It's Finally Time...

  • Published on Oct 19, 2018
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  • Bitch Lesbian
    Bitch Lesbian 11 days ago

    Hi, hello can you make physical stores please

  • This is a channel
    This is a channel 14 days ago

    This is somehow related to the youtube harry potter cloak

  • wind
    wind 21 day ago

    700% markup

  • the ghost
    the ghost 25 days ago

    It was a bit over price just a bit could take off 10 buck's or 20 to 15 but I understand u need profit but still is good clothes i still got some

  • This is a channel
    This is a channel Month ago

    Jack this "cloak" doesn't really stand out to other plane hoodies only that its 80 dollars

  • Jacob Cottrell
    Jacob Cottrell Month ago


  • Draycen
    Draycen Month ago

    It's nearly the end of February. Pre order bullshit. Prices aren't going down which is sad because that white hoodie. Looks so good.

  • My_Universe
    My_Universe 2 months ago

    I find it interesting how this company is based off the idea of people having accessible clothing for everybody yet not only is the fabric nothing special nor expensive on its own, the designs seem rather uninspired, but the prices are far from the theme of “accessible clothing”.

  • Fernando Gonzalez
    Fernando Gonzalez 2 months ago

    How to get more rich on you tube= take advantage of your lazy fan selling them over expensive shit that isn't worth The money its just simple designs and a boring logo that doesn't have any Great work on it to make it look cool!

  • Oscarryon
    Oscarryon 2 months ago

    There going to restock right

    • Oscarryon
      Oscarryon 2 months ago

      Yes ok I spelt there wrong I did it purposely

  • Scott McCoy
    Scott McCoy 2 months ago +1

    His girlfriend left for someone who wasn’t a sellout, and or a cuck.

  • SebastionsDeepSlumber Asmr

    I don't have enough money want it so bad

  • Richard Rivera
    Richard Rivera 3 months ago

    I'm pretty sure this is Jacks most disliked video. Besides that I think it's pretty petty of everyone in the comments to be bashing on him. Like seriously, if you don't want it don't buy it. People also act like this is petty because he makes a lot of money. Big plot twist here, he doesn't. He might have before, but a lot of youtubers including him don't make as much anymore because of how youtubes changed things with ads and monetization.

  • TheStarlit Artist
    TheStarlit Artist 3 months ago

    I'm sorry but I'm not gonna buy something that just has a brand name on it I'd maybe consider it if they were more different

    QUEENDOM 3 months ago

    They want to be nike and Adidas. This is a legit business that want.

  • Vincent Peters
    Vincent Peters 3 months ago +2

    wear this if you wanna be a virgin for the rest of your life

  • Reversed Septic
    Reversed Septic 3 months ago

    “It’s finally time....” for our money to fly off pft o think you guys need to put the price down a bit

  • Unicorn star
    Unicorn star 3 months ago

    wait where's the REAL intro and outro .........
    jack has changed........
    he doesn't sound the same Irish.......
    is this normal? ???
    something is wrong

  • Unicorn star
    Unicorn star 3 months ago

    These other comments.
    ............... WHY JUST WHY ????!!!!!
    I'll buy everything

  • KingSplash25
    KingSplash25 3 months ago

    These comments sounds like the same thing people said when supreme came out...

  • Hannah Graf
    Hannah Graf 3 months ago

    Oooo I will buy this

  • My_Universe
    My_Universe 3 months ago

    Many many people are calling the company a scam.. and their evidence is, upsetting to me, not because it’s false but because it’s true

  • david townsend
    david townsend 3 months ago

    Jack I will buy everything that u make ps u are the best TVclipr ever keep up the good work and remember speed is keeey

  • Ned Kelly
    Ned Kelly 3 months ago

    Why you Gotta be so Damn cryptic

  • Blade Hunter
    Blade Hunter 3 months ago

    Man what happened to the real Jack you have became gay over the years I've been here since 2014 watching your videos I am so disappointed in you jack I used to love your videos man you need to stop being gay and having these clickbait ass videos you didn't used to do this used to act like your normal self and be funny now you're just like a gay ass mother fucker I Miss the real you

  • firekind1980
    firekind1980 3 months ago

    Jack has changed. He's got gold fever. When his career collapses he'll then realise there is a point when enough (money) is enough.

  • Don Vito Corleone
    Don Vito Corleone 3 months ago +1

    Umm... 80 dollars for a hoodie seems pretty normal to me. If you can’t afford then don’t come here to complain. They aren’t gonna lower the price just because you want so.

  • ItzClayton
    ItzClayton 3 months ago

    People:*Cries about how Cloak is expensive, bland, etc."
    Me:*Drinking their tears.*

  • Charlie Hemsley
    Charlie Hemsley 3 months ago

    Make Dumbledore's cloak

  • Ahmed Galander
    Ahmed Galander 3 months ago +2

    Everyone in the comments dosent realise that these clothes aren't made in china or any other country where manufacturing is cheap it's made in countries where it's expensive but the workers get treated right also it's their clothing brand not their merch so if you want to buy a 20 dollar hoodie from Walmart go ahead

  • Pramos E'Memeouir
    Pramos E'Memeouir 3 months ago

    May not be a sellout exactly, but it sure as hell is a scam.
    70% cotton for 80 bucks lmao

  • gothmoth64
    gothmoth64 3 months ago

    Con artist

  • gavdog2000 boi
    gavdog2000 boi 3 months ago

    The cloak stuff is amazing. It is a little expensive but it is still the best stuff that I have ever worn.

  • Barney Yes Squidward No VGCP

    2007 Jacksepticeye: top of the morning to you ladies
    2018 Jacksepticeye: yo, What up Gamers

  • xXFeralArtsXx
    xXFeralArtsXx 4 months ago

    They bought these things for 4-5 dollars which you can also get off Amazon and put their shitty logo on them and charge them 80 a piece. Oh vey, fuck you you irish jew.

  • Abbie Kalenak
    Abbie Kalenak 4 months ago +3

    ..... $80 for a plain grey hoodie? This clothing brand is a complete scam. I don't have a problem with expensive clothes as long as it looks nice and is high quality, but I could get a grey hoodie at Walmart for 1/4 the price. You could get much higher quality for that price from a lot of other clothing brands.

  • Nathan H
    Nathan H 4 months ago

    How poor are you guys... If you can't even afford an $80 hoodie, you should probably work more instead of sit on your ass all day and watch youtube videos. Free market, free country, if these sells, kudos to them. I mean look at Supreme, look at Off-White, their hoodie goes for $400 and more and the quality is worse than shit. If you are a kid, support them in a different way, nobody point a gun on your head.

  • Kimberley Chapman
    Kimberley Chapman 4 months ago

    Merch = not the same as an actual Brand
    You lot complain about the price of the Cloak brand yet you still happily flex your 'designer' brands I'm not jusy on about the crappy high end stuff that looks shit and literally costs a second mortgage to buy, I'm on about the more common stuff like vans or converse or other sports BRANDS . They're still pretty expensive but you lot buy them... Give me a break 🙄🙄
    "80$ for a, hoodie." boo hoo. Grow up you bunch of children you pay for a lot worse looking 'designer' crap. At least CLOAK looks good... Unlike some brands that have now become just plain chavvy.
    Rant. Over.

  • Honey Cat
    Honey Cat 4 months ago

    Now this is where the Christmas money comes in

  • Ninjamortal 51
    Ninjamortal 51 4 months ago +1

    hey guys it took us 1 year to make our factories in china.
    like c'mon jack why you are doing this ?

  • Mihir Hirave
    Mihir Hirave 4 months ago

    Waiting for the memes

  • Euiseop Song
    Euiseop Song 4 months ago

    He should just make a beauty brand and called it antisepticeye's antiseptic cream

  • Legends Always Die
    Legends Always Die 4 months ago

    80$ is expensive, but we also have to think about how much they're spending to make it all. I'm not being forced to buy it, so I'm good

  • Lil yachty is the best raper


  • no named W
    no named W 4 months ago

    people need to stop whining great its over priced for you so just don't bye it and you need to think that it cost money to make so the need profit out of it.

  • EdgyMonster
    EdgyMonster 4 months ago +3

    80$ for something that cost 5$

  • pamela taylor
    pamela taylor 4 months ago +1

    is your company ethical or not

  • not Memequod
    not Memequod 4 months ago

    Ima get a white t shirts and put cloak all over it and watch what will happen in a few days

  • Yourmom
    Yourmom 4 months ago

    Sorry I'm a fan but fuck that noise dude. It's not worth the 💰 go to fucking Walmart and get your money's worth.

  • Joya Lewis
    Joya Lewis 4 months ago

    I thought that this and Mark’s videos were about the pole dancing so I hadn’t watched them until now lol

  • Skittle Man
    Skittle Man 4 months ago

    80 dollars for 5 dollar shits?
    *muh sheckles*

  • Joya Lewis
    Joya Lewis 4 months ago

    When i heard Cloak in the comments, i thought it was an alter-ego or something lol

  • Raven
    Raven 4 months ago

    All lies.

  • Andy Rosebud
    Andy Rosebud 4 months ago +1

    Hope you die in a tiny Irish car wreck.

  • sporki :,]
    sporki :,] 4 months ago

    Lmao a hoodie from this site is literally $108 AUD. No thanks buddy, I’ll stick to Kmart clothes.

  • GamingForLife!
    GamingForLife! 4 months ago

    This shit better be damn silk. No damn visible threads. And that “Cloak” name better be hand stitched onto that jacket. This better be made in somewhere other than China. There better be no hanging threads. This better fit. It better be softer than the blankets I sleep under at tight.
    Well. You already got your answer.

  • Jeffrey Torres
    Jeffrey Torres 4 months ago

    Mayark and eye

  • DimeBag Darrell
    DimeBag Darrell 4 months ago +1

    Not a fan hope you die in hell

  • Ya Boy Rihardo
    Ya Boy Rihardo 4 months ago +2

    1:56 i love this,i love this logo
    so simple,so cheap,so generic and lazy...i love it!

  • Pendrin
    Pendrin 4 months ago +1


  • Castra
    Castra 4 months ago +1

    For anyone saying, the clothes are not made in china door cheap.
    Wrong. The factory is in China.
    Just have to put it out there to shut the mindless defenders up.

  • Skine
    Skine 4 months ago

    It is made in China morons

  • Orbitalz
    Orbitalz 4 months ago +4

    I’m sorry jack. I’ve watched you for over 5 years now but I’ve lost all my respect for you
    1.) it’s too much money and you knew that
    2.) It’s not even good quality like you said, look it up. You can get the same quality shirt for around £5.00
    Finally, your using your fans for your own profit. Jack, I know this was a joint effort but it’s all ridiculous. Either you make a video on your yt like you usually do as a kind considerate jack you are.. Or lose respect and subscribers of thousands more. All this won’t matter anyways, I’m sure thousands of 8 year olds would’ve stolen there moms credit card by now.
    Please like this comment to spread the message :)

  • NitrousPlayzYT
    NitrousPlayzYT 4 months ago

    Honestly looks really good but I can't afford it.

  • RIP Robbie
    RIP Robbie 4 months ago +1

    It is a scam

  • James Gonzales
    James Gonzales 4 months ago

    I support you guyz

  • beloW
    beloW 4 months ago


  • beloW
    beloW 4 months ago


  • Aero City
    Aero City 4 months ago

    Am I just broke or this is overpriced
    Guess I'm just broke

  • Sunk3n N1ghtmar3
    Sunk3n N1ghtmar3 4 months ago

    Poster on Mark's channel I'll post here ... So ya fans got you where you are at now and you make a clothing brand sell a hoodie for $80-$85 milking people's wallets and you are giving back $35 hoodies for a price nobody wants to pay high quality my ass the same shit as a cheaper one

  • Cheeze Empire
    Cheeze Empire 4 months ago

    Fuck you sean manipulating kids with experience ass clothing your no better then jake Paul

  • CNB Productions
    CNB Productions 4 months ago

    Jack you just fucked up. $80 for a hoodie is bs

  • DreadScopez _
    DreadScopez _ 4 months ago +1

    Rich sellout using children as a money machine, nice. You're preying on children who don't understand the value of money - 5 year olds think you need to buy this overpriced shit to be a real fan or to support you when its a ripoff. Fuck dude

  • Oshalian Parks-Tomlin
    Oshalian Parks-Tomlin 4 months ago

    It cost 80$. If u cant efford it, get over it. You guys are being way too dramatic. Besides, I think the logo is really cool lookin.

    SKULLCRUSHERnr1 4 months ago +1

    You guys really lost touch

  • ニッパ- nipple
    ニッパ- nipple 4 months ago

    it takes 8 weeks. thats 2 months to arrive at my house. IF IM SPENDING 18 BUCKS ON SOMETHING IT BETTER ARRIVE TOMOROW.

  • Madalyn Maree
    Madalyn Maree 4 months ago +1

    Yeah cloak may seem only slightly expensive for Americans, but the company has definitely forgotten to consider international buyers when determining the pricing. An $80 hoodie is $108 AUD, add shipping on to that and ill be paying $135 AUD for a basic black hoodie with plain, minimalist branding on it. That's a fucking ridiculous price for the product they are selling.

    • Abbie Kalenak
      Abbie Kalenak 4 months ago +1

      Even here in America it seems overpriced. I could buy a hoodie at Walmart for 1/4 of the price, or if I really wanted to buy an expensive hoodie, I could get something way better for $80. This is a complete scam.

  • ニッパ- nipple
    ニッパ- nipple 4 months ago +1

    Is this a joke? some of the the designs are nothing more than a circle.

  • FRUITYbubba Guy
    FRUITYbubba Guy 4 months ago +1

    Jack 80$ is too much my family is poor I can’t afford that

  • Cyburg
    Cyburg 4 months ago

    Holy shit, its just an expensive clothing brand its not supposed to be
    that big of a deal

  • B M
    B M 4 months ago

    Looks sick but it’s a bit too much

  • ALG_FrozenZeroz
    ALG_FrozenZeroz 4 months ago

    i really wanna get this merch, im getting a job soon and i can probably get this merch.

  • Nicholas Saini
    Nicholas Saini 4 months ago

    So...workout clothes for people who don't work out?

  • TopHatRaven
    TopHatRaven 4 months ago

    Why aren’t there actual cloaks?

    I need actual cloaks

  • TheSeti12345
    TheSeti12345 4 months ago

    Generally, the pricing isn't actually that bad with everything taken into account. The quality looks good so anyone comparing it to a Wal-Mart hoodie is just kidding them selves.

  • jeovanny Garcia
    jeovanny Garcia 4 months ago

    I can get a hoodies for like 4 to 5 dollers at fukin Walmart $80 sorry chief it's a plain ass hoodie sit down ur now selling Gucci

  • Delta007
    Delta007 4 months ago

    Just buy gucci

  • Dre Animates
    Dre Animates 4 months ago

    But where's Dagger?

  • Dawud Idris
    Dawud Idris 4 months ago

    Come on. I like you but charging $80 for a hoodie with a barely visible logo on it is just scummy.

  • TwiggleToast12
    TwiggleToast12 4 months ago


  • The World Of Panda
    The World Of Panda 4 months ago

    you know its a loser when you can type your brand logo in a comment section... CLOAK.. see..?
    im more interested in production and running costs of this.. we sure as sht know its not profitable so whats the net loss on this? is it even salvageable?

  • Devon Sollie
    Devon Sollie 4 months ago


  • Mortal Penguins
    Mortal Penguins 4 months ago

    This is an out dated april fools joke aswell right?

  • Kenziique
    Kenziique 4 months ago

    this aint it

  • dab d
    dab d 4 months ago

    f k u ur cloak is shat

  • Damien Joseph
    Damien Joseph 4 months ago

    Really jack? A grey sweatshirt for 80 dollars? Do you expect everyone in your audience to have that kind of money? I really dont want to see you guys try to turn your brand into something like how people buy gucci or supreme for hundreds. Its made out of the same thing as my 20 dollars jacket and doesnt make it any higher of quality. Im sorry jack but this isnt it.

  • Pokemon Go San Diego
    Pokemon Go San Diego 4 months ago

    To quote a number 1 charting song from 2013... They be like, "Oh, that Cloak? That's hella tight"
    I'm like, "Yo, that's 50 dollars for a t-shirt."
    Limited edition, let's do some simple addition
    50 dollars for a t-shirt, that's just some ignorant bitch shit
    I call that getting-swindled-and-pimped shit
    I call that getting tricked by business
    That shirt's hella dough
    And having the same one as six other people in this club is a hella don't
    Peep game, come take a look through my telescope
    Tryna get girls from a brand?
    Man, you hella won't! Man, you hella won't! No points for guessing the song though...

  • j t
    j t 4 months ago

    You guys dident work for this one year 😂 .I have a T-Shirt business and I have more then 6000 diffrent and unique designs that was a year of work. You guys just had to wait for your branding permit thats all you did. This is the biggest scam ever and people are stupid enough to let you get away with this and buy this bs hoodie for 80$?

  • BucketDwarf
    BucketDwarf 4 months ago

    this just seems like another attempt form a youtuber to jump on the bandwagon of Teddy Fresh and Tsuki. The issue though is those brands have a unique aesthetic and style that is connected to the creator and on top of that, specifically Tsuki, is locally made which warrants a higher price.
    CLOAK is generic AF, unless the the clothes have some crazy good components often used in sports wear or something I.e. antimicrobial or excellent moisture wicking fabric (even then though you can still get moisture wick clothing for $30). I looked through the site and the quality of material that is used is good but it is not worth $80.
    I really like Sean but this seems sketch, you guys need to re-brand or bring those prices down.

  • RedWolfM
    RedWolfM 4 months ago +1

    Not gonna lie it’s over priced but they look nice asf