How to Fall Asleep FAST When You CAN’T Sleep! 10 Sleep Life Hacks!

  • Published on Jan 20, 2018
  • Best sleep hacks when you can't sleep! Life hacks to relax, destress & how to fall asleep FAST!
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    Happy Saturday!! So glad to see you here!!✨I got a lot of requests to do a sleep life hacks video, especially for when you CAN’T SLEEP! #WOKE4LIFE✨😇Comment below what other videos you want to see next? As always I love each & every one of you guys! 💖Now it’s time to start replying to some of the early #natificationsquad comments ^_^

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    Morning: *yawn*
    School: SO SLEEPY
    After dinner:good night
    Bed time: GoOd MOrNiNg

  • Addison Yates
    Addison Yates 2 hours ago +1

    I have Parasomnia so I have trouble sleeping always. I’m always scared to sleep now:(

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    I cant belive that 27M people watched this cuz they need help to fall asleep

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    This is good for me because I never can sleep and think about tomorow

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    me: watching this video at 4 am

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    I use hack #8 every night. It works SOOO well!

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