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  • The Reel Rejects
    The Reel Rejects  9 months ago +15

    Thanks for stopping by! Please follow Tara Erickson on TVclip where she also does REACTIONS & Comedy Videos :)

    • Arnez Juggins
      Arnez Juggins 9 months ago

      The Reel Rejects can't wait for three review

  • Emmy Thuresson
    Emmy Thuresson 3 months ago

    You should react to Alex Strangelove!! It's great and it's been called Love, Simons "Racy, romcom twin" it's more funny and maybe not as deep but still really good. It recently came out on Netflix but the trailer is on TVclip!
    Please react to it?!

  • Bill O'Brien
    Bill O'Brien 4 months ago

    Tara is one of the most beautiful woman you’ve had on

  • lanceth0t1
    lanceth0t1 5 months ago

    I’ve been needing to read the book, maybe I’ll just watch it idk it looks like a solid movie

  • nt snazzy
    nt snazzy 5 months ago


    We don't discover the guy until the very end

  • Gabby Killin
    Gabby Killin 5 months ago

    we find out who blue is at the end :)

  • Angelo Cxudis24
    Angelo Cxudis24 6 months ago +1

    Gaycrap the STRAIGHT ones to arrest them pls

  • The Midnight Miner
    The Midnight Miner 6 months ago +2

    That’s what I thought! He looks kinda like Ansel!

  • The Midnight Miner
    The Midnight Miner 6 months ago

    Very good movie 🍿

  • lovelion2001
    lovelion2001 7 months ago +1

    well the trailer didn't tell you that it gets really sad.

  • Tony
    Tony 7 months ago +1

    Having seen the movie and I really enjoyed it. There are so many "bread crumbs" throughout. That in the end...well

  • Essi Saloheimo
    Essi Saloheimo 7 months ago

    The book is soooooo amazing, I can't wait to see the movie!

  • Fullmoon Phantom1412
    Fullmoon Phantom1412 7 months ago +1

    i was expecting a horror story just because he said craigs list. meeting people online is great, it's just craigs list is not the one i would choose. i've heard too many horror stories from there.

  • Zach Kinsey
    Zach Kinsey 7 months ago +3

    *comes home drunk*
    "we're good parents"
    *texts mom about alcohol*
    "OMG be right there!"
    like what?

    • TRIS
      TRIS 7 months ago

      Zachary Kinsey he texted his mom about alcohol in the past when hes still acting “straight”, he comes home drunk in the present day.

  • History Fanatic
    History Fanatic 7 months ago


  • Jason Stamp
    Jason Stamp 7 months ago +2

    I've seen the movie twice already at advance screenings. The "reveal" comes right at the end of the movie. The story is progressing along towards that moment. Simon gets clues from the emails back and forth and so he's trying to mentally guess who it is and drop hints to guys and trying to figure it out but you don't know for certain who it is until the very end when he's on the ferris wheel at the carnival. The first time I saw it I had a huge smile on my face at the reveal moment and actually clapped when it happened. Both times I've seen it there have been cheers from the audience when the reveal happens. The movie is fantastic, it's really well done. Lots of tears and laughs throughout. I don't want to over-hype it, as we'll have to wait and see how the general audiences receive it and what the impact of it is, but this really does feel like a game-changing moment with the fact that a major Hollywood studio has given us a film like this with this subject matter. If I had had this film or the book it was based on when I was a scared and confused closeted teenager in the 1990s, it would have changed my life. I'm so happy LGBT kids now have this movie to guide them.

  • Darksider95
    Darksider95 7 months ago +5

    The normalisation of all these gay movies makes me hopeful for a gay superhero movie like Midnighter and Apollo...

  • Joe Snaffer
    Joe Snaffer 7 months ago +1

    Is this high female friend of yours going to be in any more videos

  • bangtanjimin
    bangtanjimin 7 months ago

    Read the book you’re wrong about knowing it in the first 30 minutes 😉😉😉

  • Fahad Aheer
    Fahad Aheer 7 months ago +1

    Please react to this is our home this is pakistan ispr video 💚💖❤😋😚😍😇🤗🙂

  • Kaylee Logghe
    Kaylee Logghe 7 months ago +1

    I’ve read the book and it really spoke To me and was identifiable it was great and I hope the movie is not to different from the book

  • Sascha G
    Sascha G 7 months ago

    i read the book and i think that the guy he’s kissing on christmas is him imagining blue? unless he ends up with someone else??

    • Jason Stamp
      Jason Stamp 7 months ago

      I've seen the movie twice, and you are correct. He ends up with the same person as in the book.

  • Paul Delgadillo
    Paul Delgadillo 7 months ago +8

    In the book this movie is based on, Simon doesn't find out who the person he's been emailing is until near the very end of the book. What I really liked about the book was that it really wasn't another teen coming out movie, it was about the fact that someone chose to out Simon for a very petty reason. Simon isn't given the right to come out on his own terms and that's the reall big issue here.

    • NoName :/
      NoName :/ 4 months ago

      That is what happened with the movie......

  • Alexa Donahue
    Alexa Donahue 7 months ago

    nick is mine!!!!

    DANK MEMES FROM HELL 7 months ago

    The same trailer came on at the middle of the reaction

  • Kirk Sander Niere
    Kirk Sander Niere 8 months ago

    No, actually blue was very hard to pinpoint specially in the book.

  • Ashlynn Stilinski
    Ashlynn Stilinski 8 months ago

    I got the ad for love Simon in your video 😂

  • marco's other half
    marco's other half 8 months ago

    I almost died

  • Marie 123
    Marie 123 8 months ago +4

    Kid flash in that movie you know I’m going to watch it now😂

  • Christopher C
    Christopher C 8 months ago

    It won't be the leaf blower guy. He's a jerk, and also hard of hearing.

  • Chinxize4
    Chinxize4 8 months ago +1

    Nope, no one will probably know who he is mailing to, except for those who read the book :P

  • yanyan salvador
    yanyan salvador 8 months ago

    one day he is in the TOP of the world the next day he is in the rock BOTTOM - he is VERSATILE...

  • Amber Correnti
    Amber Correnti 8 months ago

    I bet its a girl not guy, maybe the friend....snap

  • John Daryl Ocampo
    John Daryl Ocampo 8 months ago +2


  • Nicky PALKA
    Nicky PALKA 8 months ago

    The reveal of who Blue’s identity is at the end, and then Simon and Blue share a few scenes in person as well (probably the last fifth 10-15 minutes of the movie

  • Silk
    Silk 8 months ago +3

    The thing that makes me want to watch this movie even more is that Jack Antonoff has so many songs in this soundtrack!

  • trulylashton
    trulylashton 9 months ago

    i love the book, i'm not sure that it'll follow exactly. I wouldn't be mad, cause I can see it going two ways so if they shorten the book for the movie then they might change the ending. I'm just happy they made this movie and i love the cast.

  • Endercybereye33
    Endercybereye33 9 months ago +68

    "I'm heterosexual."

    • Ace Shadows
      Ace Shadows 9 months ago

      Endercybereye33 God I love that part

  • lou lunatique
    lou lunatique 9 months ago

    I read the book... And we don't know it until a good time into it so... Yeah

    CRINGE GAMING 9 months ago +7

    Nobody realised Hannah baker as the friend of Nick??? Seriously?? 13 reasons why??

    • A n a
      A n a 8 months ago +10

      Sufal Ghosh it’s not that they didn’t realize it, more like they don’t care

  • pantsuck11
    pantsuck11 9 months ago +2

    *Simon's meets other guy and is not white*
    "Ummm errr sorry only into white, not racist just a preference"
    *Movie ends*

    • Russell Hunter
      Russell Hunter 7 months ago

      It would be a preference, not everyone wants to date a certain race.

  • endless013
    endless013 9 months ago

    I think we already know who the other guy is because they took a lot of time in this trailer to show one other guy more than any other random person.

  • alex artistic
    alex artistic 9 months ago

    You should have her on more, she made it funny😂

  • Isabella W
    Isabella W 9 months ago +4

    11 minute video for a 2 minute trailer

    This is how you know people talk too much

  • Kelly Bills
    Kelly Bills 9 months ago

    I'm hoping to hear if you've seen Super Troopers yet. A new trailer's out and it's sooooo good.

  • Karan Singh
    Karan Singh 9 months ago

    Please fix the in-video audio, not balanced for last many videos. very base heavy, unclear. ty.

  • TheRizGuy
    TheRizGuy 9 months ago

    That was the best post reaction convo I've seen of anybody, also Tara, Corey Graves kinda hates you now. :P

  • Ruby Tant
    Ruby Tant 9 months ago

    It is a big secret for a long time

  • HeikkiP
    HeikkiP 9 months ago

    I love Katherine Langford, she does a really powerful work on 13 Reasons Why

  • Amanda Abell
    Amanda Abell 9 months ago

    Please do a reaction video for the everyday trailer.

  • N A
    N A 9 months ago +14

    She's a wonderful complement to the host. I could watch a full hour of them going back and forth, possibly with increasingly loud accents the whole time.

  • 7MonarC
    7MonarC 9 months ago +7

    "i'm gay" could also mean "i want out of this relationship cause i found another girl"

  • Helgard Werner
    Helgard Werner 9 months ago +4

    OMG....just checked her IMDB page and came to the realization that you both have been in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia......Mind. Blown.

    • Helgard Werner
      Helgard Werner 9 months ago +2

      Yep, not the same episode though...I don't think.

    • Mega MovieZ
      Mega MovieZ 9 months ago +3

      Helgard Werner Wait Greg and her?

  • Helgard Werner
    Helgard Werner 9 months ago +2

    Tara is such a great guest, very entertaining!! Great vid!

  • Chicken Ranger
    Chicken Ranger 9 months ago +4

    Stop making movies about social media.
    Just Stop

    • Austin Gray
      Austin Gray 8 months ago

      it was a part of the story. if it wasn’t there, the story would have never happened.

    • paperclips without any videos
      paperclips without any videos 8 months ago +3

      Well its based on a book made recently, what do you want it to be, a modern love story set in the 1800s? We have enough of those

    • Jake's Thoughts
      Jake's Thoughts 9 months ago +7

      Chicken Ranger it’s not pandering to anyone. Social media exists. The same as gay people exist. To not include, as I said, would be unrealistic in a movie about teens.

    • Christopher C
      Christopher C 9 months ago +2

      The movie Non-Stop had text messages on-screen through most of the early scenes. A four year old movie.
      Pretty redundant to make complaints about social media on a TVclip comment section.

    • Chicken Ranger
      Chicken Ranger 9 months ago +1

      I think you missed the point...
      You're right... But I still would rather films keep that junk to a minimum instead of using it as a pandering device for millennials. (ie. I don't much care.)

  • Mayhemm007
    Mayhemm007 9 months ago +1

    I always thought he was overdoing the hound-dogging and masculine-projection in Jurassic World.
    Makes sense he'd be in the closet.

    • zhaquiri
      zhaquiri 9 months ago +2

      Mayhemm007 I don't think the actor is gay, but his role in Jurassic World was definitely ridiculous. All the pouting he made in JW made his face really punchable.

    • Christopher C
      Christopher C 9 months ago +8

      Mayhemm007 Tom Hanks, Sean Penn, Will Smith, Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal, ever think those dudes were gay after playing gay roles? Should it matter?

  • Alex Hilber
    Alex Hilber 9 months ago +4

    She's hilarious!

  • jon wong
    jon wong 9 months ago +22

    Tara is always entertaining!

  • Warning_Known_Fangirl
    Warning_Known_Fangirl 9 months ago +33

    I don't know how they'll do it in the movie but in the book you don't find out who the other guy towards the end of the book

    • Aroreiel
      Aroreiel 6 months ago

      The reveal is the same as the book.

    • Kirk Sander Niere
      Kirk Sander Niere 8 months ago +1

      Warning_Known_Fangirl ikr, i was really surprised but very happy when the book revealed who blue was. The part i really liked was when simon told that martin guy: "I'm the one supposed to decide whether people should know or not."

  • Lauryn Olivia
    Lauryn Olivia 9 months ago +142

    This looks SO cheesy, but I’m a good way. Ya feel?

    • Aroreiel
      Aroreiel 6 months ago +1

      This could've easily been cheese. But it isn't. It never becomes schmaltzy. It's a funny and surprisingly moving film.

    • Angela Hsiao
      Angela Hsiao 7 months ago +1

      I saw someone on Rotten tomatoes describe this movie as an “expertly carved block of cheese” and honestly I can’t think of a better description for it

    • Bluebell
      Bluebell 8 months ago +1

      It was cheesy, but in a really, really good way :D

    • 23mimiboo
      23mimiboo 8 months ago +7

      Lauryn Olivia maybe the movie looks cheesy but the book, omg, I couldn't stop reading, started after work and finished before bedtime, I highly recommend it

    • Fandom Trash
      Fandom Trash 9 months ago +1

      it's like a teen movie which I love

  • Mario Gonzalez
    Mario Gonzalez 9 months ago +6

    Tara you can totally get it, you're 30 right?

  • Daehawk
    Daehawk 9 months ago +2

    Probably his dad :P

  • Artimis Lestrange
    Artimis Lestrange 9 months ago +45

    Is the female creature drunk?

    • Tara Bales
      Tara Bales 6 months ago

      Creature?? Wtf

    • Artimis Lestrange
      Artimis Lestrange 7 months ago

      T H, nah, I'm a hardcore feminist actually.

    • T H
      T H 7 months ago +3

      wow sexist much?

    • HeikkiP
      HeikkiP 9 months ago +5

      Artimis Lestrange Just weird in a fun way

    • No One
      No One 9 months ago +5

      Just a different kinda creature

  • Izzy belle
    Izzy belle 9 months ago +54

    i've read the book- gregs a little more right.

    • braedyn
      braedyn 7 months ago +1

      Izzy belle the book is so good i cried at some points. if i cried during the book i’m definitely gonna be sobbing during the movie lmao

  • Not your average Bear
    Not your average Bear 9 months ago

    Greg you have a very interesting past with Craigslist 😏 Ima need you to write that book and publish it ASAP! 🤓

  • Miguel Elliott
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  • Alternative Opinions
    Alternative Opinions 9 months ago +3

    what camera are you using?

  • saitama black goku
    saitama black goku 9 months ago +42

    I’m kinda excited for this movie

  • Comic Brian
    Comic Brian 9 months ago +2


  • Gerardo Diaz
    Gerardo Diaz 9 months ago +11

    You got Male on Male

  • Arnez Juggins
    Arnez Juggins 9 months ago +123

    Looks solid and actully compleling

    • Cory
      Cory 8 months ago +2

      That spelling though

  • Rachel Nicole Noir
    Rachel Nicole Noir 9 months ago +31

    I was waiting for this yay