Detective Pikachu: This is No Ordinary Pikachu! - Nintendo 3DS

  • Published on Mar 15, 2018
  • This is no ordinary Pikachu. He’s grumpy…talks a lot…and fancies himself a “great detective.” One day he meets Tim, who’s searching for his missing father in Ryme City, where something is causing Pokémon to run amok. Track down clues…interview people and Pokémon…and inspect crime scenes…to crack the case! Detective Pikachu available March 23rd for Nintendo 2DS and New Nintendo 2DSXL.
    Detective Pikachu is now available for pre-order!
    #Nintendo3DS #DetectivePikachu
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Comments • 1 580

  • Adrian Zaragoza
    Adrian Zaragoza 18 days ago

    What did he eat

  • Luix
    Luix 4 months ago

    *_Before the trailer of the movie ?_*

  • José Henrique
    José Henrique 4 months ago +1

    Ok, now I understood the movie trailer.

  • yeah oh
    yeah oh 6 months ago


  • Kayden Blackburn
    Kayden Blackburn 9 months ago

    0:06 le jumpscare

  • Christopher Johann
    Christopher Johann 10 months ago

    The Sherlock Holmes of Pokemon with a Ryan Reynolds personality!

  • AnaqiTube TV
    AnaqiTube TV 10 months ago

    0:19 *uses phone* Me: Are You Playing Pokémon GO?

  • Big Toblerone
    Big Toblerone 10 months ago

    This is just wrong ._.

  • XboXeXplorer125
    XboXeXplorer125 10 months ago

    Of course he isn't normal. He speaks english.

  • Noah Gula
    Noah Gula 10 months ago

    We need a Detective Bidoof

  • Keeper
    Keeper 11 months ago

    Шерлок блять.

    DAVID RAMOS 11 months ago

    0:03 JAJAJAJA Pika pika-Spicy-picoso... ¿coincidencia?

  • TheMagnificentSpider
    TheMagnificentSpider 11 months ago

    This is #NotMyPikachu

  • Geneva
    Geneva 11 months ago

    also amiibo detective pikachu is available

  • carpentersson77
    carpentersson77 11 months ago

    Why is this game without 3d ? it's a "2ds only" game now isn't it...

  • sizzlingsamurai23
    sizzlingsamurai23 11 months ago

    This is...this is super spicy!

  • Dave Duffy
    Dave Duffy 11 months ago

    wtf is pokemon do in

  • Dave Duffy
    Dave Duffy 11 months ago

    worst game ever

  • Ivy Ma
    Ivy Ma 11 months ago

    This is like meow into Rockets team

  • fearodactyl
    fearodactyl 11 months ago

    Remember when Pikachu was a cute little thing with a squeaky voice and only said his name. Yeah. . . Now he's a middle-aged man.

  • BoldVenom
    BoldVenom 11 months ago

    I tried the demo and this game is amazing I wish it didn’t leave on a cliffhanger

  • killeing
    killeing 11 months ago

    its too cute of an idea for me to call stupid X)

  • Exzizt 215
    Exzizt 215 11 months ago

    Danny Devito as pikachu

  • Moralities A Spook
    Moralities A Spook 11 months ago

    No Danny

  • JK Hitch
    JK Hitch 11 months ago

    Causing pokémon to run aMUK lol

  • Insert Name Here
    Insert Name Here 11 months ago +1

    I can’t believe Ryan Reynolds is pikachu. He went from Deadpool to a yellow mouse.

  • Pootis Bird
    Pootis Bird 11 months ago

    Why can they talk?

  • XenoKnight
    XenoKnight 11 months ago

    You guys could at least gave Pikachu a young boy voice..

  • RadicalHedgehog
    RadicalHedgehog 11 months ago

    Ryan Reynollds!

  • Ember the Litten
    Ember the Litten 11 months ago

    Omg XD

  • afm2004
    afm2004 11 months ago

    Maaan come on nitendo do better

    Why u got to ruin pikachu like that

  • Julian Valencia
    Julian Valencia 11 months ago

    Uhh are we going to ignore the fact that pikachu's voice sound like a middle aged man

  • Trevor Hutcheson
    Trevor Hutcheson 11 months ago


  • Cybertron Warrior
    Cybertron Warrior 11 months ago

    I thought pickach would sound like a toddler not a pedi file

  • Rosey Wolf
    Rosey Wolf 11 months ago


  • Devin Medina
    Devin Medina 11 months ago

    Looks like pikachu hit puberty.

  • Agent Veteran F1-31
    Agent Veteran F1-31 11 months ago

    This is going to be Hilarious

  • Boomer
    Boomer 11 months ago

    They have subtitles just lower the volume when he talks it's all gud

  • hey bro
    hey bro 11 months ago

  • Dat boi jr
    Dat boi jr 11 months ago

    Who else just came here just to see "now its getting interesting" meme?

  • Enderplant 2007
    Enderplant 2007 11 months ago

    EEEEW Furrys in the commons

  • Bluebean le smol
    Bluebean le smol 11 months ago

    I beat the game and I'm wondering if this game has multiple endings and how many endings are there?

  • ReviewEverything
    ReviewEverything 11 months ago

    No Devito? No buy

    NICCO WOLFF 11 months ago

    Can u add Crash Bandicoot in super smash bros 5

  • xd BochiDochi
    xd BochiDochi 11 months ago

    Aww it's not Danny devito

  • Chaz McGutter
    Chaz McGutter 11 months ago

    Would be better if Pikachu was voiced by Danny Devito

  • Scynthea Mc'cool
    Scynthea Mc'cool 11 months ago

    Looks like the kid from Winny the poo, wtf we dont want you Christopher.

  • Stevan TheWise
    Stevan TheWise 11 months ago

    Piece of crap, abomination of a Pokémon game. I hate it in every way

    And I'm not sorry

  • Waluigi Wah Ha Ha
    Waluigi Wah Ha Ha 11 months ago

    Is this game any good?

  • Phoenix Down
    Phoenix Down 11 months ago

    Mildly disappointed that Danny DeVito didn't voice Pikachu

  • Brandon Magwood
    Brandon Magwood 11 months ago

    Please tell me that this is not the pokemon game for switch that nintendo has been talking about.

  • Lord fartamor
    Lord fartamor 11 months ago


  • D BOY
    D BOY 11 months ago

    Danny devito this Danny devito that he's not Pikachu get over it!

  • Chris Young
    Chris Young 11 months ago

    is this for real?!

  • Knight Cheyson
    Knight Cheyson 11 months ago

    Where. Is. DANNY!

  • BL4ZE IT
    BL4ZE IT 11 months ago

    This is probably the weirdest thing Nintendo could come up with

  • krazyfist jr
    krazyfist jr 11 months ago

    Some one needs to tell Tim that he's dad not lost he left

  • Masked_Katz
    Masked_Katz 11 months ago

    >dads been missing for 2 months
    "have you called 911 yet-" "screw that I have the power of god and pokemon on my side"

  • gatlin stewart
    gatlin stewart 11 months ago

    Idk sounds a lot like zootopia...

  • kaylurr (╹◡╹)
    kaylurr (╹◡╹) 11 months ago

    what kind of ultimate cliche character is *”TIM”*

  • Dead_Man 1213
    Dead_Man 1213 11 months ago


  • Dylan C
    Dylan C 11 months ago +2

    I’m confused he sounds like Owain

    SUPER RAD 11 months ago

    Did I ask for this? Did anyone ask for this!?!?

  • Pokeblue
    Pokeblue 11 months ago

    Better not be an April Fools joke

  • Jacob Skaritka
    Jacob Skaritka 11 months ago

    @in a sexual voice @ pika pika

  • firecatcat studios
    firecatcat studios 11 months ago

    Wait he talks a lot I hope this is not bad like sonic boom

  • firecatcat studios
    firecatcat studios 11 months ago

    Ewwww man pickachu

  • feline
    feline 11 months ago

    i saw an ad for this game on tv the other day and I was like “why does pikachu have a man voice” and my dad said “he’s a pokeman.”

  • giraffe demon
    giraffe demon 11 months ago

    Can’t wait for the movie

  • 『 Peanuts & Cashews 』

    This came out on my birthday....... AND I DIDNT FREAKING KNOW ABOUT IT

  • The Ace
    The Ace 11 months ago

    Is this the same pikachu that prank called Walgreens? But didn’t he had a cigar?😂

  • Emmett Adams
    Emmett Adams 11 months ago

    Not voiced by Danny DeVito smh

  • Tobi Chu
    Tobi Chu 11 months ago

    Next were gonna have vigilante ditto

  • steve jordan
    steve jordan 11 months ago

    thought this was an April fools joke... but no

  • Dead Meme
    Dead Meme 11 months ago


  • Autumn Johnson
    Autumn Johnson 11 months ago

    Pikachu on CRACK SKSKSKS

  • ching ling
    ching ling 11 months ago


    • ching ling
      ching ling 11 months ago

      Wait this isn't fire emblem owain the dark

  • Jolyn Nguyen
    Jolyn Nguyen 11 months ago

    who voiced him oh my god noooo😩

  • The Wilson Team
    The Wilson Team 11 months ago

    I love his voice, it's amazing. (The Pikachu's)

  • Jomonkey 27
    Jomonkey 27 11 months ago

    This is exactly how I thought a Pikachu would talk

    ARANDOMDUD E 11 months ago

    Make SMG3 for switch

  • oh look I have a dead meme sub to me

    Now he can talk?

  • Noobz DZN
    Noobz DZN 11 months ago

    Ok now wtf...

  • Tiffanie Pham
    Tiffanie Pham 11 months ago


  • Pikumu ._.
    Pikumu ._. 11 months ago

    0:25 Not again..

  • R. Lee Godwin
    R. Lee Godwin 11 months ago

    Is it true?

  • Michael Alvarado
    Michael Alvarado 11 months ago

    Sherlock Gnomes is better 😎

  • Impractical
    Impractical 11 months ago

    A B O L T O F B R I L L I A N C E

  • Hookshot YT
    Hookshot YT 11 months ago

    Reported for spam

  • I_Is_Salty_Boi YT
    I_Is_Salty_Boi YT 11 months ago

    This would be a lot better if it was sherlock homes

  • Willam O'Brien
    Willam O'Brien 11 months ago

    Cole Phelps: Pikachu

  • Nope
    Nope 11 months ago

    I saw this on April's fools, and I was sincerely hoping it was a joke.

  • zak madrane
    zak madrane 11 months ago

    This looks like it could either be really cool or completely destroy the pokemon series

  • The Creator8888
    The Creator8888 11 months ago

    "He's grumpy, talks a lot, and fancies himself a great detective."
    Also, he's Ryan Reynolds.

    TIN MAN 11 months ago

    I hate it

  • TomsHere
    TomsHere 11 months ago


  • Its yah boi Solaris
    Its yah boi Solaris 11 months ago

    Why isn't pikachu voice Danny daveto

  • Le Carlton
    Le Carlton 11 months ago

    Should've been Danny devito

  • F.L.Watch
    F.L.Watch 11 months ago

    b o s s b a b y s e q u e l c o n f i r- jk!

  • christar331
    christar331 11 months ago

    I'm getting a "Ted Vibe" off of this.😂😁