How to Diagnose and Replace a Starter

  • Published on Jan 13, 2017
  • Learn how to diagnose and replace a starter in your car or truck. In this video I show you the common causes of a car that doesn't turn over, and then I show you how to replace the starter along with many tips and tricks to make the job go easier and better.
    Starter I used:
    Battery Load Tester:
    Battery Charger:
    Swivel Ratchet:
    Universal Joint Adapter:
    Thread Locker:
    Silicone Paste:
    Thank you AutoZone for the support and letting me film in the store. Here is more info about how to check your starting system: They also will load test your battery for free. #HoodsUpAmerica
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  • ChrisFix
    ChrisFix  2 years ago +591

    Comment your "starter stories" here. I know some Audi's need the engine lifted to get to the starter and the Cadillac NorthStar engine has the starter under the intake manifold! What a bad design!
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    Stuff I used in the video:
    Starter I used:
    Battery Load Tester:
    Battery Charger:
    Swivel Ratchet:
    Universal Joint Adapter:
    Thread Locker:
    Silicone Paste:

      URBAN CARS Month ago

      @Ubbidude that's the basic thing one has to check, first. If ur starter is broken then when I'll ignite the engine u'll here the cranking sound

    • Griff The Dawg
      Griff The Dawg Month ago

      ChrisFix I drove my fiero to the local parts store knowing the starter was bad and needing replacement. Went inside and got the starter no problem but when I went to drive away the starter finally had enough. No matter what amount of hammering I did it was no use so back inside I went to rent the tools I needed to do it right there in the parking lot. Thanks to you it went in without any issues!

    • Nathan Bame
      Nathan Bame Month ago

      Owner of a '90 f150 with a starter going bad. It would crank ok when cold but when hot it turned over very slowly like it had a weak battery, and getting a boost from another battery made it start like normal. Had the battery tested and it was fine, so I replaced the starter and never had a problem with it again.

      ROCKNJOCK Month ago

      This was perfect timing for me finding this. I just ordered a new starter yesterday. I own a 3000GT that starts between the 1st and 4th time I turn the key. I have changed the ignition switch because it's a 25+ year old car, and now the only thing I see left is the starter going bad which I believe is the original starter.
      Thanks for the video and guidance about the proper installation (torque specs, thread locker use, and so on).

  • shmbbrkr
    shmbbrkr 5 hours ago

    Toyota s are easier to fix

  • F D
    F D 19 hours ago +1

    Great video as always. So detailed. Thank you.

  • Michael Critchfield

    Just did a 2012 honda civic starter and that was terrible. It hides way up under the intake manifold

  • Shayne Aguilar
    Shayne Aguilar 3 days ago

    Wow! Excellent video. Very professional, and great voice skills.

  • Bill Jehle
    Bill Jehle 3 days ago +1

    I love the camera work where the "blue hand" wanders around the engine compartment. And thanks for the run down of starter problems. Turned out mine was just a corroded battery terminal. Remove, scrub with a wire brush, reattach, presto. One trick I've had to do before is clean the contacts in the starter. It was simple to remove the cover, sand two contacts to remove carbon deposits (arcing from engaging the starter relay I suppose). Put it back together and its run ever since.

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  3 days ago

      Awesome! Glad you were able to fix it!

  • Johnny Camarena
    Johnny Camarena 4 days ago

    That’s weird on my manual 2000 mustang gt I can start my car in neautral without stepping on the clutch 🤨

  • Alex letchenko
    Alex letchenko 4 days ago

    I rebuild it and install that starter

  • ryan gilliam
    ryan gilliam 4 days ago

    Just today, after I had got a new starter, I begin to drive the car back home, which was a bad idea. The car engine started to shake and once I got near home, it turned off. A few minutes went by and these 2 guys decided to stop and help put my car in a parking space. I told them what happened and said to them that I might need an oil change. One of the guys turned the ignition, and the car would crank for as long as it could but it wouldn't start. The guy responded by saying "Well it can't be your oil, the engine would lock up and I wouldn't even be able to start the car, so it's gotta be something else. They tapped the alternator, that was fine, so all three of us were confused about what the problem was. Anyways, the 2 guys hooked my car up to their truck and dropped it off at home.

    I let the car sit for hours. This whole time I'm thinking, maybe it's oil or the battery. Just now, tonight, me and my mom went to turn on the car and the car worked just fine.

    A new lesson I just learned. Don't drive your car immediately after you get a new starter. Let it sit for a while before you start it up again.

  • Alex Toia Levao
    Alex Toia Levao 4 days ago

    2000 Chevy Blazer 2 door LS. Chris? Very informative! and great. I like how you explain everything. But I am also looking for to the point kinda videos that are short with actual placements of wiring, it's color coding and what to do. Not a quick fix, but sometimes the colors of the connecting wires for amateurs like me would be greatly appreciated. I work on human bodies by profession and it is all colorful and knowing the colors determines what is wrong and how to correct it. Maybe a video for dummies like me called, oh I don't know, "Know your vehicle sounds and colors for beginners and how to properly fix it". Of course this is without going through all the small steps until we can get to a professional mechanic like you. I'm on the verge of getting my Chevy 2000 Blazer back on line and seeing what you have gave me the incentive to push myself to learn. 5 Bush mechanics say, that the problem is from the starter, power connection, Relay fuse, "injection line open?" and the battery. But, new battery, fuel pump, Rear calipers, Distributor stuff, spark plugs and wire thingys all replaced by myself because here? Bush mechanics come to rig, replace, and steal from you, then charge you an arm and a leg. Not to mention ask for an advancement because of family obligations... Help me please!!!

  • David Smalldridge
    David Smalldridge 4 days ago

    Ack! The starter in my dream car is not working and needs to be! How to do this? Here we go! Chris: Hey guys ChrisFix here!

  • SirFrankoman
    SirFrankoman 5 days ago

    I've watched almost all of your videos, but never actually worked on my own vehicles until today. My starter motor went on my truck, and after getting a crazy quote from a dealer, decided to try it myself. I replaced it after watching this video and had that same moment of joy starting it up successfully, plus saved over $300 had I gone to the dealer. Thank you! I'll leave you comments on all the other videos I follow now that I'm hooked and want to fix everything xD

  • Javory Hull
    Javory Hull 5 days ago

    How long does a car starter last

    • Javory Hull
      Javory Hull 3 days ago

      Our first starter lasted 6 years

    • Tritium Glow
      Tritium Glow 3 days ago

      Well my starter is going bad, was made 25 years ago

  • SuperToasty
    SuperToasty 5 days ago

    12:39 Replay.

  • RidinChevySolo
    RidinChevySolo 6 days ago

    Boat starter died in the middle of the lake on a windy day. Didnt have a hammer but I did have an oar. I beat the hell outta that starter and right before our boat beached on some rocks it started and we loaded her up. Good ol hammer trick

  • Andrew saenger
    Andrew saenger 6 days ago

    Why can you get a court charge for buying a starter

    ONLIESVAN 8 days ago

    I try jump start with another car but still no go. It is now at the mechanic also there was a bad smell coming from the engine bay.
    Do you think the starter got fried?

  • Punaads Leelakant
    Punaads Leelakant 8 days ago

    Hey Friend, I have a Toyota Innova(India) diesel Auto; I fixed an Alpine INE W-957E car stereo with Image dynamics components, and Hertz Two channel amp; after this when I switch off the engine and keep running the radio or even just do not take out the ignition key with radio off, after just 2-3 minutes, the car cranks, starts, and immediately goes off. Then when I remove the key, and insert it back after 5-10 seconds, its starts and does not go off this time. Very peculiar, which was never an issue before I fixed the car stereo. Luckily I found this trend after 2-3 times I faced this issue. Any suggestions, appreciated.

  • Punaads Leelakant
    Punaads Leelakant 8 days ago

    Hey Friend, I have a Toyota Innova(India) diesel Auto; I fixed an Alpine INE W-957E car stereo with Image dynamics components, and Hertz Two channel amp; after this when I switch off the engine and keep running the radio or even just do not take out the ignition key with radio off, after just 2-3 minutes, the car cranks, starts, and immediately goes off. Then when I remove the key, and insert it back after 5-10 seconds, its starts and does not go off this time. Very peculiar, which was never an issue before I fixed the car stereo. Luckily I found this trend after 2-3 times I faced this issue. Any suggestions, appreciated.

  • Joseph Hussing
    Joseph Hussing 8 days ago

    Ive got a 92 c1500 with a 305 in it and when i crank the truck it makes a whirring noise that increases in speed and pitch. Starter, flex plate, flywheel?

  • Michael Placzek
    Michael Placzek 10 days ago

    I don't think you torqued one of the bolts for the starter...

  • Steven Johnson
    Steven Johnson 10 days ago

    I have a 2008 Chevy Equinox and I put on a new starter but i had this strange noise and then it stopped. I think I might have placed the wires wrong

  • lorraine dempsey
    lorraine dempsey 10 days ago

    You are excellent, Thank you...Never seen anyone like you as a teacher. God bless

    AMKZTOPBARBER 10 days ago

    Great vid help ..thanks

  • Jorge Manrriquez
    Jorge Manrriquez 12 days ago

    Don't forget to make sure the battery terminals are clean that can cause the car to not start

  • Matthew Grommesh
    Matthew Grommesh 13 days ago

    About to do this on my 96 chevy k1500. Hope this goes well!

  • Andy Jensen
    Andy Jensen 13 days ago

    Hey Chris So my car wont start. At first i thought it was the battery so jumped the car and that started my car just fine. Then when i shut the engine off i tried to start it again and it wouldn't start so i tried jumping it again, when i connected the cables to my battery the lights and anything that should work using the battery worked. So when i turned the key it clicked once and it just shut off. I took my battery to get it tested and they said it was perfectly fine. I put my battery back in and now nothing works. The dash lights and door locks and everything else that is supposed to work with the key in the ignition now wont even work. Please help me ASAP!

    • Andy Jensen
      Andy Jensen 13 days ago

      I did what you asked and went over to that video but when i wiggle the 3 wires nothing happens. At least i think I'm doing it right, i see 3 wires but they're attached to the balck wire not the red one. I have a 2000 Mitsubishi galant

    • Andy Jensen
      Andy Jensen 13 days ago

      @ChrisFix i will check that, thanks

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  13 days ago +1

      Check fuses and watch my video “how to replace a fusible link”

  • Fahad Alwheibi
    Fahad Alwheibi 14 days ago

    Thank you from the heart .. I benefited a lot from the video clips .. Thank you for your precious time

  • Nelson Williams
    Nelson Williams 16 days ago +1

    Thanks I miss diagnosed my 93 Chevy 1500 it has a occasional rapid clicking the first turn but the second it starts up its fixed now

  • 0ff Zer0
    0ff Zer0 16 days ago

    Hey Chrisfix I live in nj (north) I was wondering if you could look at my Subaru Impreza 2013 or just give me a idea ... car won’t start when I turn the key for the second the time the dash turns off and the needles shoot over the place I also have a leak in the 4 cylinder please help

  • Robert Davies
    Robert Davies 16 days ago +1

    On this truck, I also have a Mazda pick up, and it’s easier to remove the driver tire and go in that way vs underneath

  • Oddman1980
    Oddman1980 18 days ago

    *Cries in 4ZE1*

    You nearly have to remove the head to get to the starter in an old box-body Isuzu Trooper, unless it has the chevrolet V6. But that's OK, you'll be able to check the starter when you have the head off of the 4ze1 engine for it's Bi-Yearly head gasket replacement.

    One thing I'd add, is to loosen the pain-in-the-neck bolt FIRST. And when you put it back in, get one bolt, any bolt, in to hold the starter on, then do the pain the neck bolt immediately after.

  • Patrick Groff
    Patrick Groff 18 days ago

    Chris fix has THE worst luck with this Mazda pu

  • Jordan Chamberlain
    Jordan Chamberlain 19 days ago

    On my 300, or any 300, you have to drop the rack and pinion to get to the starter
    Not crazy, but not really normal lol

  • Charles Eby Jr
    Charles Eby Jr 19 days ago

    Thanks Chris, appreciate your well thought out video, keep them coming

  • LuX
    LuX 19 days ago

    Using this video to convince my dad that I didn't make the starter go bad. Randomly outta nowhere starter stopped working. And I was blamed because yesterday I was working on car stereo fixing aux input. So magicaly I made the starter go out by fixing stereo aux input. Man is it hard to convince someone

  • حسام التميمي


  • kaitlin Jones
    kaitlin Jones 21 day ago

    This is amazing. You just saved my butt and wallet. Thank you so much for the time and energy you must've put into this!

  • D.B. Cooper's travel agent.

    He didn't scrape away the old gasket and put in a new one. His starting fluid is going to leak like crazy!

  • Adrian Olmos
    Adrian Olmos 23 days ago +1

    The end was kool, when you're able to hear your truck start after working on it!!!

  • Broccoli Fan
    Broccoli Fan 23 days ago

    The snow came down to appreciate your job.
    The engine sounded your good work even louder.
    Good work and so clear instructions. Thanks bud.

  • whitesox2624
    whitesox2624 25 days ago

    @6:20 or you can be like me if you k ow it's the starter but have no money to fix it. When you park your car have your wheels slightly at an angle heading towards the right so that when you come back to it, you can stick your arm behind the wheel and tug on the wires to start the car. About a week and a half later I replaced it :)

  • Professor Richard Face
    Professor Richard Face 26 days ago +17

    A 24 hour autozone wow, wish we had those around here

    • mustangG zr
      mustangG zr 8 days ago

      In el paso we have 24 hour autozone

    • Professor Richard Face
      Professor Richard Face 26 days ago

      @ChrisFix I can bet, I can't tell you how many late nights I've had where I've needed a tool or part

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  26 days ago +3

      It’s amazing

  • DrHouse2004
    DrHouse2004 26 days ago

    If its a slow crank case just clean the ground surface! Before instale a new one!

  • †ANGÉ|†
    †ANGÉ|† 27 days ago

    I had the same torque wrench but my brother broke it ;(

  • †ANGÉ|†
    †ANGÉ|† 27 days ago +5

    10:54 Oh my gosh, your silicone paste is hydrophobic? It’s 2019 bro.

  • Tú Đỗ
    Tú Đỗ 27 days ago

    cảm ơn ông nào việt sub nhé. Yêu vl

  • Chikae Tonosaki
    Chikae Tonosaki 27 days ago

    We just want you to know your videos have been a saver for our car fix projects!!! A couple of months ago a couple of belts replacement done. Today our car started, from no crank/no start, by just doing what you suggested in this video. Will keep watching your channel!

  • Diane Livingston
    Diane Livingston 28 days ago

    Chris, I love your videos. You know how to explain things where it's easy to understand. But you didn't explain what I really needed to know... and that is: when I bought my reman starter the terminals had two nuts on each post. The "ground" I believe it's called was already connected in between the two nuts.1st QUESTION: I'm assuming you don't touch that one and leave as is, right? 2nd QUESTION: the smaller post already has the new wire connected to it (for corrosion purposes) so I should leave that one untouched too? Last QUESTION: the 3rd post has two nuts on it. DO I REMOVE BOTH NUTS AND CONNECT THE TERMINAL AND THEN PUT THEM BACK ON????? OR DO I PUT THE TERMINAL IN BETWEEN THE TWO NUTS?????

  • Footage
    Footage 29 days ago

    I'm curious what do some of you guys do who have different cars and need your starters replaced? Do you still try to replace it even if there isn't a video specifically on your car on youtube? I'm lucky and A1 auto has like every video I need , detailed to precision for my 07 honda crv. I'm new to fixing cars, curious what you guys do though if no specific video on your specific car is out there.

  • Statrick Par
    Statrick Par Month ago

    If there are any videos I respect on TVclip, they’re definitely yours. You work very hard and produce these step by step instructional video and I really do appreciate the finished product. Keep up the good work.

  • Fasahat Munir
    Fasahat Munir Month ago +4

    alldislike are mechanics that have no customers because of chris

  • 5se7en
    5se7en Month ago

    Thanks so much for the steps of what to check. This was a tremendous help to me in diagnosing the problem. Many, many thanks! Mine was the anti-theft immobilizer.

  • IceMan Gaming
    IceMan Gaming Month ago

    Starter story : i have my volvo s60 2002 and i come back from going to an apple farm with my girlfriend. We stop at a shopping mall to pick someone up and car won't start : i knew it ran so i asked someone to push my car so i could compression start it (its a manual transmission) i get home and check my fuse box: i see nothing. The next morning i try a couple things like trying to jump the solenoid then i watch this video, i was convinced i had to change something major i check my fusebox again and notice a relay that had come out of its socket i push it back in and like magic my car seens to have no problems
    Thanks Chris

  • Willy
    Willy Month ago

    "My work truck won't crank again.
    Think I'll just push it off this mountain" Henry Ford

  • vasmajority45
    vasmajority45 Month ago

    What about the starter on a Tesla

  • Ruben Ruvalcaba
    Ruben Ruvalcaba Month ago

    How about Ignition switch
    Turn the key and nothing happens at all
    No click
    Battery is good and starter is good

  • Don Gertan
    Don Gertan Month ago

    Thanks Chris.

  • Sralaine 007 o-007
    Sralaine 007 o-007 Month ago

    You Always give Great Advices..... Becuz you are a Great Master mechanic...

  • yooneunhye sarang
    yooneunhye sarang Month ago

    I'm a girl, and watching Chris working on cars makes me fluids flowin'