Trevor Siemian Scary Ankle Injury | Jets vs Browns | NFL Week 2 2019

  • Published on Sep 17, 2019
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Comments • 596

  • Bob Longmire
    Bob Longmire Month ago +556

    How are you so quick it just happened????

    • snunja hockey
      snunja hockey Month ago

      It's not hard to do....record the game and when something happens cut it and upload lmao

    • MrJamberee
      MrJamberee Month ago

      Specimen Settle down. Everybody on TVclip wants the views.

    • Adam Barrera
      Adam Barrera Month ago

      @Iham stuped Yessss

    • xKelce
      xKelce Month ago

      Gerret Outdoors this has me laughing so hard 😂

    • Gerret Outdoors
      Gerret Outdoors Month ago +1

      @Clayton Robbins don't forget Eli.
      He still playing. Somehow. But he plays like an injured 60 year old.

  • Resin Fingers
    Resin Fingers 23 hours ago

    No one's talking about that late hit?

  • Aaron Scott
    Aaron Scott 9 days ago

    It sucks that the last two seasons that he's played ended with him on IR

  • Aaron Scott
    Aaron Scott 9 days ago

    This was supposed to be a decent year for the Jets, but next thing you know by week 2 they're down to their 3rd string qb and are now 0-4

  • Matthias
    Matthias 12 days ago

    Really liked him when he first came in the league, just sadly plagued with injuries, without it, hot damn was he good when he came in, I would have built my team in madden around him if I had a newer madden

  • ExZiLTy Blnkz
    ExZiLTy Blnkz 13 days ago

    He broke it

  • ItzCookies YT
    ItzCookies YT 28 days ago +1

    No bones are broken, however he does have an dislocated ankle and is out for the season

    No need to thank me for the update

  • Andrew Hunter
    Andrew Hunter 28 days ago


  • Wynner3
    Wynner3 29 days ago

    Soon this season will just be 2nd string QB's. Who does Carson Wentz have as backup since Foles is no longer on the team?

  • Dominic Mallano
    Dominic Mallano Month ago

    In my opinion that’s a clean tackle

  • Eric Matterson
    Eric Matterson Month ago +1

    0:47 poor choice of words

  • Alt Delete
    Alt Delete Month ago

    Right now pro football reference has 23 qbs on the injured list compared to 28 rbs. When you factor in that most teams carry twice as many rbs as they do qbs that's essentially 2qbs to every 1 rb. This is not an anomaly, it's just that this year it's happened to more high profile guys.

  • Steve Butler
    Steve Butler Month ago

    That is why Astroturf shortens & destroys careers. Grass wouldn't have done that. His shoe against the damned plastic turf pinned his foot and practically snapped his ankle. NFL has pretty fields & saves $$. BS!

  • Hunter Craig
    Hunter Craig Month ago

    I know so many Oklahoma fans that became bandwagon Browns fans because of Baker and Austin. Though I like Austin and Baker I still hate the Browns. This is a reason why.

    JINXVII NBE Month ago

    Tough son of a gun managed to walk of the field

  • isaiah horstman
    isaiah horstman Month ago +1

    Area 51 he ecscaped

  • isaiah horstman
    isaiah horstman Month ago +1

    Man he is strong I about pissed myself when I saw replay

  • John Murray
    John Murray Month ago

    Late cheap hit, season ending injury, 15 yerd penalty. Should be banned for rhe season.

  • a b
    a b Month ago

    cheap shot by a cheap player on a cheap team from a cheap city in a cheap state

  • flight 666
    flight 666 Month ago


  • Howie Kahan
    Howie Kahan Month ago

    ‪I drank myself into oblivion to@make this video for all of you fans out there. Enjoy!‬

  • Charlie Lipschutz
    Charlie Lipschutz Month ago +4

    Myles Garrett should get fined or suspended

  • Raphael
    Raphael Month ago

    Look, I'm a fan of hard hits and hitting the QB. Thus was totally unnecessary though. I feel bad for dude.

  • Astro Sauser
    Astro Sauser Month ago

    Season ended

  • Astro Sauser
    Astro Sauser Month ago


  • InnerZen
    InnerZen Month ago

    Adrenaline folks that's how he walked off....Anyone who has broken an arm or leg understands.....But with that being said I'd rather slow sip hot lava over breaking another bone....My Lord the pain was real.

  • gor9027
    gor9027 Month ago

    And the NFL is seriously debating having an 18 game schedule when this many QBs are already injured in September.

  • Drew Rockwell
    Drew Rockwell Month ago

    That should not been a penalty league is so soft now

  • JTrillZ BooFed
    JTrillZ BooFed Month ago

    LeVeon Bell asking wtf did I get myself into 😂

  • Matthew Hamlin
    Matthew Hamlin Month ago

    I've seen this and the Browns defense was probably doing this intentionally. Go back a few plays and watch the Jets quarterback get hit like 3 seconds later after the ball left his hand. But happy the Browns won beating the Steelers in there division.

  • jeremy casey
    jeremy casey Month ago

    Cleveland browns are undisciplined fools

  • Jonathan Bethards
    Jonathan Bethards Month ago

    i can't believe he walked off the field. Tough S.O.B.

  • Melvin Aragonez
    Melvin Aragonez Month ago


  • Edster III
    Edster III Month ago

    DAMN I HATE seeing that happen to ANY player. I hope it's not real serious but damn it looked PAINFUL. Also I love the retro helmet look the Jets have.

  • Slogoman Sok
    Slogoman Sok Month ago

    The jets just lost there QB

  • william parada
    william parada Month ago

    Fcking shi

  • I'm Your President
    I'm Your President Month ago

    Screw the injury. The Jets finally got their green helmets back.

  • Noel A
    Noel A Month ago +1

    Nobody is gonna talk about how dirty that late hit was

  • XRP Bodyguard
    XRP Bodyguard Month ago

    "Oh boy, we're gonna take a break" 🤔🙄🤔

  • Jakob Dvorken
    Jakob Dvorken Month ago

    Wasn’t even a penalty, he should have just fallen down and not tried putting his leg there. From a jets fan.... season looking bleak

  • The Grinch
    The Grinch Month ago

    Not a penalty f**k the nfl

  • Elisa From Wii Sports

    I hope he gets well soon, from a Pats fan

  • John Wozniak
    John Wozniak Month ago

    Okay, I propose, that if Garrett does that to Allen on November 10th, that we give that MFer a RECEIPT. (Probably involving Pat DiMarco spearing him helmet-on-helmet or something, I dunno, I haven't decided.)

  • Oliver Booty
    Oliver Booty Month ago

    "alright. We're gonna take a break"

  • Sir Ro Ro
    Sir Ro Ro Month ago

    Please do that to tom brady

  • Mike Oxlong
    Mike Oxlong Month ago

    Dirty play by garrett.

  • Hrizzzz
    Hrizzzz Month ago

    Announcer: "we're gonna take a break" Bruh. Not the time for puns.

  • mb61j2
    mb61j2 Month ago

    How the fuck is that roughing the passer???

  • Lenard Polk
    Lenard Polk Month ago

    Tht shit is broke 🤪

  • Louie Del Pizzo
    Louie Del Pizzo Month ago

    Wow you’re really fast and really good

  • Twitch F1lyerzz
    Twitch F1lyerzz Month ago

    Btw he like broke his ankle

  • Jacob Miller
    Jacob Miller Month ago +1

    Does someone want to tell me what happened to my man Sam

  • Grammar tam Bomb
    Grammar tam Bomb Month ago

    And this was after the David najoku hit wow

  • Mr Potential
    Mr Potential Month ago

    Shouldntve been roughing the passer...

  • Kylie Mitchell
    Kylie Mitchell Month ago

    That's not as bad as the Florida Gator QB injury from last Saturday against Kentucky

  • radcon50 radcon50
    radcon50 radcon50 Month ago


  • broku 1984
    broku 1984 Month ago

    We're going to take a break hahaha what a great pun

  • Dustin Platt
    Dustin Platt Month ago +1

    Damn. QBs are dying left and right. This year's Super Bowl is gonna be Jarrett Stidham vs. Blake Bortles.

  • J D
    J D Month ago +1

    Not one mention of how late of a hit that was?

  • Javier Latin
    Javier Latin Month ago

    Stupid jets c'ant protect their QB.