Crowd sings "We Shall Overcome" at Town Hall

  • Published on May 12, 2017
  • At Iowa Republican Rod Blum's town hall the crowd started singing "We Shall Overcome," the anthem of the Civil Rights Movement.

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  • Sp00kychairskeltal
    Sp00kychairskeltal 8 months ago

    Boomerposting IRL

  • raynarayskye
    raynarayskye 8 months ago

    Exactly what do you plan to overcome? You all look fine to me. Also some of you looked old as hell, if you ain't overcame by now, you won't.

  • JaZzy Crowd
    JaZzy Crowd 8 months ago

    well damn you know things are bad when white people are singing a old negro hym no black people in sight LMAO good luck over coming

  • Gary Zmolek
    Gary Zmolek 8 months ago +2

    OK, all you haters, check this out. I am the guy in the peach shirt who started the singing. I sang that song for the first time with Julian Bond at a demonstration for civil rights in the 1960s. The history of the song goes way back to the 1700s, and it became a protest song among tobacco workers, mostly black women, who were striking in 1945. Pete Seeger, a white guy with a passion for social justice, picked up the song, changed a word of the lyrics, spread it around the world, and it became the anthem of the civil rights movement in the 60s. I decided to sing this song at 10:00 o'clock on the morning of the Town Hall, and I asked people to join me if they wanted in the 45 minutes before the Town Hall. We sang this 5 minutes before the event started. No one could get into the event who wasn't from our Congressional District, and we had to have IDs to get in. It was a lot less staged than all the responses Rep. Blum fed us, which were word-for-word from his form letters. As for those of you who condemn us whiteys for singing this song, it is an anthem of resistance to all social injustice, like unfair working conditions. And I am relieved to find, as is clear from the way some of you post, that surgeons have successfully figured out a way to connect the colon to the throat so that the excrement can come straight out your mouth and relieve the pressure on your cranium.

    • Chanell J. Wilson
      Chanell J. Wilson 8 months ago +1

      Hi Gary, I applaud your protest and your duty to stand up against the injustice. It is not so much that I am "hating" or being mean, I felt a certain type of way when I heard your group singing that particular song -as a black woman and comparing the two struggles. I understand your point about it being an anthem of resistance to ALL social injustice...but in the context to history black people still have not overcome... anything in regards to justice in this hearing those words come out of your mouth with your skin triggers us from a 500-year being a second class inventory (not citizen) in this American place. I am not saying you shouldn't protest, I am saying I wish you would have chosen another song just because of the historical context behind the meaning of that song in regards to black people's oppression and continued oppression in this country. Our continued oppression and conditioning in the country is unparalleled and unmatched compared to any other groups struggle and the sad part is although we have made great strides we are still fighting to be seen as HUMAN and we only get symbolic meaning -the first black to do this or a museum...we are still trying to prove to everyone that we are human and that we can do human things....which sucks....all lives don't matter yet..... So like I said we still need that song reserved for out fight and movement and that's what most people think of when they hear that song....WE have not overcome....I continue to ask the question When do we overcome? I don't hate you or think that you are racist or anything....but just think about some of the things I said in regards to being culturally insensitive, cultural triggers, a legacy of untreated trauma, things that have been passed down generation to generation and constantly being told that we are the problems and that "it's always about race for us" and we didn't start this race chasm....We haven't overcome...Next time just pick another song...the context comes off as insensitive.....In peace and in love I understand the need for your movement...We have to fight these things that 45 and his team are doing because it is not right...but get creative with the way you do it please for the sake of being sensitive of Black people's struggle and things that Black people are still going through....In peace....

  • J03LM1
    J03LM1 8 months ago +1

    DAMN!!!! Trump got the whites singing "we shall overcome". lmao. this is bad news smh. you can oppress minorities and get away with. but when the whites just feel like they're being oppress, just the feeling of it, its never a good sign. all throughout history it has never ended well. Trump the so called "new Reagan" being investigated for commie Russian ties. oh the irony

  • john smith
    john smith 8 months ago +2

    What utter nonsense. Contrived!!! CNN stoop to a new low.

  • TokyoMonsta
    TokyoMonsta 8 months ago


  • Betty Cecconi
    Betty Cecconi 8 months ago +1

  • Haunted By The Truth
    Haunted By The Truth 8 months ago

    Paul Ryan is Discretely Organizing a run for President in 2020.

  • gooker
    gooker 8 months ago +1

    oh stop, you make liberals look silly.

    • gooker
      gooker 8 months ago

      ^ i didn't read the description. i just assumed they were liberals because this is typical liberal behavior.
      i am a liberal btw

    • complexadaptive
      complexadaptive 8 months ago

      they are REPUBLICANS in Iowa you stupid ingrate......fuckin read!!!

  • Huzaifa Huxaifa
    Huzaifa Huxaifa 8 months ago +2


  • Orion Falcon
    Orion Falcon 8 months ago

    russian trolls.. russian trolls.. russian trolls everywhere..

  • Alexander Jones
    Alexander Jones 8 months ago +2

    Like you did in the election?

  • Gus B
    Gus B 8 months ago +4

    CNN is fake news!

  • Yosef Yamasee
    Yosef Yamasee 8 months ago

    sing my Negro spiritual.

  • Rea Ality
    Rea Ality 8 months ago +3

    Socialism is the problem, not the answer. The mainstream media is doing everything in its power to turn lies into reality by flooding the airwaves with a fake perception. The unwise will believe a lie if it is simply repeated over and over and over again. Don't fall for it!

    • Rea Ality
      Rea Ality 8 months ago +1

      The 'great recession' occurred in 1929. What we had in 2009 was nothing compared to that.

    • Bluespirit12345
      Bluespirit12345 8 months ago +2

      Rea Ality
      Because socialism caused the great recessi..... oh wait. It was the currupt system we have now

  • Paul Brosco
    Paul Brosco 8 months ago

    Sheeple Think

  • Jeremy Parsons
    Jeremy Parsons 8 months ago +1

    because this is cnn fake news by omission of facts, we really have no clue what this was about, it could be a pro illegal immigrant meeting for all we know.

  • White Identity
    White Identity 8 months ago +2

    Look at all those oppressed/brainwashed white people. Nobody told 'em PC virtue signalling is dead.Haahaahahaa! CNN is long fake news.

  • Jeremy Parsons
    Jeremy Parsons 8 months ago +1

    ahhh fake news cnn doing news story on how its done. wonder if cnn will make a tutorial video on how to make fake news and sell the book. how we scam the world.

  • ร‰ric McCurry from Chibougamau

    Fuk Civil Rights :(

  • The Rancour
    The Rancour 8 months ago +1

    People start bitching when the government takes away free handouts but when the government collects all there personal information and violates they're rights, their a pack of crickets.

  • 1994CPK
    1994CPK 8 months ago +1

    what a bunch of fags

  • Not Sure
    Not Sure 8 months ago +8

    *We will get rid of the democrats who are destroying the nation.*

  • Ed Maphis
    Ed Maphis 8 months ago +1

    The main thing they need to overcome is that last plate at Hometown Buffet.

  • kellerr13
    kellerr13 8 months ago +2

    I want the town hall officials to be doing official work with my tax dollars. Save your singing for your church.

  • Dee Rob
    Dee Rob 8 months ago +3

    wow... never thought i would see the day that white americans would be singing what became the anthem of the civil rights movement.

  • Bee Tee
    Bee Tee 8 months ago +3

    The new thing Doctors are telling there patients if they have a pre-existing condition that they will die from is we all gonna die and they are using this term to get them to accept being cut-off from services.They will even go so far as to suggest working to relieve the stress of the inevitable demise.

  • John Bixby Bixbyking500
    John Bixby Bixbyking500 8 months ago +6

    Obviously payed for by Soros and the fake news globalist elite. Because everything is controlled by the fake news globalist elite if it is not Pro Trump.

    CS DUSE 8 months ago +9

    White folks singing "We shall overcome " America is fucked

  • Person McPerson
    Person McPerson 8 months ago +11


      TRUMPTARD 8 months ago

      Both of those things are not going to happen you retard.

    • Stephen Collins
      Stephen Collins 8 months ago +2


  • Inglorious Massturd
    Inglorious Massturd 8 months ago

    It's a th5 lol

  • Bee Tee
    Bee Tee 8 months ago +13

    As we can see The Liar and Thief has made a fool out of the GOP we now see who they really work for and it ain't the people, .......................................WAKEUP AMERICA!!!!!

  • Johnny Scythe
    Johnny Scythe 8 months ago +4

    Some day will be November of 2018.

  • Christina Powell
    Christina Powell 8 months ago +1

    can at least get on they same key

  • Artistry Artistry
    Artistry Artistry 8 months ago +5

    Wow, why the fuck would they use THIS song. Tacky and in incredibly poor taste.

  • Fuck Jeremy and Tastee
    Fuck Jeremy and Tastee 8 months ago +2

    Get every single Russian origin living in America ...they might
    Be hacking our elections .

    • crickey73
      crickey73 8 months ago

      That's no less racist than Trump stating that a judge of Mexican heritage can't deliver an unbiased ruling.

  • Hadley Pleasanton
    Hadley Pleasanton 8 months ago +4

    Boomer cucks ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Ren Hoek
    Ren Hoek 8 months ago +11

    What comedy club is that?

    • Jackie Binns
      Jackie Binns 8 months ago +1

      NamB Oetsiv go back to your own Country if you hate this one ! get out !

    • Roger Wilco
      Roger Wilco 8 months ago +2

      moron, what does that even mean??

  • Alex Kay
    Alex Kay 8 months ago +15


    • Rex Rip
      Rex Rip 8 months ago +1

      Stephen Collins yea they are watching you from their microwaves.

    • Stephen Collins
      Stephen Collins 8 months ago +3


    • 1994CPK
      1994CPK 8 months ago +1

      Alex Kay

    • Jeha
      Jeha 8 months ago +9

      Resist what? As if you even knew the real reason you're protesting.

  • Lopici
    Lopici 8 months ago +48

    Time to rise up America! Russians are in the White House calling the shots.

    • Imperial America
      Imperial America 8 months ago +2

      +john smith
      I'm sick for pointing out facts? Jews control the media and the most notorious companies, as well as many academic institutions. George Soros is a Jew and he funds multiple leftist protests, movements, and political agenda, like Russia and the Clinton Campaign.

    • john smith
      john smith 8 months ago +1

      You are insane. Seek help. Seriously

  • Jackson Brown
    Jackson Brown 8 months ago +12

    White people shall overcome wtf they have already overcome

    • Imperial America
      Imperial America 8 months ago +2

      +tony parker
      Hahahaha. Racist is just a word used by minorities to justify anti white agendas.
      Make a real argument. Why do you think you're entitled to stay here and not give us thanks?

    • Jackson Brown
      Jackson Brown 8 months ago

      Imperial America
      Ha ha your the funniest racist Ive had the pleasure of corresponding with, very funny guy.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Imperial America
      Imperial America 8 months ago +1

      +tony parker
      If you hate white people, then get the fuck out of America and go to a country with a majority black populus. Oh, wait a second, WHITE CIVILIZATION is responsible for the highest standard of living, free speech, and opportunity and you don't want to leave? Yet you sit here bitching at us for LETTING you live here and enjoy these privileges? Fuck off.

    • Imperial America
      Imperial America 8 months ago +1

      +tony parker
      "We'reโ€‹ the party of acceptance and civil rights" Except when it comes to white people. Double standards run rampant in leftist thought. Kill yourself. I hope you get raped by a white man and shot by a white cop.

    • Imperial America
      Imperial America 8 months ago +1

      +tony parker
      Thanks for showing your true colors. Fuck off to Africa, you stupid fucking nigger. Whites are taking back the west whether you like it or not.

  • 01010100 01110010 01110101 01110100 01101000

    We will overcome the globalist Zionist neocon banking elite.

    • complexadaptive
      complexadaptive 8 months ago

      no no no ....We will overcome the neoplastic nodule communista rebel guerilla global and local socialist libcon black white Asian indigenous global conspiracy!!!!

    • Michael Kahr
      Michael Kahr 8 months ago +8

      What a nice description of Trump. You can add criminal and a lot of other stuff too.

  • Pale Pink Genetic Annihilation ThanksHeroinOpioids

    Get your own song, dirty pale pig pink skins!

    • Cute Little Suzie
      Cute Little Suzie 8 months ago +1

      Barbara - they almost culturally appropriated the English language. (snicker)

    • Jonny Stugotts
      Jonny Stugotts 8 months ago

      So now you resort to calling white peoples " footballs "! I.e. Pig skins !

    • Barbara Spectre
      Barbara Spectre 8 months ago +3

      caucasian genetic annihilation your culturally appropriating the internet and computers from whites

    • Jackie Binns
      Jackie Binns 8 months ago +1

      NamB Oetsiv freak

    • Ren Hoek
      Ren Hoek 8 months ago

      caucasian genetic annihilation You really told them. Stop with your jealousy.

  • Musa Gomez
    Musa Gomez 8 months ago +1

    I was the 2 too wacth this