Amy Schumer Talks About Her Tough Pregnancy

  • Published on Mar 21, 2019
  • Amy Schumer talks about the difficulties she's endured during her pregnancy, the very graphic cake her sister-in-law gave her and performing while pregnant in her new stand-up special.
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    Amy Schumer Talks About Her Tough Pregnancy- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 1 169

  • CCW Noob
    CCW Noob 2 days ago

    omg! this girl got married?! Id love to see a ytube video on the simp she trapped!

  • Claxiux
    Claxiux 3 days ago

    MY VAGINA!!!

  • ShWeJaPa
    ShWeJaPa 4 days ago

    I would like to see Any Schumer do an image to

  • Bilooo
    Bilooo 5 days ago

    You steal jokes, you dont deseeve anything

  • Jay Andrews
    Jay Andrews 9 days ago +1

    DAMN she got big, she pulled the pin on the fat grenade, THE WALL IS UNDEFEATED!!!!

  • under network
    under network 12 days ago

    She said she would ''move to spain or something'' if Trump came into power.. Is she still in the US?

  • Jack Fahy
    Jack Fahy 14 days ago

    She should get the Carlos Mencia treatment for stealing jokes.

  • africanos africanos
    africanos africanos 17 days ago

    Es muy. Talentosa y hermosa

  • Aidin Majorr
    Aidin Majorr 24 days ago

    She sucks

  • P ES
    P ES 24 days ago

    A kosher pig. How rare is that?

  • Muhammad's Butthole
    Muhammad's Butthole 25 days ago +1

    Good god Amy Schumer is a fat hog.

  • Kram Lik
    Kram Lik 25 days ago +1

    Who had sex with her?

  • Kram Lik
    Kram Lik 25 days ago

    She’s so fucking fat and ugly!

  • Laura P.
    Laura P. 27 days ago +3

    "however the baby identifies" LMAOO

  • Burn Neblograv
    Burn Neblograv 27 days ago

    Amy sucks

  • 13699111
    13699111 28 days ago

    The cake bit so funny she's a trip

  • Rick James5678
    Rick James5678 28 days ago +1

    This pig shouldn't be allowed to reproduce. Gross!

  • Joel Cohen
    Joel Cohen 29 days ago

    Joke thief.

  • Loes C
    Loes C 29 days ago

    I have Cannabanoid HyperEmisis. Can’t imagine it with a whole human in me😭strong woman lol

  • BudiCaesar
    BudiCaesar Month ago +4

    When she was growing up, everybody laughed when Amy Schumer said she wanted to be a comedian.

    Nobody's laughing now.

    • PeachScone.s
      PeachScone.s 17 days ago

      the best comment

    • ECERD
      ECERD Month ago

      Damn right noone is laughing.

  • Michael Graystone
    Michael Graystone Month ago +1

    The most not funny female in the history of comedy.

  • lanzacash
    lanzacash Month ago

    Feel sorry that her child had to endure 9 months in that toxic cesspool between Amy's legs.

  • Noteman
    Noteman Month ago

    Now posting pictures of her fat ass with bra and elephant underwear. Ridiculous.
    NORMAL people don’t want to see your discussing body.

  • some random internet person

    She really isn't funny

  • DA MotoNeko
    DA MotoNeko Month ago

    She lost me at "Whatever the baby identifies as".

  • REALityCHECK82
    REALityCHECK82 Month ago

    She looks like she was eating for another adult

  • DarkHorizons
    DarkHorizons Month ago +1

    Who cares lmao

  • Stephen Barry
    Stephen Barry Month ago

    She literally named her kid Genital Fisher, Probably the only funny joke she has ever had.

  • Scan End
    Scan End Month ago

    She’s not funny.

  • CapAnson12345
    CapAnson12345 Month ago

    I can't believe she used to be considered hot.

  • cakeking
    cakeking Month ago

    Wow so funny hahahahaha Jesus Christ

  • nomatterwhoknows
    nomatterwhoknows Month ago

    Schumer is sucks

  • yew 2oob
    yew 2oob Month ago +1

    Pregnancy Ali Wong...this b*tch can't stop stealing other comedians material.

  • heyysimone
    heyysimone Month ago +1

    As long as it doesnt identify as a DJ hahaha

  • Dani de Janeiro
    Dani de Janeiro Month ago +1

    _"I want young people to see that"_

  • grace calis
    grace calis Month ago +3

    Amy for the last time, having a "food baby" doesn't actually mean you're pregnant.

  • jeflynnenut
    jeflynnenut Month ago

    Who the f**k was ill enough to give this gowel faced p*g a length? I honestly f'n detest this porky, mouthy tramp.

  • Ty does Games
    Ty does Games Month ago +1

    I love that the comments are praising her

  • TheonE
    TheonE Month ago

    Burden on Earth

  • Daisy Buttercup
    Daisy Buttercup Month ago

    Nice girl but too many “likes” in the conversation. Please , like, try and cut it out like.

  • トイレの花子
    トイレの花子 Month ago

    Why is this dumb comedy thief still performing?

  • Susan Alspach
    Susan Alspach Month ago

    “However the baby identifies”. Wow no compass as a parent let’s see how that works out.

  • sophia
    sophia Month ago

    omg this is so funny amy shoemur is literally funny omg ha ha im laughing so hard.

  • J Roberts
    J Roberts Month ago +1

    Maybe she should have aborted it. #HollyweirdHypocrites

  • Patrick Odonnell
    Patrick Odonnell Month ago +1

    Came back for money again

  • Schobe Wankenobi
    Schobe Wankenobi 2 months ago

    Who cares, she stole all the jokes from Christina P., And allie Wong!!

  • Schobe Wankenobi
    Schobe Wankenobi 2 months ago

    Who cares, she stole all the jokes from Christina P., And allie Wong!!

  • God Emperor
    God Emperor 2 months ago

    Yeah, happens when you're a beached whale.

    • P ES
      P ES 24 days ago +1

      @God Emperor He deleted his comment lol

    • God Emperor
      God Emperor Month ago

      @Joe Dirt first of all, money and success has nothing to do with it, and second of all, it is fact that overweight women have problems in pregnancies.

  • ConservativeEvan
    ConservativeEvan 2 months ago +1

    She's a total liberal and believes in late term abortion, 1st degree murder, and liberals believe that a baby isn't human until its born----(they also don't believe zygotes and fetuses aren't human but a strange parasite)-----in the emergency room, so for them 3ft and 3mins is what defines a human being even though a new 10 min born infant is exactly the same as it was the womb!!! So why didn't she, as a gesture of pro choice and feminist fervent loyalty,
    abort her baby when she was 8/9 months when she did her netflix comedy special????
    Why did the mostly women audience ooh and awe when she described the actions of her then not yet born baby???
    In those moments her and the audience acknowledged the humanity of her baby. It doesnt make sense and is 100% contradictory!!! would she have had the will to abort the baby in the late stages of 3rd trimester???
    Why didn't she????
    She would support another woman's right to perform a late term abortion and she would have dehumanized the living thing in the womb as a justification but she didn't do that to herself!!!! She acknowledges that a baby in the womb is 100% a human being that is invaluably worthy of love, protection, and care!!!!
    Amy was taking care of the healthiness of her pregnancy by following the doctor's orders, not doing anything risky and dangerous that might hurt the baby, not acting and avoiding public events, and going to her wellness check ups!!! Why was she doing all this and going to all this effort for "a non human parasite" if she supports pro choice and late term abortions??? Why didn't she go on a roller coaster ride, try to miscarriage, or do other dangerous acts if she really thinks that a baby isn't really a human until its born??
    Amy proved a baby is 100% a human being before its born , at conception, and after with an unconditional value worthy of protection!!!!!
    Didn't u libshit women see that??? She proved it!!!! for us conservatives!!!!!

  • Mojo Jojo
    Mojo Jojo 2 months ago

    Can’t believe she actually named him Gene Attell Fischer

  • halvdan9
    halvdan9 2 months ago +1

    She is not a comedian :/

    • halvdan9
      halvdan9 Month ago +1

      @Joe Dirt political correctness is a career nowadays

  • adminpack01
    adminpack01 2 months ago

    "However baby identifies"... pregnant brain fart.

  • songs about mixing
    songs about mixing 2 months ago

    Easily the worst comedian ever

  • Allen Kurtis
    Allen Kurtis 2 months ago +1

    Molly, she’s a bad “person”

  • Greg Ringler
    Greg Ringler 2 months ago

    Hey Amy one question. If your son grows up to be like D Trump would you have an abortion?????? JUST WONDERING???????

  • Mary R
    Mary R 2 months ago

    ahh, poor Amy. Did she mention she called her boy Gene Attell, like genital, not funny

  • Jan Novotný
    Jan Novotný 2 months ago

    This is it? This is the stuff people are laughing today? It fills my heart with sadness

  • Pop Lyle
    Pop Lyle 2 months ago

    Is anyone really surprised that Amy Shumer had a difficult pregnancy?

  • mrzim dzimejl
    mrzim dzimejl 2 months ago

    i hope her baby identifies as a boy cause his mom already told everyone it's a boy. i guess biology counts.

  • Billy Grey
    Billy Grey 2 months ago +1

    Ah. So gross.

  • Hayley
    Hayley 2 months ago

    However the baby identifies....

  • James Bael
    James Bael 2 months ago

    Female version of Nick Swardson...they could be twins, she just didnt inherit the funny gene

  • Djfreeze
    Djfreeze 2 months ago

    Straight face gang

  • Frank Franklin
    Frank Franklin 2 months ago +2

    Imagine if amy schumer wasnt related to chuck schumer and didnt steal other comedians material? She d have no career. Amazing how quickly she became know it all hollywood snob after earning nothing.

    • P ES
      P ES 24 days ago

      @Roland rice Jesus, what an immoral moron you are.

    • Frank Franklin
      Frank Franklin Month ago +1

      Roland rice i guess i am jealous my cousin isnt chuck schumer to get my career going. I like when people come from nothing. Not celebrity families like that snob

    • Frank Franklin
      Frank Franklin Month ago +1

      Roland rice ur a moron. Jealous?? Thats the word u picked? Couldnt put more effort defending a rich entitled celebrity.

    • Roland rice
      Roland rice Month ago

      Frank Franklin jealous much

  • A vicious Little queen
    A vicious Little queen 2 months ago +2

    I didn't even notice she was pregnant for some unknown reason....

  • Eric Larsen
    Eric Larsen 2 months ago

    No one cares about your pregnancy you disgusting fat beast

  • r4rifle
    r4rifle 2 months ago

    Freaking Porky Leftist Twirp! Not funny anymore! She can blow the Hilwitch!

  • John Saylor
    John Saylor 2 months ago +1

    I hear amy doesnt like Wendy's spice chicken nuggets. I'm gonna buy a ton of them now. MY VIGINA AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • John Saylor
      John Saylor Month ago +1

      @Joe Dirt loads of money? They are 99cents. My vigina lol she make lots of money she must an old white man lmao and Republican

  • BinDare DunDat
    BinDare DunDat 2 months ago

    You know it's gonna be tougher for anyone to beat Trump.
    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Blessed Wife&Mother
    Blessed Wife&Mother 2 months ago

    Ask Amy if her baby is alive inside of her. This would be a great platform for ProLife. Let's just see if she has a change of heart. Every life is precious. ProLife always!!