The Real CSI: Forensic Pathology and Death Investigation

  • Published on Jul 7, 2014
  • (Visit: CSI television programs with their medical examiners have introduced the public to all causes of death. Dr. Judy Melinek is a forensic pathologist practicing forensic medicine in San Francisco and Alameda County, California, as well as an Associate Clinical Professor of Pathology at the UCSF Medical Center. She explores the differences between medical examiner and a coroner and looks at some real world cases. Warning: Some of the images are graphic. Recorded on 03/19/2014. Series: "UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine presents Mini Medical School for the Public" [Health and Medicine] [Show ID: 27893]

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  • Enter TheBlackSolPhrenic318

    I know this isn’t the appropriate time to say this but...

    Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself.

  • Lauren Padgett
    Lauren Padgett 29 days ago

    Why does the female in the autopsy photo have such sway back or awkward posture for the y incision? Is this a symptom of rigor? I bought your book. I think you rock!
    In entrance and exit wounds wouldn't it be, in cases whether they look more entrancy or exity, determining which wound was created with a lower velocity? When a bullet enters an object, it loses velocity as it moves through tissue. By the time it exits, it should create a wound that looks different? I'm just thinking out loud.

  • Fire Fly
    Fire Fly 2 months ago

    Thanks for the upload ☺️

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    Adam Prabowo 2 months ago +2

    Maa shaa Allah, I really interesting with medical forensic then i found this video was such a great time to start my journey, i hope i would be the best forensic in Indonesia. Thanks DR! Big appreciate to you :)

  • S. FRCA
    S. FRCA 3 months ago

    What the hell?!?! I can't believe some people just give away certifications like that. They really think that someone who gets an online certificate without studying, dissecting or examining actual postmortem specimens can be the same as an actual forensic doctor? Why did I go to med school? I could've stayed home and played video games and then find a website to give me a certificate for anything I wanted.

  • SiyaGweSA
    SiyaGweSA 3 months ago

    When she was talkning about the entrance of the wound i feel the room should've given a bigger laugh

  • Harry Lagman
    Harry Lagman 3 months ago

    Yeah I was able to cope with the horrible pictures. All those years of watching CSI prepared me well for this video..

  • Basic Nelle
    Basic Nelle 7 months ago

    I’m 14 but I want to do this when I grow up I’m about 23 min away from finishing this

  • Jonathan Vaucher
    Jonathan Vaucher 8 months ago

    Thank your for this. Good refresher for the forensic part of the AP board, at least from some main hot topics !

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    nombulelo blose 10 months ago +1

    I'm buying this book.... Husband and wife... Two of my favorite career choices combined into one. 😭😭. Thanks for the informative presentation.

    NARWA 10 months ago

    Fascinating stuff and excellent presentation! I do have a question about that 30 degree situation though. Supposing the victim _was_ on their knees, which would give _V_ & _S_ relatively the same height, would there not still be a question of either (a) vital reaction and/or (b) falling, that would distinguish one scenario from the other? Shooting victims have literally 'jumped' out of their shoes, and _if_ the victim is on their knees, shouldn't there be _some_ physical evidence (such as injury to the patella, bruising on the side of the fall, or secondary head injury as a result of fall) that would be distinguishable from a standing fall, considering that _V_ is taller, therefore heavier? And also depending on the _position_ of the body?

  • Kat nip
    Kat nip 11 months ago

    Great lecture!

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    What a great presentation nailed it A+.

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    pseudechis Year ago

    Terrific and fascinating talk

  • Abby Stevens
    Abby Stevens Year ago

    Thanks for this lecture. Now I know how it works in the US.Does it work the same way in every country?

  • E M K
    E M K Year ago

    Excellent presentation!

  • Muhammad Salmaan
    Muhammad Salmaan Year ago

    I wish I knew of this field sooner. Very interesting

  • khadijah shakur
    khadijah shakur Year ago

    what are the rules and regs for Mississippi for determining a suicide, homicide or foul play?

    • Pommie bears
      Pommie bears Year ago

      khadijah shakur objectively. The autopsy is not only the evidence found on, and in the body, it’s the background that comes along with the body. Even autopsies can come to an undetermined conclusion. Although, most M.E’s detest this outcome. With a hanging, let’s say, most people who willingly hanged them self have little to no trauma to other areas of the body, ie...under the arms, around the wrists, bruises from defensive wounds against someone harming them. Again, the background comes into play....were they being threatened? Do they have a history of depression? Are they known to self harm or threaten suicide? Although, some people just choose suicide and no one knew that person had any ideology of suicide, or suicidal thoughts.

  • khadijah shakur
    khadijah shakur Year ago

    I am an RN and interested in the processing of a "crime scene"how is a suicide determined by hanging.

    • Lauren Padgett
      Lauren Padgett 10 months ago

      The ligature marks, predominantly will be around the front of the neck, antemortem, the ligature marks will wrap around in a U shape that is consistent with a high fixed point suspension.
      Petechial hemorrhaging.
      The victim will defecate on themselves.
      In cases of ligature strangulation where the suicide is staged, the ligature marks will be wrapped around the victims neck at the height of the killer and more close to parallel You may find there are two separate marks ante and post mortem. You may find the ligature marks and knot wraps entirely around the victims neck. You may find abrasions that indicate a struggle. Trauma or clawing at the ligature can indicate there was a struggle. Damage to the victim's fingernails or throat would be consistent with this as well.
      Toxicology reports may indicate that there were fatal amounts of drugs in the system of the victim or enoughto render them unconscious.
      The way the knot is tied around the support beam that suspends the victim will be consistent with someone using a pulley or lever technique to use the beam to easily raise the victim into a suspended position. Whereas in suicides, the victim will toss it over the beam from a fixed point and use an object to stand on to reach the ligature and kick it over.
      History of recent depression or mental illness.
      Many ways to tell a staged suicide from a homicide, actually.

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    Sakigami Fox Year ago

    Lmao if we couldn't handle it we wouldn't have looked it up

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    Aditi S. Year ago

    Can I have your email address please.....

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    Wow! I learn a lot from her presentation and it’s very interesting 👍

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    Sour Tea 2 years ago +1

    wow, this was a very notifying and informing presentation. she presented wonderfully, with such deep notion and understandig of her work.

  • Sour Tea
    Sour Tea 2 years ago

    just an observation, but did anyone else catch a glimpse at the double "from", at 33:50 'blunt trauma:terminology'

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    sundevilification 2 years ago

    Can I ever have the ability of picturing a world using this woman as a model? God Bless her and her family. Give her strength to continue... from an ex-Top Gun Call Sign Sun Devil.

  • antihackergrl 31now32
    antihackergrl 31now32 2 years ago

    There's much funner fields of forensics. Cause of death is a little bit gory for me, i'd rather research motives, present it in court, and get paid for it. My ultimate dream job would be part-time though lol because i don't like long work hours.

    • aces high
      aces high 6 months ago

      "Part-time because you don't like long hours"? Ok. Did you hear how long you have to go to school, something this presenter mentioned in the opening? Your idiocy is showing.

    • just a random gal
      just a random gal Year ago +3

      Forensics does not deal with motive. You can't presume motive with scientific knowledge. Forensics uses science.

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    Learning this for HOSA, super excited

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    Great talk.

    PRIVATE EYE 2 years ago +3

    They say you will never forget the Smell of Death. My advice do not eat nothing for a full day. The truth in this is find the main reason of death and why the person died? What Who When Where How? In every case. They all have to be answered.

  • Allana Bobby
    Allana Bobby 2 years ago +6

    My 8 year old CHILD was hit and killed while getting on the School bus in Upson County Ga. Her Cause of Death was 1)Trauma Arrest 2)Multi System Trauma 3)Pedistrain hit my motor vehicle. Allana had no Marks and had No Autopsy. How could you determine a Cause of Death with no visible markings? I am her mother and can NOT find a Record of her Death. Why is that?

    • Pommie bears
      Pommie bears Year ago +1

      Allana Bobby wow. No autopsy? I’d suggest you speak to the M.E in your county. Any accidental death should be treated as undetermined until autopsy has been carried out. I’m not American, but I’m sure you’ve been poorly treated by the coroner. I know in some states children’s autopsy reports, death certificates, are not available to others.....but, you should have a copy as you’re the parent! I’m shocked you have not been given this! I’m so sorry!
      P.S children often aren’t traced in public records of death due to these laws. So, if you’re looking online, at public records, you may NOT find evidence of her death.

    • Lauren Simon
      Lauren Simon Year ago +1

      Allana Bobby Upson County likely has a coroner not a board certified forensic pathologist. If you have her cause of death, you must have access to the autopsy report.

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    Just saw her on Mythbusters!!

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    30:32 😂😂

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    "No brainer" hahahahha

  • Pia Hansen
    Pia Hansen 2 years ago +26

    This explains a whole lot. Over many years I've followed Real Crime shows and I couldn't figure out why there seemed to be such a difference in both what the law enforcement officers do/did as well as the gathering of evidence, from one case to another. It's really not fair to the families of people murdered, if every effort isn't made.

    • Lauren Padgett
      Lauren Padgett 10 months ago

      LE should be following these lectures. These lectures are not over their heads. Learning how a ME does their job saves time and gets better results when detectives are overloaded with cases. Right now we have several homicides that happened and investigations going on in my city. They're overloaded nobody intends to make a mistake or not bring the case to the correct resolution. I promise you.

    • moviemad56
      moviemad56 Year ago

      In the state of Victoria, Australia, where I live, coroners must be legally trained and must be either a County Court of Victoria judge, a magistrate, or a lawyer.

    • moviemad56
      moviemad56 Year ago +1

      Yes, I was shocked to discover how incredibly messy and inconsistent the investigation arrangements are from county to county! Never mind state to state. Really shocking. And coroners don't even have to be trained!!!

  • M3G4 M1LK
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    I've always thought about becoming a forensic pathologist ever since I was 6 years old. I'm 15 now. This has always peeked my interest. I love how detailed and informative this video is.

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      Eversince 6???? Im 10 judt getting interested in this

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      @aiko ••• What is a "fellow memer"?

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      M3G4 M1LK sameee

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      Please do! You'll have an excellent career, and you'll be able to speak for those who cannot. Go for it!!!

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    Impressively brilliant, yeah i totally agree gnypp, definitely sounds like aces high, fbi class intelligence! Thanks lot Dr.

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    she's just Amaizing!!!

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    those attorneys..😂

  • cyber Buddha get off my youtube

    I been a Certified Nurse Assistant for over ten years (started young) I love the medical field. I always wanted to advance my career. In Norfolk Virginia how can I become a medical examiner do you have to go to school?

    • RockyCycle
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      58Kym That was harsh and unnecessary.

    • 58Kym
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      Sherrie Megahertz Ferguson The first five minutes discusses the requirements of a Coroner versus Medical Examiner. Perhaps you aren't well suited for these positions since you would need to pay attention to evidence.

    • sub222marathon
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      Sherrie Megahertz Ferguson Medical Examiners are physicians with special training in forensic pathology.

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    I am 13 and I cant wait to get better at learning about this kind of stuff

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      Same XD all my friends think I'm weird to want to do this stuff...

    • Pommie bears
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      Meggian Odonahue’re 14! Have you continued to learn about “this kind of stuff” or, forensic autopsies? Pathology is awesome, if the student commits to the training. Who is your favourite M.E?

    • Lauren Simon
      Lauren Simon Year ago +4

      Meggian Odonahue I was a kid and would read my grandmothers true crime books. Mostly cases of Munchausen syndrome and Muchausens by Proxy, you would get the victims mother who would repeatedly injure the child in order to gain attention and sympathy. So forensic pathologists were the only people who could investigate and come up with what really happened to bring the mother to justice. I remember thinking forensic pathologists were some of the coolest people on the planet. Still relevant, today. They are very important people and it seems like there are not enough of them. Maybe you could help change that for the future!!

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    EXCELLENT book!!! I've read it twice. TY for this upload. :-)

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    I was watching Elementary and "taceant colloquia effugiat risus hic locus est ubi mors gaudet succurrere vitae" was on the wall so I googled it and then I found this and it was an interesting watch! Turns out you worked at the ME office in NYC where this quote is on the wall? Love your passion and eloquence. Great to see successful women in science!

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    My favorite med school professor is a forensic pathologist lol

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    This woman just oozes competence and professionalism. She delivers a grade A presentation. Thanks for the upload.

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    this woman looks just like my mom who passed away from heart disease

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    are starting dates and finishing dates required to appear on autopsy reports?
    Thank you,
    rose lynn mangan

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    Autopsies are def cooler in person. Highly suggested if you have the opportunity. Very well put together presentation.

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