7 Cool New Snapchat Tricks You Must Know (2016)

  • Published on Aug 24, 2016
  • If you love using Snapchat just like us, we bring you the latest secret Snapchat tricks, tips and hacks in this video, for Android and iPhone users.
    Video Walkthrough:
    1. Emoji Pin: 0:22
    2. Take screenshots without notification: 1:02
    3. Zoom in smoothly: 1:39
    4. Control who contacts you: 2:01
    5. Create your own filters: 2:30
    6. Know if you are blocked: 3:.09
    7. Record video without holding the capture button: 3:32
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  • Emma Barraza
    Emma Barraza 2 days ago

    mspy can be installed manually for this purpose

  • captain jack
    captain jack Month ago

    Fuck indian language

  • klwii
    klwii Month ago +2

    Lady: Where is the library?
    That Guy: Its to the left
    Lady: Ok Thanks! :D
    Lady: Its not here wtf

    LIBIA OLMOS 2 months ago +2

    I already know all of these😂

  • Lord Humongous Swag
    Lord Humongous Swag 2 months ago

    Where u looking at?

  • Chicken Wings
    Chicken Wings 5 months ago +2

    2019 anyone?

  • LynLand Videos
    LynLand Videos 5 months ago

    For a screenshot you can screen record

  • Alpo Ananda
    Alpo Ananda 5 months ago

    I can find my old filters pllz help me how I can find it

  • Eloy Lamb
    Eloy Lamb 5 months ago +1

    I always use this tool if I want to get someones passwοrd budlink.live/dm

  • Eric Perez
    Eric Perez 6 months ago

    Stupid update doesn’t let me zoom anymore!!!!

  • AR Gun Súng Thực Tế Ảo

    want Hack Snc ? use this tool snchack.host?

  • Madi and Ali R
    Madi and Ali R 7 months ago

    I AM NOT RACIST but why do Indians always do these videos?

  • Preeti Mann
    Preeti Mann 7 months ago


  • Bagus Alfarizky
    Bagus Alfarizky 9 months ago

    India anjing

  • c b
    c b 11 months ago

    My Snapchat pauses when I use filters. If you have a solution please tell. Please please please please please please please please

  • rajeev isukapatla
    rajeev isukapatla 11 months ago


  • Slime Satisfacción

    Very nice 👍🏻


    How do you sensor your face like using an emoji on your face so you could hide your face but every time you move your face it moves with it

  • naman Goyal
    naman Goyal Year ago +1

    If i add do not disturb in Snapchat in so my friends can see my story

  • Certified street nigga

    Tink you Kno averting bout Snapchat tink again

  • Aayushman Sehdev
    Aayushman Sehdev Year ago

    Part 2 plsss

  • c r y i n g
    c r y i n g Year ago +11

    when you already knew all these 😂

  • praveen .N
    praveen .N Year ago

    Seriously, this video is filled with bullshits. A brand new working version has been revealed just search " samaxguides " in google.

  • IANKY07
    IANKY07 Year ago +1

    If you turn your wifi and go to snapchat and take a screenshot with no wifi it will not say that you took a screenshot i did this for iphone i dont know for android but i think it works for androind too.

    MANISH Year ago


  • Isnad Chowdhury
    Isnad Chowdhury Year ago +1

    zooming method is mind blowing 😍

    • Eric Perez
      Eric Perez 6 months ago

      Isnad Chowdhury the stupid update doesn’t let me zoom in anymore!!!

  • Syed Akter
    Syed Akter Year ago

    I like snapchat very much

  • Sangram Chowdhury

    hey sir

  • maneyk sawhkat
    maneyk sawhkat Year ago

    Great content

    KARAM CHOHAN 2 years ago +1

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    I couldnt focus on what he was saying all I was trying to figure out is where his eyes were looking

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    why are indian peoples thumbs so pointy

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    Niyah Nation 2 years ago

    Thxs i learned so much from this video

  • TheDark Knut
    TheDark Knut 2 years ago

    cool! Thanks! :D

  • • f a b i e n n e •
    • f a b i e n n e • 2 years ago +1

    I knew all of these :/

    • Uh Hi
      Uh Hi Year ago

      Fabienne Stephenson same

  • Fernanda Wicker
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    TheWerwolfFin 2 years ago

    Snapchat: philipunknown

  • Carmen Gregg
    Carmen Gregg 2 years ago

    I love your MacBook sticker

  • Faraaz YNV
    Faraaz YNV 2 years ago +2

    lol dont be sorry for iphone user i take ss via iphone. u just have to off wifi and then take ss from the previously loaded snaps that all!

  • D F
    D F 2 years ago +4

    really cool, thanks boss

  • Beachside Girls
    Beachside Girls 2 years ago

    Who are these new I've new these for a very long time not being mean tho👍🏽🙂👌🏾

  • Muslahi_77
    Muslahi_77 2 years ago +1

    Great Video Bro !!! Helped Me

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  • dumme jungs
    dumme jungs 2 years ago +1

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