Horrible DJs

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
  • This is the greatest dj of All Time
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  • Arengano
    Arengano 5 hours ago

    My seminar teacher was a DJ

  • Zach Alry
    Zach Alry 3 days ago

    Anthony Sullivan owns a weed business now

  • K GEE
    K GEE 5 days ago

    What did he expect by playing shitting hardcore 😂

  • Taťka Medvěd
    Taťka Medvěd 6 days ago

    Thats bunch of weebs : D what do you expect : D

  • Cyberon
    Cyberon 7 days ago

    I started watching Charlie so much i think of him as my roommate.

  • Madison Sandström
    Madison Sandström 8 days ago

    Did anyone else see him heiling hitler at 2:05?

    LAVENDER ASHLEY 15 days ago

    That crowd is the worst part. Deadass didn't even try to enjoy themselves, just stood there like some fucking robots, even if the techno wasn't the best but not bad at all fr (1st one)

  • 종이비행기
    종이비행기 18 days ago

    When playing a song from your playlist is called "DJing". Your job can be done by Spotify on shuffle.

  • BiScott Kite
    BiScott Kite 19 days ago +1

    *_God I need some S3rl after this._*

  • Mahamaon
    Mahamaon 19 days ago

    "I hope his mom's at least out there busting her ass wide open for her boy."
    ooooooooook charlie

  • Stiff HD
    Stiff HD 20 days ago


  • aiden doherty
    aiden doherty 22 days ago

    6.10.... i dont think he knows how that math shit works

  • Lfomod
    Lfomod 22 days ago

    100% hate dj's who screams at the mic, I genuinely want to shove that mic down the throat on him. Most DnB dj's do this, it's so cringe that I would insist for people to leave the club with me if a DJ did that hahahaha

  • Christian Menard
    Christian Menard 23 days ago

    what is up with every dj pretending to be one? Cringe

  • Make Love Not Chevys
    Make Love Not Chevys 24 days ago +1

    In his defense he only had to hit play on a lap top.

  • Evan Kinsel
    Evan Kinsel 26 days ago

    Ah yeah

  • José Islanio
    José Islanio 26 days ago

    Third one just fuckin played some Phil Collins and flirted that fat woman. Pretty spot on to the average DJ performance.

  • Natalie Ngonela
    Natalie Ngonela 29 days ago +1

    0:16 my mom when the pastor starts talking about naughty children

  • Magic Zest
    Magic Zest Month ago

    I once disproved Einstein's Theory of General Relativity while sitting at home, listening to classical music and sipping some wine, because I don't any friends who are on my level and I have to dumb myself down to everyone I talk too. Of course I don't remember it now because I think so much, and my head is full of thoughts that would break the very foundation of science itself. It's hard being a genius 😂😂😂😁😁😁😅😂🤣😢😰😓😞😖😩😫😭🛁⚡⚡🔌

  • GrimKiLLz TV
    GrimKiLLz TV Month ago

    The second dude dj like he applying for a strip club ahah

  • Christopher Vick
    Christopher Vick Month ago

    First guy ends his performance with a Hitler salute 😂

  • Mihai Craciun
    Mihai Craciun Month ago

    4:05 when your hair grows faster than your height

  • Talha Barut
    Talha Barut Month ago

    The second one is actually good

  • Talha Barut
    Talha Barut Month ago

    Who else scrolling down the comments just the avoid the brutal cringe of the video?😩🤦‍♂️

  • Lian Bond
    Lian Bond Month ago +1

    the last guy looks like a fuckedup Paulie D

  • Phat O’s
    Phat O’s Month ago

    Watch the legend of mick dodge

  • pkkzagros15
    pkkzagros15 Month ago

    Second dj reminds me of a friend of mine who had a different hobby each day. And sucked in all of them.

  • Jim Jimson
    Jim Jimson Month ago

    We are at a 8.5 right now

  • Ethan St. Cyr
    Ethan St. Cyr Month ago

    The second DJ is adorable lol

  • SpLiX Marshmello
    SpLiX Marshmello Month ago

    Watch this video pls. The dj is very shit and is just awkward. tvclip.biz/video/YqNBP7Xbnj8/video.html

  • karam qarabash
    karam qarabash Month ago

    The first one have no fucking idea what hes doing 😂😂😂😂

  • henny hefner
    henny hefner Month ago

    2nd dj actually went on to be a successful dj, his insta is @kiddluke

  • Mary B gabe
    Mary B gabe Month ago

    A 12 year old with garage band could have done better than that

  • RJ Cruz
    RJ Cruz Month ago

    Luke played my bar mitzvah

  • John Richardson
    John Richardson Month ago

    2:05 not the best way to hold your hand up

  • Melcome Jordan
    Melcome Jordan Month ago +2

    That first one was so embarrassing man
    The last dude probably should’ve been where the first dude was

  • Brotosaurus
    Brotosaurus Month ago


  • l
    l Month ago

    were there even any ppl with the second dj?

  • 7 Deadly Sinz
    7 Deadly Sinz Month ago

    Idk bout this music today or the crowds but they pretty Lame asf today!!

  • Alex Arthurs
    Alex Arthurs Month ago

    They weren't even /that/ bad music wise, especially the first two... Just... So awkward and the crowds so dead.

  • SilvaEmrik
    SilvaEmrik Month ago

    Even my shits makes better sound.

  • king o shoes
    king o shoes Month ago

    Anthony Sullivan sells houses in Austin Texas now

  • Alec Olson
    Alec Olson Month ago

    Is that Jroc

  • Jaydon James
    Jaydon James Month ago +1

    I finally realize that second hand embarrassment is real after watching this video

  • Jaydon James
    Jaydon James Month ago +1

    The first one was embarrassing to watch he was trying to get the crowd hyped and everything and they still weren’t feeling it he even started throwing out candy

  • limoeco
    limoeco Month ago

    first dj was like Deadm5 song 10 mint

  • G Soap
    G Soap Month ago

    Whenever I see a DJ and it’s just a laptop instead of actual turntables, a part of me dies and hope the world does too.

  • Synyster Wolf
    Synyster Wolf Month ago


  • Amelia Price
    Amelia Price Month ago

    7:16 is the title a comment on the dj's performance or is his name actually dj cringe

  • bEaT eM' aLL
    bEaT eM' aLL Month ago

    Why did the second guy played make it rain lol. Unless there are strippers twerking in the middle you don't need to do that

  • Holly G
    Holly G Month ago


  • Flamango FSDWG
    Flamango FSDWG Month ago

    *aw yeah*

  • Ty Nation
    Ty Nation Month ago +1

    Lol I feel bad for everybody in the first crowd that took drugs

  • ASAP Sinclair
    ASAP Sinclair Month ago

    The First one wasn’t that baaad

  • Samwise Gamgee
    Samwise Gamgee Month ago

    I had to rewind and replay that beautiful sound at 6:02

  • ggreyshade
    ggreyshade Month ago


  • Phil Ill
    Phil Ill Month ago

    Am i better than these dudes? Lmao People who like rap are saying i could be the next big thing. 100% independent writing arranging recording and producing let me know if they are wrong?

  • Michelle Tuband
    Michelle Tuband Month ago

    If the first DJ would have tried to jump onto the crowd, everyone would have moved away and let him fall to the ground.

  • The Comedic Crew
    The Comedic Crew Month ago

    I get second hand embarrassment from this video

  • Can't think of name 2304

    The claps physically hurt me