NYC's Best Sicilian Slice, Explained | Food Skills

  • Published on Apr 17, 2017
  • Though it hasn't been around for as long as New York's O.G. pizzerias, Prince Street Pizza has quickly made its mark by serving one of the city's-if not the world's-great square slices. In this episode of Food Skills, Prince Street's Dominic Morano breaks down the elements of this iconic Sicilian slice, including the puckered cups of natural-casing pepperoni that make it one of New York's most recognizable Instagram stars.
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Comments • 599

  • LAZA11
    LAZA11 5 days ago

    LOL, that's not olive oil, it's the fat from the pepperoni

  • AngryTypingGuy27
    AngryTypingGuy27 7 days ago

    Plenty of pepperonis on that slice. This owner listens to his customers

  • Deunte Williams
    Deunte Williams 9 days ago

    brooooooooooooooo omg that's all I can say

  • Quinton Reviews
    Quinton Reviews 29 days ago

    When I go to New York, I am going here.

  • Learn Sicilian
    Learn Sicilian Month ago

    Sicilian is an endangered language. Learn Sicilian with us!!! :))

  • Memey
    Memey Month ago

    Came from Davidparody

  • Gender Fluid Person In Hotdog Suit

    that isn't olive oil - it's fat that renders from the pepperoni during the baking. it's delicious, but it's obscenely unhealthy, and this guy is lying to his customers.

  • Nat Trinh
    Nat Trinh 2 months ago

    Looks good but when does meat sweats out olive oils. 😂

  • Shameerria Pryor
    Shameerria Pryor 2 months ago

    Whoa! I wish you had a location in Atlanta!

  • Auto Young
    Auto Young 3 months ago

    Fluffy is a flavor?

  • xHGB44x
    xHGB44x 3 months ago

    Its not fucking olive oil its the fat from the pepperoni you can see it already when its in the oven

  • me
    me 3 months ago

    100th dislike 🖐

  • ingibingi2000
    ingibingi2000 3 months ago

    I went here on Friday, i genuinely think it was the best pizza i ever had

  • Carla Gemellaro
    Carla Gemellaro 3 months ago


  • O.K. Frax
    O.K. Frax 3 months ago

    Simple test leave the pepperoni off, resulting in no great tasting grease.

  • A. M
    A. M 4 months ago

    This place is very good. One of my favorite Sicilian pizza places. Top ten in my book.

  • David Walker
    David Walker 4 months ago

    I've been there. I'd pay somebody $100 to ship a whole Prince St. pizza to me.

  • assertyourself
    assertyourself 4 months ago

    I hope when I come to your place there is a separate person who was touching the money, there isn’t nothing more offensive when you walk into a pizzeria and the same person that’s touching your pizza is also taking the payment disgusting!

  • glftenhkyball123
    glftenhkyball123 4 months ago

    Truly is the best slice in NYC. I live in the Bronx and make the trip down here at least twice a week, no joke

  • cyberhof
    cyberhof 5 months ago

    "special cut italian pepperoni" As a europeen I found this funny as pepperoni is an American variety of salami.
    Maybe not so authentic italian after all.

  • Just Chilling
    Just Chilling 5 months ago

    WOW that looks good

  • favreFOURLife21
    favreFOURLife21 5 months ago

    So the OliveOil-fairy magically puts olive oil in the middle of the pepperoni....

  • Diego Oliveira
    Diego Oliveira 5 months ago

    You just KNOW this tastes amazing! And what a co guy!

  • jo151
    jo151 6 months ago

    That's not olive oil you moron

  • deja west
    deja west 6 months ago

    I love their passion in food..and accents lol

  • gabriella di blasio
    gabriella di blasio 6 months ago

    There is nothing sicilian about that. Im sure it tastes good, but it is a very american pizza, period.

  • Mike Wellington
    Mike Wellington 6 months ago

    all i know is that pizza looks delicious AF

  • Karen Everett
    Karen Everett 6 months ago

    YUMMMMM !!!!!

  • The Jew Crew
    The Jew Crew 6 months ago

    I'm not sure why I get so passionate about pizza lmao

    LEOTRUGAR 6 months ago

    Did you see Guillermo on the photos behind the guy?

  • Daniels S
    Daniels S 6 months ago

    "The grease from the pepperoni is actually olive oil"
    Soho Jesus - Turning pork fat into olive oil

  • Blue Vomit
    Blue Vomit 7 months ago

    I promise you people, the ingredients he uses can even be fine but here in Italy that pizza is absolutely nasty "fast food" pizza. Is greasy and heavy, even the best pepperoni is a low quality meat, like hotdogs, is left overs full of spices and salt. That mozzarella is not even mozzarella, is cagliata, nothing to do with real mozzarella. The rest is dough and tomato, is decent. Is ok for people who smoked some pot and need to fill their face up. XD

    • illtellulatta03
      illtellulatta03 Month ago

      I just watched a video on youtube "The pizza show Rome" where the Italians were saying the pizza there sucked until 15-20 years ago. Everyone was using cheap ingredients. So please get off your high horse and stop talking all of that bull shit.

  • According To Honda
    According To Honda 7 months ago

    NO NO that pepperoni is good for you - what the fuck man?
    NO, it ain't, buddie

  • Spasmodic Gaming
    Spasmodic Gaming 7 months ago

    What's that first song, anyone know?

  • Steve Holmgren
    Steve Holmgren 7 months ago

    Fuck vegans.

  • domeskeetz
    domeskeetz 7 months ago

    L & B is the best Sicilian slice in the city hands down

  • mmddyyyyalphabet
    mmddyyyyalphabet 7 months ago

    00:50 Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel!

  • Aussie Roberts
    Aussie Roberts 7 months ago

    no you twat it is greasy and oil is grease

  • YuhNinja
    YuhNinja 7 months ago


  • YuhNinja
    YuhNinja 7 months ago

    That's grease you fucking moron, its fat which comes from the pepperoni. 90% of calories from pepperoni come from its fat. You said it yourself that the oil is on the bottom of the pan, so please explain how it magically transfers to the top of the pepperoni.. lmfao

  • SaracatungaX
    SaracatungaX 7 months ago

    Yes, olive oil is good for your health... but as every other thing there is a limit when it stop being like that.

  • Hank g
    Hank g 8 months ago


  • straife1
    straife1 8 months ago

    Pre-rolled dough...

  • Mar wan
    Mar wan 8 months ago

    i see you guilermo

  • fingg afuuckurh
    fingg afuuckurh 8 months ago

    yeah I want one

  • Finklyful
    Finklyful 8 months ago

    i like hot pockets

  • k r
    k r 8 months ago

    i dont mind the grease cuz is flavor but animal fat is not olive oil ....

  • Sacha Morris
    Sacha Morris 8 months ago

    It's seriously an amazing slice of pizza. I never liked Sicilian until I had prince street

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez 8 months ago

    After a few beers add extra oil for all I care. Pizza is pizza!

  • Jo Louie
    Jo Louie 8 months ago

    You can't find that in Sicily. I'm Sicilian. That's an American Italian invention.

    • illtellulatta03
      illtellulatta03 Month ago

      It's an Italian American food based on the sfincione which as you know can be found in Sicily.

  • mattroom
    mattroom 8 months ago

    If Pizza Hut or some other place sold this, it'd be labeled as good ingredients but overly greasy.

  • Destin Soto
    Destin Soto 8 months ago

    Honestly wasn't a fan of the slice I've had better

  • saintsfan39475
    saintsfan39475 8 months ago

    I want this pizza! On another thought, I appreciate the "First We Feast" doesn't constantly tell me that I'm doing something wrong. Thank you guys.

  • Cybergig00
    Cybergig00 8 months ago

    IF you put olive oil on the bottom of the pan HOW THE FUCK DOES IT END UP IN those curled up pepperonis?? Also Fresh Mozzarella? Your fucking using sliced shit. Fresh Mozzarella is this way too wet to work with.
    Pretty sure those slices are bomb but straight lying about shit. fucking Italians.

  • MyNegativeCreep
    MyNegativeCreep 8 months ago

    If I ever come to New York I will visit this dude. He really likes to see the joy of eating a pizza in his customers eyes.

  • Eric Suplee
    Eric Suplee 8 months ago

    I didn't hear olive oil being an ingredient on the toppings... Pepperoni is full of fats, you jack-ass. Now, with that said, pepperoni grease is delicious and the best way of preventing it from falling on your shirt is to sob it up with grated parm! but don't tell people "it's not grease" when it is. rmfe 🙄🙄🙄

  • Mystery Science Gaming 3000

    my first thought was it looks very greasy but after hearing the guy say it's olive oil sign me up. It looks amazing.

  • robert s
    robert s 8 months ago

    yeah this slice is the shit

  • undo.kat
    undo.kat 8 months ago

    worst pizza ever

  • Ori_M
    Ori_M 8 months ago

    fluffy texture not fluffy flavor

  • Distract3
    Distract3 8 months ago

    I take a pepperoni and I punch it to your face.

  • Galactic123
    Galactic123 8 months ago

    FAKE NEWS. The best Sicilian slice in NYC is at L&B's Spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn

  • Justin Loving
    Justin Loving 8 months ago

    I guess it depends on your definition of grease. lol Fat is fat. Eat too much of it and you get fat lol

  • StonedZebra 666
    StonedZebra 666 8 months ago +1

    I went here last week and I have to say, it's the best slice I have ever had in my whole life

  • Al Forest
    Al Forest 8 months ago

    One of the great pizza joints in America. The classic pepperoni pie is as good as it can get.

  • MrDashima
    MrDashima 8 months ago

    Looks insalubrious but looks tasty as fuck.

  • Rix703
    Rix703 8 months ago

    You americans want to eat Italian pizza? The only thing to do is come to Italy! Here there is the REAL PIZZA! Please stop saying that your pizza is like ours, STOP IT! It's an insult!!

  • lucadezena
    lucadezena 8 months ago

    Believe me guys, this has nothing to do with Italian food. Enjoy his American pizza anyway :-)

  • Louis Kim
    Louis Kim 8 months ago

    Corner is the best.

  • lumpfish99
    lumpfish99 9 months ago +1

    er no sorry dude...that is a grease trap......thats the heart attack highway right there....

  • Tumbox
    Tumbox 9 months ago

    Everyone in the world generally eats rice. You clearly are making money but don't travel. Pfff!
    Nice looking slices though. :-)

  • Index
    Index 9 months ago

    What a great channel

  • A Retarded Orange Ape In The White House

    I don't like sicilian style but I would make an exception for that pizza. Those pepperoni slices look so thick.

  • overclockedamd123
    overclockedamd123 9 months ago

    God I have lived KC for 30 years and I would give up all these bbq joints for a good sicilian slice joint here.

  • SehMatjoe
    SehMatjoe 9 months ago

    fresh mozzarella my ass...its squared shaped from a factory

  • Brad Tew
    Brad Tew 9 months ago

    "Do you know anywhere else you can find a pizza like this?" Well, won't find one like that out here in Sicily.

  • Bob Downey
    Bob Downey 9 months ago

    So far, they have the best pizza I've ever eaten. Both their square and traditional pizza are deeeelicious.

  • Ragnar FoxTrot
    Ragnar FoxTrot 9 months ago

    The only reason I'd ever want to visit NY would be for all the pizza joints.

  • wunerwaffles
    wunerwaffles 9 months ago

    That aint fucking grease dawg thats OLIVE OIL MF

  • CamsLiveVideo
    CamsLiveVideo 9 months ago


  • Garden Gnome
    Garden Gnome 9 months ago

    This guy is clutch

  • Jazzy Goddess
    Jazzy Goddess 9 months ago

    Ok I cant lie, this shit looks fucking incredible and next time I go to New York, I'm going there and I'm ordering 4 boxes and getting fucking high and eating all of it while watching cartoons

  • Eifersucht Kim
    Eifersucht Kim 9 months ago

    Is good for you. Yeah no veggie just pepperoni is good for you!
    ... I'm coming tomorrow.

  • Xerci
    Xerci 9 months ago

    @2:03 dang ted cruz livin multiple lives

  • sr20DETdrift
    sr20DETdrift 9 months ago

    This guy should do a collab with Frank Pinello from Munchies

  • trg1408
    trg1408 9 months ago

    I'm torturing myself sitting here watching these videos, while I'm also hungry, I'm so jealous right now! that looks so good!

  • MBisFrenchy
    MBisFrenchy 9 months ago +1

    Go to Umbertos of New Hyde Park and try it there.

  • Damoskinos
    Damoskinos 9 months ago

    Here in the UK, a Pizza is simply a thin round cheese sandwich delivered by some guy on a moped, 2 hours after you asked for it.
    I would rather chew on the corner of a Dish Cloth as it has less calories

  • Verbal Vertigo
    Verbal Vertigo 9 months ago

    always watching this shit when im super hungry, but have NO food in the house what so ever. Fuck that, mouth watering

  • lynard anolin
    lynard anolin 9 months ago

    Yo I spot Matthew Gubler aka Spencer Reid in the back

  • anarchyonline0
    anarchyonline0 10 months ago


  • Green Man
    Green Man 10 months ago

    Now that is the $h!t right question. You can see it, with how the pepperoni cooks up into that convex shape. Yeah, that pizza might be the only way someone could get me to go to NYC.

  • Djay Bookie
    Djay Bookie 10 months ago

    a flesh piece with a cold rootbeer

  • Jack Burton
    Jack Burton 10 months ago

    Definitely looks like the best pepperoni pizza ever. They cook at high heat so the pepperoni gets singed and crispy.

  • rupetroope
    rupetroope 10 months ago

    Dad @ 2:03 = Ted Cruz!

  • Klelm
    Klelm 10 months ago

    So cool that his dad is black!

  • Jorge Alberto Benavides Ojinaga

    He can say what ever he want, thats grease...

  • marc07112
    marc07112 10 months ago +1

    I need y'all to do mamous falafel boi, been going there since I was 7!

  • TestMeatDollSteak
    TestMeatDollSteak 10 months ago

    I dig this channel.

  • Dawn of the Thread
    Dawn of the Thread 10 months ago