Sweet Temptation (Part 1)


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  • newyorkcitylatinguy
    newyorkcitylatinguy 2 years ago

    Wow Jade's mom baked a lot of desserts

  • Ruben Valdez
    Ruben Valdez 2 years ago

    the theme music doesn't go with this movie, but if it was about cooking and baking, then the theme music would go with it!!

  • Claudette Ambault
    Claudette Ambault 2 years ago +2

    Most annoying theme music EVER! lol

  • suzanne beaucage
    suzanne beaucage 2 years ago +5

    What a fucking jerk if he was that much of a hound dog...that he screwed her daughter as well as the mother...Why didn't he just screw the dog...What a 🐖...
    The mom should have been suspicious when he was in the bed butt naked with her daughter.....The music is absolutely ridiculous!!!!

  • TheFactsAccordingToGabbie1791

    Randomly watching sweet temptation on this good Friday in!

  • Smirvodka4
    Smirvodka4 4 years ago +1

    Her food looks good!! Love that opening sequence.

  • Smirvodka4
    Smirvodka4 4 years ago +1

    I cannot believe that Italian baker says to Jade that she 'needs to fill out a bit like your mom'. Jade looks perfect! Her mom is chunky!

  • Tres Mercy
    Tres Mercy 5 years ago +2

    most annoying theme music

  • xxcharmed1xx
    xxcharmed1xx 5 years ago

    mom = bitch

  • FameDM
    FameDM 5 years ago


  • Sade White
    Sade White 5 years ago

    Omg the food looks so good

  • luvluca toni
    luvluca toni 5 years ago +2

    Omg i would sleep w Rob Estes too if i had the chance....georgous!

  • CorneliaDomensino
    CorneliaDomensino 6 years ago +2

    omg i was totally crushing on him when he was on Silk Stalkings !

  • MissyKoneKo
    MissyKoneKo 6 years ago

    Wow all that baking yuumy

  • Amanda Schlecht
    Amanda Schlecht 6 years ago

    Is it necessary to show all the baking? Good god it's making me hungry

  • bfflmadbarbie
    bfflmadbarbie 6 years ago

    those treats looked rlly good...one day ill learn how to bake like that

  • XOshelly84
    XOshelly84 6 years ago

    the food shes making luks grose but it luks so fun to make! lol i wanna be a baker now

  • Salem Martell
    Salem Martell 6 years ago

    Oh man these kinds of movies that show anything delicious,always make me hungry and want to eat while watching them xD it never fails! lol

  • Chelsea lQ
    Chelsea lQ 6 years ago

    Can i have some sweets....

  • Christina C.
    Christina C. 6 years ago

    Creme brulee my fave

  • Calypso EternalBeautySpells

    0:23 creme brulee!!!my favourite

  • Shayi Nunez
    Shayi Nunez 6 years ago

    It doesn't matter if Billy is hot or not,what he did with his girlfriend under age daughter was sick and up-forgiving..

  • Renee' Hunt
    Renee' Hunt 6 years ago

    If you are on a diet...... skip the beginning!!!!!! Oh my lands!!!!!!! I so want a sweet now!

  • sosotiff4
    sosotiff4 7 years ago

    Foodgasm! :D

  • Susan Smith
    Susan Smith 7 years ago

    OMG i remember watching this when i was growing up, i used to play it over and over,

  • poussins100
    poussins100 7 years ago

    me too i'll eat all these delicious cakes huuuum thanx for the upload xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Billie Edwards
    Billie Edwards 7 years ago

    Gosh talk about fattening ...

  • vegana Veganismo
    vegana Veganismo 7 years ago

    dat dog angels so cute! da momma cud sho a lil respect for him he aint ' tha dog' he got a name
    luv all da animalz go vegan!

  • Calypso EternalBeautySpells

    @hahscougarchic yeah yummy!!!

  • Lilibet
    Lilibet 7 years ago

    woah. im suddenly really hungry :/

  • BTVSBlackIris
    BTVSBlackIris 7 years ago

    Jenny Lewis!

  • BTVSBlackIris
    BTVSBlackIris 7 years ago

    Food porn!

  • kaitlyn wright
    kaitlyn wright 7 years ago

    there are alot of good movies
    but what do you like thriller, comedy etc
    if you tell me I might be able to recommend some =)

  • Nadia Franke
    Nadia Franke 7 years ago

    Why is this music playing for almost 5 painful minutes ?

  • Candice7
    Candice7 7 years ago +1

    Rob Estes is Hott

  • MrBuckwilliam
    MrBuckwilliam 7 years ago

    my first thought with the (i'm assuming) raspberry chocolate mousse is "i can make that!!!" i hope the movie is yummy enough to go to part 2 :)

  • crazydestiny17
    crazydestiny17 7 years ago

    awesomw! i was looking for this.

  • HailsJean
    HailsJean 7 years ago

    okay. so i was hungry & thought ill watch a movie & get my mind of it .
    then i watched this. IM EVEN MORE HUNGRY NOW! hehe :)

  • Crozen_928
    Crozen_928 7 years ago

    Watt r sme other good lifetym movies???

  • AfroLatina XXI
    AfroLatina XXI 7 years ago

    thanks for this movie NEVER seen it but i heard so much about it and my friends wanted me to see it

  • Kara Grayston
    Kara Grayston 7 years ago

    I want the dump truck that kid is playing with.

  • gemini527ish
    gemini527ish 7 years ago

    Deserts looks delicious.

  • Hannah Blessed
    Hannah Blessed 7 years ago

    i wish to cook like that..looks yummy
    thanks for sharing:)

  • irish66
    irish66 7 years ago

    is that Jenny Lewis, the singer?

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer 7 years ago

    @Lor3tta1 this isnt the one. i found it its "sins of the mind". .. i tried to watch "mini"s first time" on youtube but could only find parts 1 & 2 .. thanks anyway though..

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer 7 years ago

    @PoemmaMX thats it. this is the movie i was talkin about. thank you..

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer 7 years ago


  • Christine prescod
    Christine prescod 7 years ago +1

    A pastry chef wearing nail polish, hmmmm..........

  • Emma Sive
    Emma Sive 7 years ago

    @sweetjenn37 Is it "Sins of the mind"?

  • Elizabeta Krmpotic
    Elizabeta Krmpotic 7 years ago

    i'm hungry.XD

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer 7 years ago

    anyone know of a lifetime movie about a teen girl who has a car accident. then she comes back home to live with her paernts and becomes a sex addict? she even seduces the neighbor guy whos always been like a uncle to her. ive asked and no one knows what im talkin about....PLEASE HELP!!!!

  • Tip Salv
    Tip Salv 7 years ago

    OMG YES! love youu

  • whynotflip
    whynotflip 7 years ago

    hear that song that starts at 5:03? that's ME!

  • isra ritu
    isra ritu 7 years ago

    i like their house

  • scumgod13
    scumgod13 7 years ago

    @Mississippipickens yes you do. Don't lie, you eat a cake every day!

  • Tyecia Matters
    Tyecia Matters 8 years ago

    i dont like pastries

  • mairead keene
    mairead keene 8 years ago

    good movie

  • AdrastaSang
    AdrastaSang 8 years ago

    @mizravenkustoms then you clearly miss the point of food.

  • Jordan Rochez
    Jordan Rochez 8 years ago

    put the full movie of girl postive starring andrea bowen it was from 2007

  • ferrier6850
    ferrier6850 8 years ago

    How inappropriate was Gino lol. Billy immediately comes across as an attractive douche, a good dad though.

  • sexyangel22ify
    sexyangel22ify 8 years ago

    mommy get's tired of rubbing his back, that's right molly that is why we got divorced.lmao

  • GEhotpants101
    GEhotpants101 8 years ago

    @mizravenkustoms I know, I feel the same way. Bleh. >.

  • mizravenkustoms
    mizravenkustoms 8 years ago

    Im sorry the food is totally grossing me out - all I see is fat and empty calories

  • Dionne Warwick
    Dionne Warwick 8 years ago

    Daanngg!! Is anyone else hungry, lol

  • Dzemilje
    Dzemilje 8 years ago


  • Mayra Ruiz
    Mayra Ruiz 8 years ago

    jenny lewis like rilo kiley? didn't know she was an actress too
    cool :)

  • farrah angel
    farrah angel 8 years ago

    does anyone no the title of the music playing in the background i have been trying so long to find it even tried to work it out on my guitr

  • 092119761
    092119761 8 years ago

    @leela194 yummy!! They look delicious.

  • Lilla Badics
    Lilla Badics 8 years ago

    I know how to make those cookies with the jam in them! They are soo good. :)

  • stefers08
    stefers08 8 years ago

    OMG, I was just thinking about this movie awhile back but couldn't remember what it was called. Thank you soo much for uploading it.

  • ssesf Movies
    ssesf Movies 8 years ago

    The mom's got nice legs!

  • Kary N
    Kary N 8 years ago

    @HellBound1716 hahahaahaa i cant wait for breaky now:(

  • Rach
    Rach 8 years ago

    I watch "Sweet Temptation" and "Close To Danger" allllllll the time
    They are BOTH Rob Estes movies obviously =)

  • flowerandpeaceangel
    flowerandpeaceangel 9 years ago

    mmmm cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LovrPeace
    LovrPeace 9 years ago

    i finally found it! this is in my top 10 all-time favorite lifetime movies!! thanks for posting. =]

  • Rach
    Rach 9 years ago

    My favorite movie! lol

  • Mizow90
    Mizow90 9 years ago

    I love this movie. It ends kinda sad though. I always would look for it on tv. I'm glad I got to see it again. Thanx!

  • Becky Bear
    Becky Bear 9 years ago

    OMG!!!!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS! I have been looking for this for YEARS haha and you even have the whole thing yay! You're awesome:)

  • Judy Terry
    Judy Terry 9 years ago

    ok thank you

  • MacKate
    MacKate  9 years ago

    Oh, I do too!! :D As long as TVclip will let me have it here - i'm not going to delete it.

  • Judy Terry
    Judy Terry 9 years ago

    i love this movie so much please never delete this

  • Rach
    Rach 9 years ago