will make south korea and north korea in ONE KOREA.I will teach all the people how nice all of the other people outside of North Kora are.
    I will give all the people food and rich farming space and clean water,etc.AND YEA😃😃

  • Silvermoon Violette
    Silvermoon Violette 7 months ago

    country of f******ing pigs

  • hankin vo
    hankin vo 7 months ago

    June 25 1950

  • Keen Python Playz
    Keen Python Playz 7 months ago


  • zainal abidin
    zainal abidin 7 months ago

    are u really sure this all correct and not some. kind of humors..

  • Killer Doubleshot Pro
    Killer Doubleshot Pro 7 months ago

    6:38 women have the original or korean version of good old soviet PPSH - 43 used in WW2. That's why we should be aware of the most advanced army in the world

  • Adasek S
    Adasek S 7 months ago

    Oh my god, this bitch blabbers for 70 seconds until the video begins.

  • Chris Kleinschmit
    Chris Kleinschmit 7 months ago


  • Connor Simon
    Connor Simon 7 months ago

    If North Korean hackers are so good why cant you just make a system which gives Kim Jong Un an account which gets North Korea dollars and other currency.

  • The Dovey ParkChop
    The Dovey ParkChop 7 months ago

    Omg I've been to that place in China where the scene at 1:15 is

  • Jona Tikomailepanoni
    Jona Tikomailepanoni 7 months ago

    HOW do you know all of this😗

  • nuke2627
    nuke2627 7 months ago

    Easy, the Korean War lasted 3 years, from 1950 until 1953

  • Jia Liang
    Jia Liang 7 months ago

    North Korea and Soviet Union are huge shames to human civilization, catastrophes to modern peace. Now one of them are gone, and the other become shameless, waiting for people to eradicate it from the world.