Jorge Masvidal Is 'Back in the Backyard' (Throwback)

  • Published on Oct 10, 2019
  • Jorge Masvidal Is 'Back in the Backyard' (Throwback)
    Throwback video clip from Miami Hustle as Jorge Masvidal, Alexis Villa and Juan Carlos Faraldo bring a Thai fighter "Master Cha" to the Miami Backyard Fighting scene to face an Amateur Boxer.
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    Edited By: Isaac Kesington
    Filmed By: Juan Carlos Faraldo
    1: Burning Spear - Come
    2: Genghis Con - Ghost Town
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Comments • 1 876

  • Reko Sanchez
    Reko Sanchez 8 hours ago

    Manny’s evil brother Sammy Pacquiao reminds me of Superman’s evil twin “Bizarro”

  • ravshanormsby
    ravshanormsby 9 hours ago

    These are different breed.

  • ravshanormsby
    ravshanormsby 9 hours ago

    These are Aliens. Humans don't do this kind of staff. Look into it.

  • José Alexander Madrid banegas

    Jorge kiero conocerte soy tu fans soy una persona con discapacidad

  • Kayem Tayeng
    Kayem Tayeng 13 hours ago

    He was Drunked that time. And he visited the fight..He is a Muay Thai CoaCh

  • Kayem Tayeng
    Kayem Tayeng 14 hours ago

    For Those who doesn't know who he is He is Master CHA

  • Shinekhuu D
    Shinekhuu D 18 hours ago

    What if he fight there now?

  • Shinekhuu D
    Shinekhuu D 18 hours ago

    They vote for Trump?

  • H.P Lovecraft Cat Name Gaming

    ooga booga

  • Assh
    Assh 23 hours ago

    What he'd this while stoned, so intense and feels real, like I'm there.

  • taylor faoa
    taylor faoa Day ago

    Jorge is a fucking G. You won't catch any other UFC fighter attending these events.

  • Alex Radulescu
    Alex Radulescu Day ago

    Masvidal te da miedo conor McGREGOR , es decir de su ZURDA ??

  • Rafael Jose
    Rafael Jose 2 days ago

    Jet lee é foda em mn kkkkk

  • SK
    SK 2 days ago

    This is a culture with legs...

  • Rigo the kid
    Rigo the kid 2 days ago

    Muay Thai is a good style but it just leaves you open from the jaw up and that's no good

  • Asmor Green
    Asmor Green 2 days ago

    Nice throw back

  • Arri Arri
    Arri Arri 2 days ago

    Wow my favorite video, wish I was there involved.

  • Cosa Nostra
    Cosa Nostra 2 days ago

    Crack baby manny

  • tyron Fake
    tyron Fake 2 days ago

    Ese mi chino ese mi chino

  • El Giro De Jalisco
    El Giro De Jalisco 4 days ago

    If Manny Pacquiao and Juan Marquez had a baby

  • Christopher Suswal
    Christopher Suswal 4 days ago

    NFL: CTE is a huge problem and needs to be addressed
    Dudes fighting in the video: Huh?

  • Rip E
    Rip E 4 days ago

    severe brain damage for pennies. sounds fun

  • Supreme Ginger
    Supreme Ginger 4 days ago

    The guy with the weird haircut that looks like a football helmet is dada 5000

  • seduktive ladd
    seduktive ladd 4 days ago

    big thumbs up to kimbo slice rest easy legend

  • Mehriddin Aliev
    Mehriddin Aliev 5 days ago

    Masvidal you are my best

  • Flpdragonslayer Smith

    Jorge, it's hard to believe that you came from here to center stage at the biggest fight scene in that world. Freckin amazing brotha. This game is woven in your blood dude. Much respect.
    Edit: and yes I know Jorge was not fighting, he was in his boys corner.

  • Cliff Simpson
    Cliff Simpson 5 days ago

    The last 2 winners were tough as fuck

  • Steve Alexander
    Steve Alexander 5 days ago

    Dumbest shit I’ve ever seen

    310TANK EBT CREW 5 days ago

    I got super high lol 😆 I thought that was Manny Pacquiao lol 👻💯 I'm screaming at my phone go Manny Pacquiao

  • Christian Castro
    Christian Castro 6 days ago

    Jorge been real since back in the day

  • Atrox Army
    Atrox Army 6 days ago

    Wish Nick Diaz would slap the piss out of the bitch!

  • Juan Garza
    Juan Garza 6 days ago

    5:37 manny pacquiao lands an exellent kick with so much precision at the face of a random guy in the crowd

  • Mike C
    Mike C 8 days ago

    My top fight I want to see is Jorge vs Khabib. most divisions are boring not enough style vs style
    And I didn't think Askren deserved the hype
    Would like vs Conor just for payday but Jorge eats him

  • Mike C
    Mike C 8 days ago

    Did anyone expect any different when he can throw kicks and other cant?

  • Anthony
    Anthony 10 days ago

    What kind of drug screens were they given a Fight?

  • Roderick Antery
    Roderick Antery 10 days ago

    Thai Coach got his rounds in!!

  • jesssicax87
    jesssicax87 11 days ago

    Looks like the unity my trench 1 way in 1 way out hood, blacks & brown united we stand. Divided we fall

  • Trey abercrombie
    Trey abercrombie 12 days ago

    As soon as his tank top strap broke he looked at it and then the Shemale from Bangkok noticed that and was like I’m gonna head kick this motherfucker to retardation

  • prab singh
    prab singh 12 days ago

    Guy in red trunks looks like a thai boxer.

  • Larry Stallings
    Larry Stallings 13 days ago

    Good fight from both fighters 🔥🔥🥊🥊‼

  • John Laster Mitu
    John Laster Mitu 13 days ago

    Damn what a come back!!

  • Rhögger Moyàv
    Rhögger Moyàv 14 days ago

    Paquiao conoció al crack

    LUIS BENAVIDES 15 days ago +1
    Ufc andino

  • devora Mesa
    devora Mesa 15 days ago

    Dada has the best cardio in the game

  • Mark Nairn
    Mark Nairn 15 days ago

    This shit is crazy, driver 4 poles in the ground get the caution tape and bare knuckles man on man holy hell.

  • Dai Bennett
    Dai Bennett 15 days ago

    He f34ked him up,slowly and painfully

  • Angel Chacón
    Angel Chacón 15 days ago

    He’s really a Cuban gangsta

  • Alexis De gracia
    Alexis De gracia 16 days ago

    Hque loco

  • Leandro Jimenez aroni
    Leandro Jimenez aroni 16 days ago

    Su mamá de masvidal es peruana fuerza

  • Mervz Biggz
    Mervz Biggz 16 days ago

    So what was up with the other dude not kicking? Why'd he agree to that? What the heck am I missing?

  • Monie Trejo
    Monie Trejo 17 days ago

    George was in his corner you dumb fucks

  • BenchMark Outdoors
    BenchMark Outdoors 17 days ago

    Floridians are a different human

  • Our Best Lives
    Our Best Lives 17 days ago

    Absolute fucking warriors...

  • L'Quik Shrtz
    L'Quik Shrtz 17 days ago

    Que buen tiro

  • Maverick
    Maverick 18 days ago

    And who was the white dude? Conner McGregor? 🤣

  • ArlindBlaze
    ArlindBlaze 18 days ago +2

    Jorge masvidal’s yt channel has been my fave ever since it got made lol. Great videos!!

  • Tatu Mize
    Tatu Mize 19 days ago

    Yo..Jorge......I wanna see a real fight between u n khabib when u hit at the top contender fighter...

  • Roberto Carlos Ramirez Corrales

    Pinche chinito aferrado a los vergazos

  • MusicforMe123
    MusicforMe123 19 days ago +1

    These Thai fighters chop down banana trees with their legs, chopping down a man is nothing.

  • bg mck
    bg mck 20 days ago

    There's something beautiful about any form of my opinion its the purest reflection of the human spirit.