I Made myself a Custom Knife Bag...

  • A Chef Knife Roll allows you to bring your personal Kitchen Tool Kit everywhere ! Get 2 months of Skillshare here : skl.sh/frenchguycooking10
    All you need is thick canvas fabric and a sawing machine. The blade guard is made out of kevalr fabric but any solid piece could work. My knife roll is 38cm high and 96cm long. If you are interested in getting the design to make it yourself, leave a comment down below.
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  • Alex
    Alex  4 months ago +55

    The epic slowmotion starts at tvclip.biz/video/y80nn9c79U4/video.html

    • Jan Dobrowolski
      Jan Dobrowolski 4 months ago

      When you like your own comment :D

    • Jason Reviews TECH
      Jason Reviews TECH 4 months ago

      i so enjoy watching your show

    • Mohamed Ahmed
      Mohamed Ahmed 4 months ago +1

      Try to .. ultrasonic path ur coffee

    • Coyote Trickster
      Coyote Trickster 4 months ago

      You should have made sheaths or such for the blades

    • commatoes
      commatoes 4 months ago

      Salut Alex. Je suis desolé parce que je suis tard.

      I made two similar rolls to organise my woodoworking chisels and spoke shaves, draw knives. I got a piece of leather and ended up hand stitching it and put rivets like on a pair of jeans. Like you, I like to be able to grab everything from my hand tool cabinet and bring it to my bench. It saves so much time having everything organised and at hand instead of going back and forth.

  • daAnder71
    daAnder71 Month ago

    Kevlar does not protect against stabs. That's why kevlar vests have sheets of titanium foil inside to be stab-proof. Strips from regular plastic would make more sense.

  • Raspberry Biscuit
    Raspberry Biscuit 2 months ago

    I love your personality 😊 Excited and kiddish but in just the right amount so it's fun to watch and makes me happy 😁
    ps. I loooved that you translated the world's best mash for us btw! I made my first try and next time I gotta buy the right potatoes...hehe
    Ps2. I live in a what I consider a non-food country (Swiss), only potatoes, cheese (not even as good as Italian or French), and chocolate (not even as good as Belgian) so trust me your channel is really helping to up my cooking skills further! 😋😇 That's if I can even find the ingredience here😭😅

  • PLF
    PLF 2 months ago

    Considering how far down the rabbit hole Alex goes on most projects I feel like this was a missed opportunity... Get into leather for something like this.

  • Sudaru
    Sudaru 2 months ago +1

    3:48 Wine series soon? *-*

  • Lutfi J C
    Lutfi J C 2 months ago

    It looks so good, I'd want to buy one even though I'm not a chef and I have my utensils organized in my kitchen! :D
    C'est magnifique, @Alex!

  • Ryan Bandler
    Ryan Bandler 2 months ago

    Hahahaha he’s so proud of himself, and he should be! That bag is fucking awesome

  • Angie Kyle
    Angie Kyle 2 months ago

    My daughter is in her first semester of culinary school.
    The knife roll you used as inspiration is like the one she recieved for Christmas.
    If you could come visit her while you are in the USA. And visit her class.. that would make her year! Her chef also studied in France.

  • pawan rai
    pawan rai 3 months ago

    I didn't know that a cook can sew.

  • Chip Rich
    Chip Rich 3 months ago


  • Robin Sharkey
    Robin Sharkey 3 months ago

    You should look into designing a Saya for each knife. Prevents accidental cuts and the ever infuriating knife chips if you invest in a Japanese high carbon knife.

  • Katie Gray
    Katie Gray 3 months ago +1

    I am definitely going to attempt making one of these!! :) super excited any design tips outside the bag measurements would be amazing.

  • Gold grinder
    Gold grinder 3 months ago

    Étant cuisinier et ayant eu plusieurs trousse à couteaux je peux dire que le premier truc qui cède dans une trousse à couteaux c'est l'endroit où il y a les pointes de couteaux donc ton renforcement au kevlar précisément à cet endroit fait de cette trousse une trousse qui résistera à l'épreuve du temps. Therefore i can only say very well done Sir.

  • Ryan Jackson
    Ryan Jackson 3 months ago

    I’m definitely going to make one of these and I absolutely love the closing mechanism!!!

  • Clinton Mann
    Clinton Mann 3 months ago

    Alex, what do you do for “work?” I assume you make TVclip videos full time. Do you mean that? Is there something else?

  • Oga Booga Mugooloo
    Oga Booga Mugooloo 3 months ago

    Why am I not surprised a Frenchman isn't working in mm

  • Otto Day
    Otto Day 3 months ago

    hiiiii hiiii

  • MereCashmere
    MereCashmere 3 months ago

    Alex!! Where do we get your template/pattern for your knife roll?

  • Chris Mitchell
    Chris Mitchell 3 months ago

    Alex, I would love to see how you make your kitchen towels. Cheers

  • Jameson Ly
    Jameson Ly 4 months ago

    steel !

  • ゼットゼットアール千百

    Your passion is contagious ! keep the good work!

  • Livv Hauber
    Livv Hauber 4 months ago +1

    Just bought my first cook book!
    Guess who's it was!
    (It was yours Alex)

    • daAnder71
      daAnder71 Month ago

      ... whose* it was (who's = who is)

  • Miner 2049er
    Miner 2049er 4 months ago +1

    You could sew in some magnets in the fabric that keeps the knives from sliding into each other.

    • daAnder71
      daAnder71 Month ago

      ... magnets ... that keep* ...

  • Zoes Dada
    Zoes Dada 4 months ago

    Have you ever thought about making garum? I'll bet it would really go well with a miso ramen.

  • RobertoTienda
    RobertoTienda 4 months ago

    Challenge: make a diet/dish for a person who is fructose and lactose intolerant, good luck!

  • Thor Prestbøen
    Thor Prestbøen 4 months ago

    Love the videos, nice ring on the slots, "sluts"

  • Abhi
    Abhi 4 months ago

    yeah nobody's ever gonna question the weird french dude walking around with an assortment of knifes and other suspicious looking items

  • Daisy
    Daisy 4 months ago

    J'me suis perdue...

  • Ray Chuang
    Ray Chuang 4 months ago

    Do you have to make a bag

  • Donkey
    Donkey 4 months ago

    *Dexter Morgan wants to know your location*

  • Sathya Keerthi
    Sathya Keerthi 4 months ago

    What type of thread did you use? Cotton, polyester, metal etc....?

  • Raina Fowler
    Raina Fowler 4 months ago +1

    lmao "i'm 30-ish years old..." That's my line!

  • Fierce Phoenix
    Fierce Phoenix 4 months ago +1

    "I try to make a Custom Knife" Sweet!
    "...Bag" Awweee....

    • Casey Kidd
      Casey Kidd 3 months ago

      Fierce Phoenix he has a video on making custom knives.

  • Elpida Vasil
    Elpida Vasil 4 months ago

    You are such a perfectionist... I love it.

    • daAnder71
      daAnder71 Month ago

      If he were, he would know that Kevlar is not stab-proof and therefore pointless to protect the bag from the knife tips.

  • Sunny vg
    Sunny vg 4 months ago

    he is like the Casey Neistat of cooking videos

  • dolofonos
    dolofonos 4 months ago

    I suggest you protect your knife blades. Finding ideal sheaths can be problematic, especially for the Chinese Chef knife. So, here is what I recommend: Take scrap cardboard and fold it a couple times to make a sheath. Fold the end over (you may need to score it). Secure all of this with a generous wrapping of packaging tape. You can cut out notches to accommodate the bolster. Now you have an inexpensive sheath that can be disposed and remade as needed.

  • Arinda Dhenwalu
    Arinda Dhenwalu 4 months ago

    You are cute, I hope we are in the same country

  • Dyamso
    Dyamso 4 months ago

    Ton accent français il me fait rire

  • vain 788
    vain 788 4 months ago

    I just became a member ! Woohooo !
    Please keep them commin' but make it more about everything ! A real glimpse of

  • Will Garmer
    Will Garmer 4 months ago

    Now add a shoulder strap .

    Rolls like that are great for any kind of tools or equipment. They're very versatile and not terribly difficult to make.

  • Gwyllym Suter
    Gwyllym Suter 4 months ago

    I'll leave my Ran knife set to Alex in the will. Sorry, ya might need to wait a bit.

  • Dejan Kostic
    Dejan Kostic 4 months ago

    his annoying accent grrrr but I love watching videos and I think the guy is a freaking genius!

  • Trevor G
    Trevor G 4 months ago

    Hey Alex, I'm a huge fan of yours and love your work! I also know how much you love organization. I am in no way affiliated with this, but this kickstarter made me think of you: www.kickstarter.com/projects/1131502390/the-nomatic-backpack-and-travel-pack/posts/2683160?ref=ksr_email_backer_project_update_registered_users

  • Dmitry Melnik
    Dmitry Melnik 4 months ago

    Finish your shopping bag first!

  • TheTraumaFactor
    TheTraumaFactor 4 months ago

    Alex. If you engineer a knife bag and sell it. I will buy one no questions asked.

  • oddinge nygaard
    oddinge nygaard 4 months ago

    i cant belive you scripted the whole "banging your finger" hahaha love it :P

  • almochstef
    almochstef 4 months ago

    you are the casey neistat of cooking

  • Veom
    Veom 4 months ago

    C’est dommage que tu parles que anglais ;)

  • graham moss
    graham moss 4 months ago

    Love your vids...really captivating

  • Kinjal Raval
    Kinjal Raval 4 months ago

    Picking up knives coiled in paper. TRIGGERED. The possiblity that they could fall out when walking away and STAB YOUR TOE. TRIGGERED.

  • Darren S.L Li
    Darren S.L Li 4 months ago +1

    i just got Alex's book for a week and had been cooking some of the recipes to tell my roommates that it is not my dishes but Alex's. though I think I'm bad at cooking, my roommates are wolfs lol.

  • Peter LaFrance
    Peter LaFrance 4 months ago

    Very nice design! Would like to try my hand at making one. Let me know how? Merci!

  • David Woods
    David Woods 4 months ago

    I just wanted to say thanks for adding the bar at the bottom indicating where you're doing an ad. Wish more TVcliprs would do this.

  • Justine Leconte officiel
    Justine Leconte officiel 4 months ago +2

    Très chouette, ton truc. Ca s'achète sur ton site web?? ;-)

  • germimonte
    germimonte 4 months ago

    good luck trying to get 20 knifes thru US customs xD

  • dansherman1980
    dansherman1980 4 months ago

    Needs a shoulder strap in my opinion

  • Preety Kumari
    Preety Kumari 4 months ago

    Put an apron on top of knife kit instead of towel

  • Guillaume Labrie
    Guillaume Labrie 4 months ago

    ...bon, ça me prends ça.

  • Mohamed Ahmed
    Mohamed Ahmed 4 months ago

    Ultrasonic path your coffee 👌

  • XSprej
    XSprej 4 months ago

    Cooking videos are what made your channel. The views show that. Please more cooking videos.

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith 4 months ago

    There's no slot/space for a cutting board! I'm definitely adding one if I make it myself!

  • Burak Aydogdu
    Burak Aydogdu 4 months ago

    Salut, dear Alex.
    I want to be a cook but i don’t know where to start, I’m currently in a foreign country and don’t know their language therefore any restaurant want me to work with them even without money, I learn recipes and make in home but wanna improve my game, what’s your opinion to improve myself?

  • Julia Cao
    Julia Cao 4 months ago

    Imagine an Alex French Guy Cooking x Adam Savage crossover ❤🔥🔥

  • Jim Pudar
    Jim Pudar 4 months ago

    Ahh cringed so hard at tvclip.biz/video/y80nn9c79U4/video.html! You need some little plastic covers for each knife to avoid banging the edges against other tools.

  • Curt Evartt
    Curt Evartt 4 months ago

    I cant believe there is a company called skin share this is disgusting

  • Gpointer Franky
    Gpointer Franky 4 months ago +1

    I like you mixing up and saying "go travaille", keep ça on, monsieur !

  • No
    No 4 months ago

    Alex can you maybe try to master some sort of cuisine? Arab cuisine, Spanish, something you've maybe never experienced. Would be very fun to watch

  • Matthias Letson-Maddux
    Matthias Letson-Maddux 4 months ago

    Chefs only carry the knives because only the knives are personal and expensive. We don't carry peelers and spatulas because they stay in the kitchen; either because they are cheap and semi disposable or because they are owned by the restaurant. Aside from the knives (and shears) we usually only have a wine key, because wine.

  • NeilT
    NeilT 4 months ago

    A lovely idea, but I do worry about the knives crashing together and damaging the edges! Please don't try to take this in your carry on bag - you might have a slight problem at security 😁

  • Георги Коев
    Георги Коев 4 months ago

    At least this is one of the sponsors that offers something useful for the people using it.

  • Jeff Coy
    Jeff Coy 4 months ago

    how do you not have a deba.
    do I need to send you a deba?
    because you need a deba.

  • mainimum
    mainimum 4 months ago

    Hi Alex.
    How do you put the knives in and out? I really don't want to sound stupid, but i don't get it, especially the 3 big knives on the left.
    They seem too big to slide them in and out and this is what irritates me so hard haha.
    But after all, I love it and i think i'm going to make one for myself. :)

    Keep up your work!

  • iNDone
    iNDone 4 months ago


  • Clayton Markin
    Clayton Markin 4 months ago

    I made the same thing for my bike tools, but I used a cut down reuseable shopping bag. Its amazing, because with the rolls I can pack my tools down into a small form factor, and take them in the car for every ride. If someones bike is creaking pre-ride, I can do anything up to a bottom bracket service or cassette change in the parking lot because I always have all my tools.

  • francorp
    francorp 4 months ago

    certainly would like to make it, but I will be using real antelope leather

  • davebauerart
    davebauerart 4 months ago

    It came out great.

  • Dr.FragensteinM.D.
    Dr.FragensteinM.D. 4 months ago

    Hey, when/why you change channel name?

  • Christopher Murray
    Christopher Murray 4 months ago

    Nice set up. I've been a catering chef for years, so I have my own EDC. And I always try to take it when I'll be cooking.
    My knife roll with my 6 most used knives, honing steel, a peeler, microplane, and mini offset spatula.
    Then I have an elastic grid organizer with my tongs, thermometer, fish spatula, scissors, and a few other things.
    Throw all that in my backpack with some towels, gloves, pens, markers, etc, and I'm ready to cook anywhere.

  • Levyn KHS
    Levyn KHS 4 months ago

    All the things needed to murder someone

  • Michael-Socrates Kafousias

    Really nice video !!!! But I have one question how you pass all those blades from the airport ? They pass like professional utilities ?