SESSION GUITARIST: PICKED ACOUSTIC Walkthrough | Native Instruments

  • Take an in-depth look at SESSION GUITARIST: PICKED ACOUSTIC, see how to create complex, realistic articulations and patterns in your compositions, and hear it in action.
    Perform with your pick of two powerful KONTAKT instruments: A pattern-based instrument packed with 194 authentic picking and strumming patterns, and another primed for playing or programming in your own melodies. Each instrument is based on a carefully sampled 1973 Martin 00-21, played by a studio-session veteran and recorded through a mix of boutique and vintage microphones and high-end outboard gear.
    Learn more:
    Overview 0:29
    Playing melodies 1:42
    Microphones 3:27
    Pattern browser 4:26
    Voicing generator and auto-chords 5:58
    Open tunings 6:40
    Combining melodies and patterns 8:00
    Pickups and slides 8:59
    The effects tab 9:52
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Comments • 80

  • Charlie Svensson
    Charlie Svensson 20 hours ago

    I might be super stupid. Been having this library now for a while. My english is not the best and even though i've tried to understand how it works i can't get the patterns to work with my 6/8 song. Is there anyone here how could help me out? In those Corona chaos times i'm pretty much locked up in the studio so i'd really love to understand how to make this work! I guess it has to do with the "shift" and "end" setup?
    with peace!

  • Baron Norbert
    Baron Norbert 7 days ago

    Bought it a few days ago. After testing other acoustic guitars for awhile I already gave up the hope of a vst that makes it that easy to write guitar tracks that fast while sounding amazing without hours of programming. I only miss an option for hammer-ons and pull-offs (and maybe some bossa nova picking styles). I really love this one!

    • Baron Norbert
      Baron Norbert Day ago

      @Samuel Dalferth Yes!!! Thanks for the hint'

    • Samuel Dalferth
      Samuel Dalferth Day ago +1

      I think you overlooked the hammer-on / pull-off feature:

  • James Ryan Ceballos
    James Ryan Ceballos 9 days ago

    Im here because I lost my guitar

  • Nx
    Nx 17 days ago

    are you using MIDI Keyboard?

  • Richard Struve
    Richard Struve 22 days ago +1

    Hope there is a slow clear teaching video - how to play the instrument or program it.

  • Andrey R
    Andrey R 23 days ago

    is it possible to make own patterns or edit factory ones (like in Scarbee funk guitarist) ?

  • Leandro santalla jañez

    yes i show other coments, this guitar qualize is perfect to create to dance or chillout deepshouse and perfect melody start to electro pop, fuckings nice works

  • Dale Schmucker
    Dale Schmucker Month ago

    I bought this and am using it in Logic Pro X DAW. I can't get it to record. The sound comes through but it won't record the sounds I'm playing. Do I have to buy your keyboard to record?

    • Daniel Scholz
      Daniel Scholz 29 days ago

      You can play any library with any keyboard.

  • Wulf
    Wulf Month ago

    This is crazy

  • Remage
    Remage Month ago +1

    I'll definitely going to include this on my Kontakt Library, its sounds like playing Spyro the Dragon game and listening to those notes it feels like happiness! Thanks for whoever made this tutorial and library.

  • Fernando Conti
    Fernando Conti Month ago

    I..... LOVE IT!!!!

  • Luke Chiocca
    Luke Chiocca Month ago

    Hi NI! Great looking product! Question: are you able to play your own strumming patterns? It seems like you can make your own picking patterns, but what about strumming? Thanks!

  • Avi lang
    Avi lang Month ago

    I loved it

  • Amed Horsalat
    Amed Horsalat 2 months ago

    Spanish tutorials?

  • Dergio Games
    Dergio Games 2 months ago

    damn!!!! it sounds super good

  • Greg Lopes
    Greg Lopes 2 months ago +1

    One of the best virtual instruments I've ever seen. Truly amazing.

    ANSAR OMAROV 2 months ago +1

    3:31 what song or melody is it ?

  • CR3CS
    CR3CS 3 months ago

    TAKE MY MONEY!!! *__*

  • dtrelz music
    dtrelz music 3 months ago +2

    yall need to redo every vst guitar yall made with the same energy especially ELECTRIC SUNBURST.

  • Michael Milano
    Michael Milano 3 months ago

    fucking nailed it!!! thanks mr Native

  • Fabi Bellentani
    Fabi Bellentani 3 months ago

    Thank you, Native. I can not develop on the guitar, you just saved all my compositions and productions.

  • Night King
    Night King 3 months ago +2

    4:13 OMG!! 😍 the sound is outta this 🌎

    • Aziz Karimov
      Aziz Karimov 3 months ago

      All this time I'm looking for this music.

  • Aziz Karimov
    Aziz Karimov 3 months ago


    • Aziz Karimov
      Aziz Karimov 3 months ago

      Thank you very much for your answer. I'll necessarily listen to this genre. This beautiful melody doesn't leave me. I hope, that i'll find it. :)

    • Robert Austin Music
      Robert Austin Music 3 months ago

      I don't know the name of that song, but if you like that style of music, you would probably interested in listening to Bosa Nova music. It's very similar to that style of playing.

  • Gennady Vinogradov
    Gennady Vinogradov 3 months ago

    very well thank you

  • Sergey Sichev
    Sergey Sichev 3 months ago

    A very realistic instrument, indeed! Check out this track made with Picked Acoustic

  • Lizunov Viacheslav Production

    Сижу и плачу!!!Оч круто,спасибо друзья!!!!

  • Adam Bradley
    Adam Bradley 4 months ago

    Does it have its own Roadie and some Groupies? I think my music career is officially obsolete.

  • Rochee Dubois Beatz
    Rochee Dubois Beatz 4 months ago

    yall done it again !

  • Tao Stein
    Tao Stein 4 months ago

    Sounds good ... But does this also only allow the imprisoning and authoritarian "patterns", or does it actually give composers MIDI freedom ?

    • James
      James Month ago

      it's explained in the video, you can play what you want

    • Daniel Scholz
      Daniel Scholz 4 months ago

      With the "Melody" instrument, you have total "MIDI freedom".

    • Tao Stein
      Tao Stein 4 months ago

      Dear God, I hear him talking about "patterns". You know where you can put your "patterns" !!

  • renatomgabriel
    renatomgabriel 4 months ago

    How to play pattern in

    • Daniel Scholz
      Daniel Scholz 4 months ago

      Hi, when you set your DAW to 6/8 and use the included "Triplet" patterns (just filter by them in the browser), they'll match the 6/8 signature. In other words: If you use the triplet patterns in a 4/4 environment, there are typically 3 triplets instead of 2 eights per quarter note, but in a 6/8 enviornment those 3 eights become just regular eights, filling up one half of one whole 6/8 bar.

  • 강혜진
    강혜진 4 months ago

    Is it library of Kontakt? or individul vsti? I dont have kontakt but i want it a looooot😭😭 Anyone who knows about it please answer me

    • 강혜진
      강혜진 4 months ago

      Daniel Scholz oh thank you :)

    • Daniel Scholz
      Daniel Scholz 4 months ago

      Hi, it's running on the free kontakt player 6, download from the Native Insturments website.

  • slowgaffle
    slowgaffle 4 months ago

    I need this. I am so sick of trying to record my horrible out of time playing through my crappy microphones in my noisy room on my cramped desk.

    DANIEL VIRGEN 4 months ago

    This sounds wonderful. Can’t wait to buy and try it out tanks NIV great job

  • Ezequiel Navarrete Caparros

    That is library! Omg looks amazing

  • Issie wizzie
    Issie wizzie 4 months ago

    Could I export the styles as midi

    Lionel BANSEPT LEHMANN 4 months ago +2

    Really impressive video? Native instruments done amazing stuff. into my shopping list !

  • Дмитрий Лазарев

    Обман. На 3:27. Первый показ гитары - такой звук не накрутить.

  • Nick Ad
    Nick Ad 5 months ago

    Such a good library but how can I get a slap or a silent stroke sound?

  • Guitarlo Ndeso
    Guitarlo Ndeso 5 months ago

    Free KONTAKT PLAYER version 6.1 and higher, or KONTAKT version 6.1 and higher

  • Guitarlo Ndeso
    Guitarlo Ndeso 5 months ago

    What version of Kontakt is needed to use PICKED ACOUSTIC? My Kontakt 6 portable won't play it but it will play the other Session Guitarist series - Electric and Acoustic Strumming.

  • Ido Montaniez
    Ido Montaniez 5 months ago


  • Tobi Nathan
    Tobi Nathan 5 months ago +2

    Why does it sound so much better in the video than in my logic project? Soundwise I mean.

  • Supersonicat
    Supersonicat 5 months ago

    Ha! No more finger blisters! BTW, how did you get George Clooney to this voice over?

  • Kerwald
    Kerwald 5 months ago

    What is the software they are using to edit the midi ?

  • Michael Blount
    Michael Blount 5 months ago

    Ddoes this work in kontakt 5

    • Guitarlo Ndeso
      Guitarlo Ndeso 5 months ago

      It doesn't work in Kontakt 6 Portable. Stupid this basic info is not mentioned.

  • john mo
    john mo 5 months ago

    please add all these new options to old guitar library

  • Barefoot67
    Barefoot67 5 months ago

    Does anyone know what they've programmed on the CC lanes?

    • Barefoot67
      Barefoot67 3 months ago +1

      @Samuel Dalferth thanks!

    • Samuel Dalferth
      Samuel Dalferth 3 months ago

      Modwheel = Vibrato
      Pitchbend = Accents in pattern mode and pitchbend in melody mode
      Sustain pedal works as well

  • Tanzil Hasan
    Tanzil Hasan 5 months ago

    Finally !!!

  • moGraph Cuts
    moGraph Cuts 5 months ago +1

    I think Amplesounds plugins are still ahead interms of realistic articulations

    • Michael 1RareZebra
      Michael 1RareZebra 3 months ago

      Okay thanks. 😁

    • moGraph Cuts
      moGraph Cuts 3 months ago +1

      @Michael 1RareZebra plugins are not interoperable 😀 they talks only with the host DAW and not plugins!

    • Michael 1RareZebra
      Michael 1RareZebra 3 months ago

      moGraph Cuts I just found them the other day and agree, They do sound amazing. Do you know if they can be loaded up to play in Kontakt libraries?

  • Cesar Horkey Indo Gaming

    Its great for composing music...
    Plz also sub my channel. Thx...

  • Live Drops
    Live Drops 5 months ago

    That's great! Like the other 1000 people, I would like to say - please make the melody function available for Sunburst aswell ^_^

    RAJA SEN 5 months ago

    excellent ......

  • Aftab Alam
    Aftab Alam 5 months ago

    but this not working in kontakt 6

    • Guitarlo Ndeso
      Guitarlo Ndeso 5 months ago

      Correct and the video does not mention what version it works on! Stupid!

  • Shiro Venom
    Shiro Venom 5 months ago +1

    I need vst melody generator like captain melody or melody sauce vst please make it sir 🙏

  • Kalle
    Kalle 5 months ago

    What is the difference between this one and strummed acoustic 2?

  • Wolfbain Productions
    Wolfbain Productions 5 months ago

    This is probably the most detailed video explanation of any one singular product on the market. You guys just earned your $99.00 easily from me, and I'm only half way through the video.

  • Liam Martinez
    Liam Martinez 6 months ago +1

    gbye to my acoustic guitar

  • jeffreyMMVIII
    jeffreyMMVIII 6 months ago +1

    hold this award for God tier

  • Desolo Zantas
    Desolo Zantas 6 months ago +1

    Please update your Bass Guitar to something more like this

  • Melody Man
    Melody Man 6 months ago

    Got damn! Those patterns we're fucking sick!!!😱 I can't breathe!

  • Edjamar
    Edjamar 6 months ago

    Having trouble loading this software....system not able to use the Native instrument new update features...any ideas??????

    • Edjamar
      Edjamar 6 months ago

      running an older iMac 10.10.5

  • Michelle w.
    Michelle w. 6 months ago +1

    Beautiful! Just beatiful!

  • Noah Waiwaiole
    Noah Waiwaiole 6 months ago

    Do you have any videos on how to make a live performance kit on the mikro mk3?

  • lauschende Lippen
    lauschende Lippen 6 months ago +1

    I love it - I buy it... But not yet, but I buy it, that's a must have! Wonderfull Sounds - great...

  • Pettinhouse Guitar Kontakt Samples

    Great Library! Congrats!

  • Ed Vizenor
    Ed Vizenor 6 months ago

    Do you have to have the paid for KONTAKT version?

    • Guitarlo Ndeso
      Guitarlo Ndeso 5 months ago

      @Daniel Scholz What version!

    • Daniel Scholz
      Daniel Scholz 6 months ago

      No, it's running in the free Kontakt Player which can be downloaded at Native Instruments.

  • Jeremie Kezi
    Jeremie Kezi 6 months ago


  • Master Technique CG
    Master Technique CG 6 months ago

    Great software

  • hopethisworks1212
    hopethisworks1212 6 months ago

    Great unless you want to play in 3/4.

  • Diams Ulrich
    Diams Ulrich 6 months ago

    this is nice

  • Daniel Porter
    Daniel Porter 6 months ago +11

    Do this with the sunburst pllllleeeeeaaaassseee I beg you!

  • Little Cloud
    Little Cloud 6 months ago +32

    I am 60 years of age and I started playing gtr at 14 on an island in the Solomons called Bougainville..Ive never heard such beautiful clean guitar parts except by friends who are consummate professional guitar players. Incredible to listen to and I cant wait to use it instead of playing the parts on my Breedlove...I cannot record it with that kind of clarity and Ive been working in studio environments for over 20 years. Unless you have 100 grand of mikes pre's and a great floated separated room you would not be able to track a gtr like this sounds..flippin heck!!

  • Top Music Arts
    Top Music Arts 6 months ago

    Fire !

  • banjo pariah
    banjo pariah 6 months ago +1

    I Just installed it 4 hours ago and already have two songs. INCREDIBLE! The New patterns are just what I've needed!

  • RastaBusiness341
    RastaBusiness341 6 months ago

    Which preset are you using for the intro at the begin of the video?

  • evan
    evan 6 months ago

    sounds wonderful

  • Pär PeGe Gustafson
    Pär PeGe Gustafson 6 months ago +1

    Wow. Above amazing.

    ..."If it seems too good to be true, it probably is not true".
    This may just be one of those rare exceptions, when that 'proverb' simply is irrelevant.

    As owner of both Your 'Strummed' 1 & 'Strummed' 2, I cannot be anything but in awe.
    This seems to exceed my already high expectations..!
    Well. Done!

    *brief moment of contemplating silence*

    --> No! -DoubleNO!!
    I stand here selfcorrecting, transparently & completely selfcorrected.

    • Extremely.
    • Well.
    • Done!!

    Now, my only and hopefully not unrealistic wish, is that these improvement
    also are implemented in Strummed 1 & 2. If, so... (temporarily in lack of words...)
    Let's just narrow it down to; You will save not only my day, but also my life!
    (Okey... Not literally, but as a figure of speech & in that areas seriousness' level of gratitude.)

    May we maybe see such an update of "Strum- 1& 2"
    - in a future not exceeding my expected lifespan?
    (Bonusinfo: I way born early -69)

    My sincere wish & prayer is that each one of You @Native' will be massively Blessed from the Creator of all..!

    Peace & Love from Huskvarna, Sweden! 🙏🏻\💙💛💙


  • Discount Door Inserts
    Discount Door Inserts 6 months ago

    can I use this as a vst plugin in ableton live 9.7 ?

    • John Jonas
      John Jonas 3 months ago

      Discount Door Inserts yes u can

  • Shadowhenge
    Shadowhenge 6 months ago +2

    This will be great when komplete ultimate 14 comes out.

  • steelwiz
    steelwiz 6 months ago +1